Diana Cooper’s July 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

My big news this month is the imminent publication of my new book THE GOLDEN FUTURE – What to Expect and How to Reach the Fifth Dimension.

I am so delighted that this book will be published in August.  Our children and grandchildren are very blessed that they have incarnated now and will have the opportunity to experience the extraordinary, community based, love filled and peaceful world we are moving towards.  High frequency living, spiritual technology and soul satisfaction will ensure perfect health.  We will be living in ways that we cannot currently conceive of.  The Golden Future book is inspirational, informative and full of tools and techniques to bring your life into the golden fifth dimensional energy.

If you pre-order the book I will gift you a FREE live webinar…and you will receive the recording.  It will definitely be worth it.  CLICK HERE for more information

In my July newsletter I share an extraordinary photo of a 7D Pleiadean spacecraft spreading healing on Earth.  Do look at it! And an Orb of Mother Mary herself being transported through the universe by an angel.  It is gorgeous and as you look at it you receive a download of her light and love directly into your heart.  Adrian Lee has kindly contributed a fascinating article about Akashic Record Clearing and I share the joy of celebration in Glastonbury with some of the teachers of our Diana Cooper School, the higher purpose of the cold virus that has affected so many recently and something about the recent spate of shark attacks. And information about the dimensions.

Venus goes into retrograde in Leo from July 22nd to September 3rd. For all individuals it is a time to reflect on relationships, finances and creativity.  Mull things over, though your creative juices may not be flowing freely.  However, this is not a time to take big decisions or action.    Take world relationships for example Russia will be contemplating how best to manage the war with Ukraine, despite being determined to continue it.  So this is a good time during which to send more prayers for peace. 

Europe is considering how they can deal with the crisis of the boats carrying refugees.   The world is contemplating the refugee problem.  I asked what would be the best way to end the crisis.  I expected the answer to be to help the countries of origin to develop economically or find peace but was told, No.  The best help we can give is to help raise the frequency of those countries by sending more light.  In my newsletter I include a visualisation to bring in more light for those countries, especially Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Myanmar. 

In my June newsletter I mentioned the extraordinary spiritual worldwide event that is taking place on the 22nd of October.  In Portugal I will be LIVE doing a meditation to enable everybody to MERGE WITH THEIR MONAD. This is awesome.  I shared the meditation with many of my teachers at the Diana Cooper School of White light at our annual reunion. Afterwards I asked my guide Kumeka how many of the teachers had actually merged with their Monad and he said 100%. Every single person who participated made the monadic merge.  They will all be doing the meditation with groups of people on the day or supporting the main event in Portugal.  Kumeka says if, on the 22nd of October, we can get enough people to merge with their Monads it will raise the frequency of the entire planet.  Soon I will put out the information and I hope that you will do the meditation in groups or support the main event.

Love and blessings

The dimensions

1 = mineral kingdom. In this dimension new ideas rooted

2= the plant kingdom.  This is where light, containing spiritual information and knowledge, is needed in order to grow.

3= some of the animal kingdom and unaware humans.

4= this is where you start to open your heart, begin remember that you have had past lives and the truth of who you are.  You start to take responsibility for your life and become aware of 5D qualities.

5=this is where you open your heart and work for the highest good of everyone and the planet.  You experience oneness and bring forward your soul qualities.

6=You are purifying your light body and, and have one foot on Earth and the other in the 7th dimension (heaven).

7=the seventh heaven is where all Ascended Masters and most angels reside.  Now you walk with them.  You can now, for the first time in aeons, spend time in this dimension and still maintain a physical body.

8= You accept yourself as a cosmic being.

9=` You hold unconditional love and are open to a 9th dimensional planet.  This is especially important if your planet of origin is 9D, for example, Venus.

10= You hold divine wisdom and are open to a 10th dimensional planet.  This is especially important if your planet of origin is 10D, for example, Arcturus.

11=You hold divine love, peace and wisdom in perfect balance and are open to an 11D planet.  This is especially important if your planet of origin is 11D, for example Andromeda or Helios.

12=Your Monad.  All Monads are 12th dimensional.  Your Monad is unconditional love, beauty, harmony, joy, grace and wisdom. It is androgynous.

We are all multidimensional beings.  While some are part of us is in the third, fourth or fifth dimension most of us have aspects in much higher dimensions. Your soul or higher self is always 7th dimension or higher.  Your  Monad or I AM Presence, your original divine spark is always 12th dimensional for it is the Source energy once diluted.  The analogy here is of Source being the parent, sending out his son.  The grandchild is twice diluted.

Babies and very young children tend to be at higher frequency. As they get older their frequency devolves and then, when they are on a spiritual path, it starts to go up again.  When the new children have high frequency parents they will be able to maintain a high frequency.

In order to be an Ascended Master you must have passed your 7th initiation be able to live mostly in the 5th dimension.

To be a higher Ascended Master you must be able to live mostly in the 7th dimension.   Until recently this could only happen after you passed over. Now you may be able to reach this frequency and maintain a physical body!

There is more information in The Keys to the Universe.

Akashic Record Clearing by Adrian Lee

The Akashic Records are the records of your entire soul journey throughout the Universes.  They may include many lifetimes on Earth and in many dimensions.  The book of your soul journey is held in the Halls of a Amenti, in the Great Pyramid in Hollow Earth.  It is time now to clear the past so that we can ascend into the fifth dimension.

If you have looked into your past lives or experienced past life regression you will know that we have all undergone many challenges, leaving us with unhelpful beliefs or fears. Furthermore, many restrictions have been placed upon us such as Atlantean control boxes or curses. When these are all cleared you can re-enter the Halls of Amenti, remember who you really are and bring back your gift in this lifetime

There are many examples of change and transformation when a deep clearing the Akashic Records takes place. People and situations can really move forward when programming, imprints, blocks, or even dark magic are removed. The list of things that can cleared is almost limitless and clearings can be profound.

Kristina was 40 years of age and had been unable to commit to any personal relationship since the age of 28 after a divorce. Kristina was amazed how free, happy, and positive she felt after a clearing of a soul contract she was holding on to with her ex-husband, which enabled her to move on in her life. Within a week of the clearing, she had moved in with her then on off boyfriend and within two months had married him. They remain extremely happily married two years later.

Akashic Record clearing does not just affect relationships.  It can transform your levels of prosperity.

Husband and wife, Eliz and Mike who live in South Africa were feeling completely stuck in their personal lives and Mike’s business was going bust. Sometime after their deep Akashic clearings Eliz wrote, ‘Mike’s business has completely turned around. The business is now profitable, and we are paying back our debt. Mike’s confidence to be the leader of the business has returned and he is taking on more contracts. We are so much more positive and eager to move all this forward. The joy of Mike being an adult in his own space has opened many new doors in our personal lives too. We have found our way forward.’

We are multi layered beings and Akashic Record clearing can really help us to understand the depth of our being. However much healing you have done on yourself I believe that Akashic Record clearing can take you to new levels of understanding.

Stef had sense of being burdened and felt stuck. Stef wrote that her Akashic record clearing was life changing. Having experienced many healing modalities, she felt that the Akashic clearing profoundly reached the deepest parts of her entire self as she experienced a tremendous shift. The clearing was very insightful in showing her just how many layers there are, many that she was not aware of. The layers simply lay beyond what our conscious mind can access. She said it was as if what had been burdening her and felt like a sense of heaviness throughout her life was simply gone. 

As with many healings, there are several factors that affect the outcome of a clearing, including where someone is on their healing journey, timing and of course the facilitator of the healing. This high-frequency re-calibration lightwork works through all areas of your life, bringing you into at least 5th-dimensional heart alignment with your soul’s direction and potential purpose. This assists you on your journey to the empowerment of your soul and remembering who you really are.

Adrian was shown the spiritual path many times from an early age but ignored it until the universe put him into a position where he had no choice but to turn to the light.  Since that time in 2017 he has been on accelerated healing path, signing agreements with beings from Andromeda, the higher heart centre of the universe, while facilitating individual and group past life healings and Akashic record clearings.

Exciting news – live seminar in portugal on 22nd october 2023

ASCENSION POWER BOOST to the Golden Future

It has been years since I last hosted a full day live seminar, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to invite you to an incredible event happening this October in Portugal. I am delighted to be joined by Adrian Lee, an expert in Akashic Karmic clearing, as we embark on this enlightening journey together.

Guided by Kumeka, my trusted spiritual guide, we are here to share something truly remarkable. The knowledge and energy we will transmit during this seminar are of utmost significance, capable of not only transforming your own life but also elevating the frequency of our planet and ushering in a golden future.

No matter where you stand on your spiritual path—whether you are a seasoned seeker or a newcomer—we have crafted this seminar with the intention to release all that has been holding you back, establish a profound connection with 12 archangels and 5 Illumined Masters, and elevate your frequency to its highest potential.

It is worth noting that Portugal holds the etheric retreat of Archangel Raphael—a celestial abode of extraordinary energy. Thus, our seminar will be infused with this divine essence, further enhancing the profound experiences and transformations awaiting us throughout the day.

Spaces for this powerful event are limited, and we anticipate it will sell out quickly so book your place and prepare to embark on a soul-stirring journey like no other. Let’s embrace the power of light and create a radiant future together!

The Power of 12

Our entire universe resonates with the vibration of 12. There are 12 months of the year, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 chakras, 12 rays, 12 Lords of Karma, 12 members of the Intergalactic Council and much more.

12 is considered a master number, a number of power, representing perfection, independence and autonomy.

We are offering a special seminar in Portugal on 22.10.2023 – the Ascension Power Boost to the Golden Future on a 12 vibration day. (2+2+1+0+2+0+2+3= 12).


I am incredibly excited about this as it shows us the amazing world that we are moving into.  It is a book of hope, promise and inspiration.  It is in four parts, part 1 is The journey into the golden future.  This includes how we reached the current time and what will happen in the next few years.  We are ahead of time.

Part 2. The Transformation – Life in the New Golden Age. This section describes exactly how we will be living when we reach 2032 and beyond.

Part 3. Preparing for the Fifth Dimension. Here we raise the frequency of each chakra with incredible understandings and archangel assistance.

Part 4. Higher Ascension Tools to Propel You into the Golden Future. This final part offers the very latest high frequency methods of enabling you to attain ascension. Furthermore, if you pre-order the book, I am offering you a FREE GIFT – a LIVE webinar on the Higher Ascension Tools.  It will be recorded so that you can access it at any time.  It will definitely be worth it! 


Glastonbury is the heart chakra of our planet.  Jesus with Joseph of Aramathea climbed the Tor of Glastonbury and opened the portal to Venus, the Cosmic Heart from here.  It is a special place.

Last month the teachers of our Diana Cooper School of White Light had our annual reunion in Glastonbury, the first live meeting since lockdown.  The School is now 21 years old, so it was our Saturn return.

It is always wonderful to greet old friends from all over the world, and to meet new ones.  I am in awe at the generosity of so many teachers who volunteer to help in the school, which is a not for profit organisation.  And the dedication of teachers to spread the light of angels, unicorns, dragons, Atlantis, the natural world and many other aspects of the spiritual world, as well as courses such as Transform Your Life.  There are many training courses offered.  What beautiful people!  It is no wonder that the angelic realms sometimes asks our School to do specific tasks to help the planet, as we are doing for 22nd October in Portugal.

Many of us climbed the Tor and re-dedicated a special Healing Pool created by our School and did some beautiful chanting. Then we had a wonderful water ceremony in Chalice Well gardens.  Holding hands and ohming to the sound of crystal bowls, while standing in the sacred waters is something I will never forget.  After this we went into the White Spring, that I had never been into before.  It was magical to enter the huge cavern, lit by hundreds of candles.  Some entered the holy water of the pool, others sat in the womb-like space and hummed.  A truly inspiring morning.  And that was only the start of the weekend! 

I was incredibly blessed to stay at Rae’s B & B, which is five minutes’ walk from the Glastonbury High Street.  It was so special and welcoming, immaculately clean, with beautiful gardens.  Everything was organic and natural organic shampoos, hand creams and all you could want were generously supplied.  You can even help yourself to pure water fetched from the sacred Chalice Well spring. I shall certainly stay there next time I go to Glastonbury and it would be a lovely place to hold a small retreat.

The Higher Purpose of the current Cold that is affecting so many

As always, a virus has a higher purpose.  For 36 hours, I found myself sneezing copiously and violently while my nose ran like a tap.  When I asked Kumeka, my guide, what this was about, he told me that it was a cellular clearance, so that I could take in more light.  Ok that made it feel worth-while!!!

Apparently all those who are 5D are having a cellular clearance, while those who are 3D are undergoing an emotional clearance. 

Spacecraft from the Pleiades

From Paulina van der Sluis

Just look at this beautiful photo.  At the bottom you can clearly see a 7D spacecraft sent from the Pleiades in response for prayers for healing.  

Evenly spaced round its circumference you can see lights.  There are hundreds of elementals peeping out at it from the trees, all bathing in the healing light.

Shark Attacks

I am writing this in response to an email from Jo Singh-Valjee

mother of a teenage son.  She wrote that she has always had a horror / fascination of sharks and shark attacks. She watches again and again reported shark killings.  She believes that she was taken by one in a previous lifetime, or perhaps it is her destiny to come?

Kumeka’s response was that she has been killed by sharks in more than one life.  It is not her destiny for this life but could become her destiny if she continues to focus on them!

She says that a boy was recently killed by a shark, while his father watched and the shark was then killed by humans.

Her questions are why did the boy and the shark die at basically the same time? Did shark and boy have a mutual destiny or soul purpose?   Answer.  Yes…It was the boy’s destiny and his time to die.  It was also the shark’s destiny and its time to die…they made this sacrifice in order to draw attention to how we treat creatures.  It was a gift of love from both the boy and the shark and enabled them to rise into ascension.

An akashic record that needed clearing? No.

Where would both souls now journey to? The shark returned to its home planet of Mars/Nigellay.

The boy did not return to his home planet but onto the next part of his soul journey.

Are there planets/ planes where animals are peace-giving and herbivore only? Yes.

Were AA Fhelyai and Azriel present for both deaths and eased their suffering, offering light as their souls ascended? Yes.

What lesson is humankind to learn from this attack? We are learning that sharks (and many other creatures) are reclaiming their power and we must treat them with respect.

Why didn’t the father jump in to save his son?  What good would it have done for the father to sacrifice himself when it was not his time to die?

Humanity is going to notice that more and more animals are emerging from the restricted habitats we have left for them and are becoming much more courageous in claiming their space.  Creatures on land and sea really are starting to reclaim their power and are demanding that we respect them again.  We need to develop harmlessness and qualities of caring and sharing.


My next on-line workshop

Monday 24 July – The Seventh Heaven

Are you ready to spend time in the seventh heaven, the home of the angels and ascended masters, to absorb their 7D light?

In a beautiful meditation, the angels will help you to open your heart fully and fill it with angelic qualities, that will build your light body.  You will create a deeper relationship with your Guardian Angel and meet your overlighting Archangel, who is in charge of your journey on Earth.

The five great Illumined Masters who walk beside you as you progress on your spiritual journey will boost your ascension level.

As we relax in this golden dimension you will experience living in Oneness, abundance and love.  And you will see the divinity in everyone, so that you absorb this way of living at a cellular level. 

You will clearly perceive Earth from a different perspective and, in an act of service, we will energetically share with the world what we have received in the 7th Heaven.

During this workshop you will:

            *Experience the Seventh Heaven, the 7th Dimension.

            *Deepen your relationship with your Guardian Angel.

            *Receive guidance from your overlighting Archangel.

*Meet with the 5 Illumined Masters allocated to help you on your journey

*Send your light to others to raise the frequency of the planet.

Once you have spent time in the angelic realms you are flooded with grace and your life is never the same again.

£11 for live viewing and unlimited access to the recording


Here is a beautiful Orb of Mother Mary in her beautiful turquoise light being carried through the universe by an angel.  No one who has ever incarnated can travel unless an angel accompanies them, however Illumined they are. 

The reason for this is that if you have experienced life on Earth you have incredible compassion for humans.  This compassion may be so strong that, even if you are a great Master, you may help someone and thus interfere with their karma and free will.  An angel has not experienced a human body and can remain dispassionate, so one always travels with you.  When you look at this Orb of Mother Mary you receive a download of love and compassion directly into your heart.

Photograph Anon.

What’s your mantra for JuLY?

Embrace the Vibrant Energy of July: Setting Intentions for a Powerful Month Ahead!

As we bid farewell to June, a month that filled our hearts with renewed hope and optimism, we now find ourselves at the threshold of a brand new chapter. July unfolds before us, offering a canvas of endless possibilities and opportunities for growth. Just as vibrant blossoms adorn the landscape, symbolizing purity and fresh starts, let us harness this moment to set our intentions and affirm our aspirations for the weeks to come.

Take a moment to close your eyes, allowing the outside distractions to melt away. Breathe deeply, connecting with the present moment. Now, focus your attention on your intention for July, that powerful desire or goal that fuels your inner fire. Feel it stirring within you, growing stronger with each breath.

When the time feels right, take a screenshot, capturing this precious moment of clarity and intention. This screenshot will serve as a visual reminder, anchoring your affirmation into your daily life. Share your affirmation, if you wish, with the community, inspiring others and fostering a collective wave of positive energy.

Save this image as your screensaver, allowing it to greet you every time you unlock your device. Let it be a constant presence, a gentle nudge that reminds you of your purpose and the path you’ve chosen for this month. Whether it’s a personal milestone, a habit you wish to cultivate, or a mindset you aim to embrace, let your screensaver be your faithful companion, guiding you towards your desired destination.

Throughout July, let us continue to support one another on this transformative journey. Share your experiences, insights, and triumphs with our community, for together, we amplify the power of intention and create a collective force that propels us toward success.

As the sun shines upon us and the days unfold, let us embrace the vibrant energy of July and embark on this month with unwavering determination and a steadfast commitment to our intentions.

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