Diana Cooper’s September 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This is a very exciting month. It is exciting for everyone but especially for me as it is my birthday month!!! I will be 83 on the 7th of September. 8 + 3 = 11, and the vibration of 11 is to move up to a level higher!  It feels electrifying.  This year has already been incredible, so stepping into another level is amazing.  I share some of my recent spiritual experiences in my newsletter!   I love it that on your birthday Lady Gaia and the angels sing over you and celebrate your coming to Earth. 

The 9th of September is also a remarkable date. 9+9 = 18 = 9.   There is no escaping the vibration of 9 on this day!  It encourages you to work or create for the highest good of humanity.  99 is a special vibration.  99 calls on you to Live as an Ascended Master and on 9th September this year, if you set your intention to live at this higher level, the universe will support you. 

On Saturday 23rd September we have the autumn equinox, when day and night are equal lengths.  It is a day to harvest your crops, in other words to acknowledge your spiritual gifts, talents and powers as well as the abundance in your life and give thanks for everything.  Gratitude draws even more bounty to you, not just physically but in love, joy, peace, spiritual growth and harmony.  It is worth lighting a candle and saying thank you for the amazing experience of life.

My latest book The Golden Future is out and is currently number 1 in three categories of Amazon.  Hooray!  The book offers inspiration and hope as I share the vision of the 5D world we are creating and how we will reach it.   I write about the time line of the past and the future, steps that we can take to move into the fifth dimension and empowering new spiritual exercises and techniques. 

On 19 September at 7pm UK time I am offering a free webinar Higher Ascension Tools to Propel you into the Golden Future for anyone who buys the book.  You can find full details HERE. There is an simple visualisation from the book included below in my newsletter.

The audio of my book The Golden Future will be available on 15th September on audible. It is read by me!!! You can find out more HERE. It is read by me!  

Love and blessings

Illuminate the gates to your stellar gateway

Over the past two years I have done a series of on-line seminars, exploring each of the chakras in depth.  On Monday 25th September I shall be facilitating the last on-line workshop in the series Open the gates to your Stellar Gateway.  I do hope you can join me.

The fascinating thing is this.  I have been guided that as you read about the journey through each chakra the Archangels in charge raise your frequency to dissolve old stuck energies and ensure that the lessons are learnt.  I explain these lessons in my book The Golden Future (and of course in the audible) with the same effect.  Your chakra automatically rises to a higher frequency.  What a wonderful universe we live in.


If we can get enough people to merge with their Monads we can precipitate humanity and the planet into the Golden Future.  Be part of this.


The Intergalactic Council has confirmed this is

the most important happening since the Cosmic Moment of 2012.


It is vitally important that as many people as possible join in the meditations.  Gather friends and link in together!  Tell others about it!  If we all participate we can enable amazing things to happen.  OUR COLLECTIVE POWER CAN MAKE THE INCREDIBLE POSSIBLE.


Tim Whild will anchor the 11D energy of Helios into Earth.  He is a High Priest of Arcturus and a Member of the Arcturian Council of 12.  Everything in this universe works with 12.  Most people think it is a Council of 9 but that is because the three highest Members have been at a higher frequency than we can reach.  Tim has taken leave from his role on the Council in order to help Earth with our transition.  He spends much time in Helios as a guest on their Council and is literally the only person who can anchor this divine masculine light into our planet.  It contains leadership with integrity, justice, protection of the vulnerable, decisions and actions for the highest good.  He will anchor the energy for three years.

Tim Whild says, ‘The Intergalactic Council have been preparing me all year for this event.  It is so important.’

Adria Lee will anchor the 11D love from Andromeda, the higher heart of the Universe into Earth.  Andromeda has a Council of 12, and the frequency of the top 3 has only just come into our frequency orbit.  He is one of the three.  He too has taken leave from the Council in order to enable this planetary shift and bring higher love to humanity.  The higher love of Andromeda contains a perfect balance of love, peace and wisdom.  He will anchor the energy as long as it is needed.

Adrian Lee says, ‘I now know why the Universe has accelerated my spiritual path – to be ready for this life changing day.’

Mia Kafkios will anchor the 11D pure white unicorn light from Lyra.  Originally a High Priestess from Lyra was going to anchor this light but she can no longer do so.  The Intergalactic Council has given special permission for Mia Kafkios, who is a High Priestess of Andromeda to take over this role and she has signed a new soul contract to anchor this incredible light for the rest of her life.

Mia Kafkios says, ‘Beyond time and space this is one of the most important missions my soul has been assigned to on planet Earth.’

This is the first time in the entire history of the planet that it has been possible to access and anchor these energies.  JOIN THIS MISSION and help this to be achieved.


In my newsletter I explain why it is so important to raise the frequency of the third eye and why it is a big step towards world peace and abundance consciousness. 


AJ Roberts is a High Priest in Arcturus and is currently working both on Earth in his physical body and on Arcturus.  He has the power to open people’s third eye chakras and can beam out the light to do this live and on-line.  His soul mission is to bring about world peace and today he will anchor the energy of Jupiter and its ascended aspect, 11D Jumbay into our planet.  This will enable a those who are ready to awaken their third eye chakras, and for the first time ever abundance consciousness and true intuition will be available to humanity.

AJ Roberts says, ‘My soul mission is to assist humanity and the planet to ascend into the golden future and at this pivotal event I will fulfil my role to the highest capacity.’



The event is being livestreamed in many languages.  If you wish to participate in one of these languages, here they are with their contacts.  You will find the link on their websites.

Greek.     Stamatoula Pappa.  tiapappa@gmail.com 

Italian.     Franziska Siragusa siragusatours@gmail.com

German.  Greta Lipp greta.lipp@wrage.de

French.    Annika.  Kakou.creation@gmail.com

Spanish. Bolivia.     Alejandra Hein. Ale_hein@yahoo.com  

Vietnamese.   Phu.   Chiphu99@gmail.com  

Hindi.           Sameeta sameetan@gmail.com 

Taiwanese.  Iris Wang. Iris771128@gmail.com 

Chinese. Cantonese.   Kijo Webby Lau.   webbylau@gmail.com  

Finnish.  Jenny Ranta Kahili.  Koulutus.adeline@gmail.com

service work

If you have a mailing list and would like to serve humanity and the planet by translating the event in yet another language please contact us.  I am not charging for the link.  You receive it free and can sell the whole day or only the Monadic merge meditation to your contacts.

The golden future

My latest book The Golden Future is out and is currently number 1 in three categories of Amazon.  Hooray!  The book offers inspiration and hope as I share the vision of the 5D world we are creating and how we will reach it.   I write about the time line of the past and the future, steps that we can take to move into the fifth dimension and empowering new spiritual exercises and techniques.  On 19 September at 7pm UK time I am offering a free webinar Higher Ascension Tools to Propel you into the Golden Future for anyone who buys the book.  You can find full details HERE

Here is a simple visualisation from the book.  The more we imagine this, the more quickly we all create this golden world.


  • Take a moment to relax.
  • Imagine a world where everybody is happy and healthy.
  • Everyone is contented because they are fulfilled at a soul level.
  • People everywhere co-operate and look after one another.
  • There is enough for everyone.
  • We all respect one another’s race and religion.
  • The land itself is pure and shining.
  • Every day we draw in clean energy from Earth and breathe pure air.
  • This is the new Golden Age into which we are moving.
  • How does it feel to live like this?


What can the pure White Flame of Atlantis do?

It lights you up and dissolves lower thought forms formed by compulsions, addictions, obsessions etc.  It protects you from dark energies and dissolves any that have entered your aura.  It is 7th dimensional.

How to invoke it

Simply ask Serapis Bey to place the pure White Flame of Atlantis over you.  It helps to visualise him doing this.

You can ask Serapis Bey to place it over others.  You do not have to do this under grace.

Note.  Do not place the White Flame of Atlantis over yourself or anyone else.  Ask Serapis Bey to do it. 

What happened during my daily Merge with my Monad meditation and visit to the Intergalactic Council

Every morning in meditation, when I have merged with my Monad I feel totally golden.  Then I visit the Intergalactic Council to petition for Earth.  For several weeks they took my petitions. Then one day my guide Kumeka told me that, although they listened they weren’t really getting the importance of our event on 22nd October to raise the frequency of the planet. So, I gathered my power and next day when I went to visit them, things changed. I could hardly believe it.

They invited me to sit with them and discuss this project for Earth.

I sat with the twelve mighty Ones at a round table.  It was incredible.  They all gave me their full attention. When I had finished I asked if Lord Kumeka and Lord Vosloo could also address them, which they did. Afterwards, the Intergalactic Council, as one, agreed to help us on 22nd October. Since then they have given my daily petitions to raise the frequency of Earth more and more attention.

Incredible story of what happened when I asked Serapis Bey to place the pure White Flame of Atlantis over our entire planet.

Each day I was also asking Serapis Bey to place the pure White Flame of Atlantis over me and others.  It dissolves lower energies and illuminates people.  One day I asked him if he would place the pure white Flame of Atlantis over the entire planet to illuminate everyone and all situations.

He said he could not do this without the permission of the Intergalactic Council as it would be a major shift for Earth and for the universe.

So, I asked the Intergalactic Council for this permission and they said they needed time to consider this request.

On the following day they indicated that they would grant this permission if every single person who had participated in the monadic merge would come to them and add their energy to the request.  Together we will do this. 

On 22nd October when Serapis Bey places the Pure White Flame of Atlantis over our planet it will illuminate humanity and dissolve at least 25% of the lower frequencies.

I believe we can build on this percentage.  It will massively affect us all. 

How many people are needed to achieve the planetary rise in frequency?

The contract for the whole of the planet is for 8% of the planet to merge with their Monads on that day to enable the entire planet to shift.  This can be done in various ways and our part of this contract is to enable 16 million souls to make the monadic merge on that day.   We will fulfil it!!!  This means that the whole planet will rise in frequency.  In addition, Serapis Bey will bring down the pure White Flame of Atlantis over the planet.  Amazing.  Wonderful.  Together we will do it.

What is the spiritually best thing to do about scammers?

As you may know my social media is plagued with scammers.  I asked Kumeka what we should do for the highest good.  He told me to ask Serapis Bey to place the pure White Flame of Atlantis over them.  This starts to dissolve the dark energy within the scammers and when they are ready, it raises their frequency.

If you give away bank details or lose money to a scam, call your bank immediately using the number on the back of your card and report the scam to Action Fraud

Why is it so important to raise the frequency of the third eye?

To bring in the Golden Future we need international peace and co-operation. 

The third eye chakra of the planet is Afghanistan, which is the last place in the world predicted to be at peace.  It reflects the third eye chakras of humanity,

The more of us who can raise the frequency of the third eye, the more quickly we will bring about world peace, abundance and vibrant health.

Then the Amethyst Skull containing all the wisdom of Atlantis, that has been hidden since the fall, will release its light.

This ignites the energy placed into all the crystals, especially during ceremonies, and the seams of gems within the planet, and they release their light.

Then a special portal in the mountains of China containing a diamond‐white love frequency will start to open.

Then pure love energy will flood our planet and open the higher hearts of the masses, and will move us all into fifth‐dimensional consciousness.

Then the portal between the cosmic third eye, Jupiter/Jumbay and Afghanistan will open and bring in peace, expansion and a higher spiritual way of living.

Archangel Raphael the Emerald green angel of healing and abundance oversees the third eye chakra is of humanity, the planet and the universe. His etheric retreat is in Portugal, which is why we are holding the world changing event in that country on 22nd October and livestreaming it round the world.

Upcoming webinar

The Stellar Gateway is your twelfth chakra. It is the gateway not just to the stars but also to your Monad or I AM presence. The mighty Archangel Metatron is in charge of the Stellar Gateways of humanity, the planet and the cosmos.

There are 12 chambers in your Stellar Gateway chakra, each if which contain specific qualities that must be developed in order for your chakra to expand to its full potential. When these qualities are lit up and anchored within you, the light around your head switches on and you have a golden halo, that some people may be able to see.

When your Stellar Gateway is open and activated you bathe in higher light from the cosmic Stellar Gateway chakra and this massively accelerates your spiritual path.

During this workshop you will

*Merge with Archangel Metatron

*Journey through the 12 chambers of your Stellar Gateway

*Illuminate the qualities held in each chamber

*Anchor these energies at a cellular level

* Receive high frequency light codes from the universe

Prepare for this workshop to transform your life and accelerate your ascension journey.

Not: This seminar will prepare you for the 22nd October when we are merging with our Monads to raise the frequency of the entire planet to bring in the golden future.

When our Monads merge together we will illuminate the Universe.

Guardian Angels

Humans have one Guardian Angel, who stays with them throughout their soul journey, in incarnation, in between incarnations or in a different plane of existence.  When you are fifth dimensional a second one is allocated to you to help you hold your frequency high.  At the end of your life this one returns to the pool of angels.

All animals have two Guardian Angels. 

Here is a photo by Elin Kim of a beautiful 7 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, (The Lions dog) called Aros, one of 9 puppies.  You can see his two Guardian Angel Orbs quite close to him, one overlapping the other.  They are very close to him because they are protecting him as he is a very sensitive puppy.

The two other Orbs in the second picture have Gabriel energy and are helping to dissolve the puppy’s fears about this incarnation, including general fears and fear of abandonment from another life.

It is not just humans who bring in stuff from other incarnations!

Inspiritional dreams

Dreams are messages from your soul on many levels. They also bring messages from the angels or your unicorns.
Here is a beautiful dream the Teja Melinc shared with me:

A few nights ago I had an amazing dream that I was taken to the angels and was enveloped in blue and golden light, and I was just resting. There were angelic beings all around me and they were working on repairing every single cell of my body, rejuvenating and activating it. It was so beautiful. Sadly I didn’t see any faces but it was such a divine experience. I think they did a lot of work on my physical body as I started feeling so much better and I am also so much stronger and fitter since that therapy in the dream. amazing huh? I love angels so much …

Here is another dream from Teja who is expecting her first child. She is Slovenian but speaks perfect English. In the time of Golden Atlantis a couple who wanted a baby would meditate for the kind of soul they could best serve and then connect telepathically before conception.

‘A few years ago, when I was sick I woke up in the middle of the night and was a bit in and out of my body. I literally wanted to escape my body because I was feeling so ill. I saw all my guides from all sorts of levels… American Indians, Mother Mary, Jesus etc …and than at one point, all of the sudden I see a staircase and on the top of it was Archangel Michael holding little girl’s hand. The girl had long light brown hair, a bit curly and she was wearing a dress. She was so excited to see me and so wanted to come to me and hug me. She looked at me and said, ‘I will do readings, just like mommy’. She even spoke in English! That shook me badly. This happened on the 4/4/2012. I found I was pregnant on 4/4/2015. So the same date! And few days early, before even knowing I was pregnant i had a dream about the same little girl that was playing around with Will, my husband, and laughing. She was pure joy! I also had a dream about a boy, so maybe that means there are two souls waiting to be born. Teja’

I too had an interesting dream, though mine was a spiritual dream about maintaining calm in the face of adversity or attack. ‘I was standing in front of a group of people when a very angry snarling woman came up to me and shouted at me. I looked at her calmly and said quietly, ‘We stand for peace and love.’ Immediately all the hate dissolved from her face and she turned and ran away.
It felt as if it was a reminder that high frequencies can dissolve low ones.

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