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It feels quite a strange winter in the UK, one day grey and raining, the next blue skies and a hoar frost.  There are sheets of glorious yellow daffodils already in bloom in some places, and snowdrops and primroses.  Ducks are pairing off and I have seen squirrels carrying nesting material.  It is as if everything is in flux.  Nature is reflecting humanity’s confusion. As for the Leo Blood supermoon I managed to miss it! but the pictures were incredible and the energy of the day extraordinary.  We do live in an interesting period.  What a special time for ascension. Remember your every thought, word and action makes a difference to everyone and to the ascension of the planet.

Love and blessings

Making Crystals With Children

I recently went to visit my granddaughters aged 9 and 7.  They wanted us to make crystal grids and without prompting knew exactly what they would be for.  The seven year old said she wanted her first grid to help her connect more with her unicorn.  I suggested a few shapes for her and she immediately chose a spiral, which interested me as that is the shape Tim and I chose for the unicorn grid we made in our Crystal Grid Zoom.  Then she spent a long time gathering the crystals and other things that she wanted to put into it.  I loved her creativity.  She was not constricted to crystals.  She put in exactly what felt right to her.  She put her little silver unicorn pendant into it, and fairies, angels and a dolphin as well as crystals.  And a little white feather.

And then she announced that she wanted to make a grid to be more loved!  This shocked us for she is the nicest, kindest and friendliest child you could ever meet.  Everyone loves her and I have never heard her say an unkind word.  She has a group of really sweet friends.  When we tried to point this out to her, she responded with total clarity, ‘But I don’t always feel loved!’  Wow.  This child expressed how so many people feel but never say.

She decided she would make a heart shape with a little circle in the middle and a rose quartz in the centre of that.  She dedicated it to feeling loved.  She blessed each crystal and put a lot of energy into this.  And we invoked the Angel Mary to connect with her through the grid.  Here is a photo of her crystal grids. Oh the creativity of children and their natural knowing.

To my surprise her older sister was very clear she was going to make a grid to help the animals.  (I was secretly delighted.)  Her crystal grid was totally different.  She immediately decided on a centrepiece, which was a chunk of mangano, the palest pink of the higher heart.  Some time ago I had a fabulously large piece of mangano and when a lump of it broke off I gave it to her and she used it in her grid. Then she chose her favourite stones, ornaments and crystals and placed them where she felt they should go.  Perfect.  We called in Archangel Fhelyai, the Angel of Animals to bless it.


Her second grid was dedicated to helping sea creatures and as you can see it was totally structured! She chose blue card to lay it out on as it represented the ocean. She wanted a square because it is solid and then a triangle because it too has a firm foundation!  Her crystals were tiny but she carefully chose and blessed each one.  She found her shell candles to grace the grid and searched her bedroom for her little turtle to add.  Then as a final touch she placed a small silver key into the centre.  We called Archangel Joules, the angel of the oceans to bless this one. We had such a good time, talked a lot, concentrated when necessary and felt we had done something special.

Making a crystal grid for yourself is really satisfying.  I laid a tiny one out on New Year’s Eve for my year ahead and I still have it on my altar.  I touch the crystals regularly to keep them activated.  Making one for someone else or the planet is a lovely piece of service work.

The Magic of Unicorns

More and more unicorns are pouring into the planet now, especially very high frequency ones.  Already there are more of these wondrous illumined beings to help us than there were in the golden era of Atlantis.  At that time everyone was fifth dimensional and only the High Priests and Priestesses could reach the sixth dimension – and then only for brief periods.  Currently more and more lightworkers are touching the sixth dimension during meditation and ascension work.  And so they are attracting ninth, even tenth, dimensional unicorns who are pouring divine feminine energy into us, bringing wisdom, oneness and change.

At the blood supermoon and lunar eclipse they spread their light everywhere moon to bring about more changes necessary on Earth. I am particularly looking forward to the supermoon on February 19 for the unicorns will be bringing in a new wave of high pure light.   Archangel Christiel will send out millions of his angels during the full moon to enter your causal chakra. Within the vast chamber of your chakra is your gateway to the angelic realms.  The angels will use the energy of this supermoon to open it even wider and make your connection to the angels and unicorns and dragons even stronger.  Here is a little visualisation to open and expand your Causal chakra.  You can do it at any time but it will be particularly effective during the full moon.

Visualisation to open the Gateway within your Casual Chakra to the Angelic Realms

Sit quietly in a place where you will be undisturbed.

  1. Light a candle if possible and dedicate it to the expansion of your Causal chakra.
  2. A beautiful white angel stands in front of you. She smiles as she holds out her hand and you take it.
  3. She leads you up a spiritual mountain until you reach a vast etheric shimmering pearl.
  4. The angel tells you it is your Causal chakra.  It is your peace chamber.
  5. How does it feel as you enter?  Take a moment to look round.
  6. And then unexpectedly the might Archangel Christiel himself glides in and greets you.
  7. His bright all seeing blue eyes look into yours.  You stand in his aura.
  8. He gently places a silver white Flame of Peace into your energy fields and you feel old emotions and densities simply evaporating.
  9. Archangel Christiel conducts you to the other side of your Causal and you suddenly notice a gateway of exquisite mother of pearl.  How big is it?
  10. The gate opens and you step into the angelic kingdom.
  11. Here angels, archangels, unicorns and Christed dragons greet you.
  12. They all acknowledge you and a tiny flame of love and peace enters your heart with each greeting.
  13. When you are ready you return through the mother of pearl gates into your Causal chakra.
  14. Leave the gate wide open.  From now it will open wider as your chakra expands.
  15. Thank Archangel Christiel and his angel and then return to the room.

Valentines Day – 14th February

A Day of love and romance

I looked up St. Valentine and discovered there were many St. Valentines, two of whom were beheaded on February 14th.  That was a good start!  In Roman times one was executed because he married Christian couples so the man did not have to fight in the army.  Maybe he gave his name to this special day of the year.

If enough people focus on a quality on a particular day, it creates a portal or gateway for that energy to flow into the planet at that time.

For hundreds of years couples have celebrated love and romance on February 14th.  So it is a day when love is supported by the spiritual realms.  That makes it a magical day for amour. Every time you give someone a red rose on that day with love in your heart, you add to the magic and make it stronger for other people.  When you wine and dine your beloved on that day you are showered with love by the angels. I knew someone who refused to take his girl friend out to dinner on Valentine’s day because he said the restaurants were full of miserable couples who no longer had anything to say to each other. So, if your relationship has become stale and you feel obliged to take your partner out, then you sit in glum silence all evening, the angels are not with you.  They cannot rekindle a dead spark!  They have better things to do.

But if you want to re-light the fire in your relationship, Valentine’s day is a good time to do so.  If the embers are still glowing, ask the Angels of Love to blow on them and they will do all they can to help you.  Prepare yourself by remembering all the good times, the things you loved about each other.  See again as you first saw your friend or partner.   When you were in love you saw the divine in the other.  Illusion set in as ego took the place of heart energy, so ask the angels to help you open your heart again. And if you are on a quest for love, the heavens are with you.  Prepare yourself by opening your heart and releasing old relationships.  Be really ready for romance.  Then step into the portal of bliss that opens on Valentine’s day.  Wow!  Step into the magic. Watch my Valentine’s Day message HERE.

How to Help the New Children

We discussed how to help the new children in my Facebook Live on 23rd January, you can re-watch the session HERE. Many of you were concerned by the rigid and unsuitable education system.  We looked at how best to help the new sensitive children and so many of you had helpful suggestions that I thought I’d make a note of some of them.

They range from helpful books to cleansing the aura to how angels help and much more.  Thanks everyone who contributed stories, suggestions and help of all kinds.

Nature All children need to spend more time out in nature.  Nature is healing, balancing and soothing. It also helps to ground children.

Sport and exercise Many of the new children are high energy and lots have ADHD.  They need to use up this energy with as much sport and exercise, especially outside, as possible.

Technology The current technology uses damaging frequencies.  So obviously it is better for children to avoid it as much as possible.  If your child is always on their mobile use crystals to rebalance them.

Heavy metals We believe there is a connection between heavy metals in the brain and ADHD.  Innoculations contain hideous heavy metals.  So a strong heavy metal detox is helpful.  Talk to a homeopath.

Heal your own Inner Child Our children mirror us.  Until you heal your own inner child and respect yourself, give yourself permission to be free and do what you want to do you will project this onto your child.  So do more work on yourself.  You will feel better and so will your children.

Listen to Hear Many of us were never listened to or heard when we were children and we have to master the art of hearing our children. Reflective listening is vitally important if you want to be close to and understand your child.  Two books were suggested. How to talk so children will listen by Adele Faber. (I can personally recommend this) The Difficult Child by Dr Stanley  Turecki.  This is particularly to help children with ADHD.

Diet Sugar free is especially important for these sensitive, high frequency children.  Organic diet is best for chemicals destroy the immune system – one reason for all the allergies now.

Meditation and mindfulness Practising this daily helps all children, even those with ADHD.  Breathing techniques are useful to calm and centre. Deep relaxation helps.

A calm atmosphere at home Nurture yourself so that you are calm.  Your child will feel safer and more centred.  Sudden flares of anger destabilise a sensitive child.

Grounding This is particularly important.  Walking or exercise helps. A simple visualisation helps some children, e.g. ‘stand with your feet apart.  Picture a big silver ball under your feet.  Imagine it is a magnet and is pulling you down until your feet are firmly on the ground.’ Or roots going down into the Earth.  Or walking round stamping your heels on the ground.

Angels, unicorns, dragons The Angel Mary looks after children.  Call her in to help your child. Unicorns help children who have withdrawn. Some children are particularly connected with dragons. Listen to them.  And talk to them about their angels, dragons and unicorns and how these beings can help them.

Animals Looking after, playing with and cuddling an animal has a great benefit.

Cleansing and combing the aura Parents come in from work carrying all sorts of energy.  The sensitive child picks this up and has to process it through his own energy fields.  The child is also surrounded by other people’s energies at school and has to deal with them.  It can be helpful for parents to cleanse their aura when they come home… and also the child’s.  Some people smudge or use angel sprays or singing bowls.  You can invoke the Violet Flame.  Or you can do all of it! Teach your child to make their fingers into a comb and stroke down their auras.  This soothes, cleanses and strengthens the aura.

Massage Some children are really helped by massage, which helps them to relax. Shoulder massage helps them relax into their bodies. Crano sacral therapy really benefitted two of my grandchildren.

Crystals Strategically placed these can help to make your home welcoming (rose quartz), cleanse it of lower energies (amethyst), purify it (quartz).  Let your child choose the ones that are right for them.  One of my granddaughters takes a fluorite to school and is absolutely clear it helps her.

Space Many of these children need their own space.  A bedroom where they can have their own crystals, their own silence or music.

IPSEA charity was recommended.  Their website says, ‘Our unique range of services has been developed to ensure that families, and those advising them, understand children and young people’s legal rights and entitlements to education provision.’

I hope some of this helps you.  And it doesn’t just apply to the new children, all children benefit from most of these suggestions. If you found these helpful or if you have more suggestions to add that helped your children, please let me know at diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com marked HELPING CHILDREN.

2019 – A Time for Transformation

2019 is a year where we are all being asked to raise our consciousness. Whilst these are amazing times, they are also bringing up our unconscious patterns to be examined and released. Whilst ultimately this can bring about enormous transformations, the process can be somewhat challenging! Many of us feel overloaded and we can feel disconnected from our true selves. Your body is not well equipped to cope with these kinds of stresses and you may find this triggers you to eat. And, chances are, you don’t reach for nourishing foods at these times! You are far more likely to grab something high in sugar and / or fat.

Why psychological stress can cause you to eat sugary or high fat foods Psychological stress can cause you to overeat – particularly with cravings for either sugary or high fat foods. At moments of stress you may reach for food you find comforting or feel it will calm you down.You may not feel the difference between a highly stressful situation or a lesser one and react to all psychological stress equally. If you have many stressful situations in a day, you may be reaching for food more than you need, eating weight gaining foods and not regulating your stress. Eating is a strategy to reduce stress. However, nature intended you to reduce stress by calming your nervous system, not by eating. Our bodies need to be calm and in “rest and digest” before we eat. So if you are stressed you may not know when you have eaten enough, or may not know when you are full because the messages from your brain to your gut and visa versa may not be communicating.

Try this activity to address your stress: Choose a peaceful moment when you are not distracted.

  • Make a list of your stresses.
  • Light a candle and let the beauty of the flame wash over you.
  • Visualise a beam of golden white light coming from the centre of the galaxy into the crown of your head, bathing your whole body in a beautiful golden white light.
  • Tune into your higher self and ask for help to reduce your stresses.
  • Now turn back to your list and write down anything that comes to you about how you can begin to reduce your stresses. Are there small things that can change? Can you change your response to the stress?
  • Do this activity for a few nights so you can go to bed calm and clear of your stress.
  • If you can make some reductions in stress, however small, it will help you make better food choices and eat when calmer.

Why high sugar/high fat foods make you gain weight more rapidly when you are stressed If you eat high sugar / high fat foods when you are under constant stress, you will gain weight more rapidly than if you eat them when you are relaxed. Our video explains why…. Image to go with this section: Image – high sugar high fat when stressed

Find something healthy that still gives you what you feel you need in that moment If you cannot stop yourself eating when stressed, think about what food it is you want. Try and replace it with something healthy that still gives you what you feel you need in that moment. Here are some suggestions, but it is important to find what works for you: If you want something sweet, try a couple of dates with a few nuts

  • If you want something warm and soothing, try a small mug of warm almond milk with cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey
  • If you want eat ice-cream and have a juicer that can homogenise frozen bananas, this makes a good ice-cream substitute. Or try making a smoothie with frozen banana, nut milk and a handful of hazelnuts. If you do not have the equipment to process the nuts, try adding ground nuts instead
  • If you want chocolate, try a sugar-free fruit and nut bar with cocoa
  • If you just feel the need to be full, make yourself a large fruit and vegetable smoothie. You will need an extractor blender that can blend the whole fruit and vegetable to do this. Add fruit to sweeten it and nuts or seeds for some protein to stabilise your blood sugar. This will help you feel full whilst packing your body full of nutrients and not overdoing the calories

When you change your relationship with food, you change your relationship with yourself. Sign up to Your Holistic Diet monthly newsletter here: https://forms.aweber.com/form/08/1489609308.htm Join our closed Facebook group and connect with us directly, get answers to your weight loss questions and share your experiences: https://www.facebook.com/groups/YHDCommunity/

Upcoming Events

First Class Spiritual Journey through the Rocky Mountains

Thursday 2nd to Thursday 9th May Thursday 2nd May arrive at the Chateau Lake Louise.  Settle in and meet Diana and Rosemary for dinner in the evening. Friday 3rd May FREE DAY to explore around the Lake or visit Banff which is a 40 min drive away.  Diana and Rosemary are running a seminar and we will meet the group after the event in reception lobby.  We all go together to the Emerald Lake and hotel overnight Saturday 4th May  We explore the brilliant Emerald Lake, an astonishinly beautiful glacial-fed lake with vibrant turquoise-coloured water located in British Columbia’s Yoho National Park.   Here we will find space for meditations and a sound bath.   Then we transfer to the Fairmont hotel. Sunday 5th May We rise early in the morning to catch the Rocky Mountaineer train in which we have Gold Leaf Service reservations.  We have incredible panoramic views from our seats in the upper-level of our bi-level glass-dome coach and five star dining service. This is the only luxury train operating through the breathtakingly beautiful Canadian Rockies to Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff. Monday 6th May Day two on the Rocky Mountaineer. At the end of the journey we transfer to Hampton Inn Hotel in Vancouver. Tuesday 7th May Catch the morning ferry to Vancouver Island.  Explore this fascinating Island.  Stay at the  Marriott. Wednesday 8th May Vancouver Island.  We have time for meditations and to sing in the Ascension Flames. Click here for booking details and more information: https://rockiesretreat.ca/

Spiritual  Retreat in France with Rosemary Stephenson

Friday 6th to Monday 9th September

Everyone has so enjoyed our past retreats that Rosemary Stephenson and I are offering a five day one in France in September.  We will be doing powerful visualisations and exercises in each place.  Wherever possible we will do crystal bowl ceremonies in location to heal the old and awaken the new. We start at Mont St. Michel, which is a high frequency portal. During our visit here we will experience deep meditations to connect with Archangel Michael and Mother Mary.

You will receive personal blessings from these great angelic beings. We will also bring higher light through the portal to send it along the Mary Michael lines and the Apollo Athena lines to light them up and rekindle their power.  At the same time we will help to build the 9D cosmic web of light connecting the universe. We will experience the beauty of Rennes Cathedral followed by a visit to the mysterious and magical Carnac Stones.  Here with meditation and a crystal bowl ceremony (weather permitting) we will do our part to activate the ancient wisdom contained in the stones and help the reconnection to the stars of this powerful and significant portal.

Rosemary will use her crystal bowls and voice to sing in the higher energies wherever we are. This is an opportunity for spiritual transformation, service, fun and to make new like-minded friends.

Mont St Michel  We will start in Mont St Michel in Normandy and visit the fairy tale castle, that is built in a huge spiritual portal.  It has been a sacred site for thousands of years.  Then in 708AD, Archangel Michael appeared to Bishop Aubert of Avranches in a vision and told him to build an abbey there.  This took hundreds of years to complete and is now like a gothic castle.  There is a gilded statue of Archangel Michael slaying a dragon at the top.  This symbolises the triumph of good over evil because sadly the shadow of humanity has long been projected onto dragons, who are in reality wise open hearted angelic beings. Mother Mary’s energy is felt very strongly here and at one time the castle held two Black Madonnas, which represent the Divine Mother’s deepest wisdom and feminine secrets as an Earth Mother.  At one time a community of Benedictine monks settled here. Mont St Michel is on the Michael line and also on the Apollo-Athena line that links sacred places between Ireland and Greece.

Apollo Apollo was a High Priest in the golden era of Atlantis.  At the fall of Atlantis he led his tribe to Mesopotamia.  He became known as an immortal and powerful Greek god with the ability to heal and to see into the future..

Athena Athena was also a High Priestess in the golden era of Atlantis. She is now known as a wise and courageous Greek goddess of Justice, who is a strategist and has many skills.

The Carnac Stones Carnac is one of the most awesome and mystic megalithic sites in the world. Over 10,000 Nelolithic menhirs, dolmens and tumuli stand here.  Stones, full of ancient energies, march in rows like an ancient army. There are stories that they were a Roman legion and the mighty magician Merlin petrified them.  Actually the site was an active spiritual place from 3,500 BC. Like Stonehenge this vast area is a portal. When it is awake and active, the light of the stars will pour in here and release the wisdom stored in the stones. The three sites, Mont St Michel, St Michael’s  Mount in U.K and the Carnac Stones, are linked together by powerful Archangel Michael energy lines.  In former times the monks who worked with the Carnac Stones charged up the energy here during particular astrological alignments.  It was directed by Archangel Michael through Mont St Michel and St Michael’s  Mount in U.K to the appropriate stellar connections.  It was a two way portal that received light and sent it out.

Rennes Cathedral We will be using Sacred Sound, voice, crystal singing bowls to activate and balance the Chakras of Rennes Cathedral….cleansing and purifying the leys and water channels which run underneath it in the earth, allowing it to flow and expand the light throughout the Town.   Costs are based on the 4 star hotels in Mont St Michael and 3 star in Carnac…

The cost for this exciting retreat for 5 days (4 nights) Twin share rooms £925 per person Single room £1099 per person (10 only available)

For bookings or further information please contact Rosemary Stephenson: rosemary@celestiallighthealers.com www.celestiallighthealers.com

Zoom Sessions

Make a Deep Connection with Archangel Gabriel

Wednesday 13th  February  7:00 – 8.30 GMT I love Archangel Gabriel, the pure white Archangel of clarity, purity and joy. I will take you to visit his etheric retreat over Mount Shasta.  Here you will receive his Diamond of Clarity to see with new eyes.  You will also experience his Cosmic Diamond to cut away all lower energies and accelerate your ascension. We will meet Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Christiel in the Halls of Learning where you will receive higher understandings.  Your causal chakra will light up. We will also have time to visit the beautiful Temple of Truth to purify you so that you can emerge as a high frequency being.

Book your place now for £5.50.  (The recording will be emailed to after the live event for you to listen to at your leisure).

Make a Deep Connection with the Unicorns

Sunday 3rd March 7:00 – 9:00 GMT Waves of high frequency unicorns are pouring into the world.  In this seminar you to meet them and your own personal unicorn.   They will offer you life changing soul healing as well as emotional and mental healing.  You will visit the unicorn kingdom and bathe in the purest Christ light. This event is £25.00 and the recording will be emailed to after the live event for you to listen to at your leisure.

  ** Please note, you can still order all previous zoom sessions by clicking HERE Diana has covered many subjects, including Dragons, Crystal Grids, DNA Re Patterning, Ascension and Guardian Angels. The session will be emailed to you for you watch from the comfort of your home with unlimited watching. Sessions vary in price and start at just £5.50.  

With lots of love

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