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Dear Friends,

The first newsletter of the year is always exciting.  What is going to happen?  And what is taking place energetically and spiritually?  Are you ready to move with the current and expand?  Mind you after last summer when we were called on to examine everything in our lives with caution, the next stage will seem less frustrating but possibly more challenging because everything is changing so rapidly.  I will look at this in my newsletter!

More and more lightworkers are waking up.  Looking down from space our planet is now shimmering with lights.  In addition the Lemurian crystals are starting to light Earth up from inside.  It is no wonder we are attracting so much help from the universe.

Do join our community of light on Facebook Live free on most Wednesdays from 7-8pm UK time.  And I will also be sharing more illuminating on-line courses in 2019 to accelerate ascension.  Look forward and create a fabulous reality for yourself and the world in 2019.


2019 A Magical Year Spiritually

We start this auspicious year with three supermoons.

January 21 – which is also a super blood moon and total lunar eclipse.  So the divine feminine is pouring in, bringing wisdom and change.  The total lunar eclipse brings endings that are unexpected and may shock us individually and the planet but all for the highest good (though we may not think so at the time).  For with endings come new beginnings.  Spiritually it will move us into a higher frequency and we will all need to stay grounded and develop patience.

February 19 – the closest and largest supermoon in this year.   Archangel Christiel is touching and awakening more Causal chakras throughout the world, so there will be a growing movement towards peace.  More unicorns than ever will come into the planet and the wave of unicorn energy will continue to raise the frequency of the planet.  People everywhere will begin to feel a longing for something more meaningful in their lives.

March 21 – Again there is a flood of divine feminine energy touching the hearts and souls of humanity.  It is sounding a wake-up call which will reverberate round the planet.  It reminds us that as the old breaks up, we must all support each other in bringing in the new.   This moon brings in an energy of co-operation.

Waves of higher frequency energy will continue to sweep through the planet this year accelerating the ascension of Earth and those who are spiritually awake.  Many who do not wish to take part in the ascension process will leave the planet.

Archangels Zadkiel and Lavender are working tirelessly to clear dense soul energy that no longer serves, so remember to call them in to help you and the planet.  And Archangel Mariel is opening the chambers of the Soul Star chakras of those who are ready, so that they blaze with light.

At last more individuals are expressing the true beauty of their Higher Selves. There will be an unprecedented number of Soul merges and Monadic connections as individuals become all they can be spiritually.

Expectations for 2019

2012 to 2032!

The twenty year preparation period to the start of the New Golden Age is disappearing rapidly.  The years between 2017 and 2025 are the time of greatest upheaval.  This is when the majority of the cleansing will take place on the planet through nature and we certainly saw it last year.  It will continue in 2019 with extremes of weather and disruption.  But it will bring people and even countries together and this is the purpose of cleansing in this way.

As more and more is revealed about plastics, the misuse of materials and how we have abused the planet, trees and animals, people will start to make their voices heard.  There will be massive protests a well as a subtle but strong change in the way we choose to live and work and eat.  There will be more campaigns to bring about ecological and environmental reforms and some governments will start to listen.  Green will start to become greener. Nature will begin to be more valued, animals more appreciated.   Money will slowly start to be less important and quality of life will become more important.

Supermarkets, big businesses and banks are already declining and failures will continue because they are not in line with the fifth dimensional paradigm for the New Golden Age.  Businesses that work for the common good, are in service, help children and animals etc. will survive and even thrive.  Co-operation, balance and harmony are key factors and there will be a dawning of recognition of this.

There will be some spectacular technological blips!  And new amazing technological breakthroughs.  Archangel Michael and Lord Hilarion, the great Illumined Master, are working to bring these about for the highest good.  You can help by asking them in prayer or meditation to facilitate only those breakthroughs that are for the benefit of the world.

Education will slowly start a process of change.  This is being forced on the authorities by the new souls whose energy and needs are very different from the children of twenty and thirty years ago.   Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of Wisdom, and Christine, his twin flame, are influencing this change for it is important that education comes into alignment with the design for the new Golden Age.  Again, the more we ask for help, the more they can do to touch the minds and hearts of those in a position to bring this about.

And health services will collapse in places so that natural methods have to be explored, although very tentatively still.  Archangel Raphael is holding the fifth dimensional health blueprint for the future.  As the frequency of the planet rises natural methods of keeping our bodies attuned will become more effective.

As America goes into recession economically it will impact on the world and people will start to examine their priorities.

More secrets and cover ups will be revealed.  The lid is starting to come off many government activities and people will be appalled.  While that ride is bumpy, it is all heralding change.

So this year is a magical year of hope and expansion for those in alignment with the higher frequencies.  Enjoy it!  And remember that nothing is set in stone.  The more light we raise in our lives and send into the planet, the easier the journey will be.

Thoughts for 2019

Decide what gives you soul satisfaction and heart happiness and go for it.

Personal and planetary expansion is on offer this year so think big for the universe will support you.

Expand your community.  Whether this means getting to know your neighbours, volunteering to help others or joining an on line community, this is all helping to develop your navel chakra and bring about world oneness.

Ask Archangel Gabriel to place his Cosmic Diamond of Purity over you each day to keep you attuned to the highest frequencies.

Remember the wise old dragons are waiting to help you.

So are the angels.  Just ask them.

Raise Your Vibrations and Help the Planet – Whilst Losing Weight

We are all being called on to raise our vibrations and it is important to look after your physical body for ascension. Are you ready to work with and honour your body; to nourish it and give it what it needs? Are you ready to clear your old emotional eating patterns and find a way of enjoying food, of developing a healthy relationship with food and yourself?

Do you want to understand your weight issues once and for all?

My daughter Dawn and her friend and colleague Bay have developed a truly holistic approach to weight loss. They are nutritional and psychological experts who have combined their skills and developed a unique approach that looks at your weight holistically and supports your health and wellbeing.

They have set up a closed Facebook group that gives you the opportunity to connect with them directly, get answers to your weight loss questions and share your experiences. They are really looking forward to connecting with you. To join this group, click here: www.facebook.com/groups/YHDCommunity

Do get in touch with them if there’s anything you are struggling with when it comes to your weight. They have spent years researching this and their approach is compassionate and non-judgemental. In a couple of weeks they are going to be offering you a chance to join a free live online call (via Zoom) where you can personally ask them your top weight loss question. They will publish details of how to join the Zoom call in the FB group or you can email them at dawnandbay@yourholisticdiet.com for the zoom link.

If you would like to find out more about their approach and their online course, go to:


Reducing Plastics Can Help You Lose Weight

Here’s an extract from their January newsletter:

Reducing plastics can help you lose weight as well as help the environment – watch our VIDEO!

We all know that reducing plastics helps the environment. But did you know it can also help your weight?

Some chemicals, known as obesogens, can make you gain weight as they disrupt the way your body regulates the creation and storage of fat.

We are exposed to these chemicals in our everyday lives. A common source of exposure is plastics that contain phthalates or BPA.

The good news is that you can significantly reduce your exposure to obesogens by avoiding food wrapped in plastic. We have some simple tips to help you do this:

  • Instead of drinks sold in plastic bottles, switch to buying drinks in glass bottles. If you do buy drinks in plastic bottles avoid ones with a recycling code of 3 or 7
  • Instead of using a plastic drinking bottle, invest in a stainless steel drinking bottle.
  • Instead of buying oils in plastic bottles, look for oils in dark glass bottles
  • If you do use plastic containers, look for ones marked BPA free
  • Buy glass bottles and get them refilled with shampoo and conditioner
  • Use bars of soap rather than liquid soap
  • Wrap food in bees wrap – use paper bags for sandwiches
  • Get a non plastic cup and use this for take away drinks

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products such as stretch films contain BPA. It is best to reduce use of these, especially with oily or fatty foods. Instead, use glass, porcelain or stainless steel to store food. Store food in the fridge in a ceramic bowl with a saucer on top. (Aluminium foil is also best reduced due to leaching of aluminium into food. Whilst aluminium is not known to be an obesogen, it is still toxic to your body and associated with health concerns)

Watch out for foods that have been wrapped in plastic, especially oily or fatty foods. Instead buy cheese and fish from the counter or buy fish from the fishmonger. If you do buy food wrapped in plastic, unwrap it when you get home. If you put it in a plastic container, choose a BPA-free one

Avoid heating, microwaving or putting hot food in polycarbonate plastic food containers or plastic bags. This increases the levels of BPA that leach into the food. Instead, heat or cook food in glass or stainless steel. Microwave in a glass or ceramic container covered with a plate.

How Addressing Your Psychological Eating Can Change Your life

Did you know you can change your whole relationship with food and your body by educating yourself about why you eat the way you do?

Healthy eating and eating patterns are as much about how you eat as what you eat. At a very basic level food is for nourishment. It also functions as a bonding tool for us as an individual and within society. People have a greater chance of survival if they pool resources for sharing food. This is true in both simple societies and in more complex ones. Food has also been used over time in ceremony, to mark occasions or symbolically in rituals. Food (and this includes drink) is deeply enmeshed into our psyches in all sorts of ways and many of these ways are unconscious to us in every day life.

Currently, in Western society, we have become very removed from the basic reasons for eating. We have begun to use food almost like a drug to satiate ourselves and our appetites rather than to fuel our bodies. We eat for the gratification of our taste buds, our emotions, our energy levels and our social relationships.

In moderation there is nothing wrong with enjoying our food, nor is there anything wrong with using food for pleasure, nor with eating when we are tired and can’t have a rest or eating socially. The problem comes when food becomes more and more plentiful and we become removed from it’s source of growth and preparation. For most of us, food has become entangled and enmeshed with our deepest psychological needs and projected onto our eating habits. Often we have so long ignored and not understood what our basic needs are, that we have forgotten how to get in touch with them and take responsibility for having our needs properly met.

Deciding to become aware of your weight through a holistic approach is not only a move to help yourself, it is a move to help generations to come and the whole of the earth. This does not mean you cannot enjoy your food and indeed enjoy the wonderful diversity of

world culture through food. It is simply a step – an internal shift – to see yourself as part of a much bigger picture and deeply interconnected on a much more basic level.

Our research shows us that we can’t tell people what to do and how to change. In fact “diets” that do this, in many ways, play into some of the deep psychological reasons of dependency that people often have with food. The diet is the thing that is going to change your life, not you. Yet actually this stops people taking full responsibility for their weight and it also takes away from individual success.

If you understand all the reasons you eat in the way you do, it will free you up to make choices and changes that will be meaningful for you. You may even discover that you no longer believe the stories you used to tell yourself around why you eat like you do. Our intention is to help you with informative, realistic and practical expertise.

Following our method invites you on a journey of self-discovery – discovering who you are, how you tick, what holds you back and what your true potential is. It gives you the opportunity to be living in a balanced and centered way. Changing your relationship with food for life is not a small and easy task, it will on occasions be quite challenging, but we know with the right support you can do it.

Website: www.yourholisticdiet.com

Warmest wishes,

Dawn and Bay

Waking the Dragons by Rosemary Stephenson

Waking up and activating the Sleeping Giants (Dragons) on the Apollo Athena Line from Skelleg Michael on West Coast of Ireland down through Europe and Mediterranean to Jerusalem. 

I have known for 15 years that waking up and activating the Dragons on the Apollo Athena Line from Skelleg Michael on West Coast of Ireland down through Europe and Mediterranean to Jerusalem was a part of my Soul Mission for this lifetime.  I also do this for other areas of the World, but have been particularly focussed on this major leyline and have been to most of the sacred sites along it.

Recently I was drawn to go to Mont St Michel in Brittany, North West France, as I knew there was a dragon to wake up under the giant rock under the Atlantic Ocean. Heather Thomas had time off from work and wanted to join me so we set off on the Ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo, a lovely coastal town enclosed within an ancient stone wall. From here we went to Rennes and then on to Mont St Michel.

I will never forget the amazing feeling as we approached Mont St Michel on the bus. It was so mystical and magical. When we looked out of our hotel bedroom window, there it was in full view.  It was magnetising!  We sat for ages drinking tea and also drinking in the energy. I was so surprised and delighted to see that the French Authorities had refrained from building near this Mount which is why the energy is wonderful around it.

The first evening we climbed up the winding road to the abbey at the top, passing beautiful French restaurants and tasteful tourist shops. We sat in the abbey while the monks were praying.  Then we had to leave as it was time for their Mass. We crept into the next room which to me had a far more powerful and beautiful energy, and even though we were being ushered out by a security lady I couldn’t resist trying to sing here. I began singing half expecting to be stopped mid flow but after 2 minutes I stopped and the security lady who had been quite stern in her approach just smiled and said “beautiful”. Then she quickly ushered us out of the building!

The following afternoon I took my crystal bowls with me to see if I could do some more sound work. I needed to do the serious work now to wake up the dragon. Just before we went into the church we could see a dragon in the clouds. It had to be a good sign. I have only realised in the past year that the Sleeping Giants I have been awakening were dragons, thanks to Diana Cooper and her Dragon cards and Dragon book. I have a Giant who has been with me for years in the garden and he said that if i had known they were dragons at that time years ago I may never have started this mission….and I’m sure he’s right!

Heather and I stepped into the church of St Pierre just below the Abbey and patiently waited for other people to leave.  Then I set up my bowls and started to sing with them.  I knew something good was happening as the seagulls were singing in “harmony” with me and the job was done. It was interesting that some people came back in to sit and listen obviously enjoying the energy too!

The Dragons Appear

When we went back to the hotel room we talked about the wonderful time we had both had and it felt as if things had really happened.

We put out the light and then it started…..a beautiful bright midnight blue dragon began to fly round the ceiling of our large bedroom. It was sparkling as though it had stars twinkling and shining from its body. ‘Wow,’ I said to Heather, ‘I think this is great confirmation’.

Then a large dusky green and gold dragon who was very old and wise came in through the patio and walked around the room. It lasted for a few minutes and I saw this with my eyes fully open.  I knew this was confirmation from the spirit world that everything had gone to plan and the dragon (Sleeping Giant) had woken up on Mont St Michel. Mission  accomplished!

I am taking a group to Mont St Michel and the Carnac standing stones in France for a few days Retreat during September 2019 with Diana. There will also be a Spiritual Journey Through the Rocky Mountains in May 2019You can find details about these trips HERE.

Rosemary Stephenson

Zoom Courses and Links


On Wednesday evenings when I am available I hold a Facebook live from 7-8pm.  We have a theme each week and I answer your questions sent to diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com with the subject ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME.  You also ask questions as I talk and I try to answer as many of these as possible. 

Sometimes this takes us onto other interesting spiritual subjects.  We do spontaneous visualisations, depending on where the conversation takes us and also send out healing to individuals or service work for the planet.  Please continue to send suggestions about subjects you would like covered. 

I really love this Facebook hour and have got to know so many of you through it.  It is like chatting with old friends.  So thank you all for your input, your questions and comments and your love.

Working with your Guardian Angel and the Angel of your home Zoom Workshop

January 16th 2019 – 19:00 – 20:30 GMT If you have not yet met your Guardian Angel you will have an opportunity to do so.  If you already know your Guardian you will connect more closely. You will learn

  • what your Guardian Angel can do for you.
  • how you can work together.
  • how to ask your angel to look after your loved ones.
  • You will experience powerful visualizations with your angel
  • to transform a relationship or situation.
  • to receive healing from your Guardian Angel.
  • to meet the Angel of your home or workplace.

Find the peace, love and safety of connecting with your celestial helper. The price for this event is £5.50 You can  book you place HERE

Latest on the 12 5D and 6D chakras Zoom Workshop

January 27th 2019 – 19:00 – 21:00 GMT The foundation for ascension is the opening and awakening of your twelve fifth dimensional chakras.  This enables you to access your soul wisdom once more and merge with your Higher Self. With exercises and glorious high frequency visualisations you will:

  • learn about and awaken the chambers in the 12 chakras.
  • access higher qualities and untapped resources awaiting release.
  • experience the colours and qualities of each chakra.
  • connect with the Archangel in charge of each chakra and receive a direct input from them.
  • access the stellar connection of each chakra to expand your intergalactic connections.
  • let your chakras merge into a column of unified light.
  • bring in and activate your sixth dimensional chakras.
  • enjoy your sixth dimensional merkabah or light body.

This on-line seminar will raise your light quotient to higher ascension levels. A ticket for this event costs £25 per person, a recording of the live event will be emailed to you after for you to re-listen to at your leisure. Book your place HERE

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