Diana Cooper’s December 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We are undergoing huge shifts and this is affecting us physically as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I have had lots of people asking how they can help themselves during this period, so I asked my daughter Dawn, who is a nutritionist and very attuned to helping those like her who are sensitives.  Her article under What to do if you are becoming more sensitive to modern life is really helpful.

I have been asked by the Spiritual Hierarchy to do a SPECIAL SOLSTICE ZOOM on Monday, 21 December 5.45 – 6.45pm UK time to safely receive the new energies and be awakened and activated by them.  Do attend if you can.  As I wrote about it I could feel my whole body tingling.

We recently had the annual reunion of the Diana Cooper School of White Light, hosted by the wonderful teachers in India.  I include two very different articles which I found really interesting, and I hope you will too.

I hope you enjoy the information about the new energies and forecasts for 2021.  Amazing times ahead!!

With love and blessings for Solstice, Christmas and New Year,


Solstice 21st December  5.45 – 6.45PM UK TIME

Be prepared for huge energetic shifts at this year’s solstice.  The cosmic switch is being activated as if multiple searchlights are being turned on together to replace the old lighting system.    This solstice marks a turning point for the world.  It is up to all of us to co-create the new world that we have anticipated for so long and is now within reach. 

During this Zoom you will enter each of the four mighty two-way interdimensional portals of the planet to receive safely the new energy.  In each one great Masters and Archangels will take the opportunity to activate you with special gifts or powers. 

The four two way interdimensional portals, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, the Great Zimbabwe and Tibet are suddenly opening wider in response to the higher energies.  Many mighty angels and Universal Ones will congregate round and within these focal points of light at the solstice.  Whenever great ones meet, the energy of inspiration, excitement and new decisions spreads.  New information is downloaded to all of us. 

I have been asked by the Spiritual Hierarchy to do a Zoom to take us into these extraordinary portals.  Here we will meet many of the Illumined Ones, who will help you integrate the higher light and then attune you to special gifts and powers.  You will attend the conferences of light within each portal, that have been specifically called by the Intergalactic Council for this special time.

You can also let your voice to be heard if you wish to contribute.  However, the main purpose of this Zoom is enable you to take in higher frequency light in order to activate your latent blueprint for the perfected human of the New Golden Age. This will be done at the Great Zimbabwe portal.

Information about the four Two Way Interdimensional portals on Earth and what you will receive.


This portal holds the energy to give you strength and determination to access your talents and achieve your goals.  It also gives you a huge boost of confidence and power that will create a feeling of security and happiness within you.  It opens up opportunities and potential for great things in your life.

Here you will meet Lord Meitreya the Head of the Great White Brotherhood, the High Priest Zeus and Archangel Gabriel. They will activate the 9D cosmic blueprint of the Great White Brotherhood within you and enable the Diamond Flame to dissolve world karma through you.

Stonehenge, UK

This mighty portal brings out your inner knowing and deepest wisdom and helps you to change and evolve to be who you can truly be.  Within it are held secrets that enable you to grow further spiritually, provided you can keep your heart open during the changes.  It brings about higher enlightenment.  Lord Voosloo, Archangel Metatron and Jesus will hold you in the 9D Golden Flame of Wisdom to awaken your inner knowing and deepest wisdom.

Machu Picchu, Peru

This portal brings out your pure divine essence, your connection with the light of All That Is.  This enables you to live to your full potential. Here you will meet Commander Ashtar of the Intergalactic Fleet to expand your cosmic knowledge, Master Marko, the Head of the Intergalactic Confederation and Archangel Chamuel.  They will activate the blueprint of your cosmic self to expand who you are. 

Great Zimbabwe, Africa

This very powerful portal tunes you into your higher guidance and grounds you totally. It enables you to find practical solutions to challenges for the highest good. Here you are cut free from limiting beliefs about everything so that the Great Ones can influence you from a higher perspective.  Here you will meet the Master El Morya, who carries the blueprint for the perfected human for the future, Serapis Bey and Archangel Uriel. They will activate your latent blueprint for the perfected human of the New Golden Age.

During this Zoom you will:

*Visit the four great 2-way interdimensional portals to attend the special Solstice conferences of light.

*Safely receive at each portal the extra high frequency download of light being poured onto Earth today.

* activate the 9D cosmic blueprint of the Great White Brotherhood within you which enables the Diamond Flame to dissolve world karma through you.

*awaken your inner knowing and deepest wisdom in the 9D Golden Flame of Wisdom.

* activate the blueprint of your cosmic self to enable you to become an expanded Being.  

*Activate your latent blueprint for the perfected human of the New Golden Age.

Do join this SPECIAL SOLSTICE ZOOM to be awakened and activated by the light coming in today.

£11.00 per person (including the recording).


Every year on Christmas Eve our planet receives a massive deluge of golden white Christ light.  This year, because of the extra high frequency light that will enter our planet at the Solstice, the Christ light pouring in will be a higher frequency than ever before.  I have very often seen golden Christ light showering people over the Christmas period.  I can’t wait to see what is going to happen this Christmas. 

This is always a time of magic and mystery and miracles.  Expect them even more this Christmas.  We have had such a year on Earth and cosmically this is the moment the Sun breaks through the clouds.  However, this time the seven universal suns are combining to illuminate us more brightly than usual.

Christmas Day is not just for Christians.  It is a cosmic sacred day when Christ light is available for everyone on the planet.  If you looked down on Earth today from space you would see billions of people glowing from within as their lights are switched on by the angelic realms. 

Christmas is a time to enjoy friends and family, and this year there is the added joy of knowing that Earth has moved into a new level.  We are racing towards the New Golden Age.   So please relax over the holiday and open up to the Christ light that is surrounding you.  Consciously breathe it in for it will enter your cells and light them up.  Enjoy this Christmas and have fun.  Laugh a lot and trust that all will be well.

The power of the cross

This is a very powerful symbol, which has the force of the Christ energy behind it. Visualise a cross in front of you, one behind you, another to the left and one to the right of you, one above and one below you. This will effectively seal your aura. For some people it is very important to do something physical. In that case, with your finger, draw a cross above or in front of each of your chakras, mentally imagining them sealed and protected.


We are moving from a weirdly oppressive year into a new year that is predicted to be much happier, lighter and more positive than any we have experienced for some time.  It is a year for working together to find the best solution for all.  Anticipate a year of joy and be willing to follow your heart.  Seek to do what your heart wants. 

Out in the universe there are pools of cosmic energy that vibrate with the numbers.  We draw energies and qualities from these pools and they affect us accordingly.  2021 is a 5 year.  The vibration of number 5 touches you with a desire for freedom, adventure and the courage to go for it.  It will help you to be quick thinking, explore and light your life up.  In 2021 we will all be bathed in the energy of this number. 

When your unicorn adds its glorious light to number five the most positive energies of this number are illuminated.  If you make decisions with your heart the vibration of 5 will influence you to attract abundance and have great success and good fortune.  

Enjoy 2021


To be Bathed in the higher qualities of number 5 available in 2021

1.Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

2.Close your eyes and ground yourself by sending roots from your feet into the heart of Lady Gaia.

3.You are sitting by a peaceful ocean under the light of a full moon and the sky is a twinkling blanket of stars.

4.Breathe yourself into a deeply relaxed space.

5.The gentle waves are lapping by your feet and you can see out for ever over the water.

6.Become aware of a shining white light like a sparkling diamond in the distance, getting bigger as it comes closer.

7.At last your unicorn stands in front of you, the waves softly splashing about its hooves.

8.Reach out to connect with it and thank it for coming to you.

9.Tell it that you wish to enter the vibration of the number for 2021, number 5.

10.Your unicorn immediately surrounds you in glorious, pure white light.

11.You sit on its back and it wafts you dreamily through the cosmos.

12.Ahead you see an unimaginably huge ball of light, pulsating and shimmering, sending fingers of energy out to you.  What colour is it?

13.In your cocoon of white light, your unicorn floats with you into the centre of the vibrating pool of number 5.

14.You know it is influencing you for the highest good of your life.  It is subtly working on your energy centres so that the greater possibilities for your journey this year are activated.

15.Relax and surrender.  You are beyond time in this high frequency space.

16.At last your unicorn withdraws with you from this cosmic light and streams back with you along a silver-white slide to where you started.

17.Thank your unicorn and allow yourself a little time to fully absorb what you have received.


Many of us are becoming more sensitive and finding that our bodies can’t cope with certain foods or everyday products anymore. 

The other morning I walked into the bathroom as my daughter was doing her hair. It felt like a physical assault on my lungs. She’d been using hairspray and my body just couldn’t tolerate it. I’ve always been sensitive to chemical products, but not like this. I don’t have asthma, or any underlying health conditions, but my chest hurt for the rest of the day.

The vibration on this planet is rising and we are being forced to change. Many people are finding old patterns are surfacing as they need to be cleared. On top of that, many people are stressed, worried or anxious. This is in the collective energy and chances are you are picking it up. Our bodies are in overload. 

So how do we navigate our way through these times? How do we support our bodies when they can no longer tolerate certain foods or everyday products? Here are some practical steps:

1) Reduce exposure to toxins

Try to choose more natural personal care and cleaning products. The chemical load in your everyday life may be higher than you realise. 

2) Eat more naturally and reduce processed foods. 

Eating more naturally reduces the load on your body.

3) Support your liver and gut

Your liver processes toxins and they are excreted via your gut. If you don’t have regular bowel movements, the processed toxins can be reabsorbed back into your body. Here are three simple ways to support your liver and gut:

Start the day with a mug of warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon
Increase fruit and vegetables – brassicas such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are particularly liver supportive
Include turmeric, cinnamon, ginger root, caraway and dill seeds as these spices support your liver

If you react to any of these foods, do not include them.

4) Listen to your body – it knows what you need

Many of us have learned not to listen to our bodies. As a child were you praised for eating all your food, even if you were given more than you needed? Did you learn to value an external authority over the wisdom of your own body? Were your gut instincts dismissed as irrational? (But were they ever wrong?) It’s time to start paying attention to what your body is telling you. 

But what if you want, or even crave, foods that you know aren’t healthy? This can happen when your body becomes out of balance. You can find out what imbalances are affecting your body here: https://aw127bbc.aweb.page/body-imbalances

5) Get out for a walk in nature

Our bodies are designed to move and this supports pretty much every system in your body. It helps you deal with the stresses and overloads on your body and lifts your mood. With our modern lives, it can be easy to become disconnected from nature. Do you remember as a child the sheer joy of jumping in the crunchy autumn leaves? As I write this, I’m almost awestruck by the beech tree outside my window – its russet leaves transformed into a glowing gold by the morning sun. Find time to connect to nature. Connecting to the earth helps lifts your spirits and raise your vibration. 

6) Don’t underestimate the value of sleep!

You may find that you are more tired than normal at the moment. Or maybe sleep is a bit erratic as your body feels a bit wired and buzzing. Think how much sleep a child needs when they are growing and developing. We are all changing now, so if you feel you need more sleep, honour that.

Everything is interconnected. This is also true of your body. When you make a change that helps your body in one way, it can also have a beneficial effect on other areas. When you bring your body back into balance, everything improves – your ability to cope with the modern environment, your immune system and your overall health and energy.

Dawn Cuckow



ZOOM recording to prepare for the Solstice Tim Whild and I did an incredibly  powerful Zoom on 30th November to enable us to accept the massive increase in light frequency coming in on this day.  It will force people to wake up.  Those who have been dozing in the old dim light will be startled into seeing the world differently.  You may want to join those who are flocking to buy the recording of that Zoom. 


Meghaa Gupta is one of the teachers of the Diana Cooper School of White Light in India and if you love dragons you will find her article about working with them instructive and inspiring.

11 WAYS TO WORK WITH DRAGONS BY MEGHAA GUPTA                                                      

It is amazing how more and more people everyday share with me that they have had dreams of dragons or they have connected with dragons in their meditations, even though they have had not much conscious knowledge about these magical beings. As the Earth is going through its massive shifts, more and more dragons and unicorns are flocking to Earth, working on energy levels with people who hold the intention to see Earth move to greater light. Working with the dragons can truly be the most enchanting experience. Here are some wonderful ways you can connect with Dragons to enhance your life.

Perhaps you are someone who has worked with the dragons already, or you may have a curiosity to know about them better. Anyone can seek help from them, and you do not have to have any special abilities or gifts to be worthy of their help. Dragons are heart centric loving beings who are eager to help all who are open to receiving. In this article, I was called to share with you eleven ways to work with dragons. 

1.  Water, like Love of God, flows through the entire Earth, its atmosphere and even in every cell of everybody. The Water Dragons carry Christ Love in the water molecules. Invoke the water dragons and ask them to specially bless the water that you drink and infuse the water with Christ love. 

2.  You can bond with the Dragons of Earth, especially well when you connect with the Earth’s surface. Next time you have a calling to take a walk outside or connect with nature in its elements, take time out to enjoy a walk in the garden. Ask the dragons to hold you strongly to Mother Earth and help you ground yourself regularly. Grounding can have an excellent healing effect, especially when you invoke to Earth Dragons to help you let go of any inflammation out of your body, through your feet and into the Earth. Breathe and feel the cooling sensation wash through your physical body.

3.  Children have pure hearts and thus can tune into the higher frequencies more easily. You can teach them to be open to calling upon the Blue Dragons of Archangel Michael when they need extra confidence or protection.

4.  I overheard my nephew sharing this brilliant idea with my little niece, to ask the Fire dragons to blow the bad dreams away. That night we all lit a candle together, and we prayed for the same. Thanks to their innocent and honest prayers, we all have enjoyed peaceful and deep nights sleep since then. I also wake up remembering my pleasant dreams quite clearly.

5.  Ask your personal dragons to clear your path and lift away obstacles. Whether it is your own limitations or outside block, nothing is beyond help. As you pray, visualise your Personal Dragon guide blowing the obstacles away and transmuting them to light and a clear path ahead.

6. I have worked consciously with the Dragons of Ascension when I hear the news of people losing their lives to sickness or by any other reasons. I pray that ‘the souls be guided towards the ascension light by the dragons smoothly and with complete ease.’ 

7. The source of Spiritual energy of our planet is our Central Sun, and the Solar Dragons bring in and anchor this spiritual energy every second. Ask the Golden Dragons from the Helios to drench you in the eternal sunshine and that you will carry the power of the Creator and use it for the good of all people through your actions, words and thoughts.

8.  When you have a special goal or a dream that you hold dear to your heart, you may want to work with Pure White Dragons of Orion as I do. “Write your dream, that helps you be clear about what you truly want, and then pray forthe presence of the Dragons of Orion. Feel them breathing light into it and blow over your wish with their magical breath”. Remember to thank them for their blessings.

9.  The Green Dragons can show you nature and its wonders like no other. The secrets that are held by the Earth, the wisdom of the trees, the songs of the mountains and the healing love that flows through the sacred streams, the magical place this Earth is!

10.  More than ever, we need blessings of the spiritual hierarchy to help the human race develop and upgrade the healing technologies available to us. I Hold the vision that the dragons of Sirius, Pleiades, Orion, Pluto and Neptune are working through the right people bringing ideas, inspirations and resources needed in developing a cure for diseases humanity needs now.

11.  Evolution involves time and patience. As you and others around you are evolving, the Pink Dragons of Quan Yin can wrap you in love and hold you in higher frequencies. Their message for us is to be patient with yourself in the process and remove all judgments. Hold all in your loving compassion and mercy.

In Summary

I wish for you to have the most magical experiences with the dragons. May the dragons uplift you and heal your soul at all levels. Feel free to share your wonderful dragon experiences with me if you like. If you feel a calling to learn more about the dragons or help others do the same, please join us for the upcoming Dragon workshops or Teacher Training courses. Many blessings!

Love, Meghaa Gupta of Cosmic Tree Foundation 

By DCSWL Newsroom|November 15th, 2020|Public Newsletter



I now have a selection of special offers on my website, they’ll make lovely Christmas gifts for a loved one (or yourself). The bundles on offer are:

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This special discounted bundle of Zoom Workshop Recordings includes two special videos to connect you deeply with Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael.

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This special discounted bundle of Zoom Workshop Recordings includes two special videos to connect you deeply with Lord Voosloo and Commander Ashtar.

Bundle 3 – Ascension Bundle

This special discounted bundle of Zoom Workshop Recordings includes three special videos to further your ascension.

The usual price for these workshops would be £33 but they are available in this bundle at a special price of £15 for both.


India, an enchanting and mystical land, is the abode of spirituality. The Indian civilization is not only the oldest in the world but is also a living library of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. In fact, spirituality is the very essence of our land and has been an integral part of our way of life since time immemorial. Since the dawn of history, spiritual aspirants from all over the globe have been visiting sacred sites as a way of searching for their true divine essence and drawing closer to the sacred within.

Our magnificent country is rich in tradition, culture and heritage. It is multilingual, multicultural and multifaceted. However, the strength of our land and our people is unity in diversity.  Within an amalgamation of distinctive and diverse cultures and communities, we find a single underlying thread of seeking the Divine that binds us in interconnectedness and oneness. As Sadguru, a spiritual leader, has beautifully put it “The tremendous longing has been nurtured into the people of the land, the longing to be free.  Free from the very process of life and death.” (Source1) Indeed in this inter connectedness we see the power of collective consciousness. 

India is a living library of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The evolution of Indian spiritualism can be traced back to the Vedic age, dating back to 1500 BC. This era was divinely coded and our spiritual leaders have further nurtured the same spirit for eons.

Being the land of Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Mahaavatar Babaji, Swami Vivekananda, India has been the birthplace of many others including Ascended Master Lord Kutumi and our founder, Diana Cooper.

Ancient Indian manuscripts such as the Vedas and the Upanishads give an orientation to the Indians and had them embody the basics of spirituality as a way of life. The epics, Ramayana and the Mahabharata, contain a plethora of wisdom, which awakens us to the realm of seeking the divine within.

The spiritual traditions in India has given rise to several forms of practice that traveled across the globe. The four most well known in the west are Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and chanting. You can find ashrams, retreats, and centers all over the world.

India has innumerous sacred places in almost every part of the country. These include the extraordinary Himalayas with Kashmir and Ladak, Amritsar with the magnificent Golden Temple, Varanasi –the city of Lord Shiva, Bhubaneswar, the City of Thousand Temples, Kumari Kadan or Lumeria in the South and many more. These sites are vortexes of high frequency energy and each site has a unique, high vibrational energy of its own.

The Himalayas are not only the world’s most intriguing mountain range but are also are a place of immense spiritual power.

The energy of the Himalayas is potent, pure and vibrates at a frequency possibly the closest the manifest world can hold to that level of the Supreme One.

Legend says that the universe was created in the Himalayas and that deep inside them is the source of all creation. This extraordinary mountain range is said to be the portal between the manifest worlds and the home of the Creator. Linked to novice seekers as well as self-realized masters and yogis for thousands of years, the Himalayas represent spiritual aspiration and humanity’s  greatest potential. With Mount Kailash being the crown of the planet and Gangotri being the source of the holy river Ganges, more surrounds them with the immortal Mahavatar Babaji’s presence and his cave in the Dronagiri mountain range there till this day. Kashmir and Ladhak , which lie close, are high power energy centers and are described in their own terms as The Last Shangri La and Heaven Between Earth and Sky.

We are blessed to be having an innumerable number of sacred sites in our country that are pulsating with light and energy. Down through the ages, the illuminant ones made a concerted effort to find high-energy vortexes and connect themselves with the awakened energy of these high frequency portals. As they did so, the awakened consciousness present in these sites expanded their individual consciousness. This resulted not only in further awakening the energy of the place itself and also expanding in a subtle yet powerful ways planetary and universal consciousness.

The ancient masters then built sacred sites on these powerful vortexes which emitted high frequency vibrations.  This was for the masses to come and raise their consciousness in a collective manner. That is why there are so many sacred sites in India and each one of them has a different, unique vibration being prominent to that particular place.

Paramhansa Yogananda expressed this beautifully when He said, “ If you go to places where masters have lived, the vibrations there will quicken your realization. That is the value of pilgrimages to holy places. The masters’ divine vibrations are still there, just as strong as when they were physically present. Those who are in tune will feel that presence. (Source 2)

 True to this till today we visit the beautiful, high-energy portals and bring their vibration into our lives. As we do so   we become more congruent with our own divine nature, our life mission and our soul’s blueprint.  Here we connect with our higher selves as well as open ourselves to the awakened consciousness that permeates these sacred places.

Thus, as the people of this land awaken and raise it their individual consciousness, they make way for a new level of consciousness to emerge as a collective consciousness and in powerful ways simultaneously elevate planetary consciousness.

Truly India and its people are a beacon of shining light in the world. We invite you meet and merge with the energy of this ancient land.


1.Sadguru, Isha Foundation, Hinduism, accessed April17, 2013

2. Ananda, Pilgrimages, nd https://www.ananda.org/spiritual-living/pilgrimages/

By Poonam Makir

Teacher of the Diana Cooper School of White Light


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