Sent in from Terry

Sent-in-from-TerryThis is such a beautiful photo! The rainbow orbs around your head are bringing you a combination of the strengths and energies of Archangels Chamuel (pink – love), Micheal (protection and strength) and Jophiel (yellow – wisdom through the crown).

The small blue/white orb above your eye is AA Gabriel (white – purity) and AA Micheal.
The message of this orb is: Your spiritual sight is increasing, you have the protection and love of the angels for this process.

The pink and blue rays of light by your mouth are Chamuel and Micheal.

The message is: Your voice is beautiful, rich and full of love. You will always be supported and protected to speak your hearts truth. Many blessings come to you now.

Love and blessings to you.


Diana Cooper Orb Team

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