Diana Cooper’s October 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Thankyou everyone who has purchased my new book, The Golden Future.  It is now out on audible too and I have received such heart-warming feedback.  It is giving much hope and inspiration as well as information. 

There are important dates this month.  The vibration of every number has an impact on you.

10th October is 10.10

The vibration of 10 indicates that a change is coming so rest, relax and make plans for the new ideas that are presented to you. 

10.10.  this is a time for strategic planning for your future.  Give yourself some time on 10th October to get clear about your way forward.  The universal energy is supporting you on this day.

Of course 22nd October is a massively important day.  Our event to RAISE THE FREQUENCY OF THE PLANET on that date is more significant than most of us realise.  It is the start of the most exciting and important period that there has been on the planet since the Cosmic Moment of 2012. Between the 22nd of October and the 11th of November there is a huge push from the spiritual world to raise the frequency of the planet.

This three-week period marks a huge window of opportunity for spiritual growth and planetary service.  The energies available will support ascension and higher heart opening. 

As you may well know I am facilitating an event in Portugal to RAISE THE FREQUENCY OF THE PLANET.  While the live event has long been fully booked, you can experience it through livestream on the day link or the recording at any time during the three-week period and you will add your energy to raising the frequency of the planet.  After that the meditations will hugely impact your personal spiritual growth. This is an incredibly exciting time for humanity and the planet.

Much love and blessings at this exciting time.


Just to recap about the day…. First we will raise the frequency of the third eye and dissolve the Veils of Illusion.  During this meditation Andrew James Roberts will anchor the energy from Jupiter, the cosmic third eye chakra, into Earth and we will collectively assist this process to start bringing peace and abundance consciousness to our world.

Secondly Adrian Lee will do a comprehensive Akashic record clearing to remove all that has been holding you back. He holds the perfect energies to enable you to do this and it will allow you to take full advantage of the energies of the day. 

Third, I will facilitate an incredible high frequency meditation to enable you to Merge with your Monad.  This is your I AM, your original divine spark from God, the highest frequency aspect of yourself. The extraordinary journey of how this meditation was given to me by my guide Kumeka and has since evolved and expanded is on my website link

During this you will receive energies from 5 Illumined Masters, 12 Archangels will awaken upper 5D qualities within you and create an Archangel Ball around you to prepare you to unlock Codes of Light from 12 planets.  These will illuminate you with higher light.

Plus, our collective energy will unlock with love 11D Light Codes from Helios to enable you to be All You Can Be – and Tim Whild will anchor these into Earth.

Together we will unlock with 11D Light Codes from Andromeda to open your higher heart and Adrian Lee will anchor these into Earth.

And together we will unlock with love 11D Unicorn energy, containing all the qualities we need to merge with our Monads from beyond the Stargate of Lyra and Mia Kafkios will anchor these into Earth.

We will channel the Cosmic Codes into Earth, enabling our planet to radiate a higher frequency golden white light, so that we can take our rightful place in the universe.  This is a great piece of service work.

This will enable us all to merge with our Monads.  After this, all our Monads merge together and we illuminate the entire universe.  Billions of souls throughout the universes will be watching and supporting this!

At last we visit the Intergalactic Council to make petitions for humanity and our planet.  The last one is that Serapis Bey be allowed to place the pure White Flame of Atlantis over the entire world.  This will dissolve much of the low 3D energy and illuminate our planet.

Link.  It will be a momentous, life and planetary changing day.   Do please add your energy.  You can make a difference.  We can precipitate humanity into the 5D. 

Solar Flares and Supermoons

The number and intensity of the solar flares has been increasing rapidly.  So what is their purpose and what are the accomplishing?  They are bringing in high frequency divine masculine energy from the Sun.  This contains light codes thatstart toignite happiness within humanity.  For the first time since Atlantis people are able to experience true happiness.  They are also awakening pure divine masculine energies.  This higher light is activating qualities of wise leadership with integrity so that a wave of higher frequency leaders is being prepared and will soon step forward.  The solar flares are touching people with the impulse to use their power for the highest good, and to protect the vulnerable.   In this way it is raising the frequency of Earth, humanity and even the universe.

It is no co-incidence that there are more super moons that are pulsing out high frequency, intense divine feminine energies. They are beaming out divine feminine wisdom, as well as a desire to start caring for and nurturing each other, regardless of nationality or creed.  This is starting to spread through the consciousness of humanity.

Because we are being bombarded by high frequency light, we are needing extra assistance with grounding. Lady Gaia herself is raising her frequency to help us all ground the higher energies.  Hollow Earth is responding by sending high frequency grounding energies through the leylines.  We really are being prepared for the golden future.

The vibrations of the solar flares and supermoons are making many people feel very tired.  We are asked to respond to this by resting, so that we can absorb the energy. 

10th October is 10.10

The vibration of every number has an impact on you.

The vibration of 10 indicates that a change is coming so rest, relax and make plans for the new ideas that are presented to you. 

10.10.  this is a time for strategic planning for your future.

Amazing story how Source has added information to the FREQUENCY OF THE WORLD event

I am still continuing to do the Merge with your Monad meditation every day as I was instructed to do by my guide Kumeka.  It is still expanding and changing and I look forward to the meditation with high anticipation each morning.

Many great lightworkers are translating the recording into their own languages.  Some of them are not experienced translators, so I agreed that I would create a script and pre-record the meditations so that they could practice the pronunciations etc.  The Monadic Merge is almost an hour.  Something happened as I was about to finish it each time, like dogs barking, a visitor arriving.  At last I recorded it without interruption and was very happy.  I carefully saved it.  When I sat down to send it to those who had asked for it, it had disappeared from my laptop!  I said to Kumeka (accusingly). 

‘I did save it, didn’t I?”


‘You took it off, didn’t you?’



And then Kumeka told me that the frequency of the event was now so high, that he had taken the script of the meditation to Source for final approval, and Source wanted some changes!

It was very interesting.  Certain words, He wanted to be changed.  Others, the emphasis was to change and one paragraph was deleted and re-written!  I could feel the shift in energy with the new words.

So I recorded it again and….guess what….it saved!  And I was able to send it out!


From The Golden Future book

Here is an excerpt from The Golden Future about Lord Voosloo.  He is one of the great Illumined Masters, who will be working with us all on 22nd October and then up to the 11th November.  He will be placing his extraordinary yellow flame with the keys and codes of the golden future into the hearts of everyone who is doing the Monadic merge meditation.  And saying the I AM LORD VOOSLOO declaration is an incredible way of accessing his light and preparing for the ascension path that awaits us.  Every single word is important.

I AM Lord Voosloo

Lord Voosloo was the highest‐frequency High Priest to incarnate in Atlantis. He incarnated with the keys and codes to facilitate the jump‐shift of that society into the extraordinary Golden Era. Aeons before that, he enabled the beings of Mu, the civilization before Lemuria, to jump‐shift into a Golden Age.

He has returned to this universe as Master of the Ninth Ray to help us with our double‐dimensional leap into the next Golden Age. His light is a beautiful crystalline yellow. When you merge with his energy, he helps you with your personal jump‐shift into ascension.

I AM Lord Voosloo.
I AM the Sun beyond the Sun.
I AM the bringer of light.
I AM the master of harmony.
I AM the jump-shift in consciousness. I AM the new Golden Age.

This is the explanation:

  • ‘I AM Lord Voosloo’ calls on your Monad to blend fully with Voosloo’s illumined light.
    • ‘I AM the Sun beyond the Sun.’ This affirmation aligns you through the Sun with Helios, where the light containing the higher information and knowledge for this universe is created. It activates the Divine Masculine energy of the universe, which is the protective, active energy that makes things happen.
    • ‘I AM the bringer of light’ allows you to connect with the light created in Helios and bring it through your energy systems.
    • ‘I AM the master of harmony’ aligns the cells of your body with the harmonics of the universe.
    • ‘I AM the jump‐shift in consciousness.’ You are now commanding that the keys and codes that will take you to higher ascension be ignited within you.
    • ‘I AM the new Golden Age.’ You align yourself totally with the blueprint of the new Golden Age.

How you can do your part to raise the frequency of the world

Tell your friends and followers.  Here is the link: https://dianacooperstg.wpenginepowered.com/events/ascension-power-boost-to-the-golden-future-full-day-virtual-access/

Share it on your Facebook page and instagram.

Talk to people you meet about it.

Create a group to share the livestream together.

Please email melissa@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com if you want to to be emailed any pictures or graphics.

The event is being recorded in many languages.  If you wish to participate in one of these languages, here they are with their contacts. 

Greek.     Stamatoula Pappa.  tiapappa@gmail.com 

Italian.     Franziska Siragusa franziska@franziskasiragusa.com

German.  Greta Lipp. events@wrage.de

French.    Annika.  Kakou.creation@gmail.com

Spanish. Bolivia.     Alejandra Hein. Ale_hein@yahoo.com  

Vietnamese.   Phu.   Chiphu99@gmail.com  

Hindi.           Sameeta sameetan@gmail.com 

Taiwanese.  Iris Wang. Iris771128@gmail.com  

Chinese. Cantonese.   Kijo Webby Lau.   webbylau@gmail.com  

Finnish.  Jenny Ranta Kahili.  Koulutus.adeline@gmail.com

Slovakian.  Nikoleta Zolnerova.  Hello@withnikoleta.com 

Tips to move past a problem

When you let go and raise your frequency above that of the problem, magic takes place.  The universe swings into place behind your vision and energises it.

Here are some steps.

1.Write down your vision or think clearly about it.

2.State it will only come about for the highest good of everyone concerned.

3.Only tell people who will positively hold your vision.

4. Let it go. Don’t think about it.

5.Do high frequency things that take your full concentration.

6.This gives the universe space to bring your vision into manifestation.

If it does not happen it is not for the highest good so you would not want it anyway!

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