Diana Cooper’s August 2023 Newsletter

Traditionally August is a month when nothing happens, when the world relaxes and goes on holiday.  So, it is interesting that throughout this time Venus is retrograde for 40 days, which is considered the sacred length of time to go within and return with answers.   The big message for this month is to relax and to strengthen your daily spiritual practise so that you emerge at the end of the period at a higher frequency.  When enough people raise their frequency, this affects the whole planet, so that we can deal with the revelations that are continuing to come forward, with wisdom.

The most significant spiritual happening this month is the Lion’s Gate Portal, which is at its optimum energy on 8th August.  8.8.  It occurs when Sirius, Earth and the Sun, in the sign of Leo, align with the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. The sign of Leo is about true positive power, courage, creativity, inspiration and the proper use of divine masculine energy. 

You can particularly receive Light code activations from the Sun at this time to accelerate your ascension and that will help the entire planet shift.  This year during this time there will be a mass awakening of souls to their path. 

The vibration of number 8 brings you into balance.  It touches you with ambition, big dreams and plans, giving you confidence and determination.  It is also a number of luck and good fortune. 

Even more important 88 is the vibration of your I AM or Monad.  Writing or saying this number asks you to merge with the eternal love of your I AM Presence.

The Lionsgate on 8.8 is a very special time to meditate on your dreams and visions.  It is a powerful time to manifest them with faith and abundance consciousness.   Remember too how gratitude manifests.  When you are genuinely and heart-fully grateful to someone they want to give you more.  So too does your Monad.  Your great I AM is your divine self and when you are grateful miracles can happen.

My new book The Golden Future – What to Expect and How to Reach the Fifth Dimension will be available this month on 22nd August.  It is full of inspiration about where the world is going, how we will live, steps we can take to prepare ourselves to live in a new way and finally incredible new spiritual exercises and techniques.  I’d love you to pre-order it!  And if you do, I invite you to an incredible free on-line workshop, Higher Ascension Tools to Propel You into the Golden Future. Click here to order your copy. Also I have just finished recording the book for audible.

In my last couple of newsletters I have talked about the live event in Portugal. My Guide Kumeka has now told me that we are not only going to merge with our Monads on that day.  We have an awesome, world changing, collective service to perform.  Together we are to reach up to the 11th dimensional frequencies of Helios, Andromeda and Lyra and bring the energies into Earth.  This is incredible.  There are three people on Earth who are able to anchor those frequencies into the planet for us all.  If you want to know about the energies, who the people are and how to participate, there is more about this in my newsletter below. 

Love and blessings

Call to service work


On the 22nd of October light workers are gathering all over the world for a special task.  We will merge with our Monads and create a jump shift in frequency.   During the powerful meditation to do so we are expanding our cosmic auras and will access the 11th dimensional energies of Helios, Andromeda and Lyra to anchor their light into Earth.  This is a monumental opportunity to participate in incredible service work.

When Jesus accessed the 7D Christ light for humanity he held it for three years.  After this his disciples and followers held until it was fully anchored into our planet. It took hundreds of years for this to happen. 

This time is will be different for thousands of people will reach into the cosmos together to draw in the 11th dimensional energies of Helios, Andromeda and Lyra.

Helios.  Tim Whild is currently the only person in the world who can anchor the energy of Helios.  So we will all raise our frequency and access the golden orange light carrying divine masculine energy and the vibration of happiness, then bring it down through our 12 chakras and into Earth.  Tim will hold the channel so that the light can continue to flow in and be available for humanity.  He will hold the energy for three years.

Andromeda. When we have accessed the 11D love, peace and wisdom held in the heart of Andromeda, Adrian Lee will hold the energy, so that it then becomes available to anybody on earth who is able to access it. This will open more people to higher love and spread peace around the planet. Adrian will gather and anchor it so that it will be available for everybody by 2050.  He will continue to hold that light for as long as it serves the highest good to do so.

Lyra. Beyond the Stargate of Lyra is the 11D dazzling white energy of the unicorn kingdom.  This pure light holds the codes of every quality we need to merge with our Monads.  Avi Esther is the only person on Earth able to hold and anchor this energy for the world.  Not only will this bathe us all in purity and wondrous qualities but it will allow more unicorns to access our planet.  In addition, everyone who participates will draw their own unicorn to them and often several others and they will remain with you to hold your frequency high.  She will hold the energy for her lifetime.

During this seminar you will

· Safely draw back the Veils and unlock the doors to clairvoyance.

· Receive your 5D health blueprint from Archangel Raphael

· Open up to abundance and attract your heart’s desire

· Receive a huge clearance of your Akashic records

· Meet 12 Archangels

· Bathe in 11D Andromedan love, peace and wisdom

· Merge with your Monad

You can become a beacon of light and have a massive influence on the ascension of Earth.

The Early Bird Offer of £55 (including coffee and vegan buffet lunch) ends soon (instead of the regular price of £77). So be sure to order soon so you don’t miss out on this opportunity.


Questions from Jo Singh-Valjee

Q.Recently, there have been UFO and ‘alien’ sightings in Las Vegas. Police, people and a family, in particular, have witnessed strange lights falling to the earth, flying objects and encounters with otherworldly beings. 

Who are these beings? Where do they hail from and what have they come to earth to teach us?

A. 1. They are beings and energies from Sirius bringing in information we are ready to understand.

Q. Schumann’s Resonance has changed in pattern over the last 2-3 weeks.  Mother Earth’s heartbeat has changed.
A.Yes indeed, the Schumann Resonance has changed and Mother Earth’s heartbeat has changed. It is beating at a higher frequency. 

Q.Have we stepped into the 5th dimension of Ascension?

A.Yes, we are stepping into ascension.  the planet is now at the lower levels of the 5th dimension and our task is to help it rise into higher fifth dimensional energies.

Q.What should we be doing to ascend with the planet?

A. 1.Bring your life into balance.  2.Raise the frequency of your spiritual practice.  3. Support the event on 22nd October to jump shift the planet to a higher frequency.  You can listen to the livestream and bring in the higher frequencies.  Do gather a group and do this together!


There are many reasons you would have a clearing, but one of the most common reasons is a knowing that something is just not right, the feeling of being stuck, not knowing what path to take or that there is some sort of block preventing you from moving forward. There could be a number of reasons for this. You may have something in your records which isn’t yours, something may have been put into your records to hold you back or a soul contract may be keeping you stuck in a repeated pattern. It may be connected to your Ancestry linage or an imprint, programme or spell.  Many restrictions have been placed upon us such as Atlantean control boxes or curses.

Louise had been really affected by some very negative relationships.  However, clearing enabled her to remove the old stuck negative energies and patterns that had been holding her back so she was able to move on in her personal life very quickly. In her own words,  “You can achieve a clean slate and be free to follow your true destiny.”

Sally did not feel very much when the clearing took place but realised a couple of months later that many things she had been putting off for over a decade, she had now put in place in her personal life, and her spiritual business was really moving forward very quickly.

The Akashic Records are the records of your entire soul journey throughout the Universes.  They may include many lifetimes on Earth and in many dimensions.  The book of your soul journey is held in the Halls of Amenti, in the Great Pyramid in Hollow Earth.  It is time now to clear the past so that we can ascend into the fifth dimension.

If you have looked into your past lives or experienced past life regression you will know that we have all undergone many challenges, leaving us with unhelpful beliefs or fears.  When these are cleared you can re-enter the Halls of Amenti, remember who you really are and bring back your gifts in this lifetime.

If you are not particularly sensitive to energy you may not feel the shifts during a session but many clients do feel big waves of energy leaving their bodies, and see colours and images. The list of things that can cleared is almost limitless and clearings can be profound.

Beverly had a lot of fear holding her back. She said, ‘If I knew what this healing was going to do, I would have done it sooner.  It was amazing. I feel happy, free, feeling love and compassion. Should have had this done months ago.”

Catherine had been feeling stuck because of a deep heaviness she was holding on to, but sometime after a session she said “It feels as though I have let go of the weight I have been carrying for so many years and I can make choices for me through my authentic self”.

There are several factors that affect the outcome of a clearing, including where someone is on their healing journey, timing and of course the facilitator of the healing. This high-frequency re-calibration lightwork works through all areas of your life, bringing you into at least 5th-dimensional heart alignment with your soul’s direction and potential purpose. This assists you on your journey to the empowerment of your soul and remembering who you really are.

An individual deep Akashic record clearing normally takes between 1.5 hours to 2 hours.  However, I have a long waiting list for personal sessions so I have arranged a general group deep Akashic clearing on-line on 6th Aug at 7-8 pm UK time. The recording carries the same energy and will be sent to everyone who has signed up.   For more information and to book please see my events page on www.adrianleeenergy.com.

is your house a starship?

We all come from different stars or planets in this or other universes.  I have a quantum pod in my home, and I meditate in this every day.  It automatically links me to my home planet, Byron B, in another universe and enables me to connect more clearly to the cosmos. 

Recently someone came for coffee and as she left she commented, ‘Your home feels like a starship.’  I was totally intrigued and when I asked Kumeka, my guide, he responded that yes, indeed my home is a starship from my home planet.  It has been anchored into Earth and anyone who enters receives the energies of a starship.  Apparently, the pod helps to hold the frequency and keep it anchored!

You are a lightworker.  If you are reading this you are probably a universal being, still very connected to your star or planet of origin.   By meditating with the energy of your place of origin and daily drawing in the light and qualities from there, you can anchor your home as a starship.

Life is amazing.  If you want to know more about pods and other spiritual technologies do look at https://www.mylifeforceenergy.com

The 12 Rays, from 2012 and Beyond

I originally included the information about the Rays in 2012 and Beyond and they have not changed.  Most people work on one ray and carry the energy of it.  A few people are influenced by two or even three rays.  What are they and which one are you on? 

These high frequency rays of light are strands of God force, which are now being poured into the Earth for the benefit of everyone. In addition, in 2008 the Silver Ray, the Divine Feminine Ray, merged with all the other rays to balance them. The archangels often work on a different aspect of the rays from the Masters, which is why some rays have more than one colour.

R AY 1 is red and the Master is El Morya, influencing people to use their divine will rather than their lower will and to empower themselves. Archangel Michael works on the blue aspect of ray 1.

R AY 2 is yellow (sometimes blue) and is in the charge of Lanto. It is the ray of love and wisdom, for its frequency helps people to communicate Truth wisely. Archangel Jophiel, angel of wisdom, works on the yellow ray.

RAY 3 is golden yellow and the Master is Paul the Venetian.The vibration of this ray of intelligence and creative activity brings forward creativity and helps to trigger science and wisdom. Archangel Chamuel, angel of love, works on the pink aspect of this ray.

R AY 4 brings about harmony and balance on an amethyst and white vibration under the direction of Serapis Bey. Archangel Gabriel, angel of purity and clarity, works on the pure white of this ray.

R AY 5 is orange and the Master is Hilarion. The ray is helping to bring forward spiritual technology and science, all the secrets of which are hidden in nature. Archangel Raphael, angel of healing and abundance, works on the emerald green aspect of this ray.

R AY 6 is indigo under the direction of Mary Magdalene and is opening the world up to true spirituality. Archangel Uriel, angel of peace, works on the gold and purple aspect of this ray.

R AY 7 is violet under the guidance of Lady Nada. Its frequency is bringing forward the ancient

sacred wisdom and intuition and higher psychic energies. Arch- angel Zadkiel also works on the violet aspect of this ray to bring transmutation.

R AY 8 is blue topaz. It is in the charge of Kumeka, Lord of Light, who is my guide. This ray brings about enlightenment and transmutation of the old. Archangel Butyalil works on the white aspect of this ray.

R AY 9. This is the yellow ray of harmony, which entered the planet in 2001 and balances the mind and spirit of humanity. Vosloo, the greatest High Priest in Atlantis, is the Master of this ray. Seraphina, of the seraphim frequency, is the angelic being who works on this ray and she vibrates on every colour.

RAY 10. This is the citrine ray, which entered the planet at the end of 2001, and helps people to find their practical purpose in life. It carries the Buddha energies and Lord Gautama is in charge of this ray. Archangel Sandalphon works with the uni- corns on this ray with black and white energy.   Abraham works with Buddha.

R AY 11. This bright emerald green ray brings clarity, mysticism and healing. It is bringing spirituality to dogmatic religions and helping us to accept the higher energies coming in. This ray entered the planet at the end of 2001 and Rakoczy is its Master. Archangel Christiel works on this ray on the colour ice white, tinged with blue.

RAY 12. Quan Yin is the master of this ray of unconditional love, which entered the planet in 2003. The colour is bright cerise pink. It carries a frequency to re-empower women and bring forward the feminine wisdom within men. Archangel Metatron works with his orange light on this ray.

A Goblin

This amazing picture is one of Archangel Mariel’s magenta pink angels with below an angel of ascension and a unicorn.  In between them is a goblin, who you can clearly see, and they are helping it to ascend.  By Susan Hartlebury


Last month I included a photograph of a space of a spacecraft from the Pleiades. this month I’ve been sent a picture of a little boy surrounded by a ring of Pleiadean energy.    The few seconds of the video is quite extraordinary as you see the heart healing energy from the Pleiades surrounding him, like blue lightening.  just looking at this photograph gives you a heart clearance! 

And just a reminder that when you visit the Pleiades in your sleep or take somebody there the Pleiadeans will give you healing. My dog Sugar had a sore under her tail. It wasn’t clearing up and she was very miserable for two days, refusing food and even to come for a walk.  I asked Kumeka, my guide if she needed to be taken to the vet.  He told me no but that I should take her to the Pleiades that night in my sleep.  I did so and in the morning she was quite perky and happy to go for a walk. The sore was a lot better and I didn’t take her to the vet.

A cosmic healing Orb

photograph by Jan Rekoutis

The energies of Archangels Sandalphon, Gabriel, Mary, Chamuel, Michael, Jophiel and Metatron gathered into the Orb.  Then it opened to allow four of the great universal angel Butyalil’s angels to enter.  They raised the frequency to cosmic levels.  As you look at the Orb it prepares you to expand your cosmic aura.  

On the 22nd October as part of the preparation to merge with our Monads we will strengthen our cosmic auras.  Looking at this Orb will help us connect with the cosmic qualities we need.

Archangel Butyalil

He works with the intergalactic council and the angelic realms for the highest good of this universe.  Here is some more information about him from the –

About Angel Butyalil from my Archangel Oracle Deck

Archangel Butyalil is a universal archangel who works with the cosmic blueprint.  With Archangel Metatron he oversees the stars and planets, ensuring they are in their rightful place.  He uses his wisdom to keep them in equilibrium and to enable the cohesion of the stellar world.  He regulates the huge cosmic currents that flow round the stars and planets. 

He focusses on Earth, so to fulfil his cosmic mission, he liaises with the archangels of other planets.  He also works with the archangels of our nature kingdoms and inner Earth.  And he links intergalactic aspirants to Seraphina.

Butyalil radiates a shimmering white light and has a natural affinity with unicorns who help him with their pure energy.

His etheric retreat is above Earth in the central point where the four ascension stars Neptune, Pleiades, Orion and Sirius, meet and he steps his frequency down to enter our planet through the Great Pyramid of Egypt.


This card calls on you to expand your horizons.  Look at the bigger picture of your life, your community or even the world.  This is an important incarnation for you, so step up to be all you can be. 

Develop interdependence for this is the quality that will enable the new Golden Age to flourish.  As you practise it others will follow your light. Invoke the unicorns to work with you and your purity will be noted.

Your higher guidance is to influence people and promote a flow of goodwill, love, peace and accord.  By liaising with others, communicating and co-operating for the highest good, you will enable your home life, your business and your mission to flow in harmony.  You are reminded that when you hold the vision, you can achieve great spiritual growth.


I am incredibly excited about this as it shows us the amazing world that we are moving into.  It is a book of hope, promise and inspiration.  It is in four parts, part 1 is The journey into the golden future.  This includes how we reached the current time and what will happen in the next few years.  We are ahead of time.

Part 2. The Transformation – Life in the New Golden Age. This section describes exactly how we will be living when we reach 2032 and beyond.

Part 3. Preparing for the Fifth Dimension. Here we raise the frequency of each chakra with incredible understandings and archangel assistance.

Part 4. Higher Ascension Tools to Propel You into the Golden Future. This final part offers the very latest high frequency methods of enabling you to attain ascension.

If you pre-order the book, I am offering you a FREE GIFT – a LIVE webinar on the Higher Ascension Tools.  It will be recorded so that you can access it at any time.  It will definitely be worth it! Simply visit my website and add your receipt number.

The purpose of the Sphinx and Latest information about its energy

We have raised the frequency of the people and the planet very quickly in the last six years or so and increased the power of the Sphinx.

What is the Sphinx?

In Atlantis, at the eastern gate of the Temple of Poseidon was a huge Sphinx.  It represented purity,whose purpose is to be a source of power on Earth.  It contained all the information for our planet and for all the universes that ever have been, are and ever will be.  These are known as the universal Askashic Records.  These records are maintained at such a high frequency that few can access them.

The Sphinx of Egypt is the current earthly equivalent and contains the Akashic records for Earth.  It was built at the start of the Age of Leo, the era of courage, beauty and love, and is older than scientists currently date it.   It was originally painted red, symbolising the sacred warrior energy of its role as guardian of the planet.  It is our protector.  The Sphinx, when it had one hundred per cent of its power, sent out such pure and powerful light that it stopped invaders as they approached Earth.  Because of the decline of spirituality, the Sphinx became almost powerless to protect Earth.  When I wrote the third book in my spiritual trilogy, The Web of Light, published in 2004, the force of the Sphinx had reduced to two per cent.  So many people did the exercises in the book to energise the web of light over Africa, that within a few months the vitality of the Sphinx had increased to five per cent.  In 2022 at Lionsgate it was 27%.  Now it is 62%!!  Another indication how the frequency of the planet is rising.  Every one of us can make a difference by focussing light into the planet.

At the fall of Atlantis six cosmic pyramids were created in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Peru, Tibet and the Mayan one.  These are all energetically active, though mostly physically demolished. The Great Pyramid of Egypt connects to Sirius and Orion while the Sphinx is the entry to Hollow Earth. The light from Hollow Earth travels up from the Great Pyramid to the stars and down from them through the Sphinx into Hollow Earth.  The Sphinx is a portal, accessing information from Sirius, Orion and various other stars and planets. A fifth-dimensional tunnel underneath the Sphinx leads to the Great Pyramid of Hollow Earth, and this is where the Akashic Records, the records for the entire universe, are stored. You can also draw a crimson red figure of eight, an eternal loop of divine wisdom, from Hollow Earth, up through the Sphinx to Sirius and Orion, and then down again through the Sphinx to Hollow Earth.  See below.This information is from The Keys to the Universe.

My next on-line workshop

I am delighted to be presenting this workshop with Adrian Lee who comes from Andromeda and is one of the few people on the planet who can truly enable you to embody the extraordinary high frequency, life enhancing light from here.

Andromeda is 11D, one of the highest frequency planets in this universe.  It is the higher heart chakra of the cosmos and radiates a perfect balance of love, peace and wisdom.   During this on-line seminar you will access this energy and bring it down through your twelve chakras, lighting up each one with special qualities.  This enables your chakras to become one column of light, so that you can draw high frequency Christ light and archangel energy down through yourself.

The Andromedan energy enables rejuvenation and regeneration and you will visit an Andromedan lightship where this activation is available.

It also enables you to reconnect your 12 strands of DNA in your etheric body, so that they can be activated at a physical level when you are ready.

During this workshop you will

*Access love, peace and wisdom from Andromeda.

*Bring 11D light down through your 12 chakras and activate them.

*Experience the energy of rejuvenation and regeneration.

*Draw high frequency Christ light into your cells.

*Bring archangel energy through you.

*Reconnect your 12 strands of DNA in your etheric body.

*Build your Antakarana bridge.

When you carry Andromedan energy you automatically have more love in your life and start a rejuvenation process!

On-line workshop Monday 21st August 7-8 UK time. 

£11 for live viewing and unlimited access to the recording

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