Diana Cooper’s November 2020 Newsletter

Hallo Friends,

So the UK and many parts of the world are going back into lockdown.  What a gloomy feeling, especially with winter setting in.  As I moved to a new area during the last lockdown and there have been very few social things taking place since I have lived here, I have very few friends yet in this area.  But human contact is important and so I share how I talk to different people every day and have some fascinating conversations. And remember that lockdown is an opportunity to go within and connect with the angelic realms. 

If you have no time or space to do this because you have small, noisy or demanding children, below I share a few things they might like to do with you.

My newsletter this month is all about tuning to the higher heart of humanity and spreading love.  In these turbulent times troubled waters are soothed by love.  Change is eased by love.  Transition flows more easily when you are supported by love.  An important date this month is 11.11.2020.  11.11 is about preparing for a level higher, while 22 helps you to start working towards your vision and to build on a solid foundation.  This is a huge opportunity to be ready for the big changes in December.  Do join me in Attuning to Archangel Chamuel and downloading the codes of higher love on 16th November this month.  It is really important.

With love and angelic hugs,

Happiness in lockdown If you are isolated

Every day I walk the dogs twice and say ‘Hallo,’ with a bright smile to absolutely everyone I pass.  I add something general about the weather or the flowers or the lovely colour of their coat.  I have lots of interesting (socially distanced!) conversations with people of all ages.  I have always tended to do this but I make an extra effort during lockdown.  I agree this is more difficult in a town but with fewer people about, this is the time to open your heart and do this.  Your few bright words might make all the difference to someone who is isolated – and out of casual conversations some warm friendships develop.  Also remember you do not have to have a dog yourself.  Dogs are ice breakers and you can talk to anyone with a dog about their animal!! 

If you have small children at home

  1. Find some pebbles or stones.  Think of someone who is ill or needs help.  Each of you hold a pebble and ask the angels to put love or healing or abundance into it for that person.  Then leave it outside their house or put it somewhere special to radiate out the love.
  2. This is the time of year for catching leaves and making a wish each time you catch one.  This is fun but can sometimes be difficult, so tune into the sylphs, the air elementals, and ask them to help you catch the leaves. 
  3. Lockdown is not just affecting humans.  Trees are feeling the weird energy everywhere.  So all go out and stand under a tree or hug it and take it in turns to thank the tree for growing there and tell it what you like about it.
  4. Make a fairy house of twigs or moss or grass or anything natural and put it outside with a little gift, like a sweet or crisp for the fairies.  The gift will remain but they will take the essence and energy from it. 
  5. Gather acorns, beech nuts, conkers or other seeds.  Bless them.  Then take them somewhere and scatter them.  When you get home draw the seed as a tree and imagine it growing strong and tall.
  6. Look at a picture of an Orb.  There are lots in the Orb section on my site.  The Orb is a portal to the world of that angel.  Imagine you are going through the Orb into that world.  Then share what you saw or imagined there.

Do share your experiences with this on Facebook and Instagram with me as I’d love to see what you get up to over Lockdown. My social media also offers lots of tips, exercises and reminders to help you navigate your way through Lockdown and assist you on your spiritual journey.

Naming a Dog

My ten year old granddaughter has been promised a new dog for ages.  Her mother was very anti getting a puppy as she wanted to get a rescue dog. They have been trying for months to get one but due to Covid there aren’t any available, let alone for a home with a cat and a child!  I went to visit them in their new home.  (I had to laugh as my son had spent days dog proofing the garden so Venus and Sugar couldn’t get out.  Needless to say Venus escaped within minutes!)  During the course of the weekend I strongly felt a puppy around and put forward all the good points of having one rather than a rescue dog.  The day after I left they contacted a breeder and had reserved a delightful Sprocker puppy who was then two weeks old.  He doesn’t have a name yet but a few days later I was woken in the night by my third eye buzzing.  It was the puppy.  It said its name was Benji but it would accept any name that Maya gave it!!   Interestingly it told me that it had been waiting for a long time to come in for Maya as they had a strong soul link but it had to be orchestrated for me to visit them to persuade them to look for a puppy rather than a dog.  The universe works in amazing ways for our highest good.  I phoned them next day to tell them of my conversation with the puppy and they loved the name Benji.  I can’t wait to meet him.

Below is the story of is how Venus got her name.  It is an extract from Venus The Diary of a Puppy and her Angel, which was written in Venus’s words on the day I went with a friend to collect her.

22 June

My new mum is coming to collect me any minute! The doorbell rings and I nearly jump out of my skin. Once again she sits on the sofa with her friend, Dee, and strokes me. My yellow angels seem to merge with her golden one around us. They are helping us to get to know each other energetically and it feels safe and tingly warm.

Dee turns to Mum suddenly and says, ‘Have you thought of a name for her?’ 

I prick up my ears because I’ve been trying to tell them my name telepathically. If they are really on my wavelength they will get it right. Please, please listen. Mum smiles and says, ‘Yes, I have. She’s Venus!’


Dee looks amazed and says, ‘That’s what I was going to suggest!’

Of course you were, I thought. I’ve been telling you telepathically! Thank goodness they were tuned in. How dreadful if I’d been called Sweetie or Patch. I couldn’t have borne that.

I’m a special puppy and I need a special name – Venus, the Morning Star, High Priestess of Atlantis, Goddess of Love. That’s me!’

Painting and Space

Painting and space

One of the great blessings of Covid for me was space.  First I painted my garden benches and tables in forget-me-not blue.  When I moved house to Dorset at the end of lockdown I started to paint the fence that surrounds my new property the same colour!  I love it.  It reminds me of the sky on a perfect sunny day.  Now I don’t have an artistic bone in my body but one day I decided to brighten the fence outside my kitchen with a sunflower.  I expected to have to paint over it but wow!  It may not have been accurate but it certainly brightened up the fence, so I added a petunia, then a few butterflies, then more petunias.  It was so enchanting I couldn’t stop.   Archangel Metatron asked me to do a Zoom to attune to him so I advertised it and then suddenly I found I didn’t want to write.  All I wanted to do was paint my fence!  Next came marigolds which simply radiate colour and light and, of course, are Archangel Metatron’s colour.  Then I decided I’d paint my dogs.  It felt very ambitious so I thought I’d try anyway and then  paint over them.  I could hardly believe it when they appeared so easily on the fence.  It was such fun.  But more seriously it was Archangel Metatron’s way of helping me to relax and use a creative part of my brain while he prepared me for the high frequency of last month’s Zoom. And every time I look out of the kitchen window I smile.

Covid and its higher purpose. Time to open your heart to humanity

I was so pleased to talk to Amy MERCREE on her Happy Holistic Podcast on how unicorns can improve your health. link She is a medical intuitive as well as a Podcaster and very spiritually knowledgeable.  In our discussion afterwards she shared that her guides told her that many great beings interceded for Earth over Covid.  We were due to experience something much more challenging but we attracted a huge amount of intercession and assistance.  This resonated with me for, throughout the universe there is so much love for our planet that we are being massively helped on our transition.  It is a reminder that we are a universe of love and it is time to tune into that love and raise the love frequency on the planet. 

She also mentioned that Covid was designed to bring up issues held in the lungs.  I absolutely agree for Covid is about the heart centre and lungs are part of the heart centre. Lung issues are about taking mastery, breathing for yourself, living the life that is right for you or being free to be yourself.  All is coming to the surface to be examined and cleared.  Covid is also bringing up other heart centre issues for healing, so everyone found themselves in the exact perfect place to bring up what they needed to learn.  This means that people who did not like being alone and would fill their time so they would not have to face underlying emotions were forced to stay at home and reflect. Others were separated from their families and this gave them all time to gain new perspectives and heal their relationships or realise how much they meant to each other. Some managed to communicate ‘safely’ on the internet and this allowed them to bridge emotional barriers and become closer

Yet others were in a pod with their families and had to face issues they had been avoiding.

It has been incredibly challenging for many people.  Covid has offered a personal initiation for millions, within a planetary initiation.

It is absolutely time to raise the frequency of the collective heart of humanity to help everyone now.

Birkan Tore

Last month Archangel Metatron asked me to do a Zoom Attunement to him and it felt quite extraordinary.  For a week before it I was unable to work.  I did creative things but my mind was switched off whenever I went to the laptop.  I realise afterwards that this was not by chance!  I had to be cleared so that we could make a higher connection.  Indeed I was especially delighted to receive the following comment from Birkan Tore because I value him as a pure channel, psychic, intuitive and friend. 

After he participated in the Metatron Zoom he wrote, ‘The Metatron event has been one of your most powerful meditations and classes in the last decade! I told my friend that we will continue to receive benefits from this event in months to come and more. I feel like we may not be realizing the magnitude of the spiritual gifts we’ve been given and the transformation that has begun. And just as I said that the number of attendees was 555! I felt like Archangel Metatron, indeed has revealed a lot more of himself to us than he usually does and of course, the purification has prepared us for this reveal as well as the vibrational boost we received from the Lemon Ray (which was new to me as well!) thanks to its joy infusion. When we started meditating on Metatron’s Cube I started seeing all kinds of symbols within it that I haven’t noticed before! It was only in this meditation I got a deeper understanding of his cube.’

Birkan has always been a clairvoyant psychic but since he moved to Hawaii which he has always said is his spiritual home he can actually see the layers of the energy body like the mental body, emotional, etc.  He feels he has a new depth perception and the aura naturally appears deeper. Thought forms became a bit more visible and he can see them like little clouds or blobs of energy floating around in the aura.  It is incredible how, when we are in a high frequency area, we are naturally more attuned to the spiritual realms. 

I love his wisdom.  He talks about the difference between listening to the Wisdom of the Heart, and heartbreak or trauma, pointing out the importance of learning the language of the heart which is unique to each person. Once they can recognize the true guidance of their heart, they will no longer confuse it with a fear response that’s connected to a past hurt. 

I told him of my Zoom on 16th November, Attunement to the Higher Heart to activate the codes of higher love and spread them round the planetary Web of Love.  He responded, ‘Sign me up!’ and added I believe this attunement will bring a renewed sense of inner-peace and love, and also heightened intuition, a clearer connection with Higher-Self and the Divine.

Do check out Birkan’s website.  Birkan Tore www.askangels.com

Archangel Chamuel, the Archangel of Love

Chamuel is an Archaon, one of the highly evolved archangels whose frequency is only  slightly below that of principalities. He is the mighty Angel of Love in charge of the heart chakras of humanity.  He is white and pink and his aim is to help you to open your heart fully and bring it into the fifth dimension, so that you radiate pure shimmering white light from this chakra.  When you are ready he enables you to connect your heart centre to Venus, the Cosmic Heart, to receive a flow of pure transcendent light.  His mission is to link us all from heart to heart to bring about Oneness on Earth.

Some years ago I went into my garden after dark and snapped photos into the darkness.  Everything was black until suddenly there was a flash of pink.  Excitedly I took my phone indoors and after a series of black shots there was the most amazing bright pink heart shaped Orb.  There was a pure white angel of love in the centre and round the outside, Mary’s magenta light.  But the vast bright pink radiance was Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Love.

Next day I looked at the Orb and breathed the energy into my aura.  As I walked in the woods I visualised myself walking in the centre of the Orb and wonderful things happened.  A squirrel ran up to me when I stood still and literally danced at my feet! A deer lay by the path as I passed and we looked at each other and exchanged love.  It did not move until I reached the end of that path.  An elf brought some spirit children, who had been unable to pass over to me and they ran into the energy of love to pass over. 

So, as Chamuel wanted me to do a November Zoom for us to spread higher love through the Web of Love round the planet in order to raise the love frequency of everyone, I found that Orb and started to feel myself within its energy again.  The dogs and I walked in my local woods.  I stood on a little bridge overlooking a stream and they sat beside me.  I felt totally at peace in the Orb.  After a while, to my surprise, a fox padded down a path and stood by the bridge looking at us.  He looked quietly at me, Venus and Sugar, and no one moved.  We were like this for quite some time before the fox turned and slipped away. Only then did Venus, an ardent fox chaser, jump up and run after it.  I realised that until that moment we had all been held in the frequency of Archangel Chamuel.  It felt like a few moments of Oneness. Click HERE for more information.

Zoom to receive an Archangel Chamuel Attunement to fully open your heart and receive the codes of love from the Cosmic Heart

We have reached the end of the old era and are about to embark on a new one. Because of this we are being offered a unique opportunity right now to let go and forgive everything in order to experience true love and Oneness. 

As I discuss in this newsletter Covid is a test of the heart and has prepared many to raise the frequency of their heart chakras.  NOW Archangel Chamuel can intensify love energy directly into your heart chakra.  It is time to listen to the wisdom of your heart. Together we will visit Archangel Chamuel’s retreat to start a special attunement to him.  Then unicorns will conduct us to the golden Temple of Love in the tenth dimensional centre of the Cosmic Heart.  Here we will attune to the higher cosmic heart.  We will work with the mighty Chamuel to expedite the clearance of the personal and collective heart chakras of humanity to raise the love frequency on the planet.  It is time to download Codes of Higher Love and spread them through the Web of Love being created round the planet.  This Zoom will light up your personal heart and serve everyone.

During this Zoom you will

*Bathe in cosmic love to dissolve blocks in your heart chakra

*Open and expand your heart chakra so that it glows.

*Receive an Archangel Chamuel attunement to higher love.

*Experience a beautiful visualisation to visit Chamuel’s Temple of Love and the Cosmic heart.

*Download the new higher Codes of Love and Oneness now available.

*Help clear the personal and collective heart chakras of everyone.

Monday 16th November 7-8pm UK time £11

The Importance of clearing your space by Penny Wing

Have you ever walked into a place which didn’t feel “right” or made you feel uncomfortable? Some places are full of “stuck” energy and this can be as a result of 3 main things – physical dirt, existing energy and clutter

Physical dirt – low level energy always accumulates around dirt therefore it is very important to keep your house as clean as possible (within reason)

Existing energy – everything that happens in a building is recorded in the walls, floors, furniture and objects. This energy is like physical dirt and even though we cannot see it many of us can sense it.

Clutter – any kind of clutter stops the smooth flow of energy around a space.

What is clutter?

The dictionary says clutter is “a crowded and untidy collection of things”. Many space clearing experts categorise clutter as a) things you don’t use or even like, b) things which are untidy or disorganised, c) having too many items in a small space or d) anything that is unfinished

Things you don’t use or even like – Items that are used and loved have vibrant energy around them. However, items which are neglected, unused or unwanted are surrounded by stagnant energy and this can cause the energy in your home to also stagnate. Because we are all connected to everything we own by fine strands of energy, when our home is filled with items we love the energy is positive. Clutter, on the other hand, drags your energy down and the longer you keep it, the more it will have an effect on you. When you get rid of things which have no real meaning for you, you will feel lighter physically and mentally.

Things which are untidy or disorganised – Even if you just have items that you love and use, if they are scattered all over the place and you can’t find them when you need them, your home will still be cluttered. Everyone’s life goes more smoothly when they know where things are. I am not saying that everything should be perfect but your home is an outward representation of what is going on inside you – if you are messy on the outside the chances are you will be messy on the inside!

Too many things in too small a space – sometimes we simply don’t have enough space for what we have accumulated over time! We therefore need to be very careful that we are not cramming in too many things into our home and consequently feeling constricted in our own space. A good idea to keep on top of this is that when you buy something new you give something old away!

Anything unfinished – this form of clutter is harder to see and easier to ignore than the other types but the effects can be far reaching. Things not dealt with in you home reflect issues not dealt with in your life and they can be a constant drain on your energy. From small jobs such as repairing the dripping tap to bigger jobs such as redecorating the house all have an effect on your life outside the home. If you complete all your unfinished business you will be amazed at how your energy levels will increase.

How clutter affects you

Makes you feel tired and lethargic
Most people who hoard things say they can’t find the energy to start clearing them away or throwing them out. The stagnant energy which accumulates around clutter causes this tiredness and lethargy. Clearing it frees up the energy in your home and gives you more vitality.

Can keep you stuck in the past
When all your available space is filled up with clutter how can you allow anything new to come into your life? Your thoughts tend to dwell in the past and you look back rather than look forward. Clearing it helps you to release the past and move on.

Keeps you confused
When you are surrounded by mess, it is impossible to have clarity about what you are doing in your life. When you clear it, you can think more clearly and making decisions becomes easier.

Affects the way people treat you
People treat you the way you treat yourself! If you value yourself others will value you. If you live in a mess you may attract people who disrespect you.

Can make you procrastinate
If you have a lot of clutter around, you will tend to put off doing things. The clutter drains your energy and you just can’t be bothered! Many people, once they have started to clear their surroundings, feel motivated to go on and do things they have been putting off for a long time.

Can cause disharmony
Clutter can be a major cause of arguments in families and between partners. If you live with someone who hoards things their lifestyle can stop your progress.

Can make you feel ashamed
Have you reached the stage where your home is such a mess you are ashamed to invite people over? You can choose to live alone surrounded by your belongings or you can choose to have a good clear out, increase your self esteem and start to have a social life! The choice is yours!

Can make you feel depressed
Many people that suffer from depression are surrounded by clutter. If you are so depressed that you can’t even begin to think about having a clear out, try to least remove the items from the ground level. It can help to lift your spirits and your energy. Ask for help if necessary.

Takes longer to clean your house
It takes at least twice as long to clean a place full of objects and also the objects need cleaning! Just think of what you could do with the extra time you would have if you didn’t have to spend so much time cleaning!

Can make you disorganised
How often do you lose things? How many times have you searched for something, given up and then found it weeks or months later? Being disorganised wastes time.

So why do people keep clutter?

Our possessions reflect parts of ourselves and times in our life which we don’t want to forget. Think about how many women keep their wedding dress stored away in a box which then never gets looked at!
Keeping things “just in case”
This is a popular reason why people hold onto things that they don’t need. We know that “your thoughts create your reality” so if you worry that you will need something after you have thrown it away, your subconscious mind will create a situation where you need that thing!! Then you say “I knew it would come in useful one day” but what has actually happened is that you have created that need yourself! If you have lots of clutter that you are keeping for the above reason the message you are sending out to the universe is that you don’t trust it to provide for you.

A sense of identity
It’s easy to become attached to your belongings because you can feel that your own identity is tied up in them. For example, if you have kept a theatre ticket stub from 5 years ago you can look at it and say “I went and saw that show” I am not saying don’t keep some mementoes and gifts but not so many that they keep you rooted in the past. Have regular clear outs to keep the things that represent you for how you are now…

Getting rid of presents is difficult for some people as they feel they are throwing away their friend’s kindness. But if you have enjoyed that present for some time and no longer have a need for it pass it onto someone who will use it and appreciate it – you are then letting it go with love! Our own happiness does not depend on objects staying in our possession for ever!

A sense of security
Modern advertising is designed to play on our insecurities – “If you don’t own one of these you are not as good as other people” is one of the constant underlying messages we receive. For some people no matter how many things they have there is always something else they “need”…true security is about handling things not having things!

The belief that more is better
In the Western world most people have a selection of kitchen knives in their homes – one for chopping small things, one for chopping big things, and so on. Most households in countries from the East such as Bali or Thailand have only one knife which they use for everything! We have been brainwashed by advertising companies into believing that we need a range of knives! It is not true – keep it simple!!

Getting your money’s worth
Some people refuse to let go of their clutter until they feel that they have really got their money’s worth out of it. This applies even if the item was bought at a bargain price or picked up for nothing. Remember good things cannot come into your life easily if you block the flow of energy by persistently holding onto outdated clutter. Relax a little and see what happens.

Letting go

When something comes into your life enjoy it, use it well and when it is time to let it go. It is that simple. Just because you own something it doesn’t mean to say that you have to keep it for ever. You are just a temporary guardian of the many things as they pass through your life.

Lockdown is an ideal time to start the clearing process so go for it!!


Penny x


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