Sent in from Jan

Sent-in-from-JanThis photo is fantastic! The pink orb in the shape of a tear or dew drop is made up of a combination of Archangel Chamuel (pink – love) and Archangel Gabriel (white -purity), the bright white orb in the centre is an angel of love.

This orb has been captured in motion and is part the elongated pink orb which looks like a goblet or sceptre/scepter. There is a yellow orb at the top of the dew drop, this is Archangel Jophiel: (wisdom through the crown)

The tear/dew drop is significant – The message I received was:
The dew drop of life is yours to behold and drink from now, all light and blessings come to you now.

The rainbow energy shining through the archway and the orb in the left of the photo is made up the energies and qualities of several Angels, Archangel Raphael (green- healing and abundance), Aa Chamuel, AA Jophiel, AA Metatron (red/orange/gold – wisdom and ascension) and AA Gabriel.

The message I received was: Spiritual royalty resides both within you and without. Take up the sceptre/scepter and advance on your spiritual path.

Sonya xx
Diana Cooper Foundation Orb Team

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