The Story of Peter and The Ancient Wand by Aunty Ciara

The Story of Peter and The Ancient Wand by Aunty Ciara, illustrated by Melanie Mclntyre.

Peters-magic-wand-1This is not just an ordinary story.

This is a very special story.

This is the story of Peter and the ancient wand.

Peter is a quiet boy for an eleven year old. Some of his school friends call him funny looking because he wears big red round glasses. Peter does not mind, he stopped paying attention to his school friends long ago. Peter has friends who are much more on his level and it does not bother Peter that these friends are invisible.

Peter’s three invisible friends are known as Simon, Alice and Beth. Beth is the funny one, although Peter doesn’t think her jokes are really that funny at all. Simon is the quiet and serious one, and Alice is Peter’s best friend. Peter thinks Alice is so kind and sweet, he spends hours talking to her about all the mysteries of life, talking about things that other children his age would find silly, like why the colour red is named red? Peter feels a special connection to Alice and he loves her more than anything in the entire Universe.

One day Peter was racing home from school, his invisible friends had told him that morning before going to school to hurry back because they had a surprise for him on his return. Peter could not wait to see what this surprise was. He had butterflies in his stomach with excitement. His invisible friends had never given him a surprise before!

Peters-magic-wand-2Peter nearly fell in his front door because he was running so fast. He dropped his school bag and jacket and ran as fast as his legs could carry him up the stairs to his bedroom.  He opened his bedroom door and as promised his three invisible friends huddled up on his single bed waiting for him.

“So what’s the surprise?? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!” Peter screeched with pure excitement.

“Surprise? What in the heavens are you talking about?” Beth asked, trying hard to keep her laughter down.

“Take no notice of Beth’” Alice quickly followed.

Then Simon spoke, the room fell silent. Simon rarely spoke, but when he did everybody listened.

Peter please sit down. What we are going to share with you now is very sacred and special. It is a true gift. A gift that can only be given to he who holds an open heart. Peter you have shown yourself to be a true master. You may only be eleven years old, but your soul is far, far older.  You have a kind, gentle and wise soul and you will teach many the ways of the wise ones in this lifetime. Alice, Beth and I have been with you all your life as your invisible friends, but you need to know Peter we are here not only as your friends but also as your guides.  It is our duty to stay with you this entire lifetime to guide you in your amazing work.”

Simon could see Peters energy field changing and knew he needed to give Peter some time to integrate all this new information. He understood this was a lot for an eleven year old to take in. Even an eleven year old as advanced as Peter!

Peter sat for a few minutes, looking out his bedroom window contemplating what he had just been told and then when he felt ready he asked Simon to carry on.

Simon coughed to clear his throat and in doing so brought total silence to the room.

“As I was saying Peter, you have come to planet Earth at this time to teach the ways of the wise ones. You are a wise one and you will soon remember the truth of who you are.  Alice, Beth and I will always be by your side to guide and guard you.  We have picked today to tell you because you have proven yourself ready for this information. You have also proven yourself ready for the gift we are going to present you with. “

Peter could feel the excitement rise in his stomach. He tried to hold back from showing this on his face as he wanted to seem mature in front of Simon.

Peters-magic-wand-3“Peter we are now going to place a purple cloak around you in preparation for this gift.”

Peter could feel a purple cloak made of light being wrapped around him.  Golden strings came around the front, tying the cloak loosely around his neck. As the purple cloak fell around his shoulders a sense of pride washed over him.

Alice and Beth stood to the side and bowed their heads knowing that Simon was now going to manifest the sacred gift for Peter.

Peters-magic-wand-4Peter looked on in total awe and amazement as Simon closed his eyes and hummed a strange but heavenly sound.  After about a minute a golden ball of light appeared, and then suddenly a golden casket fell to the ground.

Peter sat back breathless. His eyes gazed at the casket and he could feel the power shining out.

Simon spoke;

“Master Peter I am presenting you today with a tool that is rightfully yours. A sacred tool that is older than time itself. A precious tool used by you in all of your past lifetimes. This is rightfully and truthfully yours Master Peter and we are honored to place the power of this back in your wise hands.”

Peter gasped at the intensity of each word. He wondered why he no longer felt like he was eleven years old, he knew deep down that all this was right, so very right. He felt a deep knowing within, something bubbling up, as if he was finally beginning to remember something, something very important. But he didn’t quite know what.

On request Peter stood up, bowed his head and slowly started walking up to collect the golden casket. He quickly fixed his red glasses, which had slipped to the right side of his face.

As Simon handed him the casket Peter glanced at Alice. He could see a tear streaming from her ocean blue eyes. His heart opened feeling his deep affection for her.

Peter sat down and prepared himself to open the beautiful, rather heavy, golden casket.

He took a few deep breaths before looking inside.  He lifted the heavy lid and felt the tears roll down the side of his cheek. There upon the delicate purple and gold embroidered cloth was the most beautiful object he had ever seen.

Peters-magic-wand-5A majestic wooden wand, fitted with sparkling large quartz points and encrusted with gold, ruby and emerald jewels.

Peter took a deep breath and lifted the ancient piece out of the casket.  His heart started beating faster and he could feel his energy field swirl around him. He noticed words written in delicate crystals in the bottom corner of the wand. He cleared the fog from his glasses and took a second to focus his eyes.

Peter then read;

‘The property of Master Merlin.’

Peter felt his heart come to a stop for just a moment.  He wiped the tears from his eyes, sat back, smiled and for the first time in eleven years felt totally complete.

Peters-magic-wand-5After a few minutes of sitting in the magical energy of remembering Peter took off his glasses, turned to Alice and staring deeply in her eyes said;

“I see we have joined forces for another trip my beautiful Guinevere”

Peter now remembered the truth of who he was and the truth of who he had been in his many lifetimes before. In his most recent lifetime being the great magician Merlin.

Peters-magic-wand-6He felt honored to be given the opportunity to come to planet Earth again to teach the ways of the Wise Ones and happy that he was spending another lifetime with his soul companion Alice.

The End

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