Diana Cooper’s November 2022 Newsletter

I want to thank all of you who have sent me messages and e mails of hope, healing, love and gratitude.  I have received an overwhelming deluge of love for which I am so very grateful. I have not been able to reply personally to each one but have read them all and absorbed the loving energy.  Also sent back a burst of gratitude that I hope you have received energetically.

I love jingles, rhyming affirmations.  For the past couple of weeks I have been chanting

My 5D health blueprint is anchored in me

As is the blueprint of all I can be.

I asked Kumeka if it helped and if it really was enabling my 5D health blueprint to be anchored.  He told me that only Archangel Raphael could actually anchor it but the jingle helped my energy fields and body to prepare to receive it.  Of course, anchoring is only the first step but I understand that Archangel Raphael fully anchored and started to activate the blueprint during my recent operation.  Amazing!   When I have recovered I can help others to be ready for Archangel Raphael’s activations.

In my newsletter I describe four healing places I have been visiting in meditation and sleep and offer brief visualisation.  They are the Pleiades, Mother Amma’s 10D healing chamber above her hospital in Kerala, Archangel Raphael’s healing chamber above his retreat in Fatima, Portugal and visiting an Arcturian Lightship.  Interestingly since I came out of hospital Lord Arcturus has been communicating with me to bring forward new healing frequencies.  Soon I hope to have much to share.  What an exciting world we live in.

I described in a former newsletter my awesome experience when I sat in a quantum pod.  I was blessed to be invited to sit in a different frequency raising quantum pod.  This time it was quite different.  I could feel the energy buzzing as I entered the room but while I sat there I received nothing except a lot of pressure on my head!  For several hours I had old thoughts and pictures coming up and strange dreams that night.  When I consulted Kumeka he said that this pod was not more powerful, but just had a different vibration with a different purpose from the previous one. In me it brought out and cleared deep old stuck vibrations from past lives and other parts of the universes. It was a big clearing.  That felt mind-blowing.  There is so much amazing spiritual technology already available to help us with our process!

I’m looking forward to a month or so of quiet recuperation and then an extraordinary time for us all if we keep our focus on the new possibilities.

With love

The meaning of I AM THE MONAD.

This prayer or decree was given to humanity by Dwjhal Kuhl through Alice Bailey and I have been asked several times to explain the declaration






You can alternatively say



Your Monad or I AM is your original divine spark from Source.  It is the 12th dimensional aspect of you, beyond comprehension.  When you say I AM THE MONAD you are invoking it and asking it to bring its light down to you. You identify with it.

I AM THE LIGHT DIVINE.  You are now declaring that your Monad is one with the highest frequency light, carrying the spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the universe. It is a statement that you aspire to this.

I AM LOVE. You state that your essence is pure love in tune with the love in your Monad.

I AM WILL. Your Monad is totally attuned to the Will of Source.  You align yourself with this and ask that you be influenced to follow only your higher Will.

I AM FIXED DESIGN.  Your Monad or I AM is attuned to the divine blueprint for creation.  In stating I AM FIXED DESIGN you affirm that your original divine spark of God is perfect and you state that you align with your divine perfection.

If you choose to say I AM THE SOUL you are invoking your higher self, which is a lower frequency and this may feel more comfortable and possible.  You then are asking the light of your soul to merge with you.

This is my interpretation.  You may have a different one.  But I have always loved this and see it as a prayer of aspiration and declared intention, drawing the highest possible energies to you.

Receiving Healing in Sleep or Meditation

Over the last few weeks I have been on an interesting healing journey in preparation for my recent operation.  Any being of the 7th dimension and above can heal, so you can ask any angel, Archangel or Unicorn for healing.  Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of Healing.

You may like to ask to visit one of the following healing places in your sleep or meditation.  I have been directed to all of them in turn by my guide Kumeka, each for several nights. 

The Pleiades

The Pleiades is a plane of heart healing and anyone who comes from here, including animals is a healer.  At the top of Mount Shasta in California there is a portal that connects directly with the Pleiades.  Here is a visualisation you might like to do before sleep or meditation.

  1. Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Mentally state that you wish to visit Mount Shasta.
  3. Visualise yourself at the top of a beautiful snow-covered mountain.
  4. Your guardian angel sits with you.
  5. A portal to a blue tunnel opens from here.
  6.  With your guardian angel you are transported along the tunnel.
  7. You reach a blue doorway….it opens and you ask for a Master of the Pleiades.
  8. A magnificent yet loving being in a blue robe meets you and takes you to an inner chamber.
  9. Explain what you want – the outcome you seek.
  10. Lie or float on a couch surrounded by crystals.
  11. Healers surround you and you may hear them humming.
  12. Relax deeply and receive.
  13. Thank them when they finish.
  14. Return along the tunnel to Mount Shasta.
  15. Thank your guardian angel for being with you.
  16. Fall asleep or end your meditation.

Mother Amma’s 10D healing chamber above her hospital in Kerala

I only recently learnt about this but when I asked Kumeka he urged me to visit it at night.  Mother Amma is the hugging Mother and many years ago I stayed in her ashram so I already felt I had a connection.  However, you are welcome even if you have never heard of her.  As it is a 10D space you may need to raise your frequency before you visit.

visualisation to visit Amma’s 10D etheric healing centre.

  1. Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Mentally state that you wish to visit Mother Amma’s 10D healing centre.
  3. Imagine yourself in a beautiful marble temple in the etheric above her hospital.
  4. When you look down you can see a wide river and a canopy of palm trees.
  5. Now you see a golden lift.
  6. Enter and press Level 10.
  7. Sense the elevator taking you up.
  8. As you step out a beautiful being dressed in white approaches.
  9. Explain what you want – the outcome you wish for.
  10. Follow the being into a chamber and lie on a magnificent thick carpet.
  11. Beings all in white robes sit cross legged round you.
  12. Open yourself to receive as they beam high frequency healing light to you.
  13. When they have finished, thank them and return via the lift to where you started.
  14. Fall asleep or end your meditation.

Archangel Raphael’s healing chamber above his retreat in Fatima, Portugal

Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable.

Mentally ask to visit Archangel Raphael’s healing chamber.

Find yourself approaching a glorious emerald and quartz temple above Fatima.

Already the emerald is having an impact on your energy fields.

You enter a huge door and find yourself in a great chamber.

Enormous emeralds, seemingly lit from within, are radiating out light.

Breathe in the energy.

Archangel Raphael, the glorious emerald archangel, enters and sits on a throne.

You approach him and he enfolds you in his green and gold wings.

Surrender. Relax. Let go. Just feel yourself held in his healing light.

When he has finished, thank him.

He withdraws and you rest, still feeling his energy.

When you are ready, fall asleep or return to where you started and end your meditation.

7 Days of Prayer for the Days of the Week

An Archangel oversees the energy of each day, so it really helps you to connect with them on that day.


Breathe pink into your aura.

Beloved Archangel Chamuel

I ask you to fill my heart with love today so that I see the best in everyone.  Help me to radiate love and harmlessness so that all the people I connect with feel warm and safe with me.  And please open the petals of my heart so that I take in and accept all the love that flows towards me.  May I walk the path of loving kindness today.

So be it.  It is done.


Breathe deep blue into your aura

Beloved Archangel Michael,

I ask that you place your deep blue cloak of protection round me.   Please give me strength and courage today in all situations.  Help me to speak honestly and say what I really feel with tact and truth.  Let me hold your Sword of Truth so that I can cut away all that I no longer need and can walk by your side.

So be it.  It is done.


Breathe emerald green into your aura

Beloved Archangel Raphael,

Please pour your emerald light through me today into every cell of my body.  Bring me vibrant health and help me to pass this energy to others.  I ask that you open me to enlightenment and bring me abundance consciousness today.  Strengthen my light.

So be it.  It is done.


Breathe golden yellow into your aura

Beloved Archangel Uriel

Please fill me with self-esteem and self-worth today.  Strengthen my confidence and help me to act and speak with wisdom. Let me see my divine magnificence so that I can be who I truly am.

So be it.  It is done.


Breathe pure shimmering white into your aura

Beloved Archangel Gabriel

I ask you to give me clarity about all the different areas of my life.  Please sing over me to strengthen my intuition and help me to make good decisions.  Fill me with joy and happiness today and place your diamond light around me.

So be it.  It is done.


Breathe violet into your aura

Beloved Archangel Zadkiel

Please pour your violet light through me and transmute any lower feelings or energies I hold into love and joy.   Move my entire life into a higher frequency so that I am surrounded by peace and goodness.

So be it.  It is done.


Breathe crystal yellow into your aura

Beloved Archangel Jophiel

Please help me to see and understand with wisdom, so that I do things for the highest good today.  Bring me love, peace and calm and hold my hand in all situations. Help me to reach out to download universal knowledge and wisdom.

So be it.  It is done.

the alta major and the higher throat chakra

The Journey to Truth

I have received so much feedback from this workshop.  It seems to have triggered many energetic shifts.  Not surprising as it jump shifted the throat chakra into a new level.  Franziska Siragusa’s experience was very interesting.  She is the amazing Principal of the Diana Cooper School of White Light.

This is what she e mailed me, ‘I wanted to share with you an experience I had connected with your latest YouTube Event. On the day you were doing the Zoom at 7 pm I felt very unwell for about an hour, and I forgot about the Zoom. When I felt better, I got up, and I remembered and went on the computer, and you were doing the last 20 minutes and I was too tired to listen to the whole that evening. 

But that night, you came into my dream. You looked young and wore a bright red dress, and we had cake (two types: Christmas cake and cake made by my mother). Then you said something about Forgiveness, and you told me, “Turn the Flame of Freedom into a Flame of Joy”. 

The next day I listened to your video, and when we got to Chamber 25 you talked about ‘deeper Forgiveness’, and I became very alert. I knew this was important for me and connected to the dream, and then you said the forgiveness prayer, which ended with ‘I am free and joyful, …. I was so amazed because it was like the message in my dream. I realise there are so many layers to Forgiveness, and we just have to keep going.

The other chamber I felt very strongly was Chamber 30, the download of higher ascension codes. Just writing about it now, I can feel the buzzing in my Alta Major.’

Franziska’s observations about forgiveness are very true.  When I say the Forgiveness Declaration, I pause after each section and ask Archangel Lavender (twin flame of Archangel Mariel of the Soul Star Chakra) to go to anyone who is having difficulty in opening their heart to forgive or receive forgiveness.  With her gentle love she is excellent at persuading people to see from a higher perspective.  Each time I make the Forgiveness Declaration I feel my energy field clearing as cords that have bound me to people or situations for years or lifetimes, dissolve.

Now is the first time since the fall of Atlantis that we have been able to bring back and integrate the 11 chambers of the Alta Major into the Throat chakra, so that it returns to its original 33 chambers and can light up magnificently.

I wanted to mention that the recording for the You Tube The Alta Major and the Higher Throat Chakra – The Journey to Truth is available now with unlimited access, so you can benefit from these energies whenever you need them.


Since I received the cancer diagnosis, I have concentrated on my spiritual practice and I have been doing morning and evening spiritual exercises and have noticed a massive difference in my frequency and how I feel. This is such an important time to claim your power by envisioning the life you wish to create and living it. It must happen. When enough of us focus on the glorious golden future of community, equality, perfect health, rejuvenation and soul satisfaction, we will bring it forward. It is personal to me of course and what I feel is right for me. However, I wanted to share it in case any or all of it resonates with you. If it does, please use whatever you wish to or change it to suit your own circumstances. I know that doing this has massively shifted my energy and light levels. And I have loved doing it!!!!

We have refreshed our magical Archangel Collaboration box for this Christmas with Katie-Jane Wright of &Crystals, the crystal expert and crystal whisperer from Spirit and Destiny magazine, with hand signed archangel cards by Diana, one will be selected for you, with its own personal meaning for your heart to explore.

It also has all new choices of hand carved angels; Peach moonstone, Rose Quartz and Rainbow Fluorite, 3 very different energies of change.

We have introduced beautiful, gentle and wise Peach moonstone angels, which align with the energies of purity, compassion and higher heart healing.

Close your eyes and center yourself with a few deep breaths and read the messages of these stones to feel which resonates most for you. Each has a message of love.

Peach moonstone says this-

In your safe space with me, release all your burdens, your worries and fears and sink into my arms, deeper into my wings.  I understand the road has been hard, and you have been tested, there is nothing that can not be fixed with light, I create a safe space to come home back to your heart, back to solace, peace and compassion.  May the angels of Mercy hold you close,  you are pure of heart, pure of being and your essence radiates love that I ‘see’ , that I witness and am here to amplify through your body, your waters and bone so that you gain the gentle confidence, the strength to move forwards.  Allow me to be the humble Shepard, guiding you back to your hearts light.

Rose Quartz- the heart healer has this to say-

I sing to your heart as a mother would her child, for you are the divine child, the divine mother and heart of all, radiate the love you hold in full knowing that you are here to create change, we do not have to move mountains, just helping one person with an act of unconditional kindness makes a difference.  You make a difference. I come to you at this hour to show you your kind heart, to show you your radiance, your rose heart.  You are love, and I love you. May the energies of Rose quartz wrap you up in the pink ray of devoted love.  Know your worth, feel your big heart. My gifts are many, of opening and unbinding the heart so more light can enter, I am here to remind you of your divine origins and connect you the universal heart templates of this planet.

Rainbow Fluorite has this to say-

Focus and clarity are key at this time for you to move through this change, allow me to assist you in clearing the mind to bring a greater and bigger awareness of all that goes on around you.  I will help you pick up on things you may have missed, or discern between projections of others and through that may not be yours. Feel my light like green and purple waters washing through your body, your crown, third eye and heart.  I bring the ability to let go and flow like the water through change but an equal balance of grounded sensibility so that you do not become carried away in your choices.  Lean on me at this time if this resonates may the energies of rainbow fluorite wrap you up and hold you close you are loved.

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