Julie and the Spaceship – by Nathan Star

Written and illustrated by Nathan Star.

Julie loved everything about the stars and the moon. Julie would often like to sit and stare at the stars, moon, and other planets.Julie would often wonder if she could get closer to the stars and the moon and she would dream about flying through space and visiting other planets.

julie-and-the-spacehip2One night before going to sleep, Julie noticed a bright ball of light beginning to glow in her room. The light began to glow brighter and brighter. As she looked at this light, she noticed a skinny, tall man with pale white skin, a long face, and oval shaped eyes appear in front of her.

“Greetings my friend. There is no need to be afraid. My name is Ashtar. Many times we have heard your prayers to visit the stars and the moon. Tonight we are going to take you on an adventure. Would you like to come with us?”

julie-and-the-spaceship-3Julie couldn’t believe what was going on. She was so excited and agreed with a happy “Yippee!”
“Close your eyes, relax, and let us guide you to that special place.”  As Julie closed her eyes, she began to feel light in her head, and she felt like she was floating.

When Julie opened her eyes, she noticed that she was aboard a gigantic spaceship. How exciting! Julie was amazed at where she was, and Ashtar walked up to her to welcome her aboard.

“Let me introduce myself a little further. My name is Ashtar, and I am the leader of Ashtar Command. I oversee the protection of planets such as your own, to make sure they are safe. Have you ever wondered if there is life on other planets?”

“Absolutely!” exclaimed Julie. “But everyone always tell me that it isn’t true because they think it’s silly and make-believe.”

“Well Julie, wouldn’t it be silly to think there was only one planet in the whole entire universe, which is enormous by the way, that could support life? And wouldn’t it be silly to think that human life such as your own, is the only form of life available? What about all the different species of plants, rocks, trees, and what about the different kinds of air and land and what about the unique features of each planet? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to realise that life is unlimited in all its forms Julie?

My friend we are going to go on an adventure and we will introduce you to some new friends.”

As Julie went to the window of the spaceship, she was amazed at the number of stars she could see. Right in front of her was Planet Earth and not far off was the moon.

Ashtar walked over to a red button, and as he pressed it, they were transported to another part of the galaxy in the blink of an eye.

The stars in this part of the galaxy were pink. Julie was quite fascinated.

“Look at all this planet. Have you ever been to this one too Ashtar?”

“Why most certainly. Let’s fly by and get a closer look at some of them.”

The first planet they visited was a red planet that had a pink sky.

As they flew closer, two pink lights emerged. One of these looked like a bubble, and the other one looked like a jellyfish.

julie-and-the-spaceship4-2Julie felt tingling in her heart as these bubbles passed, and she felt great joy.

They flew to another planet where there were lots of volcanoes and mountains.

Three orange balls of light flew near the spaceship and they changed shape, into small orange-winged creatures. They each blew Julie a kiss and flew away.

Next, the spaceship flew to a beautiful planet with purple and brown coloured grass. Julia could see gigantic beings of all different colours and shapes.

julie-and-the-spaceship5Ashtar welcomed these gigantic beings on board the spaceship.

“Hello Julie, we have learnt a lot about you. Ashtar has told us about your visit and he has asked us to come and speak to you today.”

Julie was a bit surprised, but still managed to greet them and give a friendly smile.

“Julie we are called Arcturians, and we are here today to ask you if you can help us?”

“Your planet is very important to the rest of the universe as it affects the energy of every other planet. All the planets support each other and work together, like an orchestra. We ask you if you can encourage others to no longer be afraid of other planets, other forms of life, and the world around them. We would like to ask you if you could encourage them to be brave. We need you to remind them about love and peace. Tell them about kindness and being grateful for the planet. We ask you to remind them to be happy. Being happy can help others to follow their hearts and be more loving. Do you think you can do that for us?”

“Most certainly!” agreed Julie.

The Arcturians thanked Julie and left the ship.

Ashtar walked over to Julie with a small parcel in his hand.

“Thank you Julie. Your bright smile and positive outlook on life and everything around you will help many others to do the same. It’s time to take you back home now. Here is a small gift to you to remind you about your adventure.”

Julie opened the parcel, and inside was a green-looking rock with jagged edges.

“This is known as Moldavite on your planet. It falls from outer space to your planet to help children from the stars, such as yourself, to connect with us in your dreams and during your days. You can keep this with you or put it under your pillow before sleeping each night and we can go on more adventures.”

julie-and-the-spaceship6Julie held the piece of Moldavite and she instantly felt a warm and fuzzy feeling and knew she would treasure it forever.

Soon enough, Julie arrived back in her room, and she waved goodbye to Ashtar.

Julie was very amazed at what had happened and where she had been that night. Julie looked at the piece of Moldavite in her hand, and placed it under her pillow. She smiled to herself and went to bed.

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