Diana Cooper’s May 2021 Newsletter

HAllo Friends,

This year Spring feels sweeter than ever.  Perhaps it is the warm sun at last coinciding with blossom and new leaves bursting forth.  Even the birds seem louder!  There is a lull as lockdown relaxes and people are emerging from their homes to laugh in the sunshine. 

Yet there will continue to be economic, political and personal problems as the energies seek to bring underlying stuff that is not in alignment with truth to the surface.

There is a sense that people everywhere have had enough of being controlled, told what to do, manipulated by fear.  As more continues to be revealed about underlying political and big business dishonesty, people are tuning into their divine essence and starting to take mastery.  There is a conflict between the old way, the Piscean influence, and the new way, the Aquarian heart centred, community way, so this is a time to decide who you are, be clear about your boundaries and take decisions with caution.  But most of all listen to your inner, let your heart and your intuition guide you.

Be yourself,

With angel love

Remember atlantis

It really is time to bring back the feeling and energy of the golden era of Atlantis. Imagine feeling deeply secure and at peace.   You live in a beautiful place with a glorious climate and you can communicate telepathically not just with the people around you but with the animals, trees and plants.  You visibly radiate joy and love, partly because you do what you are good at and love doing, so you are fulfilled and satisfied.  And partly because you are delighted to be on Earth, where you can experience taste, touch, smell, where you can see the love in your children’s eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Everyone has a sense of goodwill towards you and you share everything, co-operating together in all projects for the highest good of all.  There is no money; it is not needed for there is plenty and you take what you need from the communal pool.  Nor is there any ego.  You do not have to prove yourself for you feel valued and appreciated as yourself.

The animals live with you in total harmony.  You do not eat them and, of course, you ask before you take their milk or eggs or wool.  Respect is mutual.  You are happy and contented.

Furthermore you can see everyone’s aura and they can all see yours, so nothing is hidden.  There are no lies.  No secrets.  Because everything is open and honest, you feel utterly safe.  You can trust everyone, including yourself.   Your psychic and spiritual gifts are so honed that if you wish to send someone a photograph of your child, you transmit the picture from your third eye to theirs.  If you want to speak to your partner who is out in the fields, you communicate telepathically, which is much quicker and clearer than by phone.

You wish to climb a hill.  Of course you can teleport there but you love the physical exhilaration of walking, so you often prefer to reach the top on foot.  You are hungry and want to eat an orange so you draw it to you from the tree by telekinesis, the ability to dematerialise an object external to yourself and re-materialise it in a different place.  This is considered quite normal and is used by everyone to move things, including huge building stones.  While you have the ability to manifest from the invisible realms you love to fashion objects with your hands, creating bowls or delicious meals, painting beautiful pictures and expressing yourself artistically.

An airbus filled with hundreds of people flies over you so silently and quickly that it is invisible, inaudible and pollution free.  It is growing dusk so you communicate with the elemental in the crystals in your house and they become luminous, lighting up your beautiful round home.

You communicate directly with your angel and your unicorn and often swim with the dolphins, who impart much sacred wisdom to you. 

This is a memory held in the collective consciousness and almost certainly in your individual memory banks.

The Angels of Atlantis tell us that it is now time for humanity to rise in consciousness again so that the wisdom of Atlantis can return.

Overseen by the Intergalactic Council the Golden Period took place at the start of the final experiment of Atlantis.  Before this was launched, the Ice Age was used to purify the earth.  I find it so interesting that right now the ice is melting in the parts of the world that have been purified under the ice.  That pure land is being prepared for future generations to live at a higher frequency.  

Your Soul’s Love: Living the Love You Planned Before You Were Born by Robert Schwartz

Many years ago I was at the Wesak conference in Mount Shasta.  After my talk Robert Schwartz approached me and said he was looking for a publisher for his book, which he gave me.  Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born.

I opened it on the plane and was immediately hooked.  I knew it was a special book.  He took people who had had huge challenges in their lives (one had become a paraplegic, another been blown up by a letter bomb) and worked with a psychic and a medium to discover their agreements, made at their pre life meeting, about those challenges.  This was unbelievable!  It blew my mind.  He also took them into their past lives with the other participants in the dramas which was incredibly revealing.

Robert has just written another book called Your Soul’s Love: Living the Love You Planned Before You Were Born.  This time he concentrates on people with more common problems of our times….infidelity, impotence, loneliness, death of a parent.

He runs courses on his work.


Cleansing your energy

Babies are open and connected to the angelic realms.  It is wonderful to watch their delight when the angels are present.  Many parents do not truly realise how very young babies and children see angels and also dark energies.  I was talking to a mother who told me how she rushed home from work to see her baby.  She picked it up and immediately the baby began to howl.  It was staring beyond her.  Suddenly the mother realized that she had been involved in a very tricky meeting with her boss, who was very angry and that the baby could see the energy in her aura.  She put him down and went into the bedroom.  There she filled her aura with gold and asked the angels to surround her.  Now when she went back to pick up the baby he beamed and chuckled at her. 


I think of this time of year when the world is waking up after winter and animals and birds are pairing off, as a time of love. 

Archangel Chamuel is the angel of love.  He shimmers with beautiful soft pink or white light and is always looking for an opportunity to help you bring more love into your life.  He develops your heart chakra and helps you to connect to the cosmic heart which raises the frequency of your personal heart.   His angel retreat is above St. Louis, Missouri and from here he sends love out to the world.

5 ways of connecting with Archangel Chamuel

1.Affirm:  Archangel Chamuel fills my heart with love.

2.Prayer: Beloved Archangel Chamuel keep my heart open at all times. So be it.

3.Rhyming chant:

Archangel Chamuel sing to me each day

Guide me to live in a truly loving way.

4.Mantra: Archangel Chamuel shines love through my heart.


Close your eyes and centre yourself.

Sense yourself surrounded by angels singing round you.

Open your heart to the love pouring into you.

Feel your heart centre growing bigger and bigger.

Be aware of a shaft of pure white love flowing from Venus, the Cosmic Heart into your heart.

Beautiful pink and white angels fly with you as you float up this light.

Find yourself in a huge 33 petalled rose, the Cosmic Heart.

Relax here and know that your heart centre is being purified.

Return to where you started with your heart full of love.

Diana’s Story

One night after meditation I stepped outside and took several photographs into the darkness.  Suddenly there was a flash of pink, so I stopped and looked at the film.  A bright pink heart shaped Orb with a white centre had appeared.  It was Archangel Chamuel with an angel of love! I was overwhelmed with joy.  Next morning I went into the countryside and as I walked I imagined I was inside the beautiful pink Orb.  I breathed it in as I wandered along and could sense its soft loving energy all round me. Suddenly a squirrel jumped down from a branch and ran in front of me.  I stood still as it danced for several minutes right by my feet.  Then I saw a deer lying by the path.  I approached it and it did not move as we looked into each other’s eyes.  I knew it was feeling the love of Archangel Chamuel flowing round me.  When I walked on it stood up and ran away. 

Recently I was enfolded once again in Archangel Chamuel’s pink Orb as I stood on a bridge looking at the stream flowing below us.  My dogs Venus and Sugar were held, still and peaceful, in the light.  When I opened my eyes, a fox was sitting quietly at the end of the bridge with us!  As soon as I moved, the dogs chased it.  It is a reminder of the magic that happens when we are surrounded in love.  Looking at an Archangel Chamuel’s Orb and then breathing the energy around you is a wonderful way of connecting with his love.

A crystal for the month

Archangel Chamuel is soft transluscent pink, and rose quartz is his crystal.  This is a very popular stone and easy to get hold of.  It helps to open up your heart and enables you to open up to more love and also to connect easily to the Angel of Love.  It is a lovely crystal to place by your bed or under your pillow at night so that you can be bathed in love during your sleep

Heal your heart

Find a fresh piece of white or pink paper and decorate it.

Then draw a heart on the paper and place a rose quartz crystal in the centre.

Light a candle and ask Archangel Chamuel to heal your heart.

Rub your chest, which is your heart centre, gently with your hand.

Visualise any lower energies being washed away.

Sense your heart warm and open, radiating pink light.

Send this to any place or person that you wish to.


Do you want to be attuned to the Archangels?  Do you want to read the cards for yourself and others?

Then look at my incredible Archangel Oracle Attunement Course.

To enable people to really work with the deck I wanted to create a course that did more than help you to get to know the Archangels and read the cards.  First I prepared information and exercises for each card……but it did not feel enough….I knew there must be more. And then Archangel Metatron told me that the course must include an attunement to each of the 44 Archangels in the deck.  This seemed formidable but everything is possible with the Archangels.  So I prepared a different attunement for each of the Archangels…. Then before I recorded them I tuned into that angel until I could feel their frequency come through me into the download.  This took many days but that vibration will enable course participants to attune properly to each of the Archngels.


2 PART ZOOM. Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

Part 1 Tuesday 27th April at 7pm UK time

Part 2. Tuesday 11th May at 7pm UK time

Many people currently in incarnation have come from very high frequency parts of the Universes and are only touching on part of their mission.  Before you incarnated you had to step down your vibration in order to experience Earth.  You did this in the training establishments on either Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades or Neptune.  Here you received instruction about your life mission and met the Masters of the Councils.  This special high frequency Zoom will enable you to visit these training schools where you will meet and receive instruction from some of the greatest Illumined Ones ever to incarnate.  You will learn which planet you trained in for Earth.  This session will expand into your entire potential.

During this Zoom you will

  • Learn which planet you stepped down through for this life
  • Meet the Masters of Sirius, the Pleiades, Neptune and Orion
  • Receive updated training about the Christ light and the spiritual technology of the future
  • build interdimensional bridges from Heaven to Earth.
  • Become an Initiate of the Blue Heart Healing Ray
  • Download keys of higher spirituality
  • Receive wise guidance from Pallas Athena

Part 2.

Tuesday May 11th

Every person to incarnate has a golden threat to their heart which links them back to their planet of origin.   The memory of this is dissolved when you go through the Veils of Amnesia.  However, at last the Veils are being pulled back, so that we can remember again.  You will activate your golden thread so that you can connect to your planet of origin and restore your feeling of belonging with the sense of alignment this brings.

You will also visit the great Masters of Saturn, Lyra, Venus, Andromeda and Arcturus to receive downloads from these Wise Ones about your future and that of the new Golden Age on Earth.

During this Zoom you will

  • Activate your golden thread to your planet of origin
  • Renew your connection with your ‘home’
  • Meet the Masters of Saturn, Lyra, Venus, Andromeda and Arcturus
  • Receive downloads about the new Golden Age on Earth
  • Raise your frequency to expand your soul mission

How to read orbs zoom workshop

Orbs are the spiritual bodies of angelic beings and they bring messages or energies.  Some are Guardian Angels and others Archangels or unicorns.  Each Archangel has a different signature within its Orb.  In this magical Zoom I will explain who they are and how you can identify them.  Sometimes there appear to be faces in them and these are spirits they are carrying.  There may be a single Orb in the sky or hundreds of Orbs.  An Orb may be hovering at a distance or actually on or round someone.  I will share why this is and what is happening.

We will explore why they are appearing now and how they can affect and enhance your spiritual journey.  An Orb is a circle. I will explain why this shape was chosen, what other shapes mean and why they are different colours.  Is there such a thing as a false Orb?  Most importantly you will learn how to look at an Orb and understand what it offers you.

You will also experience a meditation journey into an Orb.

During this session you will learn

  • What Orbs really are and why they are appearing now.
  • How to tell which angelic being it is.
  • How to understand the shapes that they take and why.
  • How to interpret many different Orb pictures.
  • How best to take photographs of Orbs.
  • How to work with Orbs.
  • Experience a magical journey into an Orb.

The price for this event is £11.

George lizos interview

I’m so excited to share my new interview with George Lizos, I love George, he’s always so vibrant and full of life and wonderful energy, during my interview we looked at the connection between archangels and other spirit guides, such as elementals and ascended masters. How do the archangels communicate with us and I guided him through a powerful chakra activation meditation with Archangel Sandalphon that I know you’re going to LOVE. 

With love, joy and angelic Blessings,


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