Currently Earth is going through a massive change and shift that offers us the greatest opportunity for ascension that there has ever been in its entire history! It is absolutely awesome that we have incarnated now to birth the next cosmic era.

A cosmic era lasts for 26,000 years and the last one was Atlantis, which ended in December 2012. On that date Source energy touched the heart of every sentient being in this and every other universe to trigger a massive dimensional shift. Over a period of twenty years every universe is to move to a higher frequency. Because Earth was a third dimensional planet in a fourth dimensional universe, we have the awesome responsibility of moving through two dimensions within that twenty years. There is so much chaos and confusion here now as souls are reincarnating to complete unfinished karma and the planet is being cleansed in preparation for the next era. By 2032 Earth and every creature on her has to fully ascend to the fifth dimension.

Every time you choose to respond to challenges with love, peace, happiness, togetherness, sharing, generosity or any of the higher qualities, your personal frequency rises and you help humanity and the planet to rise too.

To ascend to the fifth dimension you must have your twelve chakras anchored and active. These are your Earth Star below your feet, your base, sacral, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, causal, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway. This happens when you live in a loving, harmless way and carry enough light.

There are challenges. We all attract to us circumstances and relationships that are on the wavelength we are emitting. However, sometimes your soul sends to you difficult conditions in order to test your resolve to remain fifth dimensional or to strengthen you. If you remain centred through these, you move up the ascension ladder.

Archangel Metatron, the mighty golden orange Archangel oversees the ascension process of this universe, our planet Earth and every individual. He is also in charge of the development of the Stellar Gateway chakra. When you connect with him your ascension path lights up and he increases the amount of light you carry. You can visit him in sleep or meditation at his etheric retreat above the Temple of Luxor to receive his teachings and support.

The angels, dragons, unicorns and great Illumined Masters all assist your ascension process when you ask for help. Also there are energies and techniques that can help your ascension process. Here are a few, though there are many others.

The Sandalphon Bubble

Your Earth Star is the first chakra to anchor at a fifth dimensional level. When this happens you can ask Sandalphon to bring it up in a bubble round you to hold your twelve chakras at a high vibration. His bubble also helps you in other ways.

The Mahatma Energy

This is still the highest frequency that we humans can access. It was a pool of group energy created during the Golden era of Atlantis to which many great beings contributed part of their light. When you call in this golden white energy it hugely accelerates your ascension.

The Cosmic Diamond

This is a cosmic etheric version of Archangel Gabriel’s purest light. It purifies you and the facets cut away any lower energies you may be holding in your fields.

The Lilac Fire of Source

This is the latest version of the Violet Flame and is known as the Flame of Freedom and Joy. It helps to set you free from earthly ties and old stuck energies.a Master of Saturn.

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