Diana Cooper’s May 2022 Newsletter

Hallo Friends,

In the time line to the new Golden Age that commences in 2032, this year 2022, is the last year of the breakdown of the old paradigm.  It is a year of revelation and chaos before we start the process of building up to the new.  Interestingly there is a total lunar eclipse on Monday 16 May and this heralds even more challenging news on every front.  The darkest hour is before the dawn so keep steady, no matter what is happening around you and focus on the new that will soon be emerging.  It is particularly important for light workers to hold the fifth dimensional energy of the golden future.  You are doing this both for yourself, humanity and the planet.

Even more interesting – the day of the full moon, Monday 16th May is a special holy and sacred day, commemorating the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha.  At the May full moon every year there is a special ceremony in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas.

All the great Masters, those who are Custodians of God’s Plan on Earth and others, including many who are incarnated, attend in their spirit bodies.  You are invited to participate in the awesome energy.  The Cosmic Christ with the Manu and the Lords of Civilisation await the Buddha.  When they energetically connect a vast light is created, prayers are sent to Source for humanity and you receive an impulse of energy from Source.  I invite you to attend the ceremony in my on-line workshop at the full moon on May 16th at 7pm UK time.  This is a time to make choices.  You can either buy into the fear, turbulence and challenges on the planet or use this opportunity to raise your frequency, dream big and help activate the higher spiritual energies also available at this full moon.

With love and spiritual blessings

Spiritual Labyrinth

This is a labyrinth as shared in Discover Atlantis.  Then, as now, a labyrinth was a powerful and symbolic shape.  As you walk into and out of one that is marked on the ground, or trace it with your finger, you are symbolically travelling the sacred journey of your life: going into the heart of your being, then returning out into the world again.  The labyrinth itself has a cross in its centre, surrounded by a spiral. 

Many people think that it is the same as a maze.  However, a maze is a puzzle, which engages the left brain to solve, whereas the labyrinth is a right-brain meditative journey, which opens you up spiritually

To Draw a Labyrinth

In order to draw your own labyrinth, follow the instructions below in conjunction with the series of illustrations.

Step 1.  Draw the initial, grid as illustrated above.
Step 2.  Draw a line from position 2 to 1.
Step 3.  Draw a line from position 3 to 16.
Step 4.  Draw a line from position 4 to 15.  Now continue drawing lines, as follows:
Step 5.  From 5 to 14.
Step 6.  From 6 to 13.
Step 7.  From 7 to 12.
Step 8.  From 8 to 11.
Step 9.  From 9 to 10
In the Golden Era of Atlantis the priests would walk the labyrinth.  So would the people as part of a sacred ceremony.


I want to thank all of you who responded to my last missive and especially those who thought the photo of me was cute.  Even though it was my eleventh birthday in April, I am still gorgeous and Mum still thinks I am the best dog in the world.  She says she loved me so much when I was a puppy but now she loves me even more.  Sugar is also cute but not as cute as I am!

Sugar and I are very different.  I love the woods, sniffing nature and chasing squirrels, rabbits and even foxes if I am lucky.  I well remember the last time I chased a deer.  I thought it was going to be fun but the deer had a bambi and it turned on me!  I raced back to Mum who was waiting for me in a clearing and hid behind her trembling.  The deer rushed after me into the clearing and stood in front of us snorting and pawing the ground in a terrifying way.  Mum had to calm her down and promise I wouldn’t go near her baby.  I was quite subdued after that and haven’t chased a deer since. 

Sugar loves the sea.  She plays in the waves and doesn’t even mind if they knock her over.  Mum has to throw pebbles into the water for her for hours while I sit miserably watching.  But then we walk back home through the woods so we both get what we enjoy.

We had a very active Easter with lots of family.  Grandchildren are great for giving me treats and throwing balls for Sugar.  We did go on a boat which was interesting but I did sit very close to Mum just in case.  Sugar seemed to enjoy it.  It seemed to me we kept nearly missing other boats and bridges which I didn’t think at all funny.  Then at the end the engine failed and we had to be towed ignominiously back to the landing stage.  I was glad to get onto dry land again.

Seminars and workshop

2022 Wrage Angel Kongress  90 minutes

Angels help you Heal your relationships, attract your soul family and find true love

In G era At people saw the divine in each other and all relationships were based on respect and mutual empowerment.  Partnerships were based on true love.  Sexuality was transcendent.  Men and women were equal.  It is time now to bring this quality of loving relationships back into our lives and attract true love.

The lessons of relationships, especially those with your family are held in the Sacral Chakra.  Archangel Gabriel is ready to help you heal the chambers in this chakra and dissolve and finally transmute any cords.  When you express pure love your sacral chakra glows with glorious fifth dimensional delicate golden pink light, so that you attract empowering, loving, respectful relationships.  You also draw your true soul family to you.

During this session

  • Archangel Gabriel will purify your sacral chakra so that you attract love.
  • Angel Mary, Mother Mary and Isis will pour the luminous Aquamarine Ray of love and healing directly into every chamber of your sacral chakra. 
  • Archangel Gabriel will ignite your relationships with his diamond white ray containing pure transcendent love.
  • Archangel Chamuel will raise the frequency of your heart chakra by downloading Codes of Divine Love into it.
  • Archangel Mariel will work at a soul level to remove anything that blocks you from expressing love.
  • You will draw in the Christ light to heal your sacral and heart chakras and bring them into the fifth dimension.
  • Together we will ask the Intergalactic Council to remove under grace as much as possible of the great cloud of guilt and separation to allow humanity to experience true love again.

As we approach the New Golden Age love is really important for humanity. In receiving this grace from the angels you can help accelerate a shift in the world collective consciousness to empowered relationships and true love.

To conclude the day I will offer a

Peace and Healing Meditation

We will join together to set a collective intention for world peace and healing.

We will invoke angels, dragons, unicorns, Illumined Masters and great Cosmic energies to illuminate the world with peace, healing and love.

This is our once a year opportunity to open our higher channels and access the Christ Buddha energy.  An extraordinary, sacred ceremony takes place annually in the Himalayas.  The Wesak full moon commemorates the birth, enlightenment, renunciation and death of the Buddha. They are all said to have taken place on the same day and a glorious celebration takes place.  During it when you raise your frequency and open your higher channels you can access the Christ Buddha energy. 

Those Masters who are the Custodians of God’s Plan on Earth gather in the Wesak Valley. 

Directly in front of them stands the Christ, with the Manu, El Morya, the being who carries the energies of the perfected human of the new Golden Age on his right and the Lord of Civilisation, on his left.  Behind them are the Masters, initiates, adepts, disciples and many others who have arrived in their spiritual bodies.  As a Master you can join them. 

And then the Buddha arrives, bathed in light.  The Christ and great Illumined Masters chant sacred mantras only intoned at this full moon.     And when the Christ and the Buddha connect energetically a cosmic invocation is sent up to link humanity with Source. 

Not only does this help the whole of humanity to rise up in that moment but all who participate receive a direct impulse of Source energy.  This affects you whether you feel it or not and it can be life changing.

During this seminar you will:

  • Attend the Christ Buddha ceremony in the Wesak Valley in your spirit body.
  • Receive a direct impulse of Source energy.
  • Connect with the cosmic Christ.
  • Bathe in Lord Gautama, the Buddha’s citrine ray.
  • Help reactivate the spokes of the planetary web of light.
  • Become an Ambassador for peace for Earth.

7pm UK time.  £11

The Solar Plexus chakra is extremely sensitive.  It governs your stomach and digestive organs.  Here you digest not just food but also life experiences.  It is the chakra of instinct, gut feelings and reactions so it is particularly important to fine tune your discernment now in this time of disinformation.  Let your solar plexus tell you who and what you can trust.  It will guide you to what is right for you.
At a third dimensional level the Solar Plexus is yellow and holds your deepest unconscious and conscious fears.  It will tense up if you are near someone with the same anxiety.  It has huge psychic antennae that reach out to check your safety and that of your family and friends.
Many old karmic and energetic agreements are held here and it is time to let go of those that are plugging you into the old paradigm.
Many lightworkers pass the fears of others through their own solar plexus chakras.  This happens especially when watching the news or listening to the anxieties of others but also when out amongst people and from the collective consciousness.
As you raise your frequency this chakra relaxes and becomes a glorious deep gold. The fears dissolve and you feel tranquil, serene, contented and spread feeling of peace.  At the fifth dimensional level you trust your angels and guides to look after you. The golden feelers seek higher perspectives, access wisdom from past lives and spread peace on Earth. Then your Solar Plexus draws to your conscious awareness deeper changes, often life changing, that you need to make.
It glows with Christ Light and sends out waves of loving peaceful energy into the world.
Archangel Uriel and his twin flame, Archangel Aurora, oversee your Solar Plexus chakra and give you self-worth and the confidence to do whatever is needed to further your ascension path.  They help to bring forward the wisdom of your soul and that gained in past lives.  When you are ready they direct their Angels of Peace to work through you.  Archangel Aurora empowers new beginnings.
When this chakra is golden you can connect with other star systems to spread universal goodwill.
During this workshop you will
Explore and heal the 33 chambers of your Solar Plexus chakra.
Listen to the gut messages from your soul.
Clear any karmic or energetic agreements.
Attune to Archangel Uriel for accelerated ascension.
Connect with Archangel Aurora to activate new beginnings.
Work with the Angels of Peace to spread harmlessness round the world.
Draw the Christ light into your Solar Plexus.
Visit the Pyramid of Hollow Earth to access the Wisdom of Earth.

I am affirmations

The task of a lightworker is to focus on the light. 

Focus on the vision of a glorious golden future and start to draw it into manifestation.

I AM affirmations to chant to keep your frequency high

These are the most powerful form of affirmation.  I AM affirms that your Monad is in total alignment with that being or energy.  If you repeat these, or any one that particularly appeals to you, a few times it will keep your frequency high and align you with the forces of light.

The Gold Ray of Christ

I AM the Gold Ray of Christ

I AM unconditional love

I AM the Cosmic Heart

I AM Lord Meitreya

I AM the Christ

Lord Kumeka for enlightenment

I AM Kumeka, Lord of Light

I AM the topaz ray so bright

I AM serene content

I AM pure enlightenment

I AM my inner Sun



I AM unicorn diamond white

I AM the truest inner sight

I AM the purest of the pure

I AM transcendent love so sure

I AM enlightenment

I AM Heaven sent.

The Lilac Fire of Source

I AM the Lilac Fire of Source

I AM the Flame of Love

I AM the Wings of Freedom

I AM the Song of Joy

I AM the heart of the new Golden Age

I AM ready.  Bathe me in your light.

The Lilac Fire of Source was written by Tim Whild for The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery.

A message of hope

I want to send out a message of hope for the future.  We have moved forward so much in recent years.  For 10,000 years since the fall of Atlantis the world was third dimensional and we now are appalled that people were put to death for saying the world was round or deported for stealing a loaf of bread.

In 1987 at the Harmonic Convergence the Violet Flame and the Mahatma energy were returned for the benefit of humanity and the great mystical Stargate of Lyra opened a crack allowing some 7D unicorns to slip through to connect with those who were ready.

In 2012 at the Cosmic Moment the cosmic pyramids and cosmic portals opened, and Source energy touched the heart of every sentient being throughout the universes, creating a massive shift.

In 2015 the twelfth dimensional Stargate of Lyra opened fully and 9th dimensional unicorns flooded through it.  Archangel Christiel sent out a finger of energy to touch the Causal Chakras of all humanity allowing them to anchor, so that they are ready to activate when individuals are ready.  This is the chakra through which we connect to angels, unicorns and higher spiritual beings.  It is possible for everyone now.

In 2016 9th dimensional portals awakened throughout the world and the frequency everywhere rose accordingly. Archangel Gabriel’s 9th dimensional diamond became available for our use.

In 2017 the portal of the heart opened and the world took a healing step onto the rainbow path of hope and joy

Everything starts in the spiritual and descends through the mental and emotional to the physical.  Right now a great tide of light has gathered in the spiritual, waiting to pour down through the mental, which will shift our attitudes, then down through the emotional, which will dissolve the old energies, then into the physical.  This will enable the world to transform for the new Golden Age starting in 2032.

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