An Encounter with Isis and the Aztecs

Written by Franziska Siragusa and Illustrated by John Arcus.

Paulina and Mikombe were best friends; their adventures together, began in the story: ‘Space Trip To Golden Africa,’ where they went back in time, to Golden Africa in a spaceship. They became friends with Taziel, a local boy and Petriel, a spectacular, white lion. The girls live next door to each other in England and often stayed over at each others houses.

Picture1It was a full moon and Paulina was sleeping at Mikombe’s house.  The girls looked out of the bedroom window, as if they were expecting to see someone.  Ever since they went to Golden Africa, they wished that Taziel would come back in his space ship and take them on another adventure.  All of a sudden they could see a familiar, shiny light in the sky…

“It must be Taziel!” shouted Paulina, jumping up and down with joy.  Indeed it was!  A spaceship approached and landed in Mikombe’s garden.  The two girls climbed out of the window and ran towards the spaceship.  The door opened and a little boy with dark skin stepped out of the ship.  He was wearing his usual vibrant turquoise tunic, decorated with geometric symbols and a golden crown, they ran to embrace him.

Picture2“Paulina and Mikombe, I am so pleased to see you!  Look who I have brought with me.” said Taziel, pointing behind him.  Behind Taziel stood Petriel, a most spectacular lion glowing with a golden light.  The girls rushed up to Petriel to embrace him.

Petriel spoke to Paulina and Mikombe with his wonderful deep voice:

“My dear children, we have come here tonight because there is a ‘Lady’ who wants to meet you.  She has heard about the wonderful work you did on your last mission and she has asked us to bring you to her.  She is a High Priestess from Golden Atlantis called Isis.”

Paulina and Mikombe looked at Petriel in astonishment: “What do you mean by ‘Golden Atlantis?’  You mean Atlantis exists?” asked Mikombe.

“Of course it exists!”  laughed Petriel:  “Let’s all go on board,” he said, turning round, leading the way into the space ship.  The spaceship took off for Atlantis, out into the cosmos and then across space and time…

Picture3The spaceship landed in a beautiful garden with a temple in the background.  The temple shimmered in the sun. It seemed to be covered with a beautiful golden metal with a pink shine to it.  Paulina, Mikombe, Taziel and Petriel all looked around.  They were in a most beautiful garden with the loveliest flowers they have ever seen; the air was fragrant and perfumed.  As Paulina carefully looked at the flowers, suddenly she spotted little fairies.  “Mikombe, look, there are fairies on the flowers, isn’t that awesome!  Look, they are taking care of the flowers!”  Mikombe had spotted them too, and observed them as they were working away.

Picture4Mikombe loved cats and was watching the cats in the garden.  They were black and they approached the children, one of them started to speak: “Hello Paulina, hello Mikombe, we have been expecting you. We have heard a lot about you here at the temple and we are very pleased to meet you.”

“We are pleased to meet you too!” said Mikombe.  After having met a talking lion, she was not surprised that a cat could speak: “The High Priestess is arriving; she will talk to you and explain why you are here.”

Indeed, a beautiful lady with black hair and a blue dress was approaching them.  She was followed by many cats.  On her head she was wearing a golden disk with two horns on either side.  She also has wings, two beautiful big wings, and she was glowing with a golden pink light.

Picture5“Here you are, finally you have arrived!” she said, giving Paulina and Mikombe a big hug.  The children could feel that Isis loved them very much.  She was very ‘motherly’ and very affectionate.  “I have heard so much about your mission and the work you did to help Earth and Africa.  I am very honoured to meet you and as a reward I would like to take you on a little journey.  I would like to take you to meet the Aztecs of South America, a civilization which I  founded after the fall of Atlantis.  They came from the planet Venus.  What do you say…would you like to meet them?”  Before the children could respond, she opened her big wings and embraced the whole group.  They were transported in a vortex of light across space and time to meet an ancient people, the Aztecs…

Once again they found themselves in a different place.  They looked around to orient themselves, they were in the midst of nature, there were trees and rocks and they could see a stunning pyramid with steps. In front of the pyramid there was a group of people waiting to meet them.

Picture6“Paulina, Mikombe, Taziel and Petriel.  What an honour to have you here!” said the Aztec Chief.  He was a very handsome, tanned man, who had lots of coloured feathers on his head.  He also seemed to be glowing with a golden pink light.  The four friends felt very special.  The Aztec Chief explained to them to follow him up the big steps of the pyramid.  Paulina and Mikombe and Taziel had a little difficulty getting up the high steps, but they reached the top.  They were now in front of a door and Isis was leading the way.  They followed her through the door and came into a beautiful illuminated chamber.  The children were surprised at the beautiful walls, they seemed to be covered in some kind of special golden metal.

“I know,” Mikombe said: “This is the same kind of metal we saw on the walls of the temple in Atlantis.”  The Aztec Chief and Isis looked at each other bemused.

Isis explained: “This metal is called Oricalcum, it is very special and was used a lot in Atlantis and also by the Aztecs who made wonderful works of art with it.”

“I see.” Mikombe said.  All of a sudden, the children noticed that they were surrounded by a beautiful golden pink energy.  Isis pointed to a hole in the ceiling through which the sun rays were shining, and said: “My dear children, you now have the opportunity to levitate up there and travel out into the universe for a wonderful experience.  Don’t be afraid, Taziel and Petriel will accompany you.”

Paulina listened with astonishment.  “Levitate?” she repeated to herself. As soon as she thought about it, her feet began lifting off the ground and she floated upwards.  She could see that the others were following her.  Surrounded by the pink golden energy, she felt very safe and naturally very excited about it all.  She felt herself floating towards the sun. Then she was surrounded by stars, planets, and constellations.  She felt so happy and so full of love.  There was peace and silence around her.  She saw that her friends were not far away and experiencing the same.  She felt that divine light was embracing her.  She felt loved and accepted just the way she is.  Everything about her was perfect and divine.  She felt completely protected.  This wonderful energy was filling her body and her cells completely.  She was enjoying every second of it.

Picture7She looked down on the Earth.  It was absolutely amazing.  She could actually see it.  Her eyesight had been altered.  She could see the pyramid, the Aztecs and the landscape. She was aware that a fine golden thread was connecting her to everything. She was connected with the pyramid, the sun, Venus, the trees, the rocks, Isis, and the Aztecs.  She felt one with everything and everyone.  She knew that she was a magnificent divine being.  She was love and feels loved.  The comments that children made at school, teasing each other, now seemed insignificant.  They worried about their hair.  They worried about being too fat or too thin.  They worried about how to dress, about this and that but in reality everyone is perfect just as they are.  What matters is how they feel inside.  Paulina felt so much wiser now.

All of a sudden she seemed to perceive that Isis was calling her back down. ‘Must be telepathy’ she thought.  She started to descend downward.  She looked for her friends and noticed that they were following her.  She had reached the hole of the pyramid and floated back down into the chamber where Isis and the Aztec Chief were waiting for them.

Picture8As soon as they had their feet on the ground again Mikombe said: “That was absolutely amazing!  I feel so perfect now. I never knew how magnificent I am.”  Mikombe was so moved, that she almost cried.  Paulina knew exactly what she meant.  Taziel and Petriel knew it already, but they were very pleased that their two friends were able to experience pure love.  They all embraced each other.

Isis was very satisfied and smiled at them in her motherly way, embracing them as well.  The Aztec Chief stood smiling.  He came up to Paulina and Mikombe and said:  “Hold out your hands,” he placed something into Paulina’s and Mikombe’s hands.  They looked at it with astonishment.  It was a little golden pink glowing ball. “Whenever you hold this ball, made of oricalcum, you will remember your divine magnificence and perfection.  It was made with love and holds love.  This is my present for the two of you.”

Picture9“Thank you so much,” said the girls almost in chorus. They are very pleased with their presents. They hugged the Aztec Chief  to say goodbye. They felt it was time to leave. Before they knew it, Isis embraced them with her huge wings and they found themselves in the garden of the temple of Atlantis. The cats came up to them and the girls stroked them whilst looking at the beautiful shimmering temple. “Paulina and Mikombe, it is time to take you back,” Taziel said.

Picture10The girls were sad to leave and embraced Isis one more time and then followed Taziel and Petriel into the spaceship. Once more they travelled across space and time until they got back to Mikombe’s garden. They said goodbye to their friends, reminding them to come back soon. Then they quickly slipped back into their beds, with the knowledge that they were divine and perfect. In their hands they firmly held their new treasure, their little pink oricalcum balls.

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