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Hallo Friends

My big news this month is that four of my earlier books are being re-released.  These are Discover Atlantis, Angel Answers, A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws and Angel Inspiration.  In the last few months I have updated them all and it has reminded me just how much has changed in ten to twenty years and how massively the frequency has risen.  In that time the 12 chakras have come in, the colours have altered, the Lords of Karma, the Rays and many other areas have been revised, while the connections to the spiritual and angelic information and the heart opening, inspiring stories remain.  I talk about these books, how they came about and some of the information in my newsletter.  It is quite fascinating.

The world changes are starting in earnest.  23rd of last month was a big turning point and, wherever I am people are talking about economic institutions breaking down, revelations about technology and how Artificial Intelligence is becoming more obtrusive.   As these things become more obvious there will be concern and even chaos as the collapse of the old accelerates.   And then solutions for our highest good will start to emerge as we the people start to take responsibility for the decades in which we have just let things happen. We will realise that technology, AI and banks are tools to serve us, not control us, and this is starting now.

People are now starting to demand transparency, equality and fairness and the new energy will start to reform technology, economics and AI.

This will not all happening immediately.  Things will move back and forth, up and down, just as you have not moved from the 3rd to the 5th dimension in one smooth step. HOWEVER, we all create our personal worlds as well as the collective one.  So it is an important time to remember to focus on abundance and the joy of the new golden future so that you create it in your environment.  

I have been connecting with the Arcturians for some time, especially since Lord Arcturus visited me (it was amazing!). They are highly evolved 10th dimensional, very wise, heart-centred healers. On their lightships they use advanced spiritual technology so that their 10th dimensional crystalline light flows into your chakras.  Do join me if you can on my next on-line workshop on Monday 17th April to Receive Arcturian Light and Healing.  It is incredibly powerful. 

Happy April.

Love and blessings

The Fascinating Story of my guide Kumeka and Knowlton Church

It is amazing to me how the spiritual world plans in advance.  My guide, Lord Kumeka, is my twin flame.  He has never incarnated, so each time I come to Earth, he guides me.  We come from another universe and this time he has arrived as Master of the 8th Ray of Enlightenment and Deep Transmutation to help our planet into the new Golden Age.  I describe in Discover Atlantis the awesome night that we met.  

At that time he told me that his etheric retreat was above Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. I had been living in Curacao, an island off the coast of Venezuela.  Foolishly I thought, ‘What  an amazing co-incidence!!’ 

Now I know that he came into Earth through the portal of Stonehenge to find me.  This is also the etheric retreat of Lord Voosloo, with whom he works.  40 years ago I was going through a very challenging time and my light was so low that he could not see me.  Eventually he found me in Curacao and created a retreat nearby above Caracas.  I moved round the world but he remained there waiting.

My life was changing.  I did a lot of personal development work and was connecting more and more with the angelic realms.  My light was getting brighter. 

As I describe in Discover Atlantis, Shaaron and I met Lord Kumeka on New Year’s Eve, 31 December 1994, nearly 20 years ago.  For a time, the two of us were his only channels.  Now he works with millions of people. 

I was living in Guildford in Surrey when we met.  One day he mentioned that his secondary retreat was over Knowlton Church in Dorset.  I had never heard of it and only ever been to Dorset once as a child.  However, within a few years I found myself living within ten minute’s drive of Knowlton Church!   I later moved away for a few years and now find myself back in Dorset, living thirty minutes from Knowlton and it has become his main retreat. 

And now – this is amazing for it demonstrates how much the frequency on the planet has risen.  Fifteen years ago Knowlton Church was a portal to Neptune only.  Now it is a triple portal

1.to Neptune and its ascended aspect Toutillay, where you receive downloads from Atlantis and Lemuria,

2.to Sirius to access the 9D golden globe of Christ light,

3.to Jupiter to receive codes to open your third eye and to Jumbay, the ascended aspect of Jupiter for cosmic expansion. 

It is quite awesome.

And I’d like to mention that Sirius has recently had an upgrade.  The 9D Golden Globe of Christ light was held in the ascended aspect of Sirius, called Lakumay.  Now the Golden Globe of Christ light in Lakumay is 11D, while Sirius can hold the 9D energy.

So you can visit Knowlton Church in your meditations or in person.  An ancient ruined building is all that remains, but energetically it is becoming more and more powerful. 

And make your light as bright as you can so that your guides are sure to find you!

Here is a photo from the event at Knowlton Church that I did on the Equinox we were joined by 11 Archangels and Seraphina came in too.  Then Kumeka took us through the triple portal to Neptune, Sirius and Jupiter. Magnificent!

Are you ready to receive higher blueprints for the human you can be?  And start building your lightbody for the Golden Future?

You can still receive your higher blueprint for the Golden Future from El Morya, the MANU, ie the perfected human of the next evolutionary stage of humanity.

 + your blueprint for 5D health from Archangel Raphael

+ your blueprint for the Higher Heart from Archangels Mary, Sandalphon and Gabriel

+ your blueprint for cosmic connections from Archangel Jophiel

AND the energy to build these features into your higher 5D light bodies. 

The blueprint is the Architect’s plan. After that you build it into your higher 5D light body.    We did this in my on-line workshop at the Equinox event. 

After the session I asked Kumeka, my guide how many people had actually received theblueprints into their energy systems and raised their frequency with the Ascension Flames to start building their higher 5D light bodies.

He replied 100%.  In other words, everyone who participated was upgraded.

I was so delighted.  We are all so much more ready for the next step than we realise.  And the energy is still in the recording for anyone who wants to accept the opportunity to receive – and because it was recorded in the Spring Equinox energy, that too will remain.

Angel inspiration – now upgraded and re-published

This is one of my favourite books and had an extraordinary birth.  I was writing a spiritual novel and had almost completed in time to disappear for a six-month sabbatical to Australia.  I calculated I could comfortably finish the novel in two months.

The angels had other ideas!  At three o’clock the following morning I was woken from a deep sleep, with a ring of angels floating round the bed.  They told me they wanted me to write another angel book.  It was to be called Angel Inspiration and I was to start immediately!  I literally felt as if they were levitating me above the bed.  And I was filled with a wonderful sense of joy and delight at the thought of this book.  The following morning I put my novel, the Silent Stones, to one side and started on Angel Inspiration.

It is full of inspiring stories.  Here are a couple!

Ask Your Guardian Angel to Talk to someone else’s Guardian Angel

During one workshop we asked our Guardian Angel to communicate with someone else’s angel about something really important to us. 

A few weeks later I had a letter from a lady, whose three adult step-children refused to accept her.  They would not come to the home she shared with their father and were rude and abusive whenever they met.  It caused her grief and tension and disrupted the extended family. 

She was at her wit’s end when she attended the workshop.  She told her Guardian Angel about the problem and directed them to speak to the angels of her three step-children, sending them a message of loving acceptance and telling them it was safe to let down their attack.  She did not want to take their mother’s place or hurt them.  She asked their angel to hold out the hand of friendship to them.

None of them had been in contact for some time.  So she was amazed and delighted when both her step-daughters phoned the next day.  Both of them were more than relaxed and civil to her.  She said they had a lovely conversation.  Her step-son e-mailed a few days later and proposed a visit.  She continued to communicate via his Guardian Angel and the visit was an outstanding success.

I explain exactly how to ask your Guardian Angel to talk to someone else’s in Angel Inspiration, for angels really can open doors, which seem closed.

Listen to your Intuition and Ask your Guardian Angel

Bronwen was on holiday, relaxing in the hotel gardens.  Her daughter was in the swimming pool.  Suddenly she felt a thump in her solar plexus and knew something was wrong with her child.  Immediately she called out to the angels to help her daughter and ran to the swimming pool. 

Her daughter had been in the middle of the pool.  She had swallowed water and was choking and sinking.  Suddenly she felt herself being lifted by unseen hands to the ladder at the side. Then her mother arrived on the scene and was able to lift her out safely.

Angels really can perform miracles. 

That memorable night when the angels asked me to write this book was well over twenty years ago.  Since then the frequency on Earth has risen dramatically and there have also been huge changes in the spiritual world that guides us.  So I have given Angel Inspiration a massive update, sharing details of the 12 chakras, their higher frequency colours and the angels who look after them.   I have included the latest information about the 12 chakras and their Archangels, the 12 Rays, the Masters of the Rays, the 12 Lords of Karma and much more.  It is an inspiring read that will raise your frequency and attune you to the angelic realms, so I do hope you read and enjoy it.

Angel Answers

Angel Answers is one of the most fascinating books I have written, for the angels were constantly pouring the answers to some of the greatest dilemmas of our time into my mind.  No sooner had someone asked me a question or one formulated in my mind, than the response would flow in.   The angels asked me to write this book to demonstrate that there is a higher purpose for every situation and offer tools to help you accept, deal with or change circumstances. 

How can I find my life purpose?

What can I do to keep my family safe?

What is the difference between a spirit guide and an angel?

What is the spiritual perspective on organ transplants?

I feel condemned to a life of drudgery looking after my elderly parents. What can I do?

Did Jesus and Mary Magdalene marry and have a child?

These are just a small sample of the hundreds of questions posed in Angel Answers.  The most commonly asked ones are, ‘Why does God let bad things happen?’  or ‘Where was his angel when my child drowned?’ The angelic responses are couched in terms of compassion and I hope that when the higher perspective is understood it will bring relief to many in their heartbreak and personal loss.  All the answers empower us to take command of our lives.

When discussing controversial subjects, the angels remind us about soul choices rather than judgements from the ego.  They also teach us to communicate with the Higher Selves of those involved.  Bankruptcy, credit card debt, working for immoral companies, acting on questionable orders from your seniors are all difficulties that many people face these days.  The angels guide you and offer exercises, visualisations, affirmations and prayers to assist you.  They empower you to deal with your situation and move on with your life. 

Technological advancement has brought its own problems.  ‘Is it spiritually correct to turn off life support when a person is in a persistent coma?’ ‘What is the higher perception of IVF?’ and ‘Is it right to keep very premature babies alive?’  Again the Angel Answers to these dilemmas are very simple and practical.  They always offer an expanded soul perspective and may suggest prayers or meditations.  ANGEL ANSWERS offers responses to all kinds of questions from social, health and political to spiritual and economic.  I have chosen a few to share here.

I have been burgled twice. My house is identical to my neighbours, so surely this is just bad luck? There is no such thing as bad luck. The thoughts and feelings of everyone in the household radiate a collective energy, drawing in experiences both good and bad. If everyone in the house is peaceful, with a sense of self-worth and trust, their home has an aura of protection around it which keeps it safe from infiltration. If the people in the house are quarrelling and discordant, the aura of the home is broken. However, even if just one person in the house is afraid of attack or loss, or is angry or untrusting, a chink opens in the protective shield round the home, which becomes vulnerable. A potential burglar will unconsciously be drawn to that particular dwelling.                                                                         And the angels then respond to What can I do to keep my home safe?

I was stationary when another car hit me. Surely I am completely innocent?                         

This is about energy, not about guilt or innocence. At some level you were a magnet for the accident. Remember that anger, whether conscious or denied, attracts such events.  Ask yourself these questions. Do you allow other people to abuse you emotionally or physically? Do you feel used, un- appreciated, misunderstood or not good enough? If the answer is affirmative, you will be holding a ball of anger inside you. It is time to claim your power.

Can I meet my future husband in my travels at night?        

This does occasionally happen when there is a fated relationship involved and the two have not yet met. They connect in the inner planes in the months and years beforehand, and when they finally meet physically, there is a sense of déjà vu or soul recognition.

Alan was a policeman, solid and grounded, not given to flights of fancy. He had a very vivid dream in which he met a beautiful woman and knew she was to be his wife. A year later, when he saw her at a party, he recognised her at once. They have now been happily married for nearly twenty years and still glow with happiness when they talk about each other.

When does the soul connect to the foetus of the baby?

This happens at different times depending on the origin of the soul. Those from Orion and Sirius attach to the mother moments before conception. Others come in much later. Some arrive almost too late, in which case the baby may be very slow to take its first breath.

Angel Answers is endlessly fascinating and I hope you too will find it really helpful to understand a higher angelic perspective on so many questions. 

A Little Light on Spiritual Laws

For the first forty years of my life I felt as if I was playing the game of life without understanding the rules.  Everything seemed chaotic and difficult to comprehend.  Why did this challenging thing happen to that really good person?  Why was a bad person seemingly getting away with things?  Why were personal circumstances so very different?  What was the point in life? 

When I was 42, although I had no conscious spiritual awareness, an angel visited me when I cried out for help.  It showed me my future but I had no idea how to get there.  But that visit changed my life.  Why me?  I had no idea.  Someone mentioned a clairvoyant to me.  I scarcely knew what a clairvoyant was but I went to see her.  She turned out to be a little old lady, very quietly spoken, who not only told me things about my own life that no one could possibly have known about, but explained re-incarnation, mentioned the laws of the universe and told me about my spirit guides and angels.  She opened a golden door for me.

From my reading, I soon understood that there are 33 spiritual laws that govern life on Earth plus 3 transcendent laws and I wanted to know how life works.   I met my spirit guide and received guidance from him, until I learnt how to read the road map of life, encapsulated in the spiritual laws. 

As I followed the 33 laws and start to apply the 3 fifth dimensional transcendent laws, my life literally transformed into one of joy, abundance and love. 

Whenever someone tells me that they keep one of my books by their bedside and it is their bible that they read every day, I know they are talking about A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws.  It is simple, inspirational and offers the foundation for understanding life on Earth. 

Discover Atlantis

Discover Atlantis had awesome birth.  A few of us were due to meet and meditate together on New Year’s eve31 December 1994 together.  One by one friends fell away until only Shaaron Hutton and I were left.

When we meditated together the most extraordinary occurrence took place.  A huge energy entered the room and both of us were given the same message.  We were told that this presence was Kumeka, Lord of Light.  He came from a different universe and explained that Earth had now earned the right to have his guidance.  He was the Master of the Eighth Ray, which was due to enter this planet bringing clarity, enlightenment and deep transmutation.  He said that he had watched us for many years and had brought us together to work with him.  I had been living in the Caribbean when he first saw my energy and for the next fifteen years he acted to ensure we met. 

The energy of Kumeka was so overpowering that I still remember it as one of the most exciting and life-changing events of my entire life.   He explained that the Golden Era of Atlantis was the foundation for the golden age we are about to enter in 2032, which is why an understanding of it is so important.  He downloaded amazing and awesome information to Shaaron and myself about Atlantis, how and where it was set up, all about the High Priests and Priestesses, how they lived in their fifth dimensional communities, spiritual technology, crystal skulls and so much more that is relevant to us right now. 

This is a paragraph from the book about having a baby in the golden era of Atlantis.

Before a marriage was sanctioned, a priest examined the auras of eligible couples to check that they were spiritually and emotionally compatible.  This was to ensure that a baby received a balanced emotional upbringing exposed to both masculine and feminine energy in its formative years.

Throughout the universes, beings watched what was happening here.  Would sex corrupt or would it remain a beautiful, transcendent experience that enriched the lives of the couple and brought them closer?  Those who observed the inhabitants of Atlantis handling relationships, sexuality, birth and death with integrity, saw that it provided many challenges and a rich opportunity for learning and growth.   Incarnation into a physical body was viewed as the Everest of challenges.  Then as now, souls queued up to undertake the experience. 

I feel this para about children’s education is a reminder to us.

At school, the children’s spiritual and psychic gifts were not just encouraged but were carefully developed.  They were taught self-discipline and elementary mind control.  If, for example, a child was hungry and wanted an orange from a tree, he could simply focus on the fruit with his mind and it would float to him.  This development of their psychic gifts conferred immense power and responsibility on the youngsters and helped them to grow spiritually. 

I still love to delve into Discover Atlantis and it always inspires me.  I have worked with Lord Kumeka for nearly 20 years now and this book surely has to be one of the most important, exciting and ground breaking.


Like many other Facebook, Instagram sites mine is constantly being cloned and scamming followers, offering readings for a fee. There are currently many fake accounts circulating, they look identical to mine but please don’t be taken in.  I don’t do readings and I don’t send friend requests. I only have one Facebook and one Instagram account.

King Arthur and Arcturus

Arthur is an aspect of El Morya, the great Master who is now the Manu, or perfected human of the next root race of humanity. 

In a former incarnation Arthur came in with Merlin, who is an aspect of St Germain.  They came in together to bring in equality.  Despite the legend of the round there was no actual, physical round table but it became an enduring symbol of equality. 

Arthur was born in Tintagel and they went to Glastonbury together to strengthen the connection to the cosmic heart.

Although Merlin was known as a wizard with great powers, Arthur had the same powers, for example, holding back the waters.  Arthur was a healer and still works on Arcturian lightships as a healer.  He can take someone fully out of their body so that recalibrations, regenerations and upgrades can be performed, rather as anaesthetics do now but using the mind and spiritual technology rather than implements.

Advanced quantum pods are used on lightships to take a patient into a particular dimension where activations and clearances etc can take place.

The Arcturians can open your psychic sensitivity with sacred geometry symbols in the chakras. 

Arcturian Rejuvenation and regeneration

You can ask the Arcturians for healing and rejuvenation, to build your light body and help to build your chakras to Source.

When you do the visualisation for the 10D Arcturian crystalline light to come down through the symbols and colours, which we will do at the workshop on Receive Arcturian Light and Healing – Monday 17th April you can ask for this to continue to run through you day and night.

Arcturians Anchor and Activate Your 12 Strands of DNA

The humans of the new Golden Age will have their 12 strands of DNA anchored and activated. This means that they will all be in touch with the awesome gifts and talents.

You can ask the Arcturians or the Andromedans to help you build your 12 strands of DNA in the physical body and they will do so.  Only three kinds of light beings can help to do this. Lord Helios, the Solar Logos, and his Light Beings, the Arcturians and the Andromedans.

DNA – Quoted from Discover Atlantis

DNA is a molecule in the shape of a double helix or two rows of beads wrapped round each other. It is found within every single cell of our body and contains our genetic codes.  Our individual coding is a soul decision made before birth and can be profoundly affected by our thoughts, emotions and the way we live our lives.  There are thousands of genes

The Atlanteans knew how to relax every part of their bodies, right down to the cells, and this is how they maintained their powers and their divine connections.  Every cell within us is a little world of its own.  Within the nucleus of each one, in the chromosomes, the DNA is found.  DNA is a molecule in the shape of a double helix and looks similar to two chains of beads wrapping round each other like snakes.  There are thousands of genes within each double helix of DNA and they give instructions to our cells to carry out essential body functions, like breathing, where they send instructions to the autonomic nervous system.  They also contain the codes that decide our physical make-up, for example: our eye colour, the thickness of our hair or a predisposition to certain illnesses.  Every single cell in our body contains the genetic code for our entire body.  Your own particular genetic coding is, of course, a spiritual decision taken before birth, depending on your karma and what challenges or lessons your soul wishes to undertake.  But it can be profoundly affected by the way you live your life as well as by thoughts and emotions.

Scientific experiments have discovered that when feelings of love, peace, joy, gratitude and appreciation were focused onto vials containing DNA, the snakes or strands of beads uncoiled, stretched out, relaxed and connected.  When researchers projected anger, fear, frustration or stress onto it, the strands tightened and wound up.  The codons, or beads, also went out of synch and separated, only touching at intervals, so that some of the amino acids were not formed.  This is a bit like receiving a programme on a radio that has a loose connection or is improperly tuned in, and has vital implications for our immune systems and our spiritual lives. 

Consequently, when the strands tightened as the purity of Atlantis was clouded, many of the codes within the DNA that dictate our genetic make-up automatically switched off.  As this happened our psychic and spiritual abilities were disconnected.
These codes – or building blocks of life – consist of sixty-four possible combinations of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen.  However, today, only twenty are enabled, while the remaining forty-four are dormant.  Forty-four is the number that represents the wisdom of pure Atlantis: it indicates spiritual purity.  What is the true purpose of the other forty-four codes?  And how can we turn them on again?  How can we regain the full twelve strands of DNA that we had in Atlantis?

In sacred Atlantis, although everyone had twelve strands of DNA within each cell, even then the true divine clarity was clouded because they went through the Veil of Amnesia in order to remain rooted in their physical bodies and to react to their environment through their physicality. 

When we switch the disconnected codes on again we regain our full twelve strands of DNA and this allows us to merge with the oneness.  These disconnected codes contain our psychic and spiritual gifts, telepathy, telekinesis, powers of manifestation, clairvoyance, clairaudience, self healing and all the powers that await us.  Reconnecting with the codes will bring back all the genetic information from all previous lives; this lifts the Veil of Amnesia and brings to us everything that we ever have been and will be.  We do this by raising our frequency with love and by relaxing deeply.  Then it will all happen automatically. 

Incidentally, psychic children who are now being born with twelve strands of DNA cannot use it because the atmosphere is too dense, so they demonstrate with such conditions as autism.  As we clean up the planet and raise the frequency, ‘cures’ for autism will be found, but in fact it will be the raising of the frequency that enables autistic people to use their potential fully.  People often ask us how they can best help their crystal or indigo offspring or autistic children.  On a spiritual level, the greatest gift you can offer them is to purify yourself and raise your frequency.  You do this, of course, by self-healing, forgiveness and by choosing peace and love at all times.

Bursts of cosmic energy are being sent through now by the Intergalactic Council that will allow those who are spiritually ready to reactivate the upper chakras and expand their consciousness.  At last it is possible that the twelve chakras can be returned to humanity and the twelve strands of DNA can be switched on again.  The keys are love, compassion, empathy, joy, generosity and positive living. But they must be combined with a relaxed, contemplative enjoyment of life.

An invocation with the Archangels

I now invoke

Archangel Michael to protect my DNA.

Archangel Uriel to keep me relaxed, calm and peaceful.

Archangel Gabriel to purify me.

Archangel Raphael to bring me divine health.

Archangel Metatron to hold the perfect frequency while the work is done.

Receive Arcturian Light and Healing – Monday 17th April 2023 7-8pm

Arcturians are highly evolved 10th dimensional golden orange beings. They are wise heart-centred healers, who help to integrate your soul aspects and are waiting to help you with your spiritual evolution. 

They have an advanced understanding of spiritual technology that they wish to pass to you as soon as you are ready to use it for the highest good.  This includes anything that enables you to raise your frequency and access a higher state of consciousness.  They are also waiting to download new high vibration spiritual technology tools.

Arthur, an incarnation of El Morya, works on Arcturian lightships as a healer.  He can take you fully out of your body so that recalibrations, rejuvenations, mental changes and upgrades can be performed, using his mind and spiritual technology rather than implements.  Advanced quantum pods are used on lightships to take you into a particular dimension where activations, frequency shifts and clearances can take place.

I will share the massively powerful visualisation they gave me to bring their 10th dimensional crystalline light into your chakras.  Sacred geometry symbols in each one open your psychic sensitivity.   Their 10D light activates and energises your higher ascension.

During this workshop you will :

  • Visit an advanced Arcturian lightship.
  • Experience a powerful visualisation to bring their 10th dimensional crystalline light into your chakras. 
  • Meet Lord Arcturus for wisdom and guidance.
  • Meet Arthur to receive healing and recalibration.
  • Download spiritual technology.
  • Receive a boost to your spiritual evolution. 

Price: £11.00 (includes live viewing and unlimited access to the recording.)


It is Spring cleaning time.  As we get nearer and nearer to the new Golden Age it is more important than ever to keep your home as high frequency as possible.  Here are a few things that we can do both practical and spiritual.
Practical things to do

  1. Spiritual books, pictures, CD’s and DVD’s radiate light so prune yours if necessary and keep the high frequency ones. 
  2. Clear the junk.  Lower energies accumulate where there is dirt or clutter, so remove it and let higher energies flow.
  3. Play beautiful music or sing, om or chant.
  4. Light a candle if possible or use incense to bring in the energy of fire and the wisdom of the herbs you are using. 
  5. Bless and dedicate crystals then grid your home with them.
  6. Flowers radiate fifth dimensional energy and help to keep the energy pure and beautiful.  Remember to bless and thank them.
  7.  Water, especially if it is flowing raises the energy.  Bless it and it will keep the energy clear and high.

Whatever you believe in works for you.

  1. Invoke the Christ light and see stream of golden light flowing through your home.
  2. Ask Archangel Michael to put a protection round your home and visualise his deep blue angels standing round your house.
  3. Ask Archangel Sandalphon to place a fifth dimensional bubble over everyone who enters your home. 
  4. Ask the angel of your home to help you keep your home fifth dimensional.
  5. Call on the air dragons to fly through your home, blowing away any low energies.
  6. Ask the water dragons to flow into every room, filling them with Christ light.
  7. Ask the fire dragons to place an etheric wall of fire round your home.
  8. Ask the earth dragons to clear any lower energy and leylines under your home.
  9. Ask the unicorns to pour blessings over your home and hold the frequency high.

April always brings renewed hope and optimism as nature is clothed in green again and colourful spring flowers burst forth everywhere.

Now is the time to affirm and set your intentions for the month ahead.

Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and take a screenshot when the time feels right.

Save your affirmation to your desktop or screensaver to remind you of your aim. Share this with your friends to spread April joy!

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