Yods Bus

Yods Bus written by Sue Heys, illustrated by Sarah Louise Bishop

Yod had been working with the animals teaching them about happiness.

Then, one evening just as the huge red sun was setting in the West, Owl sent out an urgent message for everyone to come quickly and gather in the golden cornfield. He was holding a letter and waving it this way and that for all to see. It was a very important looking letter addressed simply to “Everyone”.

“It’s an invitation” he said excitedly “It’s from Yod.”

“Read it, read it”, shouted all the animals before letting a hush fall over the field.

Owl began to slowly and very carefully read the words.

“Tomorrow is the day of your test,

Remember what I told you and just do your best

I’ll send a bus at half past eight

yods-bus-1All of you must come and don’t be late.”

And so it was

That all the animals were queuing in a line

Paws crossed that the bus would be on time.

Each dressed up in their very very best

Each one hoping to pass Yod’s test.

All that is except for one

Whose coat was dirty and his shoes undone,

He’d been working hard all through the night

Making sure his sister mice looked just right.

“I can’t go,” he said, “looking such a mess

I know for a start I’ll fail Yod’s test”

The bus came along not a minute late

yods-bus-2It came exactly at half past eight.

All the animals got on except a tiny little mole

Who was crying at the roadside, and wishing for his hole.

Cow had stood on him in the rush to get a seat

And didn’t even notice he was under her feet,

But rabbit from the window saw him yelp

yods-bus-3Got off the bus and ran to him to offer him his help

“Don’t go,” said the others

“The bus can’t wait.

Yod has called us

And we mustn’t be late”

The bus went on down the windy road

They all saw badger struggling with a load

Some looked this way and some looked that

yods-bus-4They tried to ignore him rat a tat tat,

But Hedgehog’s heart was open wide

His feelings for badger he could not hide.

He jumped from his seat and was not too late

“Don’t go,” said the others

“The bus can’t wait

yods-bus-5To help the badger with his great big weight.
Yod has called us

And we mustn’t be late”

Over in some fields by the side of a gate

A little robin redbreast had come to wait.

He only had one wing and couldn’t fly

And there was a cat snooping by.

“Oh No!” clucked hen flip flap fly

yods-bus-6“That poor little bird will surely die”

She took off from the bus

Flapped her wings high

And chased off the cat that was snooping by.

“Don’t go,” said the others

“The bus can’t wait

Yod has called us

And we mustn’t be late”

Just a little further on

By an old stone wall

Came the sound of bleating from a lamb so small,

Her coat was stuck on an old bit of wire

She was cold and lonely and very, very tired

Cow saw her trouble

She could hardly stand to look

yods-bus-7She got off the bus and freed her from the old rusty hook

“Don’t go,” said the others

“The bus can’t wait

Yod has called us

And we mustn’t be late”

Squirrel in the branches at the top of a tree

Was scurrying round collecting nuts for his tea.

A loud Crash Bang made him jump

Down he fell and would have landed with a bump

But happily for squirrel the bus was passing by

And the falling little animal caught deer’s eye

Quick as a flash she leapt from above.

yods-bus-8And caught the falling animal in arms full of love.

“Don’t go,” said the others

“The bus can’t wait.

Yod has called us

And we mustn’t be late”

When goose heard a bark from a frightened little dog

Left by himself on a slippery log

He looked round the bus to see who was still on

But no one was- the number was none!

He saw that he was now the last

It would have to be him and he’d better move fast

If little brown dog was not to be drowned

yods-bus-9In the rushing, swirling water that was all around.

It was an empty bus that arrived at Yod’s place,

But a great big smile spread over his face.

He punched the air and leapt up high.

“Yes, Yes!” he shouted and do you know why?

Well, just in case you haven’t guessed

Every one of the animals had passed his test!

yods-bus-10They had learnt Yod’s lesson that the very best way

To be truly truly happy every day

Is to help each other ——-

Come what may!

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