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Dear Friends,

First things first! My new Dragons book is coming out this month. I have seen advanced copies and it looks stunning. The dragons are thrilled with it too.

And I am doing a DRAGON ZOOM on Sunday 14th October from 8-10 UK time. dianacooperstg.wpenginepowered.com/meet-the-dragons/ The equinox has passed and it is important to nourish ourselves as we move into darker evenings. In this newsletter I include an e mail I received from my daughter Dawn who is a nutritionist and works with her friend Bay who is a psychotherapist. As I read it, it touched a chord in me, so I thought I’d share it with you.

I keep being reminded that we live in extraordinary times and this means huge opportunities for spiritual growth that come through challenges. High frequency energies are pouring into the planet to accelerate our ascension if we ride their currents. At the same time we have huge political and economic tests to deal with. Everything is being stirred up. High standards of living have not necessarily resulted in high spiritual growth. We are starting to be shown that material possessions cannot replace community togetherness. We are called on to stay centred in the storm and focus on the highest possible outcomes for the ascension of humanity. What interesting days lie ahead. With angel, unicorn and dragon blessings Diana

Nourish Yourself This Winter

Dawn has made this delicious soup for me and I love it. Her kids love it too! I had not realised quite how good for you it is until I read this article. And I tried Bay’s tips and found they really worked, so am sharing them with you.

How to nourish yourself to lose weight as Autumn draws in From Dawn and Bay The equinox, when the day and night become the same length, is a time to bring yourself into balance; a time to pause and nourish yourself on all levels. We want to share with you how nourishing yourself emotionally can help you lose weight. We also have a recipe to nourish and warm you as the nights draw in.

Emotional nourishment helps you lose weight If you want to lose weight, it is important to nourish yourself emotionally as well as with the right foods that help your body come back into balance. When you nourish yourself on all levels – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical you are less likely to reach for food in emotional moments. When you love yourself, you will find it easier to nourish your body with the right foods.

When you feel upset or emotional, light a candle instead of reaching for food. Focus on the flame and allow your body to relax and find peace in your mind instead of chasing difficult thoughts. If your body is calm, you may find you don’t feel the need to eat. If you do eat, you are less likely to gain weight if your body is in rest and digest instead of fight and flight.

When you wake up in the morning, shower using beautiful scents. When you smell pleasant aromas it passes from your olfactory bulb to the limbic system in your brain. Your limbic system plays a major role in regulating your mood, memory, behaviour and emotions. Pleasant scents can promote a sense of well being, peace and harmony. Wear your favourite colours on your clothing or nails or have a purse or bag in your favourite colour. The ancient Egyptians and Chinese both practiced chromotherapy using colour to promote healing. Artists and designers believe colour considerably affects your mood, emotions and feelings. To feel happier about your body dress in your favourite colour. Seeing yourself in this colour will help you love yourself and criticise yourself less. “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

A Warming, Nourishing Soup

At this time of year, when the weather’s changing, a warming bowl of soup can nourish you emotionally as well as nourishing your body. When you nourish your body physically and provide it with plenty of nutrients, this can help you feel less hungry, making it easier to lose weight. This North African Spiced Soup recipe is one of our favourites. The cinnamon is not only warming, it helps balance your blood sugar which helps stabilise your energy levels. North African Spiced Soup Serves 4.


1 large onion chopped 1.2 litres vegetable stock
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground turmeric
1tbsp grated fresh root ginger
2 carrots diced
2 celery sticks diced
400g chopped tomatoes
450g sweet potato, diced
400g can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
1 tbsp lemon juice
ground black pepper
wedges of lemon to serve


1. Place chopped onion in a large pan with 300 ml of the stock. Simmer gently for about 10 mins
2. Meanwhile, mix together the cinnamon, turmeric and ginger
3. Add 2 tbsp of the stock to the spice mix and mix together to form a paste. Stir the spicy paste into the onion mixture and add the chopped carrots, celery and remaining stock.
4. Bring the mixture back to the boil, stirring and reduce the heat. Cover the pan with a lid and gently simmer for a further 5 mins
5. Add the tomatoes and sweet potato to the soup and simmer gently, covered, for 20 minutes.
6. Add the chickpeas, coriander and lemon juice, mix well to combine thoroughly and heat through.
7. Season to taste with pepper and serve with wedges of lemon to squeeze into the soup.

Adapted from The Detox Health Plan Cookbook – Maggie Pannell https://www.yourholisticdiet.com/. If you’d like to sign up Monthly Guidance on Holistic Weight Loss click HERE

Facebook Lives

I continue to do FREE Facebook Lives on Wednesdays at 7pm UK time when possible and I love answering questions, doing spontaneous visualisations and service work and meeting those who participate. Occasionally the family visits or I am away and then I have to miss it. It is not intended to be a workshop but is light, informative and a time for sharing and building a community of light. In September I did an extra one for ANGEL AWARENESS DAY for the Diana Cooper School of White Light and the focus was on animals and building an animal portal. Of course you can still watch the Facebook Lives on my facebook page or YouTube channel, but if you wish to create your own portal or add more energy to the one we so powerfully created, here are some simple guidelines. You can create one through a school, hospital, village or anywhere you feel it is needed and dedicate it to bringing angels into that place.

Guide to Building an Angel Portal

What is an angel portal?

1. An angel portal is a high energy place created with the angels.
2. Spirits can travel to it for healing or protection or to visit another Universe or when they die.
3. It often feels or looks like a vortex or column of white light.

How to build an angel portal

1. Set your intention of creating an angel portal and its intended purpose.
2. Decide where it is to be built. This may be in your home or garden or in a distant place.
3. Visualise a column of light forming.
4. Call on beings of the angelic realms to add light to it.
5. Call on dragons to protect it.
6. Ask the Earth dragons to ground it.
7. Re-affirm your intention.
8. State how long you wish it to be in place and energised. This may be for one day or for ever.

The Animal portal we created

Everyone on the Facebook and Instagram Lives focussed on creating an animal portal and the results were amazing. A column of light over half a kilometre in width formed and was energised by us and by many Light Beings. Animals from all over the world are attracted to an animal portal and will continue to teleport to it. People who need to be educated to honour and respect the animals are brought here for mind and heart transformation. In order to create it, everyone focused on visualising the portal. We built it where it is most needed – above the mountains in China. It formed from the tallest mountain to the seventh heaven. When the dragons grounded it they took it right into the centre of the Earth and Lady Gaia opened her heart wide and held it. Many Angels, Masters and other Beings of Light arrived to help to build it.

Visualisation to Build an Animal Portal

It would be wonderful if you could do this and add your light to help the animals and the planet.

1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
2. If possible light a candle to raise the energy.
3. Close your eyes and relax.
4. On each out breath gently imagine golden light flowing round your body until your aura is a golden egg.
5. Think of the sacred and beautiful mountains in the north of China.
6. Mentally build a shining column of pure white light from the very top of the highest mountain right up to the Seventh Heaven.
7. Invoke Archangel Fhelyai, Angel of Animals, and see him entering in his shimmering sunshine yellow light.
8. Watch him adding his glorious light to the column of light.
9. Hundreds of his sunshine yellow angels spiral round the column of white light, filling it with hope, encouragement and love for the animals.
10. The great Universal Angel Mary with her vast aquamarine wings floats in, then pours higher love, compassion and healing into the portal.
11. Hundreds of her aquamarine angels spiral round the portal singing in love.
12. Quan Yin, in her cerise pink and diamond white light, pours healing and transcendent love into the portal.
13. Lord Buddha radiates peace, calm and serenity into it.
14. An army of fire dragons arrives to build a wall of protective etheric fire round the column.
15. And finally the wondrous pure white unicorns pour golden Christ light of unconditional love into the portal.
16. It is ready. Be aware of it radiating light and magnetically attracting animals in need.
17. See animals arriving from all over the world.
18. They are relaxing, feeling safe, healing and receiving love and light. You may receive an impression of which animals arrive and what they receive.
19. Finally see a queue of humans forming, who need to be educated about the true spiritual nature and evolved status of the animal world.
20. They are being brought by their angels and entering the portal, to receive higher light into their minds and hearts. 21.See Archangel Fhelyai and Lord Buddha touching their minds and healing their attitudes. You may receive an impression of what they receive and how they change.
22. Lord Kuthumi, World Teacher, and St Francis are teaching these people.
23. Earth dragons now ground the portal into the open heart of Lady Gaia, so that it is anchored and remains for as long as it is needed.
24. Thank the angels and dragons for the opportunity to serve the planet and the animas by building this portal of light.
25. When you are ready, open your eyes and know you have done something important. For more spiritual information about the animal world see my book The Archangel Guide to the Natural World. LINK

NEW BOOK!!!!!! DRAGONS – Your Celestial Guardians

My new book Dragons, Your Celestial Guardians is being published this month. It looks amazing with an Orange Gold Dragon from Arcturus on the cover. When I was writing this book the dragons came to me one at a time and downloaded very clear extra information to me in much more depth than for the cards. Each one also took me on a journey (that was very exciting and powerful) and asked me to write these into the books a visualisations. They also suggested exercises to enable you to connect with their energy. All the dragons from the cards wanted to be included but also many more dragons came to me, especially new galactic dragons bringing in wisdom from the stars, e.g. the Bronze and Yellow Dragons from Uranus, the Blue-Gold Dragons from Mercury, the Black and Silver-White dragons from Pluto and others. There are five sections:

Dragons and their history.
This includes information about the dragons of the Golden Ages on the planet, who are returning now to bring back the wisdom of those ages.

Fourth Dimensional Dragons. These include the Earth, Air, Fire and Water Dragons who help us so much as well as an introduction to your personal dragon.

Fifth to Seventh Dimensional Dragons. These are higher frequency dragons like the Rainbow Dragons and the Peach and Gold Peace Dragons who can take us into elevated dimensions.

Dragons who work with Archangels and Masters. This section connects you with those dragons who work with the great Illumined Ones who are assisting the planet to ascension.

Galactic Dragons. At last dragons from different star systems are communicating with us. We meet many new dragons, like the Crystal Green and Orange Dragons from Jupiter and many familiar from the cards who take us on journeys into the wisdom of the stars. Order your advanced copy now:

Venus and Sugar

Our walks have been odd recently because a friend of ours hurt her leg, so Mum has been walking her dog with us, not every day thank goodness. Baxter, who is a very lively working cocker is a handful, but strangely Mum thinks he is very funny. For a start we had to fetch him in the car and every morning he jumped straight in on top of us with absolutely no sense of respect. I ask you!

Sugar is a ball loving dog. It could be true to say she is ball obsessed but so is Baxter. Eventually Mum realised that she had to take three balls on walks because Baxter insisted on grabbing Sugar’s one too and carrying them both in his mouth. He is normally a delightfully friendly animal but if a dog so much as walks near his ball he turns into a raging monster.

Before Mum learned she had to take three balls Baxter went off with both balls and we searched everywhere for them. Then we discovered he had run to the river and dropped them both into the water. At least he reluctantly jumped in and retrieved them. And Mum as to stand by the water troughs and flick water for him to catch. He barks hysterically as he jumps about catching it. There’s nought so queer as some dogs!


Sunday 14th October /  8 – 10pm UK

I am taking you on powerful visualisations to connect with and journey with The ethereal PEACH & GOLD PEACE DRAGONS who breathe, peace, love, balance & wisdom into you. They are beautiful and leave you with a huge sense of inner peace and harmony. QUAN YIN’S ILLUMINED PINK DRAGONS, who heal with unconditional love.

They will enable you to enjoy closer friendships and enriched relationships. We will also work with them to heal emotional blocks in humanity. THE ROSE PINK DRAGONS who open, heal and light up your heart chakra. They help you attract all kinds of love including romantic love. We will also learn about the fascinating history of the dragons, meet the Earth, Air, Fire and Water Dragons and journey with them.

£25. dianacooperstg.wpenginepowered.com/meet-the-dragons/ *Please note that the system is automated. After you pay through Paypal you must click to return to my website. That is how we know you have paid and you receive your link. Many people have missed this step in the past so we have no record of their registration or payment.


October 21st – 22nd

Do come to Zurich. It is a fabulous town. I love going there and wandering round the old town and the gorgeous shops. I shall be doing a special seminar there and I am taking my granddaughter Isabel with me. I am so excited about this workshop as we will be lit up by wonderful high frequency energies available now.

We will also really get to know many of the dragons, that can really help us with our lives and our ascension and will connect with the tenth dimensional unicorns, St Germain, the Masters of the Himalayas and others. Do join us. It will be wonderful to see you and see more information HERE Hamburg 10 and 11 November Attunement to the Angelic Realms Hamburg is a beautiful town to visit with its park and many tourist attractions. I know it will be a high frequency workshop bringing in the dragons and unicorns and one of the greatest of all illumined masters to jump shift our ascension. I’d love to see you there. For more information or to book your place, click HERE

Munich 24-25 November

With Tim Whild and Rosemary Stephenson ATTUNEMENT TO THE ANGELIC REALMS I am so delighted that Tim and Rosemary are coming to Munich with me. Tim has huge ascension wisdom and Rosemary’s beautiful voice is tuned to bringing in the angelic realms. It will be a special weekend. For more information or to book your place, click HERE With love and angel blessings to you.

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