Sent in from Kim

Sent-in-from-KimThe orb at the bottom of the photo is made up of a combination of several different angels all bringing their own energy and qualities.

Starting from the outside:- The blue/green orb is Archangels Micheal and Raphael combined (blue – AA Michael – protection and strength /green – AA Raphael – healing and abundance).

The two pink orbs are a combination of AA Chamuel – pink /love and AA Gabriel – white/ purity.

There is a blue aura around the outside of the bright white orb – this is AA Micheal protecting the orb inside. The bright white orb is an Angel of love.
In photo 4360 the orb is motion and has a more conical appearance.

The message I received from this orb was: This orb is bringing you the pure love of spirit for you personally and for the planet and all who inhabit her. Many messengers of spirit are with you at this time bringing you love, blessings and awareness of all life forms.

The yellow orb above your head is AA Jophiel (wisdom through the crown). The message of this orb was: This orb brings you heightened awareness of higher dimensional consciousness.

The white/yellow orbs on or around you are AA Gabriel and Jophiel. The message of these orbs is: These orbs are bringing you self knowledge of who you are at this time and this will be an exciting time of new growth and discoveries for you.

I hope this information is of help.

Love and blessings to you

Sonya xx
Diana Cooper Foundation Orb Team

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