Diana Cooper’s November 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

November is a helter-skelter month, so hold on and stay calm and centred no matter what. There are times when the universe shakes everything up and there is only one thing to do -hold your frequency high and trust.  Be prepared to sit in the silent dark and radiate calm and peace.  The world needs lightworkers now!!

Together we achieved our mission on the 22nd of October to anchor higher light into the planet, to merge with our Monads and raise the frequency of the world. Every single person who participated merged with their Monad and accelerated their personal ascension.

The 11th dimensional energies of Helios, Andromeda and Lyra have been successfully anchored and established in the Great Pyramid at the centre of Hollow Earth for the first time ever for the benefit of humanity and our planet. Thankyou to all you determined lightworkers who helped to accomplish all this.  Thank you to Tim Whild, Adrian Lee and Mia Kafkios, the three mighty beings who are now anchoring this high frequency energy for us.  This is a huge responsibility to undertake and not everyone is ready.  There is more feedback from the event and the incredible outcome of the meditations and petitions in the body of my newsletter.

It is a matter of record what happened 2000 years ago when Jesus anchored what was at that time seventh dimensional Christ light into the third dimensional planet. At that time it was like anchoring the cable for a 100 W lightbulb into a darkened cellar – so that the creatures of the dark were severely disturbed. This time it has been like anchoring cables for 250 W lights with a whole team of lightworkers assisting.

And there may not have been such an extreme outcome but many tried their utmost to derail or even block the event. It would have been extraordinary if that had not been the case for to bring 11th dimensional light into a planet that is not quite 5D is going to upset many people!  Once again thank you all you many, many Masters and High Priests/Priestesss who have held your light unwavering before, during and after the event.  Every High Priest and Priestess who has ever incarnated is currently embodied on the planet. And every single one was holding the energy to raise the frequency of the planet last Sunday whether connected to our event or some other one.  And all are continuing to hold the light during the portal from the 22nd of October to the 11th of November.  In addition, literally millions of souls who are not in physical bodies are holding the energies with us. There has been an enormous burst of support for us throughout the universe.

When the portal of 22nd October to 11th of November closes, more high frequency energy will pour into Earth, causing quite a bit of chaos and confusion. There may even be some days similar to eclipse days when the Sun does not shine. For a long time, people have been talking about the old third dimensional institutions crumbling and this may accelerate during this period.  All the stuff of the old paradigm is reaching its sell by date. Some of it has been hanging on by the fingertips for a while. However, the new is being prepared and we are asked to trust and focus on the vision of the golden future.

11/11 is always a time of starting again at a level higher. However, this does not mean to say it is a simple transition. All light workers now are called to continue to hold your courage and faith. After all you have come into this incarnation specifically to assist with the change, to help to clear out the old and usher in the new. 

The spiritual events of October have pushed not only the planet into higher frequency, (which attracts new possibilities) but as a light worker you will almost certainly have risen on your Ascension path. You may well find that there are endings. This may be friendships or relationships that no longer suit your higher energy, or jobs or even places where you live. Do not hang on. Absolutely know that the need for change is an indication that your frequency is higher and so change is inevitable.  Expect new things and people to come into your life that are suited to the new you and trust the process.

I know it is more easily said than done but have faith that you are guided and looked after. Your angels and guides are working really hard to help you take advantage of the current opportunity to move forward. 

Have a blessed month

With love

The event in Portugal

All of the world people formed groups and tuned in to merge with their Monads. According to my guide Kumeka over 90,000 people worldwide actually merged consciously with their monads on that day.  In addition to those who physically participated in the meditation, millions of souls also participated unconsciously. 

They were unaware what was happening but the energy of the 90,000 who merged consciously, awoke them and enabled them to take part at a soul level.  This is how we achieved our mission.



The results of our petitions to the Intergalactic Council. 

Our first petition for pure water, pure air and pure soil to be returned to Earth was accepted by El Morya.  We are asked to continue to petition for help for this.

The second, for wise leaders with integrity, courage and vision to step forward, is actioned, so instead we are to petition for the masculine feminine energy on Earth to be balanced so that male and female are in harmony; and men and women honour, respect and value each other.  Mary Magdelene is now accepting this petition.

Thirdly we petitioned for Serapis Bey to place the pure white Flame of Atlantis over the entire planet, to illuminate and transmute the old stuck energies.  We then supported him by visualising the Flame coming down over Earth.   Wow!

72% of dense energy was transmuted.This percentage has risen since then thanks to those of you who have continued to call in the White Flame of Atlantis. Please continue to do so!

73% of the stuck souls who languished in the astral planes, saw the light and passed over!!

53% of the very black energy left after Atlantis and Lemuria collapsed was transmuted.

75% of the dark energy of war that has soaked into the ground was transmuted.

45% of the energy of control of one human by another was dissolved.

The 11D frequencies of Helios, Andromeda and Lyra were anchored into the Great Pyramid of Hollow Earth.  We all visualised them being established into the Pyramid for the benefit of humanity and the planet as a whole.  They are starting to spread out through the Leylines and people will automatically be influenced by them. 

The portal is still open until the 11th November and you can still partake in this magnificent event.


Many of you have asked how you can continue to raise your own frequency and that of the planet. I have recorded a 30 minute version of the Monadic Merge meditation, with updated petitions. If you’re looking for a daily practice to transform your life, doing this every day would really raise your light levels. When you buy the recording you automatically get access to this. If you have not received your recording yet, please email Melissa@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com

Unicorn Energy

During the Monadic Merge meditation we went together to the Stargate of Lyra and unlocked the Stargate with love. Beyond the Stargate, which is looked after by Archangel Christiel, lies the unicorn kingdom.  We released huge amounts of unicorn energy and millions more unicorns have now come in to help us. Mia Kafkios anchored the 11th dimensional unicorn light into the Great Pyramid of Hollow Earth and we all supported this process.  It is a wonderful opportunity now to connect with and work with the unicorns, who are mighty pure beings of love and healing.

Change that has taken place

During the merge with your monad meditation we went together to the Intergalactic Council. We were given three petitions and we made these.  Since the event on the 22nd of October I have been told that we no longer need to petition for wise leaders with vision, integrity and courage to step forward to lead us into the new golden future because this is in hand. Now we are asked to petition for the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy on Earth, the equality of male and female, the mutual respect and support of men and women. This petition has been accepted by Mary Magdalene.  She has been working on this for many years but our additional support and that of the intergalactic council will bring about the resolution we all desire much more quickly.


The Intergalactic Council is a body of twelve mighty beings who take decisions for the evolution of Earth.  They decide on and oversee great experiments, like that of Atlantis which was set up to see if humans could maintain a physical body, experience emotions and keep a connection with Source. 

Because the frequency has risen so much in recent years, individuals and groups can now connect with the intergalactic council via Archangel Butyalil to petition for help for the planet or of a project of importance to the health, welfare or advancement of humanity.  You can also offer your services to help the world or the universe.  Those currently serving on the Council are:

Master Marko

The great MasterMarko represents the highest galactic confederation in the solar system.  He holds all the technological information of the united universes within a huge very high frequency quartz crystal skull.  He downloads appropriate ideas into the minds of those who are ready to bring fifth dimensional technology back to the planet.  The information is already stored in the etheric and also within the soul star chakras of those serving in this way.  An example of this are digital cameras that capture the six dimensional frequency of angelic beings as Orbs.  The scientific establishment is just discovering the existence of parallel worlds.  Once they have accepted that science and spirituality work hand in hand they will be ready to receive a higher grade of information.  Master Marko is monitoring this very carefully with the help of Seraphina, the Seraphim.   At the raise the frequency of the world event in October 2023 we petitioned that Service Bay be allowed to place the pure white flame of Atlantis over the entire planet. It was Master Marko who accepted this petition on behalf of the Intergalactic Council.

Commander Ashtar

Commander Ashtar is the seventh dimensional commander of the Intergalactic Fleet whose space ships patrol round Earth to protect and assist us.  They are in place but not visible to us because of their high frequency.  Commander Ashtar is working hand in hand with Archangel Metatron to assist with the ascension process.  He will be waiting to greet millions of souls when they have achieved their ascension.  He looks after the great two-way inter-dimensional portal of Machu Picchu, Peru and his mother ship enters our planet through this portal.  His role on the Intergalactic Council is to help maintain the equilibrium of the universes to keep them in balance and harmony with one another.

Lord Hilarion

Lord Hilarion works closely with Master Marko and Commander Ashtar.  He is the master of the fifth ray, the orange ray of technology and science.  These three harmoniously co-operate to see that, when people on Earth are prepared for it, appropriate information is downloaded into the minds of those who are ready to work with it.  If you have a concept for technology, spiritual or practical, to help humanity, be aware that Lord Hilarion or one of Archangel Raphael’s angels who works with him has dropped it into your consciousness.  You can ask him to help you bring it forward and oversee its progression.

Examples are the new communication technologies, Orb photography, crystal technology and clean power.


Merlin is a master but not a Lord of light. He is an aspect of the mighty St Germain and has mastered the lessons of the magical dimensions and healer. He is also a dragon master.

In 2012 he was appointed to the Intergalactic Council on an electric blue ray.  His role is to teach people to use power with wisdom and integrity.


Jesus is the new ninth dimensional role of Bringer of Cosmic Love.  He carries the Christ light and is spreading it on the 33 vibration to the whole planet.  His chakras are connected with the cosmic heart and he is overseeing the heart activation of the entire world.  His role on the Intergalactic Council is to plant the seeds of pure love wherever they can grow.  He works with Archangel Christiel who is awakening humanity to higher love.  At the Raise the Frequency of the World event in October 2023 we petitioned for wise leaders with Vision, integrity and courage to step forward to lead the planet into the new Golden Age. It was Jesus who accepted this petition on behalf of the Intergalactic Council.

Quan Yin

Quan Yin, known as the Goddess of Mercy, had a two-thousand year incarnation in China and has a vast influence on the world.  She is also Lord of Karma for the sixth ray of loving devoted service, co-operating with Archangel Uriel.  Her role on the Intergalactic Council is to spread the divine feminine wisdom everywhere, to empower women and to allow men to become more in touch with their feminine side.  She is also helping to bring forward the balance of ascending Earth.  Once this is established on our planet her role on the Intergalactic Council will change and she will focus on the ascension of another planet. 

Lord Kuthumi

Lord Kuthumi is now the World Teacher in charge of all the teaching establishments in the inner planes.  He also supervises the Hollow Earth University for planetary leaders and on Earth is preparing us for higher quality leadership.  He is also working with Archangel Jophiel, Angel of Wisdom, helping us to see our children differently so that we can allow in appropriate education systems that nurture the special beings that are entrusted to our care now. 

El Morya

El Morya is the master of the first ray of divine will and creation.  His role on the Intergalactic Council is to strengthen people’s divine will so that they can actively create the new Golden Age.  At this present moment in time he is helping to break down the existing ego structure that has surrounded Earth since the fall of Atlantis. He is the Manu, who carries the keys and codes of the 5D ascended human with 12 strands of DNA connected and activated.  In meditation you can ask him to transfer to you the codes that you are ready to accept.  At the Raise the Frequency of the World event on October 22nd 2023 when we collectively visited the intergalactic council to petition for pure water, pure air and pure soil to be returned to humanity in the best possible way, it was El Morya who stepped forward to accept this petition on behalf of the Intergalactic Council.

Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey is the master of the fourth ray, co-operating with Archangel Gabriel.  He is Keeper of the White Ascension Flame of Atlantis on behalf of the Intergalactic Council.  At the Raise the frequency of the world event in October 2023 he was given permission to place the pure white flame of Atlantis over the entire planet, in order to dissolve the old 30 dimensional matrix and bring in 50 dimensional light everywhere.  He works with Lord Maitreya to oversee the various White Brotherhoods throughout the universe.  All over the planet there are pyramids that contain different resonances of the Ascension Flame.  When we reach a certain frequency he will bring them together into one glorious Ascension Flame and this will form the crystalline matrix of ascended Gaia, in other words it will activate the new energy body of our planet.  When humanity reaches the upper levels of the fifth dimension he will step in to help people maintain their frequency at this high level.  He oversaw the building of the Temple of Luxor.

Paul the Venetian

Paul the Venetian is the master of the third ray of creativity and artistic expression.  He works with Archangel Chamuel to bring love into people’s manifestations.  He also carries the white Flame of Freedom, which he will place over you if you request him to.  This sets you free of old attachments so that you can walk as a Master.  His task on the Intergalactic Council is to help humanity understand the importance and worth of creativity, which is the foundation of manifestation in our new world. 

Mary Magdelene

Mary Magdelene has been promoted to take the place of Lady Nada with the assistance of Lady Portia, Goddess of Justice.  She is working with Archangel Uriel to bring spirituality into religions where the consciousness needs to shift into the fifth dimensional frequency.  Her task on the Intergalactic Council is to hold the vision of unified love.

Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya is the master of the Great White Brotherhood.  The Maitreya energy is the blueprint of peace on Earth.  His task on the Intergalactic Council is to hold the vision of peace and he works with the unicorns and Archangel Christiel to bring this to physical reality on our planet.

88 souls are actively working with the Intergalactic Council and you may be one of these.  Or you may already be a representative of the Intergalactic Council here on Earth.  You may be consciously aware of this or you may be doing important service work during your sleep and completely unconscious of it.

What really is your Monad, your I AM

I’ve talked for some weeks about merging with your Monad and in general people just nodded and I assumed that everyone understood what it was. However, as the Raise the Frequency of the World event due nearer people kept asking me, ‘what exactly is your monad?’   So here is the explanation.

Aeons ago Source sent out sparks of its energy into the Universes Each spark became a vast 12th dimensional Monad. Imagine one of these was your grandparents who lived at the top of a beautiful rarefied mountain where everything was idyllic and peaceful.  Eventually all the grandparents decided that it was time to expand and explore lower dimensions. So each of the Monads sent out their 12 sons and daughters into the universe to explore.  These became souls or Higher Selves and the intention was that they explore and bring back their experiences to enrich the lives and understandings of the grandparents.  However, they set off and nothing was heard from them.

Each of these souls decided in their turn to send their 12 sons and daughters out to experience even deeper dimensions. These sons and daughters became what is known as soul extensions or personalities. They spread throughout the universe and some even incarnated on Earth.  You are one of these.  Their parents heard nothing from them. 

Then at last many of the children decided it was time to visit their parents or Higher Selves and they started to connect with them again. 

After a time, they began to look up the mountain to where their grandparents lived, their Monads.  They decided that if they did it together, if they helped each other to climb, they could ascend to their origins.

For thousands of years the grandparents have been looking out for the return of their children and grandchildren.  As soon as they see you climbing up the mountain they set out to meet you.  They build bridges and smooth the path to make your ascent easier.

When enough people merge once more with their Monads, it becomes easier for all those who follow. 

I asked my guide if your Monad contained your original divine blueprint and he said, ‘No.  It is your original divine blueprint.’ And making the merge massively accelerates your ascension journey.

You can still take the journey to Merge with your Monad..  When you purchase the recording of the event, you also receive a shorter audio version of the Monadic Merge meditation.

Book signing at Timber/Love Organic,  Ringwood

What a pleasure!  I have just enjoyed a book signing at Timber/Love Organic in Ringwood, which surely must be one of the most beautiful shops.   Sana Stephens, the owner, sells such an amazing and delightful range of products.  In between signing books and chatting to people I was surrounded by temptation and ended up purchasing a pile of Christmas presents, ranging from crystals to soaps, to gorgeous lamps and the cutest bamboo socks, even a light up jigsaw of the constellations.  That’s ostensibly for my grandchildren but it is really for me!

It is worth going into Timber/Love Organic to stand in the special healing portal, which has a powerful healing energy, or glimpse and feel the biggest lapis lazuli I have ever seen (not for sale!).  But be aware you have to be strong minded.  Last time I popped in I bought a beautiful angel table!  I’m so glad I allowed myself to be tempted because I still love it.

And when Sana isn’t running her shop she is managing her organic veg boxes.  How does she do it all?!

You can find out a bit more on Sana’s website  www.loveorganic.com


Enter the Stargate of Lyra and Receive Unicorn Light Codes

Beyond the 11D Stargate of Lyra lies the unicorn realm.  Here an ocean of pure white light holds all the qualities we need to ascend fully into the upper levels of the fifth dimension. 

On 22nd October the Stargate of Lyra was unlocked to allow humanity to crack open the Stargate to release more unicorn light.  

The frequency has risen so much over the past month that at last Archangel Christiel is  allowing us entry into the Unicorn Kingdom beyond the Stargate.  It is an awesome and life changing experience to immerse yourself in pure unicorn energy! 

You will meet the Dragons and Angels of Lyra and receive their specific energies and codes of light. 

You will also meet your own personal unicorn, connect with your team of unicorns and learn how to direct them.  Some have a small team, others a huge one.  You will work with pure unicorn light and receive codes of Unicorn Healing.  Some will be initiated as Unicorn Ambassadors. 

During this Masterclass you will:

            *Enter the Stargate of Lyra

            *Merge with Archangel Christiel’s pure light

            *Receive Love, Peace and Light codes from the Angels and Dragons of Lyra

            *Connect deeply with your team of unicorns

            *Receive heart-light and healing from the unicorns

            *Become a Unicorn Healer

            *Raise your frequency to the 7D or higher

This is a life changing Master Class.  You receive downloads of high frequency light and master new skills.  When you become a Unicorn Healer new doors of opportunity open. 

On-line workshop Monday 20th November 7-8 UK time.  You will automatically receive the recording. £11


This prayer or decree was given to humanity by Dwjhal Kuhl through Alice Bailey and I have been asked several times to explain the declaration






You can alternatively say



Your Monad or I AM is your original divine spark from Source.  It is the 12th dimensional aspect of you, beyond comprehension.  When you say I AM THE MONAD you are invoking it and asking it to bring its light down to you. You identify with it.

I AM THE LIGHT DIVINE.  You are now declaring that your Monad is one with the highest frequency light, carrying the spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the universe. It is a statement that you aspire to this.

I AM LOVE. You state that your essence is pure love in tune with the love in your Monad.

I AM WILL. Your Monad is totally attuned to the Will of Source.  You align yourself with this and ask that you be influenced to follow only your higher Will.

I AM FIXED DESIGN.  Your Monad or I AM is attuned to the divine blueprint for creation.  In stating I AM FIXED DESIGN you affirm that your original divine spark of God is perfect and you state that you align with your divine perfection.

If you choose to say I AM THE SOUL you are invoking your higher self, which is a lower frequency and this may feel more comfortable and possible.  You then are asking the light of your soul to merge with you.

This is my interpretation.  You may have a different one.  But I have always loved this and see it as a prayer of aspiration and declared intention, drawing the highest possible energies to you.

orb of the month

When Kirstin Joost sent me this Orb I was overwhelmed.  I couldn’t stop looking at it!

Every Orb, in its very centre, has a connection to Source.  I have rarely seen this central core connection so clearly!  It is like being drawn up through a vortex of Seraphim energy to Source.  Here is an exercise to help you to work with it.

1.Look at the Orb through half closed eyes.

2.After a while close your eyes and still see or imagine the Orb in front of you.

3.Know that angels are singing you I through the vortex.

4.You are moving through the angelic realms into the divine centre.

5.You may see a vision of this dimension or you may rest here for a moment.

6.This is a wonderful opportunity to offer a prayer to Source.

a favour to ask

Beautiful friends I have a favour to ask you. Please would you put up a favourable review on Amazon for my book The Golden Future. You do not have to put to buy the book from capital Amazon in order to add a review. I would be really grateful.

Thank you.  PS.  It is also a really inspiring book, full of information and hope!!!

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