Diana Cooper’s July 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The summer is here and with it comes the silly season.  Disinformation and conspiracy theories abound.  What a perfect opportunity to discriminate between truth and illusion!  I am a Virgo and one of the big lessons of all Virgos is discernment and discrimination, so I have spent years working on this!  I understand the excitement and drama of some of the theories people are discussing and my aim is to ignore all that is not truth.  There are seven levels to mastering the lessons of the third eye and the first level is about seeing through illusion into truth.  Anything that is not of love and purest light is illusion.  So much dark stuff ranging from war to disease to divorce seems very real, and it feels very painful especially when we are living through it.  However, it is a third dimensional illusion.  In addition, the universe keeps providing us with mirrors to look into, so that we see unconscious aspects of ourselves reflected in the people and situations around us.  The more we focus on them and energise them, the more real they seem to be.  Actually, we are living in a world of illusion which arises from separation from Source.   The moment we flick on the switch and truly recognize it for what it is, ego, at that instant the universe changes. 

 And the reflections in our lives change to joy and love.  Our world transforms.   While other people live in the dark, we do not need to join them.  If we want to transform the world ready for the new golden age, we can start by making the switch in our own consciousness.  Then we can move to the second level of the third eye.

In this newsletter I include information about the Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian prayer for healing your life as well as information about Archangel Purlimiek, the Angel of Nature.  And I am so excited as I am giving my first live talk for over two years.  It is on The Golden Future – one of my passions. 

Lots of love everyone.  We are all One.

Healing your life – Ho’oponopono

Hermes, one of the original High Priests of Atlantis returned there just before the fall of the civilization to take his tribeto Hawaii where they became the Kahunas.  They took with them the most powerful form of prayer, the Huna prayer.  I have written about it often.  They also brought the amazing dolphin link with them through which we can access the wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria. 

In addition, they brought back the Ho’oponopono prayer.  This is very simple and I am sure you know it and possibly use it yourself.  I came across it very many years ago but did not fully understand how it truly works, so I did not connect with its potency and unbelievable healing effect. Recently it came to my attention three times and I knew I must explore it again.  Wow!  I started to understand it.

The prayer is

I am sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

its simplicity is its power.  You apologise, ask for forgiveness, express gratitude and then love.

In the past I assumed this from me to another person, dead or alive.  And of course, it can be used in this way and is effective.

It works on the understanding that we are all One and you accept that you are totally responsible for everything that is in your life.  You are a master.

Every single person or situation is in your life because you have drawn it in with your unconscious programming.  During your soul journey you have absorbed thousands and thousands of beliefs, all of which contribute one hundred percent to the life you have created.  Yes, one hundred percent.  The beliefs you have programmed create your life.

Your essence is divine.  Your higher self is love and your Monad is twelfth dimensional light.  Your beliefs are the only things that stop you from living a glorious, abundant, healthy and love filled life.  It is your Monad, the divine within you, that you are addressing with this prayer.  You are talking to the divine you that can transmute old programmes. 

You are saying sorry to your Monad for still holding the beliefs that block your progress.

You are asking it for forgiveness.  In asking for forgiveness you allow the divine to dissolve the block.

When you say Thankyou, you are thanking your Monad for transmuting as much of that programming as possible.

Then you are sending love to your Monad.

Here are some examples.

A relationship

A friend moans about her child, partner or colleague.  That friend is part of you for you are One.  You may recognize that you sometimes feel frustrated with your child, partner or colleague.  What belief causes this? It may be about being acknowledged, appreciated, loved or something else.  Or you may not understand why you feel frustrated. 

Say to your Monad, I am sorry (for holding onto the belief that has created this).  Please forgive me.  Thank you (for transmuting this).  I love you (helps you to align with your higher self).


Judgmental thoughts separate us from Oneness.

You are walking down the road.  You see someone behaving in a certain way and a judgmental thought arises.  That person is part of you!  You are judging your divine essence. 

Say to your Monad, I am sorry (for holding onto this judgmental belief).  Please forgive me.  Thank you (for transmuting this belief).  I love you (helps light up your divine self).

Television and Media

This is brilliant for bringing up stuff within us all.  You see something nasty and a fearful thought arises.  What is the basis of your fear?  It comes from a belief.

Say to your Monad, I am sorry (for holding onto the belief that has created this fear).  Please forgive me.  Thank you (for transmuting this belief).  I love you (acknowledging the love you feel).


Most of us have been raised to put ourselves down.  If you catch yourself thinking, ‘I’m so stupid’ or ‘I’m so ugly’ or ‘I’m bound to fail’ or ‘I bet I catch a cold,’ or a million other things, stop!  The Violet Flame is great for cancelling a statement.  So it is good if you use it but then say to your Monad, I am sorry (for clinging to this negative programming).  Please forgive me.  Thank you (for dissolving and healing it). I love you (acknowledging your love for your true self).

Pain or illness

This all comes from personal or ancestral beliefs that hold back your ascension.  It does not matter that you do not know what they are or where they come from.  Say I am sorry, please forgive me.  Thank you.  I love you. 

Saying something is one stage deeper than a thought.  In the last few days I have heard people say these and many other separation statements aloud.

I’ll never belong because I am a foreigner.

I hope she does not come to this meeting.

I wish they’d go away.

The fact that I have heard them means that the sentiment is somewhere lost deeply in my consciousness, so I say the ho’oponopono.

Do practice it and I would love to know what effect it has on your life! diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com.

When you live from your higher heart, you glow with love and everyone feels good in your presence.  Your light affects the cosmos.

Only your beliefs prevent you from radiating it out.  The pure white centre of your fifth dimensional heart connects through the Cosmic Heart directly to Source.  We will make the connection and see it clearly by dissolving the old programmed beliefs.

You know you have done this when you see the divine love in the heart of every person.

We will invoke your unicorn, a beautiful pink dragon and Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of the Heart to focus their energy on onto your heart as we take a journey through the 33 chambers, clearing, transmuting, lighting up and ultimately opening and awakening your higher heart.   And Archangel Metatron, who is in charge of the entire ascension process and is intimately connected with the opening of your heart will use his Metatron Cube to re-code the chambers with your original divine heart codes of oneness and love.  Then he will fill your heart chakra gloriously with seventh dimensional light.  This will enable you to radiate magnetic angelic love.

Angel of the month

Archangel of Nature, Archangel Purlimiek

He looks after the natural world

He is working to help the environment

He works with the elementals

His angel retreat is the Great Zimbabwe in Africa

He has arrived from another universe to help Earth now

He radiates a beautiful green-blue light

5 ways of connecting with Archangel Purlimiek

1.Affirm: Archangel Purlimiek helps me tune into nature.

2.Prayer: Beloved Archangel Purlimiek, please work through me to help the environment.

3.Rhyming chant:

Archangel Purlimiek I pray

Help me help the world today.

4.Mantra:Archangel Purlimiek connects me to the elementals, trees and nature.


Close your eyes and centre yourself.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful sunny glad.

Feel the trees welcoming you.

The grass and flowers are shimmering with colour.

A glorious blue green light enters and Archangel Purlimiek greets you.

You move towards him and stand in his light.

Feel safe and sheltered.

Sense the keys and codes of nature being downloaded into your aura.

Feel yourself one with the natural world.

Thank him and open your eyes.


Many years ago I made friends with a special goblin who often walked in the forest with me and even accompanied me to other places.  In that magical forest I met elves and fairies, unicorns and angels.  Once I was blessed to see the great elemental master Pan, who works directly with Archangel Purlimiek.  I just stood and watched him until he disappeared. 

On one occasion tree fellers had entered the forest and butchered the trees in one area.  The first I knew was when I had this horrid feeling inside me as I entered the forest.  Then I saw the carnage and felt the trees crying and screaming in pain.  Surely Archangel Purlimiek must be here to help, I thought.  I called him in and I’m sure he was trying to get through but evidently could not do so because of the low frequency in the area.  I did manage to find the person in charge of the felling and tell him very politely that trees were sentient beings and needed to be given warning of the intent and also to be treated with respect rather than butchered.  He was very courteous but clearly thought I was nuts!

A few days later I was sent a glorious Orb picture of Archangel Purlimeik racing to prevent someone from felling a tree by whispering into his ear.  My guide told me that the man listened and did not cut down that tree.  So Archangel Purlimiek will always help if he can.

And one day I was leaning against a tree in the forest on a still, silent morning, with the pale sun lighting up the forest when I saw Archangel Purlimiek as a green light flashing past me.  I smiled.  He and his angels are working overtime to protect our environment.

A crystal for the month

Archangel Purlimiek is green and his stone is malachite.  It is a beautiful stone to help you tune into nature and the archangel of nature.  It is also wonderful to bless and hold a malachite crystal, then place it under a tree or on a mossy bank, to support the natural world. I have a gorgeous malachite in my greenhouse.

Top tip

Make an Archangel Purlimiek thank you garden

You can make a little garden in a plate or bowl, using moss, little stones and flowers.

Or you can dedicate a small space in your garden or even a public place to thank Archangel Purlimiek for all he does for us.

Make it as pretty as you can.

Invite the fairies and other elementals into this garden.

Thank them and Archangel Purlimiek for looking after our world.  Children love to do this with you.

People power

We are moving inexorably towards the new Golden Age starting in 2032.  After that the planet will shift into the fifth dimension and humanity must align with it.  Everyone who vibrates at the fifth dimensional frequency or at least the upper levels of the fourth, with their hearts open and the understanding that they are on a soul journey, will participate in this new paradigm on Earth.  Our task is light the way for all those who truly want to live in love, kindness, caring, sharing and belonging and to provide stepping stones on the way. 

As many of you know I have written often about the glorious golden future that lies ahead, some of which is beyond our current comprehension.  It is not just about awesome spiritual technology and the return of our psychic gifts and powers.  To me the most exciting and beautiful aspect is the way we will all be living in a higher consciousness, in Oneness.  To reach it gloriously it is really important to focus on the vision.  We are co-creators and when we think about, talk about and envision the golden future, we expedite it and enable more people to reach it more quickly. 

One of the next steps that will help to bring about the golden future is people power.  My guide Kumeka often told me that people power will help to sweep away the old and activate the new.  I go to Stand in the Park in Lyndhurst whenever I can and belong to the Freedom Community.  Stand in the Park is a world-wide movement and I am very blessed that my local group is dynamic, inclusive and warm hearted that gets together each week to help change the planet. 

Many people are concerned about the breakdown of the old health care system.  To help us all before the new paradigm is available a new system is being energized.  It is called

The People’s Health Alliance – for the people by the people.   Hubs are currently being set up everywhere to bring together natural, holistic and allopathic healing methods that can be accessed locally.

You may like to look at the website, that already advises on natural ways to stay healthy.  Put the People’s Health Alliance into your browser or https://the-pha.org

A Talk on the golden future

This is the first time I have spoken live since before lockdown! 

Saturday 23rd July 18.30 to 21.30

Brockenhurst Village Hall, Highwood Rd, Brockenhurst SO42 7RY

(Exhibition Room)

We are currently living at the most momentous time in the history of the planet for we are birthing a new golden future.  The old paradigm is breaking down and we are moving rapidly towards a new era starting in 2032.  So how can we best negotiate the next 10 years?  Is it important to become self-sufficient?  What about food, water and travel?  What will the new education and health systems be like?  What about the economies and governments?

I will share the cosmic events in 2032 that will propel us into the new and how these will transform our lives.  After that we will be fully fifth dimensional or at the upper ends of the fourth dimension, so how will awesome new spiritual technology affect us?  Those who choose to remain and live at this frequency will have a consciousness of truth, honesty, caring and sharing.  We will see fifth dimensional communities and golden cities forming.  We will also access many spiritual and psychic gifts.  I will explain how everything will have changed beyond our wildest expectations.   

The new golden future for Earth is written in stone but how we reach it is up to us.

In this talk I will share:

  • Why the 20 years from 2012 to 2032 is so extraordinary and important.
  • The time line for the next ten years as the paradigm on Earth shifts.
  • The cosmic events destined for 2032 and how this will transform our lives.
  • The vision for life in the golden future.
  • How we can positively bring forward the new, love filled and joyous golden future.

I do hope you will join me for you can made a difference by holding the vision for the new world.

All profits will go to the New Forest PHA (People’s Health Alliance) Hub.


ONline workshops

My on line video course MEET THE DRAGONS is now available.  It is a fabulous way to connect deeply with the amazing, wise and open hearted dragons.  You will meet the air, earth, fire and water dragons and work with them for your own benefit and that of the planet.  And you will bond with some of the higher frequency dragons who can really transform your life and speed your ascension process.  Dragons are coming forward now en masse for the first time since Atlantis and would love to meet you.  The feedback we have is that people really love these courses.  After the success of my two previous on line video courses, How Angels Can Help You and Meet the Archangels I know you will love Meet the Dragons.

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