Diana Cooper’s February 2023 Newsletter

Things on Earth are now starting to move forward quickly and this will continue for a few months.  We have just had a very positive new moon on 21 January that is starting to activate our dreams, hopes and visions, especially those to do with community, belonging and working together.  To continue this theme of positive change this month the powerful full moon on 5th February is the Snow Moon and its emotional energy can really impact on people.  The Moon holds codes of divine feminine wisdom and love so it is a particularly important time to really focus on your vision and act from wisdom, rather than from the emotional body.  There will be much help not just from the Moon but from many star systems.

This is a time of change and throughout the world there is resentment bubbling under the surface as people everywhere are starting to realise how those at the top of the pyramid have used those in the levels below.  However, it is a slow fuse and February should be a stable month as long as we are ready to compromise and seek agreements.  This applies to individuals as well as the collective. 

But as we move towards March there will be massive changes.  In April, things that have been hidden for so long, especially to do with big Pharma and much more about royalty will emerge and there will be eruptions and consequences.  Through all this lightworkers are asked to hold the vision of the Golden Future.  Stay strong and steady.  Give no energy to world problems.  Remember that they are third dimensional and if you remain centred and 5D they will not impact on you.  Your task is to build the golden future for everyone. 

Take decisions for the highest good and empower others to do so too.

I am doing an online workshop at the Snow Moon on Sunday 5 February to raise the frequency of the crown chakra so that you can make cosmic connections and receive light codes and downloads of spiritual information from various stars and planets.  This is very important right now to jump shift us all quickly into a higher energy.

With love

Love and blessings

Archangel Gabriel and the Snow Moon

Whenever you think about snow or are in it the energy of it (such as the Snow Moon) you attract Archangel Gabriel, the pure white Angel of Purity, Clarity and Joy.  He helps us in so very many ways.  I never think of Archangel Gabriel without remembering the time I was in hospital awaiting a blood transfusion.  It finally arrived at midnight and I thought that I would be exhausted by the time I had given thanks and blessed it as it came into me.  Suddenly there was a whoosh of wings as Archangel Gabriel, shimmering white, with his wings outstretched powered towards me and sat by my bed saying, ‘Go to sleep.  I’ll bless the blood.’  So I did and when I woke in the morning he was still sitting by me!  I was so delighted and so grateful.  I also think about him when I see snowdrops in bloom.

You can ask Archangel Gabriel to bring you clarity about a situation or support to deal with something.  He has ten million angels at his disposal, so you can ask for his help at any time.  Ask them to purify your aura or send them to cleanse a place or people.

He also protects you.  Ask him to place his pure white reflective ball around you so

that any lower energies bounce off it, leaving you protected.

Here is an invocation from Ascension Through Orbs to ask for his protection. 

Invocation for Archangel Gabriel’s protection.

Say clearly and with intention, ‘I now invoke the mighty Archangel Gabriel to

place a ball of his pure white, reflective light around me for my total protection.

So be it. It is done.’

Then visualise the light bring placed round you and know that it is there. All

negativity or lower frequencies will then bounce off you and will not be able to

enter your aura.

Below is an Orb of Archangel Gabriel that I took many years ago in my garden.  As you look at it you receive his beautiful light and diamond qualities of joy, eternal love, clarity and purity.  He brings grace, understanding, generosity and order into your life.

Exercise to bathe in Archangel Gabriel’s energy

I love to do this exercise to receive Archangel Gabriel’s energy and notice how it affects me and other people.

1.Quietly look at the Orb of Archangel Gabriel.

2.Note that the dot in the centre is Source light.

3.Breathe in Archangel Gabriel’s beautiful, pure energy.

4. Sense it filling your aura with shimmering diamond white.

5.Imagine you are radiating his wondrous energy around you.

6.Do this whenever you can during the day.

7.Notice how other people are responding to you.

The Crown ChakraLink to the stars to receive cosmic wisdom

The Crown chakrais known as the thousand-petalled lotus because it contains one thousand chambers or petals. The lotus has its roots in the mud of ignorance.  As we open up spiritually the lotus sends a stalk up through the chakra column until it forms a bud at the crown.  When this opens it resemble a lotus flower or coronet at the top of the head.  Then it is like a chalice which accepts light from the higher transpersonal chakras.  Also each petal can then send a link or feeler out into the universe to connect with the light and wisdom in a planet or pool of cosmic energy.  The Masters of the celestial bodies in this universe are all waiting to download their superior knowledge and spiritual information into our crown chakras.

Archangels Jophiel, the Angel of Wisdom, and his twin flame, Christine help this chakra to develop.

Jophiel brings in ancient wisdom and Christine holds the Christ light here.

The crown chakra of the Universe is Uranus and the part of it that has already ascended is called Curonay.  Opening to the cosmic crown chakra brings forward technology and new ideas.  It raises our level of enlightenment and instigates the changes we need in our lives, often very suddenly. 

You may like to look at the details for my workshop that will be on 5 February.  Open your Crown Chakra to attune to cosmic connections and receive downloads from the universe. In it we will do a powerful visualisation to Open up to Cosmic Light Codes and Wisdom

5th February.  Open your Crown Chakra to attune to cosmic connections and receive downloads from the universe

The vast cosmos is full of stars, planets and galaxies, some of which are a much higher frequency than Earth, and are waiting to help us ascend fully.  We connect to these planes through the crown chakra at the top of the head, where we receive downloads and codes of light. When your crown chakra is fully 5D you radiate a golden halo, which people may even be able to see. 

As the Age of Aquarius is becoming established we are ready to receive these cosmic energies to enable us to move towards freedom and community.

During this workshop you will attune to

            *Uranus to activate your crown chakra for higher cosmic connections.

*Sirius to enter the golden globe of 9D Christ light and receive understandings about spiritual technology and sacred geometry.

*Neptune to receive Codes of Wisdom from Lemuria and Atlantis.

*The Moon and Lyra to accesscodes of divine feminine wisdom and love and unicorn energy.

*The Sun and Helios for codes of divine masculine energy and happiness, and some advanced light codes for this universe.

* Mercury to activate the higher cosmic communication networks.

You will also

            *receive higher cosmic light codes into your crown to illuminate it.

* raise your frequency and expand your light body. 

This workshop will also raise the vibration of the planet and helps us to take our rightful place in the universe. 

7-8 UK time.  £11.

The Twelve Rays

I received a question about the Twelve Rays.  I was asked if the colours of the Rays had changed now that the 5D chakras are establishing.  I checked with Kumeka that the information given in 2012 and Beyond is still correct and he confirmed it is.  So here is a reminder taken from 2012 and Beyond.

‘These high frequency rays of light are strands of God force, which are now being poured into the Earth for the benefit of everyone. In addition, in 2008 the Silver Ray, the Divine Feminine Ray, merged with all the other rays to balance them. The archangels often work on a different aspect of the rays from the Masters, which is why some rays have more than one colour.

R AY 1 is red and the Master is El Morya, influencing people to use their divine will rather than their lower will and to empower themselves. Archangel Michael works on the blue aspect of ray

R AY 2 is yellow (sometimes blue) and is in the charge of Lanto. It is the ray of love and wisdom, for its frequency helps people to communicate Truth wisely. Archangel Jophiel, angel of wisdom, works on the yellow ray.

RAY 3 is golden yellow and the Master is Paul theVenetian. The vibration of this ray of intelligence and creative activity brings forward creativity and helps to trigger science and wisdom. Archangel Chamuel, angel of love, works on the pink aspect of this ray.

R AY 4 brings about harmony and balance on an amethyst and white vibration under the direction of Serapis Bey. Archangel Gabriel, angel of purity and clarity, works on the pure white of this ray.

R AY 5 is orange and the Master is Hilarion. The ray is helping to bring forward spiritual technology and science, all the secrets of which are hidden in nature. Archangel Raphael, angel of healing and abundance, works on the emerald green aspect of this ray.

R AY 6 is indigo under the direction of Mary Magdalene and is opening the world up to true spirituality. Archangel Uriel, angel of peace, works on the gold and purple aspect of this ray.

R AY 7 is violet under the guidance of Lady Nada. Its frequency is bringing forward the ancient sacred wisdom and intuition and higher psychic energies. Archangel Zadkiel also works on the violet aspect of this ray to bring transmutation.

R AY 8 is blue topaz. It is in the charge of Kumeka, Lord of Light, who is my guide. This ray brings about enlightenment and transmutation of the old. Archangel Butyalil works on the white aspect of this ray.

R AY 9. This is the yellow ray of harmony, which entered the planet in 2001 and balances the mind and spirit of humanity. Voosloo, the greatest High Priest in Atlantis, is the Master of this ray. Seraphina, of the seraphim frequency, is the angelic being who works on this ray and she vibrates on every colour.

RAY 10. This is the citrine ray, which entered the planet at the end of 2001, and helps people to find their practical purpose in life. It carries the Buddha energies and Lord Gautama is in charge of this ray. Archangel Sandalphon works with the unicorns on this ray with black and white energy.   Abraham works with Buddha.  (Note. Our frequency has risen since 2012 and Beyond was published,  and Archangel Sandalphon is now connecting with us on a silver vibration).

R AY 11. This bright emerald green ray brings clarity, mysticism and healing. It is bringing spirituality to dogmatic religions and helping us to accept the higher energies coming in. This ray entered the planet at the end of 2001 and Rakoczy is its Master. Archangel Christiel works on this ray on the colour ice white, tinged with blue.

RAY 12. Quan Yin is the master of this ray of unconditional love, which entered the planet in 2003. The colour is bright cerise pink. It carries a frequency to re-empower women and bring forward the feminine wisdom within men. Archangel Metatron works with his orange light on this ray.’

Living in the Fifth Dimension (slightly amended from 2012 and beyond)

Many are frightened by the changes taking place on Earth and lightworkers have been prepared to act as beacons and teachers. For those who are ready there is much work to be done.  At the fifth dimension your chakras will be glowing with light.

How to Live in the Fifth Dimension

Treat others, as you would like them to treat you

The first practise of living in the fifth dimension is to do as you would be done by. Constantly think how others feel and would like to be treated. So if you see someone holding back because they are shy, gently draw them into the circle. If you see a creature lost or in pain, help it. It is inappropriate to be a rescuer, one who helps needy people because it covers up their own neediness by making them feel good. That is an aspect of the third dimension. At the fifth dimension you are responding to the needs of others without a personal hidden agenda. As a result the universe rewards you tenfold.

Do things that are for your highest good

If something is not for your highest good it is not for the highest good of others either. The converse is also true. If it is not for someone else’s benefit it is not going to serve your soul either. So dedicate your actions to the highest good.

Keep your heart open

Act with loving kindness at all times. If someone acts unkindly towards you or hurts you, bless them with love.

Prioritize your life so that you have more leisure

You cannot be eternally busy and maintain your vibration in the fifth dimension, so take time out to relax, meditate and enjoy life.

Treat things lightly so that you enjoy fun and laughter

Watch your attitude! Take things lightly. Choose laughter as a response. You will feel happier and so will people around you.

Surround yourself with high frequency people

Take a decision about those who raise your frequency and those who bring it down. If this means walking alone or having fewer friends for a time until you attract in the new, that is a choice you have to make.

Keep your home in the vibration of the fifth dimension

Make your home as harmonious as possible. This does not mean that you become a doormat to keep people happy. It implies strength, mastery and the ability to raise the frequency of those in your household. At the same time your home needs to be clean, happy and a safe refuge. Flowers, beautiful music and colours help.

Emanate a vibration, that attracts satisfying work

In this higher dimension you take mastery of your life and your energy fields. So you align your frequency to that of work that suits your temperament and deeply satisfies your soul.

Live with abundance consciousness

Watch your thoughts and words. Make sure all your thoughts and statements align with the highest possibilities. Be generous.

Live as a Master

Always act with integrity, honour and responsibility.

Have a symbiotic relationship with plants, trees and all of nature

When you hug a tree, you can open up to the knowledge and wisdom it holds and at the same time its roots help your roots to move down deeply into your Earth Star Chakra. Being in nature keeps you in balance and harmony and helps you to maintain a fifth-dimensional frequency.

Walk hand in hand with angels

When you are a fifth-dimensional being you are aware of the spiritual dimensions around you. Take that extra step and walk hand in hand with angels in your daily life. Be aware of the work the elementals are doing all around you and also be open to those spirit visitors who have passed through the veil but still connect to Earth.

Listen to the divine promptings

Watch for signs and always listen to the promptings of the divine. This is part of fifth-dimensional attunement.

Eat appropriate food

Eat lightly the foods that have a high vibration matching your own. Fifth-dimensional foods are organically grown. Eat as many green vegetables as possible, fruits, nuts and as nutritionally balanced a diet as possible. Bless your food before you consume it. Remember that you may need some heavier food to keep you grounded and honour this. You cannot be in the fifth dimension if you are floating about like a space cadet. There must be balance.

Have a spiritual attitude to all things

Look for the highest perspective in all situations and people. Bless that which is of lower frequency to bring it up to a higher level.

Radiate wisdom from your solar plexus

At a higher level, the antennae of your solar plexus reach into the energy fields of Archangel Uriel and you trust him to keep you safe. You can then bring forward your own wisdom and soothe the fears of others. It is really helpful to visualize this golden centre radiating light while out in nature.

Work with your twelve chakras

Frequently attune and energize your twelve chakras. You can do this at any time, when sitting quietly, walking in nature, waiting for something, doing housework or as a passenger in a car or any form of transport. This is not a meditation and is done with your eyes open. All you have to do is mentally focus on each chakra for a moment and ask the appropriate angels to align them

Archangel Sandalphon, please open and align my Earth Star Chakra.

Archangel Gabriel, please open and align my base chakra.

Archangel Gabriel, please open and align my sacral chakra.

Archangel Gabriel, please open and align my navel chakra.

Archangel Uriel, please open and align my solar plexus chakra.

Archangel Chamuel, please open and align my heart chakra.

Archangel Michael, please open and align my throat chakra.

Archangel Raphael, please open and align my third eye chakra.

Archangel Jophiel, please open and align my crown chakra.

Archangel Christiel, please open and align my causal chakra.

Archangels Zadkiel and Mariel, please open and align my soul star chakra.

Archangel Metatron, please open and align my Stellar Gateway chakra.

Connect with Archangel Metatron

Daily invoke Archangel Metatron in his gold and orange light and ask him to help you on your ascension path.

Remember you are part of Oneness

Look at the great open sky, the stars, the moon, the sun and the entire cosmos and remember that it is one great organism and you are a part of it and connected to every living thing in it.

Celebrate Love This Valentine’s Day!

February 14th marks the special occasion of Valentine’s Day, a time to honor love in all its forms. The holiday has a rich history, with the most popular story dating back to 268 when the Emperor Claudius II banned young men from getting married, affecting their fighting capabilities. However, a priest named Valentine defied the law and secretly married couples, eventually leading to his death on February 14th.

This day is not only about romantic love, but also about the love between friends, family and the love for oneself. To honor this special day, we invite you to invoke the powerful forces of love, such as Cupid, Venus, and Aphrodite, to ignite true love within yourself.

Take this opportunity to spread joy, romance and love in your life and in the lives of those around you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

If enough people focus on a quality on a particular day, it creates a portal or gateway for that energy to flow into the planet at that time.

An exercise to fill your heart with love

Sit quietly and relax.

Breathe into your heart centre until it feels warm and soft.

Call Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Love into your heart chakra and ask him to fill it with pure rose pink love.

Ask Mother Mary who is bringing caring and compassion into the hearts of humanity to enfold you in her soft blue cloak of love.

Ask Quan Yin to pour pink and white love into your heart.

Call the mighty pink dragons from Andromeda who carry the frequency of transcendent love and ask them to touch all your chakras with the various qualities of love.

Open up to soul healing from Archangel Mariel who is in charge of your soul star chakra.

Sit quietly for as long as you can and let the magic flow in your heart.

With love, joy and angelic Blessings,


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