Diana Cooper’s June 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

There will continue to be shocks and collapses this month as the disintegration of the old 3D world accelerates.  And as summer arrives simmering anger will boil over as masses are on a quest for equality and justice worldwide.  While anger is totally understandable it is a fear reaction. The task of Lightworkers is to stay calm, centred and in mastery. When we take responsibility for the thoughts, words, beliefs and actions that have created our own personal situation, we can change what we attract.  When enough individuals raise their frequency and create equality, love, justice, respect, peace in their own lives, this higher vibration will spread to the world.  Ultimately it is quicker to switch on your inner light than to fight the dark.

Naturally as soon as I wrote those words I was tested!  I had to cancel my broadband provider, which should have been a simple task.  The phone was permanently engaged, the live chat circled in a loop and I could not cancel on line.  I could feel frustration rising!  In the end I crossly wrote them a snail mail letter and laughed at myself.  And Kumeka said to me that if I had remained calm, centred and trusting, the universe would have arranged itself so that my call was immediately answered.  It graphically reminded me that we really do have to embody and live our knowing.

June is one of my favourite times of year when the birds are so busy feeding their young and defending them.  I love to sit in my conservatory and watch.  I have just seen the thrush that spends most of her time collecting worms on my lawn, vigorously chasing a huge jay away from her nest.  She shows such courage and selflessness.  In line with everything on the planet ascending the frequency of the birds’ songs has risen.  The other day I was entranced by a skylark fluttering above me as I walked the dogs and joyously singing its heart out over the world.  Watching nature reminds me to count my blessings.

Love and blessings

Summer Solstice

It seems inconceivable that we are approaching the summer solstice on June 21st already!  There will be spiritual events taking place all over the world and I will be offering a free meditation at Knowlton Church, Dorset, on the day before the solstice, on Tuesday the 20th with my good friend Tim Whild.  In that sacred portal, during my meditation I will invoke the five awesome 11D Cosmic Flames that have only just become available to humanity. I include information about them in my newsletter and the visualisation to access them, so that you can do the meditation with us if you wish to. See below for more information.

Akashic record clearing and karmic clearances

Many people are doing these clearances now and it is important to find someone who has the right energy.  I had been working for over 30 years on releasing old issues and then I recently had an Akashic record clearance from Adrian Lee.  I did not expect much to happen but I could literally feel old stuff from this and other lives being pulled out of my energy fields and cleared at a deeper level.  It was incredible.  And Kumeka, my guide, said that Adrian has the right energy to do the work.  If you are interested look at 

Exciting news – live seminar in portugal on 22nd october 2023

ASCENSION POWER BOOST to the Golden Future

It is years since I have done a full day live seminar, so I am very excited to present a day in Portugal in October with Adrian Lee, who does Akashic Karmic clearing.  Kumeka, my guide, says that what we are sharing is so important and will raise so much light that it will not only change your life but it will raise the frequency of the planet and help to bring forward the golden future. 

Whether you have been on the spiritual path for years or are new to this world, this seminar is designed to clear all that has been holding you back, connect you to 12 archangels and 5 Ilumined Masters, then raise your frequency as high as you can possibly go. 

This seminar will set you on a trajectory to reach higher ascension in this lifetime.

When you have a very high frequency your light is very bright.  This dissolve lower vibrations around you and you act as a beacon for others.  We will create a great light for each other and for the world.

Archangel Raphael’s etheric retreat is in Portugal, so we will be working within his energy field, which will add an extraordinary light to the day.

What is your Monad?

Your Monad is sometimes called your I AM Presence.   Source sent out aspects of His light into the Universes, and these were called Monads.  They are vast, twelfth dimension, lights that are awesome beyond concept.  Each one contains archangel energy plus keys and codes of the universe. 

Eventually each Monad sent out 12 aspects into lower dimensions, to learn and experience.  These became souls or higher selves. 

And then in turn the souls sent out 12 aspects, sometimes called soul extensions or soul personalities.  These penetrated into even lower dimensions.  Some even came to Earth, the plane of free will, which is considered to be incredibly brave. 

The aim of this is to bring back knowledge, information and experiences to expand and enrich the Godhead.

Imagine grandparents who live in a vast mansion with their twelve sons and daughters.  They send the children out to see the world and make their fortunes, with the hope that they will return one day and enrich their lives with their experiences.  The children spread everywhere and eventually marry and have children of their own.  As these grandchildren grow up they become curious about their origins and start asking questions.  Then they start travelling back to visit their parents and finally their grandparents. 

The journey to ascension, maybe over lifetimes, takes you to visit and then merge with your parents (your soul or Higher Self) and then up to see your grandparents and ultimately to live in their house (Your Monad or I AM).

The 5 Masters who help you with your Monadic Merge

Once you are living in a fifth dimensional way and have merged with your higher self you start on the journey to the summit. You are now on your way to connecting with and then merging with your Monad or I AM presence.

When you incarnate five Great Illumined Masters are allocated to you to help you when you are ready to merge with your monad. Because of the energy of this day and because there have been so many petitions to the Intergalactic council to help our planet, the Council has granted a divine dispensation so that everybody can take advantage of this.

So if you are reading this and do not think you are ready remember there will be a boost of energy on 22nd October this year to help you, as long as you have the intention to raise your frequency.

We talk about the Great Ones as Masters or Lords. A Master has mastered the lessons of the dimension.  In addition, a Lord (of light) holds a high frequency of Christ light.

When you start on the last stage of this journey the five Illumined Masters step forward to accompany you.  When I learnt who my five Masters are, I was dumbfounded – actually that is an understatement.  I was awed and incredibly honoured. And I feel their energy with me every day.

You can meditate for yours.  However, until they have been revealed to you I understand that the five allocated to me will graciously and happily accompany you.

These are

Lord St Germain, who is Keeper of the Golden Scales and is also the Keeper of the Violet Flame.

Master Merlin, Master of Alchemy and Magic.

Lord Voosloo, the highest frequency High Priest to incarnate in Atlantis.  He enabled Atlantis to jump shift into the golden age and he is now with us again, carrying the keys and codes to allow us to leap into our golden future.

Lord Paul the Venetian, who carries the pure white Flame of Freedom.  He also touches you with heartfelt creativity.

Lord El Morya, the Manu, who carries the keys and codes of the ascended human of the golden future with 12 strands of DNA connected and active.

Receive 11D Cosmic Flames

In my March newsletter I shared about Knowlton Church, Dorset, that has become a great portal in the charge of my guide Kumeka. 

On the day before the Summer Solstice, Tuesday 20 June, there will be a spiritual gathering.  Tim Whild and I will be presenting meditations.  My guide Kumeka has asked me to bring in the five 11th dimensional COSMIC FLAMES to overlight you. The energy of this portal enables you to access these very high frequency flames when you have the right intention. If you wish to join us but you cannot physically come to the event, ask to attend in your spirit body and invoke the flames so that you can receive their incredible energy.

Cosmic Flames are 11D.  They contain the codes of light of their creator who must be 11th dimension. 

There are five very special and powerful 11th dimensional cosmic flames that you can invoke into your heart centre when you have established your chakras as a column of light.  Their light codes will then spread through your chakra column and into your energy fields.

The 11D Cosmic Flame of Andromeda. 

This has a pure white centre which radiates out into white gold and finally bursts into shimmering violet pink.  It ignites your heart centre with the power of true love.

The 11D Cosmic Flame of Helios. 

This is radiant glorious golden orange and carries the Codes of Divine Masculine.  It ignites your heart centre with the power of happiness.

The 11D Cosmic Flame of Nigellay, ascended Mars.

This has a pure white centre, which spreads into white gold and finally radiates beautiful, glorious bright yellow.  It carries the Codes of the Wise Peaceful Spiritual Warrior and ignites your heart with the power of wise leadership.

The 11D Cosmic Flame of Orion

This is pure white in the centre, then white gold and flaming out into brilliant, shimmering diamond white.  It carries the Codes of Divine Wisdom and the ability to understand the highest perspective on all situations.  It ignites your heart with true knowing.

The 11D Cosmic Flame of Jumbay, ascended Jupiter. 

This Flame has a golden orange centre that spreads out into vibrant emerald green.  It carries the Codes of Abundance, Healing and Psychic Power and ignites your heart with the Power of Expanded Divine Awareness.

Visualisation to access the five 11D Cosmic Flames

1.Close your eyes and ask to visit Knowlton Church, Dorset, in your spirit body.

2.Imagine you are quietly sitting by a sacred ruined grey stone church, situated in rolling countryside.

3.Focus on your chakras and open them in turn. 

  • Your silver Earth Star connecting you deep into the Earth
  • Your platinum base chakra.
  • Your pale pink sacral.
  • Your orange navel.
  • Your golden yellow solar plexus
  • Your white pink heart centre.
  • your deep blue throat chakra.
  • Your crystal emerald third eye chakra.
  • Your crystal yellow gold crown chakra.
  • Your pure unicorn white causal chakra.
  • Your magenta pink Soul Star.
  • Your golden orange Stellar Gateway connecting you to the higher dimensions.

4. Realise that there is a huge portal opening above you.

5.White light pours down through you and transforms your chakras into a column of light.

6.Sense how this sacred site is connected to many other power points round the world.

7. Invoke the 11D Cosmic Flame of Andromeda, the higher heart of the universe.

  • See the vast Flame now in front of you. 
  • It has a pure white centre which radiates out into white gold and finally bursts into shimmering violet pink. 
  • Feel it ignite your heart centre with the power of true love.

8. And now invoke the 11D Cosmic Flame of Helios, the Great Central Sun.

  • See this huge glowing Flame now in front of you. 
  • It is radiant glorious golden orange and carries the Codes of Divine Masculine. 
  • Feel It ignite your heart centre with the power of happiness.

9.Invoke the 11D Cosmic Flame of Nigellay, which is the part of Mars that has ascended.  See it glowing and enormous in front of you.

  • It has a pure white centre, which spreads into white gold and finally radiates beautiful, glorious bright yellow. 
  • It carries the Codes of the Wise Peaceful Spiritual Warrior.
  • Feel it ignite your heart with the power of wise leadership.

10.Invoke the 11D Cosmic Flame of Orion

  • See this immense Cosmic Flame of Wisdom in front of you.
  • It is pure white in the centre, then white gold and flaming out into brilliant, shimmering diamond white. 
  • It carries the Codes of Divine Wisdom and the ability to understand the highest perspective on all situations. 
  • Feel it ignite your heart with true knowing.

11.Invoke the 11D Cosmic Flame of Jumbay, which is the part of Jupiter that has ascended. 

  • see it now huge and luminous in front of you.
  • The Flame has a golden orange centre that spreads out into vibrant emerald green. 
  • It carries the Codes of Abundance, Healing and Psychic Power
  • Feel it ignite your heart with the Power of Expanded Divine Awareness.

12.These 11D cosmic energies are lighting up every cell of your body now. 

13.And feel the light all flowing down through you and lighting up all the ley lines connecting the sacred sites of our planet.

14.you are a channel to spread higher light and love and wisdom round the world.

15.Thank the beings of Andromeda, Helios, Mars/Nigellay, Orion and Jupiter/Jumbay.

16.Open your eyes and smile.

metatron exercise

I always feel a spurt of joy when someone shares their good experience after an exercise I offer.  So I was delighted to receive this from a lady who practiced the Metatron Exercise that I shared on Instagram.

‘Thank you for your beautiful Archangel Metratron exercise. I wanted to share with you what happened when I did this this morning.

I’ve been suffering from low mood lately, for no reason I can imagine only I’m approaching the menopause and it could be a reaction to the oestrogen decrease. 

When I asked to connect with Metratron I felt and saw him immediately whisk my soul up to what looked like a great orange sun. There he held my soul, letting it bathe in the orange sunlight. On the return he installed his Metatron cube powerfully in my aura. I am so grateful to Archangel Metratron’.   

You might like to try it too.

1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
2. Sit quietly with palms up in a receptive position.
3. Breathe in a beautiful orange light, Metatron’s colour, and on the outbreath sense your aura filling with this energy.
4. Relax as you visualize orange light glowing around you.
5. Invoke Metatron with the words. ‘I now invoke the mighty Metatron to connect with me and touch me with his light.’
6. Be quiet and still. You may receive a touch, impression, special thoughts or whispers or you may simply feel calm.
7. When you feel the time is right, thank Archangel Metatron and open your eyes.

live event in portugal



To the Golden Future

LIVE with Diana Cooper and Adrian Lee

Sunday 22nd October, 2023

At the beautiful Sao Rafael Atlatico Hotel, Portugal

We are rapidly moving towards the new golden age when we will live in peace, love and joy.  Angels, Archangels and Illumined Beings are waiting to connect with you today to jump shift your energy and that of the planet with a powerful Ascension Power Boost to Merge with your Highest Self, your Mighty Monad.

Today you will

Activate your Third Eye with Archangel Rafael

Receive a deep Akashic record clearing for your entire soul journey

Bathe in Love from Andromeda for healing and rejuvenation

Merge with your Highest Self, your Monad, your I AM Presence for the highest spiritual activation

Archangel Raphael is in charge of the development of your third eye chakra, your centre of healing, abundance, enlightenment and clairvoyance.  His etheric retreat is above Portugal and this seminar is being held within his magnificent energy and is overseen by him. 

During this seminar you will activate and master the power of your third eye.  It is time for your wondrous gifts, talents and powers to be awakened.  Archangel Raphael will download your 5D health blueprint and open you up to abundance consciousness as well as the ability to see your life and the world from an enlightened perspective.

There are seven levels to your third eye and Diana Cooper working with Archangel Raphael, will facilitate a special meditation, to illuminate them, expand your life and safely bring forward your abilities.  

Adrian Lee comes from Andromeda, the higher heart of the universe, and his heart centred energy automatically enables Archangel Raphael’s healing light to flow freely through you.

He will connect with your akashic records to remove anything which might be holding you back on all levels in many lifetimes. This transformational process will allow you to step into your power so that higher heart energy from Andromeda can flow through you.

The Andromedans bathe you in peace, love and wisdom in perfect balance.  They can bring about rejuvenation and even regeneration as they download their incredible high frequency energy into you.

During a powerful meditation, Adrian Lee will clear your Akashic records to enable you to make a personal connection with the Andromedans and receive their ineffable love through your chakras.  You will blaze with love, peace, wisdom and joy!

For the first time since the fall of Atlantis humans are able to merge with their Highest Self, their Monad.  This is your original Divine Spark, your I AM Presence.  In this seminar, Diana Cooper will facilitate a massive and truly awesome meditation during which 5 Illumined Masters will raise your frequency and 12 Archangels surround you and enable you to access higher codes from the stars.  This will jump shift your frequency so that you can merge with your Monad.  This is life transforming.  You are ready and the time is now! 

We will use the incredible light we raise to strengthen the golden aura of Earth and to petition the Intergalactic Council to help our planet.  This is major service work.

During this seminar you will

  • Safely draw back the Veils and unlock the doors to clairvoyance.
  • Receive your 5D health blueprint from Archangel Raphael
  • Open up to abundance and attract your heart’s desire
  • Receive a huge clearance of your Akashic records
  • Meet 12 Archangels
  • Bathe in 11D Andromedan love, peace and wisdom
  • Merge with your Monad
  • Petition the Intergalactic Council

You can become a beacon of light and have a massive influence on the ascension of Earth.

Today is about personal expansion as well as service work for planet and Universe.  Do join us for a day of joy and laughter, making new friends and transformation through beautiful exercises and life changing visualisations. 

This is the highest frequency seminar I have ever presented.

Cost including coffee and vegan buffet lunch £55 Euros Early Bird.  Nearer the time £77


The Sao Rafael Atlatico Hotel, Portugl


I am continuing to take us on an in depth journey through the chakras. This month we will explore and master the lessons of the 11th spiritual centre, your mighty Soul Star chakra. 

2023 Access the Huge Potential of Your Soul Star Chakra –  Monday June 19th

Your Soul Star chakra contains all the experiences, knowledge, gifts, talents and wisdom accumulated on your long soul journey through many dimensions, planets and universes.  Assisted by a Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragon, Archangel Zadkiel transmutes any lower energy or blocks you are ready to release from the 33 chambers of this mighty spiritual centre.  Your wondrous pure white unicorn accompanies you on your journey through the chambers and illuminates them while the glorious magenta pink Archangel Mariel helps you to master the 33 lessons of higher love they contain.  You may find you have already learnt many of the lessons in other lives.  

Archangel Lavender, the twin Flame of Archangel Mariel, will enable any past life connections who are blocking your progress to open their hearts and set you free. 

As we approach the new golden age it is time now to access all the light stored in your Soul Star chakra so that your entire life moves into a higher octave.  It is time to be your Higher Self.

In this workshop you will:

  • Connect with a Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragon.
  • Transmute blocks with Archangels Zadkiel and Lavender.
  • Receive pure light from your unicorn.
  • Master the 33 lessons of your Soul Star.
  • Be illuminated by Archangel Mariel.
  • Merge with your Higher Self.

Once you have merged with your Higher Self you start to access information from your Stellar Gateway.  This workshop will enable you to take a massive step forward on your ultimate ascension path.

£11 for live viewing and unlimited access to the recording


Archangel Mariel is the Angel in charge of the Summer.

He works with the highest and purest love

He looks after your Soul Star chakra

His twin flame is Archangel Lavender

His angel retreat above the Himalayas

He has stepped in from another universe to help our ascension

He radiates a magnificent magenta light

5 ways of connecting with Archangel Mariel

1.Affirm: Archangel Mariel fills me with pure love.

2.Prayer: Beloved Archangel Mariel, please purify my soul today and assist my ascension.

3.Rhyming chant:

Mariel please light up my soul

So I feel loving, wise and whole.

4.Mantra:Archangel Mariel helps me manifest my deepest soul desires


Close your eyes and ground yourself.

Imagine yourself in the most beautiful garden.

Your inner world is humming with the sounds of summer

Colourful flowers bloom all round you.

Smell the gorgeous perfume of roses

You are aware of a soft magenta light as Archangel Mariel stands beside you.

His huge and glorious feathery wings enfold you

Notice how it feels to nestle into them.

You feel him showering you with the peace and bounty of summer.

Breathe this energy into your aura

You can now attract more peace and abundance.

Thank him and open your eyes.


Archangel Mariel vibrates with ruby or garnet.  Hold it and bless it.  Then tell Archangel Mariel what you would like to draw into your life for your highest soul satisfaction.

What’s your mantra for June?

I adore June as it fills my heart with renewed hope and optimism. With vibrant blossoms adorning the landscape, it connects us to purity and fresh starts. This moment calls for affirmations and the setting of intentions for the upcoming month.

Close your eyes, clear your mind from distraction, breathe deeply and focus on your intention, then and take a screenshot when the time feels right.

Share your affirmation, save it as your screensaver to remind you of your intention. Use it as a visual reminder if your goal this month.

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