Diana Cooper’s May 2023 Newsletter

Hallo Friends

The word for May is intense.  It is time to release everything that holds you back.  All that is not truth is continuing to be exposed more quickly than before. 

Leaders with vision and integrity have been preparing behind the scenes for some time and we may see some of them starting to step forward now to take the place of the old leaders. 

Have you noticed how Akashic record clearing and karmic clearances are becoming popular.  This is absolutely in line with the energy now.  After the clearances come opportunities.  For all those who are ready new doors are opening, old gifts and powers are being returned and golden souls are emerging.  If you have been standing in your honour, honesty and integrity during your life, this is reward time

However, it is important not to condemn stuff that is revealed, either the sins or the people, however unpalatable for that adds energy to it and brings your frequency down.

Instead bless those souls with integrity, purity or any qualities that they need.  I am sharing an example below from my own life for it is very important for the perpetrator, however dark, and the observer.

Love and blessings


Our words and actions towards others can brighten their light or dim it.  So too can our thoughts.  We powerfully impact on those around us, whether we know them personally or not and even if we are distant from them. 

I have become increasingly aware where my thoughts harbour underlying judgements or criticisms.  One morning recently I meditated on harmlessness and asked for help in developing this quality.  I knew I would be tested that day!  I was going to meet a friend called Sally, who on one level I admire but on another I realised I judged as indecisive and a bit flaky, so I really was going to have to change my attitude and thoughts. 

On my drive to meet her I remembered two stories I often share.  The first was a day when I  decided to visualise Archangel Chamuel’s beautiful pink Orb round me.  As I walked my dogs I imagined I was walking in that pink light. I breathed into my heart and then exhaled it into my aura so that the love energy radiated around me. We paused on a bridge and I closed my eyes to focus more on the love radiating from my heart.  When I opened my eyes a kingfisher sat on a branch nearby, on one side of me sat my two dogs, on the other a fox!  Amazing!  At that moment I must have been harmless. 

The other story I remember was told me by a friend.  She was in a beauty spot strewn with litter.  She was thinking critical thoughts about those who drop litter when a voice from nowhere said, ‘And what about the psychic litter you are leaving with your judgmental thoughts!’  That story was a pivotal moment for me and whenever I saw a piece of litter I started to bless the person who dropped it. I blessed them with integrity and a feeling of belonging.  I did this consciously every day until it became a habit.   I resolved I must do the same thing with all judgmental or critical thoughts.  ‘Right’, I decided, ’Today I must practice blessing Sally in my thoughts instead of judging.’

When we met she talked and talked about her many and challenging problems. As she did so I mentally blessed her and each problem.  What surprised me was, not the feeling of empathy I had for her but the fact that my entire body felt totally relaxed and expanded.  I felt that the blessing had also deepened my feelings of compassion and caring. 

And of course, when I was judging her, she would unconsciously have felt the energies as if they were attacking arrows, so she was putting up a barrier against me.  No one can be objective and ready to make changes when they are under attack.   To my delight, when I  shifted my thoughts to blessings, she was able to see some of her problems differently and started to resolve them. 

We are incredibly powerful and our thoughts are so potent that they literally create or attract everything that happens to us.  They enable others to change or they can hold them back.

Your Peace Chakra

Your causal chakra is often known as your personal moon.  It is one of the transcendent chakras above your head that is helping humanity to ascension.  It is the chakra of peace, and peace is one of the 12 qualities you need to develop within your Stellar Gateway in order to access your Monad.  It is in the charge of Archangel Christiel who overlights the causal chakra.  He also oversees the Stargate of Lyra, which is the entrance to the unicorn kingdom.

Archangel Christiel Orb

Just look at this amazing Orb of Archangel Christiel and an Angel of Love by Linzi Russell.  See the light! And the golden Christ energy within it.  Breathe into it and feel the peace and harmlessness.  Imagine it round you as you go for a walk and see how animals and people respond to you.


Like many other Facebook, Instagram sites mine is constantly being cloned and scamming followers, offering readings for a fee. There are currently many fake accounts circulating, they look identical to mine but please don’t be taken in.  I don’t do readings and I don’t send friend requests. I only have one Facebook and one Instagram account.


Indications that the frequency is rising

I am sure you have noticed that time is flying by more and more quickly. 

We are always being told time is not linear and we know that the higher your frequency the faster that time goes by.  If your thoughts are 3D, for example you are impatiently waiting for a bus in the rain, time drags.  If you are jubilantly happily 5D, the day disappears.  So the fact that time is racing by is another indication of the rising frequency everywhere.


These are speeding up in quantity and intensity which indicates the frequency of Earth is rising.

As I understand it a solar flare is an explosion, an intense burst of radiation caused by magnetic energy being released within sunspots.  They are seen as bright areas on the sun.  According to my friend Pam Gregory, the incredible astrologer (do check her out on https://www.thenextstep.uk.com or watch her popular videos) – the 11 year sun spot cycle has recently been very active.  The magnetic shield between the Earth and Sun has now decreased letting in more cosmic galactic energies in the form of solar flares.

In 2018 there was not a single M class flare.

In 2022 there were 7 X class flares.

In 2023 up to the end of March there were already 7 X class flares. 

Solar Flares are bringing in information and wisdom from the galaxies, which is accelerating and upgrading our spiritual progress.  

This cycle is twice as strong as the one in 2014 and was supposed to peak in 2025 but is now forecast to be at its peak in 2024, a whole year earlier than expected.  Then a new cycle begins.  Wow! Things have really accelerated.

This is the link that Pam suggested for the relevant scientific information.

Quick light raises

When you say or chant the Gayatri mantra or Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya you can ask the Andromedan 11D Cosmic Flame to enter your heart and from there to spread through your chakra column.  This will significantly raise your light quotient.  You cannot do this with any other mantras.  Nor can you do this with other energies, only the Andromedan.

Part of my daily spiritual practice is to chant mantras and I can always feel my frequency shifting when I chant the Gayatri 108 times (words below) for it is the direct connection to the Omnipotent.  There are many translations on the internet. 

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya chanted 108 times also raises your light quickly and you can find these mantras on Youtube to chant to.  It is not enough to listen.  You must actively say or chant in order to activate the shift within you! 

Words of the Gayatri Mantra

Om bhur bhuvah svah

Tat savitur varenyam

Bhargo devasya dhimahi

Dhiyo yonah prachodayat

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya is another of my favourite mantras for I associate it with the birth of my grandson.  I have shared this story before but it demonstrates the power of the mantra.  I was staying with my daughter and her partner for the birth of their second child (now 18!).  He was late and showing no signs of arriving.  I suggested we chant for his safe arrival so the three of us sat together and quietly chanted Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya for him.  Fifteen minutes later my daughter said she needed to lie down, so she went to bed while Greg and I continued to chant.  Within a very short time we heard her calling. The baby was coming in a rush!  The ambulance men who arrived very promptly were most excited.  They thought they were going to birth him in the ambulance but she just made it to a bed and he was fine, strong and lusty.

Kumeka my guide told me that his soul had heard the call from where he was in the universe and responded immediately – and he was born at the correct time.  So I asked what would have happened if he had not been born then? Would he have died?  Kumeka said, ‘No, he would not have died but he would not have got onto his true pathway!’  My guardian angel had prompted me to start the chant for his arrival.

All I AM mantras Raise your Light Levels

Here are two that are particularly potent.

I AM the Gold Ray of Christ

I AM unconditional love

I AM the Cosmic Heart

I AM Lord Maitreya

I AM the Christ.






Note The Lord’s Prayer does not raise the light level for only part of it focuses on the light.

3.Amazing Grace also raises the frequency as do songs with 5D words.


St Germain. The Keeper of the Golden Scales

The magnificent and awesome Saint Germain is now the keeper of the Golden Scales. This is his new universal role. He is helping to bring everything into balance in the universe and in individuals. I asked how I could best access his energy and was told to invoke a Gold and Violet column of his light.  I was told not to ask for his gold and violet flame but it should be a column. This gives you the energy to bring yourself or any situation into balance. This is very much needed at this time in order to push us forward on our Ascension paths.

Here are some suggested words.

I now invoke Saint Germain, the Keeper of the Golden Scales, to place his Gold and Violet column of light over me to bring my life into perfect balance and harmony.

Close your eyes and feel, sense or know that the column of light has been placed over you. Relax and trust it is bringing you into balance and harmony.


For as long as I can remember everyone in the spiritual world has been saying that Charles will never be crowned King. I am writing this in late April and the coronation is supposed to be on May 6. My guidance and that of everyone I’ve spoken to still says he will not be made king.

I thought this might be an appropriate time to talk about the Royal family.

So much is written about them and I am only sharing information to put their very challenging incarnations into perspective. 

Princess Diana was a priestess at the end of Atlantis but she earned karma and at her life review wanted to rectify this. So she trained in Venus, Andromeda, the Pleiades, and Helios the great central Sun, for her role as the Princess of Wales. She is part of the Mary Isis soul. She came in with no connections to the Royal family until she had William and Harry. She had no incarnations between Atlantis and her life as Princess of Wales. Diana came in without power and learnt to access hers.  She used her power for great good.

Fergie and Diana were aspects of the same soul.  In Atlantis, Fergie blindly supported Diana. In this lifetime she has blindly supported Andrew and she is learning the lesson of faith versus blind faith.  This is her 6th lifetime since Atlantis but this is a karmic one during which she is also learning lessons of balance.

William will become king but the monarchy will be swept away by 2026 in the rising frequency.

Not unnaturally he will resist this. He and Harry will not be reconciled but they will both work for the golden future. Kate and William are soulmates and their three children come from the same soul group.  This is about showing family love for the golden future.

This is King Charles’s first incarnation on Earth. He came here because he failed an initiation on Arcturus, which is a very advanced plane.

He and Camilla are twin flames but they were not meant to get together.  In fact, when they did get together, fate made them separate so that he could marry Diana, which was his true destiny.  However, her immaturity, for she was very young, and her understandable jealousy made the relationship impossible and he was magnetically drawn back to his twin flame.

The divine plan was that Diana open his heart and together they could be a great force for love and good.

Queen Elizabeth 11 trained on Orion, Sirius, the Pleiades, Neptune and Saturn for this lifetime.  The Duke of Edinburgh had 12 lives times training for this one. The Queen was a soulmate but not his twin flame.


The Wesak ceremony

The Wesak ceremony occurs annually on the day of the full moon in May. This year, it takes place on Friday, May 5. It is celebrated as the day that Buddha was born, the day he was enlightened, and the day that he passed away.  This is your once a year opportunity to open your higher channels and access the Christ Buddha energy.  An extraordinary, sacred ceremony takes place in the Himalayas.   In your spirit body you can attend the awesome Christ Buddha ceremony in the Wesak Valley, receive a direct impulse of Source energy, connect with the cosmic Christ and bathe in Lord Gautama, the Buddha’s citrine ray.

The recording of the ceremony holds the energy of the actual event and can profoundly affect you.

The Causal chakra is a single peace chamber, that contains the gates to the Angelic realms.  As we develop peace and harmlessness the gates open wide.  There is also a higher purpose in practising peace.  It is one of the qualities that promotes ascension. 

There are twelve chambers in the Stellar Gateway and each of these contains an ascension quality.  Cultivating these qualities allows your Stellar Gateway to open, which leads to connection with your Monad or I AM Presence and ultimately enables you to merge with your Monad and fulfil your life mission.  So this workshop to connect with Archangel Christiel, the Angel of Peace, and open up your Causal Chakra, offers and important step in this journey.

Open the Peace Gates to the Angel and Unicorn Kingdoms

Monday 15th May, 2023

The gateway to the Angelic World and the Unicorn Kingdom is through the Causal Chakra, the pure white centre immediately above your crown. The key to opening the gate fully and permanently is peace.

There are two kinds of peace. One where you feel calm, centred, contented and that all is well in your world.  And there is the Peace that Passeth All Understanding, which is a feeling beyond comprehension.

Your glorious white causal chakra is in the charge of Archangel Christiel.  We will activate the three qualities that are the keys to open the gates to its inner sanctum:

harmlessness, which is a higher octave of togetherness

oneness, which is a higher octave of love

inner stillness which is a higher octave of peace.

These higher ascension qualities confer on you total safety and wellbeing as you accelerate your ascension. When you have developed these qualities your doorway to the angels and unicorns is fully open and you are always connected to them.

Archangel Christiel and the unicorns work on the white ray of purity.  White is the colour of Source love and eternal peace.  As you bathe in this ray you are in your divine essence.

During this workshop you will:

*Connect with Archangel Christiel.

*Work with the pure white Angels of Peace.

*Fully open your gateway to the angelic realms and connect deeply with the angels.

*Access the unicorn kingdom through the Stargate of Lyra to receive unicorn blessings.

*Meet the peace dragons.

*Download light keys and codes to repattern the etheric DNA in your causal chakra. 

Your causal is a transcendent chakra and as you truly anchor it you are on your journey to meet your Monad or I AM Presence.


7-8 UK time.  £11.

What’s your mantra for may?

I love May as it brings renewed hope and optimism as all the flowers are in bloom and connect us to purity and new beginnings. Now is the time to affirm and set your intentions for the month ahead.

Close your eyes, clear your mind from distraction, breathe deeply and focus on your intention, then and take a screenshot when the time feels right.

Share your affirmation, save it as your screensaver to remind you of your intention. Use it as a visual reminder if your goal this month.

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