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All of Diana’s online workshops are recorded and can be purchased to watch at any time. Each maintaining the powerful energy of the original event

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Accept your Highest Blueprint for this Life during the Equinox Power Boost

Open your Crown Chakra to attune to cosmic connections and receive downloads from the universe

Activate your 5D Third Eye for Enlightenment, Abundance, Vibrant Health and Psychic Awakening

Prepare Yourself and the World for the super important Winter Solstice on 21 December

Living in Truth, Light up the Higher Throat and Alta Major

Awaken Your Higher Heart

Anchor Your 5D Solar Plexus for Peace, Self-Worth, Intuition and Wisdom

Wesak Full Moon Online Workshop

Empower Your Navel Chakra – Your Centre Of Manifestation, Community And Oneness

Bring in your 6th & 7th Dimensional Chakras Spring Equinox

Illuminate your Sacral Chakra to heal your relationships, attract your soul family and true love. And accelerate a shift to higher sexuality in the world collective consciousness

Healing from the Pleiades

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