Sent in from Doris

Sent-in-by-DorisThis is a Fire Elemental Orb or Salamander as they are often called.

As I look into the Orb I receive a deep warming feeling inside ~ a pleasure to connect with this energy. It feels very rich and spiritually warming.

I sense there are several Salamanders contained within this one Orb working together on a certain mission.

Always purposeful are the energies in the Orbs.

In actual fact what I am feeling is the intention within the Orb is one of wanting to connect with humans. The Orb is crossing the bridge between Elemental energies to bring this warmth and companionship feeling contained within the Orb to someone human. How beautiful!

What has happened is the Orb is responding to a cry of loneliness and despair emotionally of someone in the vicinity. A woman I feel. This is what I am sensing and the intelligence of Nature & Spirit contained within the Orb are responding with healing energy and love to that mental call for help from the lady in distress.

The Orb is coming with warmth, love & care to bring Healing and a feeling of warmth & love. For this person in question is feeling abandoned and alone and in distress.

See the beauty & intelligence of spirit within the power of the Elemental Kingdom and how they seek to work with us to bring us forward and heal us and help us. They work in alignment with Divine Law and wish to help us recover as a species ( that includes all of us ~mankind for we are all part of the whole of humanity ). Everywhere the Elementals are reaching out to humanity on a conscious and many many times on an unconscious level.

See and feel the beauty within that and know that there is a deep and pure beauty waiting to be connected into for you from our precious Elemental KIngdom.

It has been a pleasure to interpret this for you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity which I appreciate and send you my love & heart felt thanks.

If you would like to attend one of my workshops on Atlantis, Angels, Unicorns, Healing & Past Lives please visit my website and I also take personal bookings for private readings.

Of course it’s possible to consciously call the elementals in to help you in any purpose ~ Gardening and growing things /Healing/Cleansing an area ( e.g your home or workplace)
With Love .

With Love Light Peace & Angel Blessings

Jacqueline Mary Piper
Diana Cooper Foundation Orb Team

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