Diana Cooper’s July 2021 Newsletter

HAllo Friends,

What a month it has been with the Solstice energy and the last of a trilogy of Supermoons.  And now we are in July, the summer!  Usually a quiet season, this year it seems as if the unstoppable changes towards freedom are speeding up.  Anything that is not built on a solid foundation is collapsing suddenly and irretrievably.  The horrific collapse of an apartment block in Miami after warnings were ignored made my blood run cold when I saw it.  It is as if the world is being shown what can happen if we ignore the signs.   This applies too to  relationships that are not serving us any more, whether friendships or partnerships.  It is a time for decisions and uncording. Those that are good and solid are being cemented.  The Universe is listening as it always has done.  People who have been grizzling and complaining about their jobs or any aspect of their lives will find they are taken away!  Global discontent with leadership and control is growing and humanity is slowly but surely demanding freedom.  With freedom comes responsibility.  As the consciousness rises, we naturally take responsibility.  At the same time when we take responsibility our frequency rises.  So, despite the challenges around us, we are most definitely on an upward spiral.  This is a month to listen to your heart and do what is right for you.  Connect to the Cosmic Heart and breathe in higher heart energy for all our hearts are being rewired to a higher frequency this month.

With love and angel blessings,

An angel invocation

When you make an invocation with pure intent it is very powerful.  Sit in a receptive position with your heart open and your palms up as you make the invocation.

Call in each of these energies one at a time, silently or aloud, and wait a moment until you feel each is anchored.  This will increase your light greatly and the angels will touch you.  Add any angelic beings you wish to.

I now invoke

  1. a pillar of golden light to surround me.
  2. An angelic light shower.
  3. A shower of angel love.
  4. Angels to polish each facet of my soul diamond.
  5. Archangel Michael to fill me with courage, positive results and protection.
  6. Archangel Jophiel to bring me wisdom and illumination, tact and foresight
  7. Archangel Chamuel to expand the flame of love in my heart
  8. Archangel Gabriel for purification and clear guidance.
  9. Archangel Raphael to enhance my inner vision and for healing and abundance.
  10. Archangel Uriel for self-worth, power with wisdom and peace.
  11. Archangel Zadkiel to transmute any energies that no longer serve me. 
  12. Archangel Metatron to increase my light levels to the maximum I can hold.
  13. Mother Mary to touch me with compassion and healing.
  14. I thank you for these blessings.

When you have finished your invocation, surround yourself in a protective ball of pure

White light and give yourself time to relax and absorb these energies.

Q and A

Keeping Safe

There is only one way to be completely safe.  That is to radiate total peace and harmlessness.  The person who has forgiven everyone, sends out only loving thoughts and walks, talks, breathes and lives harmlessness towards all creatures has a protective aura which dissolves or deflects anything dangerous in the vicinity.  Such a person is safe even in a war zone. 

Keeping your children safe

On a physical level be sensible. 

When you worry about your children, your energy fills their auras with low frequency fear and this attracts problems to them.  The greatest offering you can make to your children’s safety is to hold them in love, harmony and safety.  Visualise them in a golden aura, safe and happy.  When you ask the angels to protect yourself and your family, they will do their best to do so, but if you ask the angels for help and then continue to worry about your loved ones, this cancels out the request for help!

So breathe fear away and replace it with love and acceptance of all life forms, then send that to your child. 

If a harmless person is safe why was Gandhi shot?

This was an offering by his soul to shock those in conflict, in an effort to bring about peace.  If your soul commands something your angels cannot intervene.

Why does God let people behave so badly to each other?

God is love.  Earth is an experiment in free will.  The role of Source is to witness how humans respond to this.


I can’t believe it.  Some people asked how Sugar feels when I get so much attention!  That dog may be my best friend but she is very demanding.  She wants Mum to throw balls for her all the time.  When we are by the sea or in the woods she barks for sticks or pebbles to be thrown in for her!  Furthermore Sugar wants to be stroked all the time.  I like to be stroked but not all the time. And if I lie quietly by Mum, guess what, she lies on top of me until I move, giving up my space.  Mum laughs and says that it is a good thing I am a very independent dog.

A friend of Mum’s had to work in London so her dog, Bow, stayed with us.  Sugar and I were very nice to her and Sugar, who is often quite jealous, let her sleep right next to Mum where she usually cuddles up.  Here we are going for a walk. PIC

Mum took me to be groomed just before the hot weather.  It was a new place and I lay flat on the front lawn with all four legs spread eagled and refused flatly to go in.  I had to be lifted into the lady’s arms and I resisted totally until Mum was out of sight.  Then I was very good and let the groomer get on with it.  Mum says when her kids were toddlers they screamed when she left them at playgroup until she was out of sight and then they were as happy as anything.  Oh well I had to protest but I am glad my thick fur was thinned out before the heat, though I don’t look like a Papillon any more.  Mum says my lovely frilly fur will soon grow back.

We met up with the friend, Diane, who went with Mum to choose me.  That was ten years ago and she was very pleased that I remembered her as we hadn’t seen her for years.  They reminisced about how tiny I was and how beautiful when they went to see me.  And how all the other puppies jumped all over her but I knew that I was the one for Mum, so I just walked over quietly and sat at her feet.  She picked me up and we looked into each other’s eyes and that was it.  We have been together in many lives.  I told her telepathically my name was Venus.  Next morning, Mum’s friend said, ‘Your puppy has given me her name.’  Mum said, ‘She told me her name was Venus,’ and Diane said (sounding astonished though I don’t know why}, ‘That’s what she told me too.’  And so I got my rightful name, named after Venus, High Priestess of Atlantis and Goddess of Love. That’s me!!


Activating your Ascension Blueprint with the Council of Atlantis.

Zoom Online Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild.

Monday 19th July 19.00 – 20.00 BST.

The Price of this zoom session is £11 (including the recording)

The Council of Atlantis existed throughout the Atlantean Era which lasted for 260,000 years.

During the Golden Era, a fully fifth-dimensional Council represented the Continent of Atlantis for 1500 years. A High Priest or Priestess from each of the Temples was chosen to step onto the Council and provide wisdom, gifts, healing, and love for the people that looked to them for guidance. They would take on the role and the responsibility of working in harmony with the other Temples to provide balance for the Atlanteans.

At the end of the Atlantean era each of the Council members stored their ascension blueprint so that they could be retrieved later. That time has now arrived, and each Master of Atlantis has offered to share a piece of their knowledge to help YOU on your ascension pathway.

Each gift or activation has been stored in the etheric Temple crystal that still exists in the higher dimensions.

This workshop will be a powerful and illuminating journey into the ascended realms to meet the Council of Atlantis and visit the incredible Temples that they served in!

During this workshop you will –

*Connect to Lord Kumeka who will be your 9th dimensional guide for the night*

*Clear, balance and restore your connection to the Golden Era of Atlantis*

*Heal any trauma/memories from the Fall*

*Meet the Council of Atlantis! Travel to the Golden Era and visit the Masters in their Temples to receive light and wisdom for your journey here on Earth*

As with all Zoom workshops this event will be LIVE, and the recording sent out to all participants the following day. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event so don’t worry if you miss it!

  • Please be careful to fill out all your details correctly (check and double check your email spelling). Links can only be sent to the full/correct email address.

Reveal your secret inner self and change what does not serve you

Thursday 12 August  7-8pm UK time

The beliefs that shape our lives are held in our unconscious mind and we radiate this energy round us.  This attracts the conditions of our lives from the universe.  Also other people sense it and respond to it.  How do people see you?  How open are you? What do you secretly look for in a relationship?  How clear are your thoughts and do you have unknown gifts that you have not yet explored?  What is your essence?   Are you blinkered or are you open to possibilities?  How do you express your emotions? 

During this Zoom you will go on a fascinating journey to reveal answers to these questions and many more.  You will discover what makes you tick!   Then you will re-programme your unconscious mind with new and powerful messages about what you really want.

This Zoom offers a fun yet penetrating way of discovering who you are and a simple way to enhance what you want and change what does not support your life.

The price for this session is £11 (recording included to watch unlimited times, at your leisure).


What is going to happen in the world? Changes are taking place and the new Golden Age awaits but how are we are to reach it and what it will it be like?  What will towns and cities look like – those already in place and those yet to be constructed?  What about houses?  What clothes will we wear?  How will we travel?  What will ‘government’, economics and shopping be like?  How will children be educated?  Will family life be different?  What spiritual and psychic gifts will we have?  What will the new spiritual technology offer?   Will animals be affected? After the tipping point the new fifth dimensional blueprint for Earth will be activated… And we will be allowed to bring forward technology that is currently beyond our comprehension.  In this 3 part Zoom I will share the steps not just to 2032 but also to 2050 when every single thing will be on a much higher frequency beyond imagination and the world will have dramatically changed.

During these Zooms you will learn about the golden future and the steps to reach it:


  • Spiritual and psychic gifts
  • Relationships, families
  • What will the new children be like?
  • Education and schools


  • Houses, leisure, creativity
  • Animals, Food and Farming
  • Community Live
  • Leadership


  • Travel
  • The future of money
  • World economics
  • The new incredible technology

Each part can be booked individually using the links above for £11 each, or you can book for the whole series using the form below for the special price of £25.

With love, joy and angelic Blessings,


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