A Letter from Mermaid Melanie to the Children of the Earth by Aunty Ciara

Written by Aunty Ciara, illustrated by Hannah A Brewster.

Travelling CompanionsHi my name is Melanie, I am six hundred and forty seven years old. I live deep in the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. You Earth children may know me as a Mermaid. I have long curly golden hair that falls down around my waist, I have sparkling deep blue eyes and my tale is a rich green with dark blue and bright pink swirling designs.

Living deep in the ocean I am surrounded by the most beautiful and exotic sea creatures. I swim with schools of golden sparkling fish everyday. Sea rays fly through the water past me like birds flying through the air. I have many shark friends, sharks are so loving, yet so misunderstood by humans. I spend a lot of my days lying around on rocky islands with my seal friends playing games with the sea birds and shellfish. The time I get to spend with my loving dolphin and whale friends brings so much light and joy into my already wonderful life.

Travelling CompanionsI love my life under the sea, which is why I have come to share this important and very serious message with you. The ocean has been getting extensively polluted over the past number of years. With each year that passes I have been getting more worried and frightened for my sea creature friends, the ordeal that some humans are putting them through is unspeakable!

One evening last year I was inconsolable after finding out what happened to another one of my close dolphin friends, I cried so many tears I thought I would fill another Atlantic Ocean! Suddenly out of the blue this amazing light being swum towards me, it was an Angel Dolphin beaming with gold and white shimmering lights. She told me that her name was Miriam, she asked me to dry my tears for my friend had been taken to a far more beautiful place and I need not worry. Then she asked if I would help protect my sea creature friends and clean up the mess in the Ocean. I accepted with delight! I would do anything to help my friends!

She taught me a lot of magical energy work to share with my friends to help protect themselves from the pollution in the water and she asked that I share all my stories and messages with you, the children of the Earth as you have the power to help, you are the future leaders of the Earth and you have the choice to make far wiser, humane and compassionate decisions, which I believe with all my heart you will!

I would like to share some of the magic she taught me, as I believe this will work just as good for you as it does for my sea creature friends. She asked that all sea creatures imagine themselves within a magnificent golden spinning six-pointed star, similar to the stars you draw on your school books, but much bigger, as big as and even bigger that their bodies. She explained how this golden six-pointed star would keep their energetic bodies safe, it would keep them in the frequency of unconditional love, harmony, balance, truth, joy and laughter, so if they were to swim through pollution their energetic bodies would not get contaminated. She said that this six-pointed star is also known as Metatrons star of protection. Archangel Metatron is known as the ‘King of the Angels’ so you can guess how powerful his star of protection is!

Travelling CompanionsMiriam said that this magic work’s in the same way for you. If you were to imagine a golden six-pointed star spinning around yourself before walking through a place with heavy energy, for example anger, frustration and sorrow your energetic body, your aura, would not soak up the heavy energies.

I have been teaching this magic to a lot of sea creatures as it is so necessary with the amount of pollution in the ocean, and it really works. I would start practicing this magic every day if I were you!

Travelling CompanionsJust simply ask your angels every morning and night to place you within the golden six-pointed star and imagine this spinning around. You don’t have to imagine it for the entire day, just know that it is always surrounding you and protecting your energy field, and just remember to ask for it every morning and night. Maybe draw a picture of a six-pointed star and put it beside your bed to remind yourself.

This particular magic is based on sacred geometry. Did you know that all magic is just science that hasn’t been proven on the Earth plane yet?

Miriam taught me a lot more magic, I have a lot of teaching to do. I will continue to share this magic and my stories with you Earth children and I ask that you continue to hold the ocean and all the sea creatures that live there in your hearts!

We look forward to the day when you Earth children bring forth a clean, thriving ocean, an ocean fit for the Golden Age.

I will be in contact again soon with more messages and magic.

Blue and golden ocean blessings,

Your mermaid friend Melanie xxx

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