Diana Cooper’s June 2022 Newsletter

Hallo Friends,

Both Mercury and Saturn go direct in the first week of June so there is a feeling that things can move forward again.  And then in the UK there is the Queen’s Jubilee with celebrations everywhere.  I know that not everyone approves of monarchy but Queen Elizabeth has been an amazing queen and has held steady through turbulent years in her personal life and for the world.  My guide Kumeka told me that it was only her second incarnation on Earth, so what she has achieved is unbelievable.  To be allowed to undertake that role, she must have been highly evolved in another planetary system.  Her pre-life consultation must have been very interesting.  Do you ever wonder what happened during your pre-life consultation?  What mission did you agree to undertake?  What support did you expect to receive?  Do you need to ask for more guidance and support now, and if so, have you asked for it?  Because these are such extraordinary times there is an unprecedented amount of help available to us if we ask.

2022 is the mid-point between 2012 and 2032.  The old building has not been demolished yet, however, and there will be many secrets revealed and financial challenges as well as massive unrest worldwide before we can start building the new.  Prepare for shocks this month and for the rest of this year.  After that we will need to study the blueprint for the new paradigm and really picture the new golden age in order to manifest it.

What can you do? 

1.First and foremost attend to your own spiritual growth.  Every time you raise your frequency you help the world.

2.Co-operate with others.  Try to do things communally.  Talk to your neighbours.  The golden future is about working together.

3.Give no energy to doubt.  Rather focus on a positive vision for yourself and the world.

And whatever is going on around you decide to enjoy yourself this summer.

With love and blessings

angel of the month

Archangel Mariel is the Angel in charge of the Summer.

He works with the highest and purest love

He looks after your Soul Star chakra

His twin flame is Archangel Lavender

His angel retreat above the Himalayas

He has stepped in from another universe to help our ascension

He radiates a magnificent magenta light

5 ways of connecting with Archangel Mariel

1.Affirm: Archangel Mariel fills me with pure love.

2.Prayer: Beloved Archangel Mariel, please purify my soul today and assist my ascension.

3.Rhyming chant:

Mariel please light up my soul

So I feel loving, wise and whole.

4.Mantra:Archangel Mariel helps me manifest my deepest soul desires


Close your eyes and ground yourself.

Imagine yourself in the most beautiful garden.

Your inner world is humming with the sounds of summer

Colourful flowers bloom all round you.

Smell the gorgeous perfume of roses

You are aware of a soft magenta light as Archangel Mariel stands beside you.

His huge and glorious feathery wings enfold you

Notice how it feels to nestle into them.

You feel him showering you with the peace and bounty of summer.

Breathe this energy into your aura

You can now attract more peace and abundance.

Thank him and open your eyes.

Crystal of the month

Archangel Mariel vibrates with ruby or garnet.  Hold it and bless it.  Then tell Archangel Mariel what you would like to draw into your life for your highest soul satisfaction.

the law of prayer

I was glancing through A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws and my eye fell on the Law of Prayer.  That book was published in the year 2000, a long time ago but is very relevant for us now.

Prayer is communicating with God. Worry is negative prayer. It is telling God how frightened you are. It also reinforces all the things that you don’t want to happen so we must direct our thoughts to source in a positive focused way.

The way you pray is important. Imagine you are a rich powerful omniscient king. Moreover, you have the highest interest of your people at heart. Every day there is a long list of supplicants wanting to talk to you.

There is a beggar who whines and grovels, desperately abasing himself for money. He is an eternal victim and you know that if you grant his wish he will spend it unwisely and tomorrow will be begging again.

The bargainer says, ‘If you will grant me this, I will work for you.’ As an omniscient king you read his heart so he cannot fool you.

Then the manipulators come up to you shaking their fists.  ‘I’ll be angry with you if you don’t give me this job.’  ‘If you don’t help me, I’ll kill myself.’  ‘If you don’t give me a break I’ll give up completely, so there.’ From your detached position on your throne are you likely to grant these requests?

Your next supplicant is a trickster. He is shooting a line with a let’s see what I can get attitude. He thinks a petition is worth a try but he has no intention of changing his way of life. Sorry lad!

Following him comes a sad woman with a droopy face.  ‘I don’t deserve anything. I am a miserable sinner but please give it to me anyway.’  You know that her pitifully low levels of self-worth and deservingness will ensure that she will soon lose what you give her.

The greedy person follows her. ‘I want more, more, more.’

 At last there is the person who looks you in the eye and says, ‘this is what I want to achieve. These are the plans I have already set in action. This is what I need from you.’ You get off your throne and become a fully supporting partner.

Then there is the person who prays from her heart. Her prayer touches your heart. You respond to those prayers.

Another prays with purity of intention. These you grant.

So God does answer all prayers. Sometimes mercifully for us he says, ‘No.’  Thankfully we do not get everything we pray for.


The Solar Plexus chakra is extremely sensitive.  It governs your stomach and digestive organs.  Here you digest not just food but also life experiences.  It is the chakra of instinct, gut feelings and reactions so it is particularly important to fine tune your discernment now in this time of disinformation.  Let your solar plexus tell you who and what you can trust.  It will guide you to what is right for you.

At a third dimensional level the Solar Plexus is yellow and holds your deepest unconscious and conscious fears.  It will tense up if you are near someone with the same anxiety.  It has huge psychic antennae that reach out to check your safety and that of your family and friends.

Many old karmic and energetic agreements are held here and it is time to let go of those that are plugging you into the old paradigm.

Many lightworkers pass the fears of others through their own solar plexus chakras.  This happens especially when watching the news or listening to the anxieties of others but also when out amongst people and from the collective consciousness.

As you raise your frequency this chakra relaxes and becomes a glorious deep gold. The fears dissolve and you feel tranquil, serene, contented and spread feeling of peace.  At the fifth dimensional level you trust your angels and guides to look after you. The golden feelers seek higher perspectives, access wisdom from past lives and spread peace on Earth. Then your Solar Plexus draws to your conscious awareness deeper changes, often life changing, that you need to make.

It glows with Christ Light and sends out waves of loving peaceful energy into the world.

Archangel Uriel and his twin flame, Archangel Aurora, oversee your Solar Plexus chakra and give you self-worth and the confidence to do whatever is needed to further your ascension path.  They help to bring forward the wisdom of your soul and that gained in past lives.  When you are ready they direct their Angels of Peace to work through you.  Archangel Aurora empowers new beginnings.

When this chakra is golden you can connect with other star systems to spread universal goodwill.

During this workshop you will

  • Explore and heal the 33 chambers of your Solar Plexus chakra.
  • Listen to the gut messages from your soul.
  • Clear any karmic or energetic agreements.
  • Attune to Archangel Uriel for accelerated ascension.
  • Connect with Archangel Aurora to activate new beginnings.
  • Work with the Angels of Peace to spread harmlessness round the world.
  • Draw the Christ light into your Solar Plexus.
  • Visit the Pyramid of Hollow Earth to access the Wisdom of Earth.

Price is £11 for live access and unlimited viewings of the recording

The Inspiration of Death and Dying

A couple of years ago I wrote about my friend Suzan, who was a White Eagle Healer and a most gentle and beautiful soul. When she got cancer of the face and had a hideous operation I walked in the forest and sent out the question. ‘Why Suzan?’ The mighty being White Eagle himself appeared in front of me and said, ‘This will help her to ascend gloriously.’ Her last few months were crucifying but I always held onto those words in the trust that her soul was using the illness to purify her to a very high frequency.

She died the day I flew to South Africa and two days later I was on the stage giving a talk. A medium in the audience came up to me afterwards to tell me that a friend who had just died was standing by me on the platform helping me. So she was working already!!

Usually sick people go into a spirit hospital when they pass over. But if someone ascends the cloud of sickness is lifted from them as they move into the seventh heaven. I knew then that Suzan had ascended gloriously.
A few days before the first anniversary of her death her spirit started to talk to me as I walked in the forest. She said she was working directly with White Eagle as one of his healers. She was called away suddenly and I walked on. A few moments later she returned and said that she had been called to join in a healing. The group link their energies together and send a shaft of pure white light to a place or person where it is needed. It only takes a moment but the effect is profound.

And then on the first anniversary of her death, which was her birthday, her sister and I went to a sacred site which was one of her favourite places. We tried to light a candle for her but it was too windy and she was with us, laughing, saying she did not need the candle. She was radiant in a pure white robe, though really it was just energy. She confirmed that she worked with White Eagle to send healing. But then celestial music started and Serapis Bey appeared. He was the mighty Priest Avatar of Golden Atlantis and Keeper of the White Ascension Flame of Atlantis. He was surrounded by pure white angels and Masters who work with him as a team and amongst them was Suzan. They were holding the vast eternal White Ascension Flame.
She bore her crucifixion with fortitude and faith and I thank her for showing me that sometimes people choose a difficult passing in order that they truly can ascend gloriously into the higher realms to do extraordinary service work on the other side.

So many people are afraid of death and dying. When I came home I wrote this

Death is not judgement day
Nor a time when God will weigh
Each time you sinned or were unkind
Or were mean or simply blind.
It is the day you see the light
Held by the angels bright
Embraced within their wings
As their choir above you sings
Of your glory and magnificence
Your wisdom and your true essence
As your loved ones come to meet you
And unicorns appear to greet you
Hosannas ring throughout the skies
And you see with enlightened eyes
That you are HOME.

ONline workshops

My on line video course MEET THE DRAGONS is now available.  It is a fabulous way to connect deeply with the amazing, wise and open hearted dragons.  You will meet the air, earth, fire and water dragons and work with them for your own benefit and that of the planet.  And you will bond with some of the higher frequency dragons who can really transform your life and speed your ascension process.  Dragons are coming forward now en masse for the first time since Atlantis and would love to meet you.  The feedback we have is that people really love these courses.  After the success of my two previous on line video courses, How Angels Can Help You and Meet the Archangels I know you will love Meet the Dragons.

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