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Dear Friends,

As I sit outside in the UK in unbelievable February sunshine my granddaughter is running round in the garden in a bathing costume.  Everything is topsy turvy!  So the message is to enjoy whatever comes your way.  If it is wind and ice next week enjoy that too.  Prepare for the unexpected.  At the same time keep focussing on what you wish to manifest in your life for this is a very powerful period for creating your dream.  Write down now what you want and know that if you do this with focus and pure intention you will harvest it in September.

Love from

Vegan Fair

There is a very fast movement towards veganism and animal cruelty free living.  This morning there was a Vegan Fair in a local hall and so I trooped along with my family and a friend.  To my delight, despite being a lovely sunny day, it was packed out.  We could hardly move in there as people were sampling the delicious food and so much more.

I took no persuasion to buy a deep blue vegan handbag, which was not only gorgeous but also exactly Archangel Michael’s colour!  As I shall be doing a seminar at Archangel Michael’s retreat in Banff Canada in May, this seemed perfect synchronicity.

I am not a vegan though I am moving fast in that direction. I talked to a man who used to work on a dairy farm but gave up his job and became vegan because he was haunted by the distress of the mothers when their calves were taken from them to provide us with milk.

 The Soul Missions of Cows

When there was a dimensional jump shift into the golden age of Atlantis cows were one of the first animals to incarnate in service to humanity.  They originate from Lakumay, the ascended part of Sirius, and arrived to offer us their milk.

At that time their milk was perfectly attuned to our needs because the grass and wild flowers they consumed were at a much higher frequency than they are now. The water was pure and blessed too. As fifth-dimensional beings cows bring in the unconditional love and divine feminine light of the Gold Ray of Christ that is held in Lakumay.  They pass it to us through their milk.

Cows are stable, motherly and nurturing while bulls demonstrate masculine powers.  When they originally incarnated into golden Atlantis they were treated part of the family. They were loved and cared for and the cows were thanked for their rich milk.  It was only when the planet became third dimensional that they were treated as commodities.  Humans treated cows so badly that they became stressed and open to illness.  Eventually they suffered from mad cow disease and we slaughtered thousands of them.

At that time the oversoul of our cattle was discussing with the Intergalactic Council whether they should withdraw from Earth and continue to experience on another planet of their choice. What an awful hole this would have been for the plan for Earth! What terrible karma for humanity!   Eventually cows were sacrificed on blazing pyres and the flames helped to transmute some of the pain and karma.  And in response to the prayers of awakened humanity, they agreed to stay for the time being.  Archangel Fhelyai, the angel of animals and his hosts of sunshine yellow angels, poured into the planet to help them and all other animals.

Visualization Back to Connect with Cows in Golden Atlantis

From The Archangel Guide to the Animal World

  1. Find a place where you feel comfortable and undisturbed.
  2. Light a candle if possible to raise the frequency.
  3. Close your eyes and allow your eyelids to feel heavy, very heavy, as you breathe more deeply.
  4. A shimmering golden bridge is appearing in front of you.
  5. You know this is a gateway to the incredible era of Golden Atlantis.
  6. Cross the bridge knowing you are being guided and held by the angels.
  7. As you reach the end of the bridge you can see Golden Atlantis ahead of you. Everything is shimmering with a golden aura – the trees, the grass, the round houses that are clustered together, the flowing water, the birds, everything.
  8. In wonder and delight you step onto the land and immediately feel welcome and happy.
  9. As you approach one of the round houses you can hear beautiful music, joy-filled laughter and the tinkle of water flowing.
  10. The garden is a colourful pasture blooming with perfumed wild flowers.
  11. A family is playing in the sunshine. Father and mother, three children and three dogs are splashing in a pure clear pool. They are watched by their black cat, a horse, a cow, a sheep and a goat, who are resting under a tree together.
  12. The family call you to join them and you swim in the water with them.
  13. Then the contented cow wanders up to you and looks at you with liquid brown eyes full of love.
  14. You stroke it and wonder at her sparkling golden aura.
  15. She tells you telepathically that she serves the family with love, offering them rich milk for cheese and butter. In return they give her shelter, beautiful pastures and loving gratitude.
  16. Everyone is contented and they all love being on Earth.
  17. The mother politely asks the cow if she may take some milk for you and the cow graciously agrees.
  18. The mother draws the milk and offers it to you in a cup. This milk is perfectly calibrated for a fifth-dimensional vibration and you receive it with thanks.
  19. As you drink the fifth-dimensional elixir you feel every cell of your body light up.
  20. You walk back across the bridge with a deep connection to the cow kingdom. This light and love is now in your aura.
  21. When you see a cow in future the energy in your aura will remind them of who they truly are. You will make a difference.

Helping the Children

Thanks for all your responses to my article last month about helping the new children.  I know this is a huge subject for so many parents as the children who have been incarnating over the past years are very different (and often challenging).

I have had lots of e mails telling me what has helped.   Here are a couple of responses that might assist you.

‘One thing that came to my mind are antibiotics and the effects they’re having on our immune system. When taking antibiotics they eliminate not only the bad but the good bacterias as well. Especially children can develop problems after the treatment as the intestinal flora gets out of balance which weakens the immune system.  When Lactic acid bacteria are taken they can restore the intestinal flora.

When using a mobile phone it’s important for everyone to use ear phones as the radiation has negative effects on the brain and can cause brain tumours. This has been observed by the australian Neurosurgeon Dr. Charlie Teo and Dr. Devra Davis.’  Sylvia

‘My daughter is helped by water baths, long showers and best of all paddling in running water like streams and rivers (she loves the latter). Heavier bedding. Best of all walking through woods with flowing water with her two dogs… And long cuddles afterwards.’ Miranda.

When I read that I remembered how much my little granddaughter, Kailani, loves water.  When she was nearly two, my daughter had to spend some weeks in hospital because of complications with her next pregnancy, so I went to look after her.  The only thing Kailani wanted to do was play with water in the kitchen.  I also had to sit in the bath with her for hours!  But it soothed her.  And I knew that the Christ light was flowing through the water and healing her.

Galactic Dragons

Dragons are magnificent wise and heart centred beings, who are of the angelic realms.  Their wings indicate that their hearts are open.  The Intergalactic Council under direction from Source chose their reptilian shape so that they could easily slip through the dimensions and enter spaces that other beings could not access.

For aeons they have served throughout the universes and are a part of our ancient history.  This means that a knowing of them is encoded into our memories.  As they are now returning to help us, this memory is coming forward so that it is easier to link with them.

The moment you think about a dragon or any angelic being, it comes to you.  Just trust this and you have a connection.  If you wish to fine tune this, it is rather like finding a station on an old fashioned radio.  You need to focus and listen as you tune into the wavelengths.  You prepare for this with meditation, visualisation, prayer and all kinds of spiritual work until it becomes clear.

As Earth is ascending to take her rightful place in the universe for the new golden age, the galactic dragons are connecting with us once more.  They come to us from the various stars and planets, bringing knowledge, love and light to help our transition into higher dimensions.

The High Priests and Priestesses of the golden era of Atlantis used to connect to the stars to bring back stellar wisdom and this helped to take the civilization into the legendary state it achieved.  The galactic dragons helped them and since 2015 these incredible high frequency dragons have been able to connect with humans.   Dragons from different stars and galaxies are bringing us new technology, understandings, advanced knowledge and can touch specific chakras with energies and codes that accelerate their spiritual growth and ascension.

I love working with the galactic dragons.  They are so clear and direct in their focus and pure intentions.  They shift our energies when they work with us in an unbelievable way.

For more information click on the below:

Lemurian Healing

Lemuria was the fourth Golden Age on the planet.  The first was Angala which was the golden birth of Earth, when the angels sang in the vision of Source for this new planet.

The second was Petranium, the golden Age of Africa, when the beings, who were ethereal,  were seventh dimensional, with extraordinary powers.  The land at that time was verdant and lush for the beings could control the weather and move the minerals to utilise them.

The third golden age was Mu, which was in the Pacific.  The ethereal fourth dimensional beings of Mu still hold the wisdom of that time in a blue-aquamarine flame of Archangels Michael and Mary in Hollow Earth and the Hollow Centres of the four ascension planets, Sirius, Neptune, the Pleiades and Orion.  Once we are fully fifth dimensional we will be able to access this wisdom.

Lemuria was the fourth golden age on the planet.  Really it was a vast healing fifth dimensional energy force that moved round the universe and healed everything it touched.  At the end of Lemuria the energy created the wonderful healing crystals specifically for us to use during this twenty year period between 2012 and 2032.  Then the beings were given permission to physicalize and they incarnated into Australia as the Aborigine culture with their huge understanding and love of Earth. Ancient Maori, Polynesian, tribal African and Hawaian cultures also link back to Lemuria.

The memory of Lemuria and its wisdom is held by humming birds and migrating birds, who all spread healing.

For more information. Keys to the Universe.

Weekend retreat in France With Rosemary Stephenson

Thursday 5th to Monday 9th September 2019

Everyone has so enjoyed our past retreats that Rosemary Stephenson and I are offering a four day one in France in September.  We will be doing powerful visualisations and exercises in each place.  Wherever possible we will do crystal bowl ceremonies in location to heal the old and awaken the new.

We start at Mont St. Michel, which is a high frequency portal. During our visit here we will experience deep meditations to connect with Archangel Michael and Mother Mary.  You will receive personal blessings from these great angelic beings. We will also bring higher light through the portal to send it along the Mary Michael lines and the Apollo Athena lines to light them up and rekindle their power.  At the same time we will help to build the 9D cosmic web of light connecting the universe.

We will experience the beauty of Rennes Cathedral followed by a visit to the mysterious and magical Carnac Stones.  Here with meditation and a crystal bowl ceremony (weather permitting) we will do our part to activate the ancient wisdom contained in the stones and help the reconnection to the stars of this powerful and significant portal.  Rosemary will use her crystal bowls and voice to sing in the higher energies wherever we are.

This is an opportunity for spiritual transformation, service, fun and to make new like-minded friends.

Mont St Michel

We will start in Mont St Michel in Normandy and visit the fairy tale castle, that is built in a huge spiritual portal.  It has been a sacred site for thousands of years.  Then in 708AD, Archangel Michael appeared to Bishop Aubert of Avranches in a vision and told him to build an abbey there.  This took hundreds of years to complete and is now like a gothic castle.  There is a gilded statue of Archangel Michael slaying a dragon at the top.  This symbolises the triumph of good over evil because sadly the shadow of humanity has long been projected onto dragons, who are in reality wise open hearted angelic beings.

Mother Mary’s energy is felt very strongly here and at one time the castle held two Black Madonnas, which represent the Divine Mother’s deepest wisdom and feminine secrets as an Earth Mother.  At one time a community of Benedictine monks settled here.

Mont St Michel is on the Michael line and also on the Apollo-Athena line that links sacred places between Ireland and Greece.


Apollo was a High Priest in the golden era of Atlantis.  At the fall of Atlantis he led his tribe to Mesopotamia.  He became known as an immortal and powerful Greek god with the ability to heal and to see into the future..


Athena was also a High Priestess in the golden era of Atlantis. She is now known as a wise and courageous Greek goddess of Justice, who is a strategist and has many skills.

The Carnac Stones

Carnac is one of the most awesome and mystic megalithic sites in the world. Over 10,000 Nelolithic menhirs, dolmens and tumuli stand here.  Stones, full of ancient energies, march in rows like an ancient army. There are stories that they were a Roman legion and the mighty magician Merlin petrified them.  Actually the site was an active spiritual place from 3,500 BC.

Like Stonehenge this vast area is a portal. When it is awake and active, the light of the stars will pour in here and release the wisdom stored in the stones.

The three sites, Mont St Michel, St Michael’s  Mount in U.K and the Carnac Stones, are linked together by powerful Archangel Michael energy lines.  In former times the monks who worked with the Carnac Stones charged up the energy here during particular astrological alignments.  It was directed by Archangel Michael through Mont St Michel and St Michael’s  Mount in U.K to the appropriate stellar connections.  It was a two way portal that received light and sent it out.

Rennes Cathedral

This is a glorious cathedral dedicated to St Peter, full of beautiful energy.

Costs are based on the 4 star hotels in Mont St Michael and 3 star in Carnac…

The cost for this exciting retreat for 4 nights …..

Twin share rooms £925 per person

Single room £1099 per person (10 only available)

For booking please contact….


There is more information on

dianacooperstg.wpenginepowered.com or www.Celestiallighthealers.com

Banff, Canada, Retreat of Archangel Michael

Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd May

A two day special seminar at Lake Louise, Banff.

Diana Cooper and Rosemary Stephenson are holding a special seminar near Banff, overlooking the turquoise waters of Lake Louise, where Archangel Michael has his retreat.   In this glorious  location you will be able to absorb Archangel Michael’s incredible light and the high frequency energies of the angelic world.  Rosemary has a wonderful voice attuned to the angelic realms and sings in the angelic beings.  She is also is a world renowned crystal bowl player.  Together Diana and Rosemary bring in the angelic beings and enable them to touch you. Here, where the veil between the worlds is thin, expect magic as you connect with the angels, dragons and unicorns.

Thursday 2nd May

You will:

  • Meet Archangel Michael at his retreat and receive his gold and blue, Cloak of Power with Wisdom and his Sword of Truth.
  • Clear all cords and blockages from your throat chakra and replace them with Archangel Michael’s deep blue Sapphire of Truth
  • Enter the Stargate of Lyra to connect with Archangel Christiel and the wondrous unicorns.
  • Call in a bubble of Archangel light to surround you.
  • Receive Archangel Gabriel’s cosmic diamond.
  • Experience Archangel Michael’s great vortex/portal at Banff where we will call in and meet some extraordinary high frequency beings.
There is also a special Evening reception
Friday 3 May
  • Learn about and connect with the powerful elemental dragons.
  • Meet your wise, open-hearted personal dragon, who has been waiting for so long to guide you again.
  • A golden Christed dragon will take you to bathe in the 9D pool of shimmering white gold Christ light in Lakumay, the ascended aspect of Sirius.
  • Archangel Michael’s deep blue warrior dragons who protect you, your family and the planet and will energetically clear a kilometre round you.
  • Do service work with the galactic Dragons from Mercury to keep lines of communication open between nations and serve harmony on Earth.
  • In a beautiful exercise the Rose Pink Dragons will open the 33 petals of your heart.
  • The Dusty Pink Dragons from Andromeda will then fill your 12 chakras with the Flame of Love.
  • Led by Rosemary we will all sing the world into harmony.
  • With extraordinary visualisations and energetic transfers this is a life transforming seminar and we would love you to join us.
  • There will be a crystal bowl ceremony run by Martha.

For more information or to book your place, visit: https://rockiesretreat.ca/

On Wednesday evenings when I am available I hold a Facebook live from 7-8pm.  We have a theme each week and I answer your questions sent to diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com with the subject ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME.  You also ask questions as I talk and I try to answer as many of these as possible.  Sometimes this takes us onto other interesting spiritual subjects.  We do spontaneous visualisations, depending on where the conversation takes us and also send out healing to individuals or service work for the planet.  Please continue to send suggestions about subjects you would like covered.  I really love this Facebook hour and have got to know so many of you through it.  It is like chatting with old friends.  So thank you all for your input, your questions and comments and your love.

This week, Wednesday  6th March  7-8PM GMT we will be discussing  The Elemental Kingdom –  Meet the fairies, elves, gnomes, fauns, goblins and many other elementals of earth, air, fire and water, who look after the nature kingdom. 

ZOOM – Wednesday 13th March     LEMURIAN HEALING 7-8.30

Lemuria was the Golden Age before Atlantis.  The beings were ethereal and loved Earth and nature.  They drew down the love and light of God through the cosmic heart and projected it into the Earth.  The Lemurians were powerful healers who created special healing crystals for us.   To form these crystals they gathered divine qualities from the fields of Earth as well as the auras of stars and planets, then combined this with Source energy and placed them in the land for us to access and use now.

I will talk about these incredible crystals and explain how we can use them.  We will attune to the mighty beings who help us access this powerful energy for Lemurian healing is incredibly pure and powerful.  We all link heart to heart to connect to the amazing Lemurian healing force.  You will receive personal healing and we will send Lemurian energy to heal the world.  Based on information in The Keys to the Universe.  You do not need a Lemurian crystal to participate in this ZOOM.

This event is £5.50 and the recording will be emailed to after the live event for you to listen to at your leisure

Click HERE to book your place

ZOOM Sunday 24th March.  Meet the Incredible Galactic Dragons

Learn about the extraordinary Galactic Dragons and how they can help you.   In this Zoom you will meet

The AQUAMARINE DRAGONS FROM NEPTUNE wake up your psychic abilities.

The planet Neptune has an incredibly high frequency for here the keys and codes of advanced spirituality for this universe are held.

THE BRONZE AND YELLOW DRAGONS FROM URANUS take you to Curonay, the part of Uranus that has ascended, to bathe in the vibration of divine transformation. This brings about higher enlightenment.

The WHITE PINK DRAGONS FROM VENUS will create a strong, love illuminated link between your heart and the Cosmic Heart.

The BLUE GOLD DRAGONS FROM MERCURY clear your karmic patterns so that you can communicate from an enlightened perspective.

Travel to the STARGATE OF ARCTURUS with the ORANGE GOLD DRAGONS for empowerment so that you can fulfil your destiny.

And you will meet other Galactic Dragons if we have time.

This event is £25.00 and the recording will be emailed to after the live event for you to listen to at your leisure

Click HERE to book your place

Extract from Your Holistic Diet Newsletter:

How to bring yourself into balance this equinox  – Spring equinox marks the transition from the dark into the light

 Bring yourself into balance as you transition from the dark to the light

The equinox energy transitions us from the dark and short winter days towards the light. It creates a small pause in nature between everything that has slept and laid dormant and the surge of growth in the summer months to come. We can use this natural pause in nature to tune into this energy and get ourselves into balance before the busy year ahead.

In this newsletter we show you how to make healthy pancakes that will help bring your body into balance. We also help you with an activity to let go of old patterns and make space for the new.

Keep your body in balance with our yin-yang pancakes

Pancake day can be healthy and fun! To make yin-yang pancakes, blend half the pancake mixture with some beetroot in an extractor blender to get the pink colour

This Pancake recipe that will help bring your body into balance

125g flour (works well with wholegrain spelt flour)
2-3 eggs
300ml milk (dairy, soya, rice or almond milk)
200g butter beans (½ tin)

Blend all the ingredients
Heat a small amount of olive oil in a frying pan
Add a ladle of the pancake mix
When set, flip or turn the pancake over and cook for a few more minutes.

If you like sweet pancakes, try with lemon juice and a little maple syrup

The beans and eggs make these pancakes high in protein which helps balance your blood sugar levels and reduces cravings for sugar and refined carbs. It also keeps you feeling full for longer. The beans contain phytoestrogens which help balance your female hormones. (Imbalances in your female hormones can lead to weight gain).

Shine light on what lies in your shadow to empower yourself for the year ahead

Snowdrops bring signs of the Spring. When you see them pushing through the dark earth towards the spring sunshine, feel the hope of the new emerging energy.

On an emotional level it’s time to shine the light on what lies in your shadow or your unconscious, so you can step more fully into your light and empower yourself for the year ahead. Your shadow contains both old worn out patterns from the past and also new and unowned parts of yourself. When we transition from the dark to the light it gives us an opportunity to lighten our emotional life.

How to open your cerebral pathways to transition the negative energies within to positive ways forward:

Get paper and pens and find some some time alone. On your paper draw a circle and divide it into two. On the left hand side write all the patterns you want to change this year. Be honest with yourself. If you are behaving defensively or out of fear, only you can change it. The left hand side of the circle represents the left hemisphere of the brain. The logical thinking side. Use this to be real about your short comings and the things you need to change.

On the right hand side write all the things you want to bring into your life this year, so you can shine beautiful and be in your power. When we take full responsibility for who we can be, we can transform our lives. The right hand side of the circle represents the right hand side of the brain. The creative, imaginative side. Activate this side of your brain by imagining all the amazing things you can do this year.

Decorate your circle, then cut it out and pin it up somewhere you can honour it and make it all happen till the next equinox.

Dawn discusses two reasons you may store fat around your belly

Click on the picture to watch the video.

Don’t forget to sign up to our closed Facebook group to get weekly weight loss video tips: ttps://www.facebook.com/groups/YHDCommunity/

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