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Dear Friends,

As you know time is not linear.  The higher your frequency the faster time goes.  So if you are saying, ‘Surely it can’t be Christmas again already,’ it is a positive sign that your vibration is rising!

The world is a bit like a Christmas cake.  Everywhere people are in groups or factions, like the ingredients, laid out separately.  Bit by bit they are being stirred together ready to be baked.  This mixing period will last a few years and then the cake will be put in the oven to cook to perfection.  And we will be brought into perfection as we cook in the higher frequencies of the New Golden Age.

Remember this as the Christ Light pours into the planet at Christmas and have a wonderful time.

With love and Christmas blessings

How the Rise in Spiritual Frequencies is Accelerating

10,000 years ago Atlantis fell and the planet was in great darkness for 8000 years.

The Intergalactic Council was getting concerned and concocted a plan to try to return the Christ light to Earth.

2000 years ago the plan to bring back the Christ light came to fruition.  Incredible preparations were made for the birth and life of the great master Jesus, the great Illumined One chosen to embody the Christ light on Earth.  His mother Mary was Ma-Ra in the golden age of Mu, and Isis in Atlantis as well as Egypt, where she gave virgin birth to Horus.  His father Joseph was St. Germain, now the Lord of Civilization.  The Wise Man, Casper was Dwjhal Kuhl.  Balthazar was Lord Kuthumi, now the World Teacher. Melchior was El Morya.  These and other high frequency beings schooled and trained him throughout his childhood and travels.  There was huge resistance on Earth to the Christ light but the flame held.  It pours in each year at the winter solstice, peaking at the sacred time from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day.

1300 to 1600 The Renaissance. The Intergalactic Council decided to try once more to bring the Christ light back to Earth through art.  Mighty beings like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci incarnated to illuminate the world through colour and creativity.  All the painters during this era, like Van Gogh, were bringing the Christ light through their creations and it slowly lifted the vibration on the planet.  Then there was a long period of decline.

1987  An extraordinary astrological alignment occurred called the Harmonic Convergence.  This date was noted in the Mayan calendar as the start of the 25 year purification period before the Cosmic Moment in 2012.   On that day people all over the world prayed for assistance for the planet.  As a result St. Germain petitioned Source for the Violet Flame to be returned for the use of humanity.  This had been withdrawn at the Fall of Atlantis.  The Mahatma energy was also returned and many dragons started to come back to assist us.  The Stargate of Lyra opened a crack and 7D unicorns started to slip in.  They looked for people who had lights on over their heads to show that they were ready for service.

  1. 2012. The Cosmic Moment. At 11.11 on 21st December Source energy touched the hearts of every being on this planet, in this universe and beings in every single universe. It marked the start of the ascension of the entire cosmos to a dimension higher.  On that day cosmic portals carrying the Christ Light started to open.  The cosmic dragon portals of Lemuria, Andorra and Honolulu opened and a vast amount dragon light return to the planet.

2015 The Stargate of Lyra opened fully and 9D unicorns started to come to Earth.  Archangel Christiel stepped through the Stargate into this universe to help us.  He is currently working with everyone on Earth to expand their causal chakras.  This is your peace chamber, your own personal moon above your head, and is where you access the angelic realms.  Massive progress is being made.

The Great Crystal of Atlantis which fell into the centre of the Bermuda Triangle rose again etherically.  It came into alignment with Helios, the Great Central Sun and is pouring light over the planet, dramatically accelerating the ascension of the planet.

Supermoons started to pour divine feminine energy onto us to bring the masculine and feminine energies into balance on Earth.

2017 started the 8 year period (from 2017 to 2025) when stuff on Earth and for individuals comes to surface to be examined and new higher decisions taken.  After 2025 until the start of the new Golden Age in 2032 things will settle.

  1. 7 planets came in retrograde to force us to slow down and consider everything carefully. It offered a massive opportunity for spiritual growth and the lunar eclipse in July started a quantum leap forward. There is the probability now of huge changes, technological advances and revelation of secrets that will expand the consciousness of humanity.

Archangel Metatron confirmed that a huge number of people watching the re-patterning Zoom moved into 6D, even if it was only for a moment, as they participated.  Furthermore, their light ignited others without them realising it. When you enter the 6th dimension you allow tenth dimensional unicorns to touch you.

Harry and Megan’s wedding raised a vast light for over 2 billion people watched it and rejoiced.

Huge numbers of new portals opened.

Just look how quickly things are progressing.  Everything starts in the spiritual and works down into the mental, then emotional and finally the physical.  Incredible spiritual progress is now being made.  This is now filtering into the physical.  I can’t wait for the new future!!!

Meet the Golden Christed Dragons

The Golden Christed dragons with huge golden energy fields are working very closely with humanity at the present time to touch us all with the Christ light.  They are particularly active during the Christmas period.  They help you build your crystalline body and you can ask the Golden Christed dragons to pour their light into you for it will help you to remain fifth dimensional more of the time.

So I am sharing the visualisation to meet them from my new book DRAGONS, YOUR CELESTIAL GUARDIANS and hope you enjoy it.

Visualisation with the Golden Christed Dragon

1.Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

2.Close your eyes and relax.

3.Put down grounding roots and place a protection round you.

4.Breathe golden love into your aura, so that you magnetically attract a Golden Christed Dragon.

5.Feel or sense or see the dragon alighting beside you and be aware of a great golden light surrounding you.

6.See the love and wisdom in its eyes.

7.It invites you to sit on its back and you are held in its deep gold aura.

8.It is floating gently up with you through the dimensions to see the ninth dimensional golden globe of Christ light.  Note how you feel as you observe it in the distance.

9.The Golden Christed Dragon is bringing you fully into the dimensional level where you can absorb the Christ light.

10.Rest here and breathe comfortably.  You may feel golden Christ love and light flowing into you at a cellular level until your body feels as if it is sparkling and glowing.

11.The light from your body radiates out until the energy round you matches the golden aura of the Golden Christed dragon.

12. Now the keys and codes of love in your energy fields explode like fireworks of love.

13.You are building your crystalline light body.

14.The dragon returns you to were you started.  Thank it and sense how you have shifted.

Remember that you can pass this energy to the people and animals who you meet today.

And here is a reminder about Time.


Time is the tide

In the river of life.

It responds to emotions,

Peace, pleasure or strife.

So are you time’s master

Or are you its slave?

It’s powerful king

Or simply a knave?

When sad you’re in waters

Of mud and despair

Stuck in the shallows

And going nowhere.

Time slows with boredom

So get up and go

And seize any chance

To get back in the flow.

Time’s an illusion

As everyone knows.

The happier you are

The faster it flows.

Let go of the past,

No room for regret

And create magic

You’ll never forget.

One perfumed evening

Look up at the stars.

View the great highway

Round Venus and Mars.

See right past this world

And into the sky.

Where your soul travels

And you wave time goodbye.

This heron used to sit in a dead tree. Then they chopped it down and we didn’t see it for weeks. Now it has returned.  The other day I was walking the dogs on a path by a stream. I stopped and stood still for some time watching some little birds in the trees when suddenly a shadow fell over me. The heron which looked enormous close up was coming in to land. We saw each other at the same moment and it turned quickly, its huge wings showing every feather as it slowed and twisted.  It’s head was turned to focus on its new direction. Then it flapped away.  Wow!

More Starship Sightings, Commander Ashtar

By ‘co-incidence’ I was amazed to discover I was doing a facebook live on Commander Ashtar and his Intergalactic Fleet at the same time as Tim Whild was talking about them in Yorkshire where he was working with Rosemary Stephenson.  On the way home she took these photographs of their starships!

Rosemary Stephenson asked for confirmation of Commander Ashtar’s presence at a seminar. She looked up and his starships appeared in a cloudless sky.

It seems that more and more people are seeing the amazing craft now.  I have been so blessed to see them all over the world.

Commander Ashtar is the 7D  Commander of the Intergalactic Fleet.  His spaceships patrol this universe and are stationed round Earth to protect us.  He belongs to the Hierarchy of the Great Central Sun, the Sun beyond our Sun, known as Helios.  He serves on the Intergalactic Council where his role to maintain balance and harmony in the universes.

Commander Ashtar is the guardian of the portal of Machu Picchu and keeps it clear, so that it can be used for its rightful purpose.  It is one of only four two-way interdimensional portals on this planet and is the only entry point on Earth big enough to allow entry to Commander Ashtar’s mothership.  Once through the portal it moves to places where its huge energy can be accepted.  There are seven of these places, all very high energy portals, where starships from other planets and universes are welcomed. These are:

New Zealand (where I once was awed to glimpse his mothership)

Avebury in England, which used to be welcome portal for spaceships from universes.

Uluru in Australia, which is being prepared to accept more spacecrafts in the near future.

Guatemala in Central America, the location of the cosmic heart and a welcome portal connected to Venus

Himalayas, such a pure and ancient place that it can easily accept the light of mothership

Mount Shasta very pure portal, purified by snow and by Archangel Gabriel’s light.

Hollow Earth Portal.  This vast portal covers North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma and much ancient spiritual energy held in the land here,

The Power of Crystal Grids by Tim Whild

It is now the last month of what has been an incredibly fast moving and powerful year. As we move into December we can expect the most powerful combination of energies that are available to us in our current physical form!

The 11/11/11 portal last month continues to provide eye opening surprises with regards to the vibration that reverberated around our planet like the chime of a Cosmic bell. Everywhere that groups of Lightworkers and like-minded souls gathered there was an increase of the vibration of Mother Earth and scientists recorded something incredible. This is an excerpt from the National Geographic published on the 28th November.

On the morning of November 11, just before 9:30 UT, a mysterious rumble rolled around the world.

The seismic waves began roughly 15 miles off the shores of Mayotte, a French island sandwiched between Africa and the northern tip of Madagascar. The waves buzzed across Africa, ringing sensors in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. They traversed vast oceans, humming across ChileNew ZealandCanada, and even Hawaii nearly 11,000 miles away.

These waves didn’t just zip by; they rang for more than 20 minutes. And yet, it seems, no human felt them.

Only one person noticed the odd signal on the U.S. Geological Survey’s real-time seismogram displays. An earthquake enthusiast who uses the handle @matarikipax saw the curious zigzags and posted images of them to Twitter. That small action kicked off another ripple of sorts, as researchers around the world attempted to suss out the source of the waves. Was it a meteor strike? A submarine volcano eruption? An ancient sea monster rising from the deep?

“I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it,” says Göran Ekström, a seismologist at Columbia University who specializes in unusual earthquakes.

Human science is still relatively in the dark ages compared to where we were in Atlantean times and as soon as I read this report I knew that this was the result of the collective intentions around the world creative a huge wave of energy. Mother Earth responded and we took a jump into the next bandwidth of energy waiting for us.

On the 12th December we have another very similar portal opening and groups of people from around the world will be turning their attention to utilising this field of light that we have available. With very little pause for breath we will then have the beauty of the Winter Solstice when the three-week downpouring of pure Christ Light begins.

The message from the Higher Realms is that ‘3D playtime is over’ and that this is where the real fun begins.
Many of you reading this will have worked so hard over your lifetime to exist in this challenging space and are probably wondering when you are going to get a break?

Ascension is tough work and requires dedication and spiritual discipline to achieve the goals that we have set ourselves. The good news is that we are doing an incredible job!

The easiest way to move through these periods of intense energy are to keep your light high. Sometimes this isn’t easy especially if you are in the middle of personal challenges but with a bit of self-discipline it quickly becomes second nature.
Just recently I had the pleasure of working with Diana and Rosemary in Munich and the question that we heard many times was ‘how do I stay grounded and in my highest frequency?’

The trick is to be consciously aware of your light at all times. As spiritual souls we are designed to thrive at higher a frequency but we have had a lot of old baggage to shift in order to make that easier. Here are a few simple steps that I take every morning before beginning my day.

  1. As soon as your feet touch the floor stand upright with your eyes closed and your hands on your heart chakra. Bring your attention to your Earth Star and ask it to hold the hi
    ghest frequency possible for you during the day. Your Earth Star will respond by anchoring your light at 5D.
  2. Call in the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame to wash through your bodies and fields. Just relax for a few moments as the Violet Flame clears any debris or clearing that you might have done in the night.
  3. Call in the Fire Dragons to blaze a path ahead of you throughout your day. They will clear any negative energy before you encounter it.
  4. Ask Archangel Gabriel to place a Diamond of Purity around your bodies and fields…just relax for a few moments as he does this.
  5. Invoke Archangel Metatron for a 100% Light Quotient increase in your chakras, bodies and fields and feel yourself lighting up immediately. Ask Metatron to keep an eye on your light throughout your day and to top you up if your vibration drops.
  6. You are now ready for your day! Consciously shine your heart chakra at everyone and everything that you come into contact with….and watch them light up to your frequency.

On the 12th December Diana and I are running the second part of our crystal grids Zoom event. This will be a fantastic way to learn to manage your light, protect your space and also we will be taking part in some powerful planetary light work. Places are available via my website. Hope to see you there!

Love Tim

Book your place HERE

My Family Drama and the Outcome

The extraordinary high frequency energy coming into the planet now is forcing our stuff to the surface.  I was thinking how lucky I was to have such a beautiful family and how well we got on together.  Then wham!  I was hit by a drama.  I could not believe how upset I was.  It churned in my mind.  I am always repeating that the ancients could bring themselves back to equilibrium in three breaths.  I had practised controlling my thoughts and believed I could meditate back to calm….. not this time.  I’d just get back to calm when those horrid thoughts would surface again.  I felt as if deep stuff was bubbling up.  I tried everything.  I wrestled with the problem and could not find a solution.

I asked my Guardian Angel to help but no answer came.  I visualised a positive outcome but it kept slipping away.  I was in a hotel and heard the church clock chime every hour of the night. Finally I said, ‘Ok I surrender.  Just let the highest good come out of this.’  At that the most amazing thing happened.  A pale delicate pink rose was placed in my heart and the pink light from it radiated from my heart round my aura.  I can still see and feel it.  It was an incredible and beautiful experience.  I fell asleep.  When I arrived home and we talked, everything was resolved.

But I’ll never forget the light and beauty of that rose.  I knew I had been graced a gift of heart healing.  It also confirmed to me that every drama offers the gift of healing.

Upcoming Events

Crystal Grid Zoom

Wednesday, 12th December / 7 – 9 pm UK time.

In response to so many requests Tim Whild and I are offering a second Zoom on crystal grids.

Crystal Grids are powerful symbols that activate cosmic energies and create change.  We will demonstrate the grids, show you what crystals are best and explain how to trigger them into action.

During this session we will lay out and discuss the following:

  1. A crystal grid to fill your Christmas with peace and harmony.
  2. A crystal grid to set your intention for 2019. Decide what you do want to accomplish and the energy of this grid will powerfully support you!
  3. crystal skull grid to connect you to the Great Crystal of Atlantis. Be prepared to receive downloads of high frequency information.
  4. A crystal grid for the Winter solstice to bring in the Gold Ray of Christ from Lyra and the highest frequency unicorns.
  5. A crystal grid to help all the animals of the world. This is service work to enable animals everywhere to feel safer and to raise the frequency of the planet.

We do hope you will join us.  This is a life transforming Zoom.

A ticket for this event costs £25 per person, a recording of the live event will be emailed to you after for you to re-listen to at your leisure.

Book your place HERE

Working with your Guardian Angel and the Angel of Your Home Zoom Workshop

January 16th 2019 / 19:00 – 20:30 GMT

If you have not yet met your Guardian Angel you will have an opportunity to do so.  If you already know your Guardian you will connect more closely.

You will learn

  • what your Guardian Angel can do for you.
  • how you can work together.
  • how to ask your angel to look after your loved ones.
  • You will experience powerful visualizations with your angel
  • to transform a relationship or situation.
  • to receive healing from your Guardian Angel.
  • to meet the Angel of your home or workplace.

Find the peace, love and safety of connecting with your celestial helper.

The price for this event is £5.50

You can  book you place HERE

Latest on the 12 5D and 6D chakras Zoom Workshop

January 27th 2019 / 19:00 – 21:00 GMT

The foundation for ascension is the opening and awakening of your twelve fifth dimensional chakras.  This enables you to access your soul wisdom once more and merge with your Higher Self.

With exercises and glorious high frequency visualisations you will:

  • learn about and awaken the chambers in the 12 chakras.
  • access higher qualities and untapped resources awaiting release.
  • experience the colours and qualities of each chakra.
  • connect with the Archangel in charge of each chakra and receive a direct input from them.
  • access the stellar connection of each chakra to expand your intergalactic connections.
  • let your chakras merge into a column of unified light.
  • bring in and activate your sixth dimensional chakras.
  • enjoy your sixth dimensional merkabah or light body.

This on-line seminar will raise your light quotient to higher ascension levels.

A ticket for this event costs £25 per person, a recording of the live event will be emailed to you after for you to re-listen to at your leisure.

Book your place HERE

Fun with Friends

It was great fun and very high frequency presenting with Tim Whild and with Rosemary adding her magic crystal bowl music.  We ended by singing in an angel portal to help Germany Austria and Switzerland into the New Golden Age.

Everyone is touched with light from the Metatron Cube.

Even airports are enjoyable when you travel with friends.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.

With lots of love

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