Diana Cooper’s December 2023 Newsletter

I am writing this sitting by my fabulous blazing log burner, enjoying the warmth and womb like experience of December.  What a month it promises to be.

On a personal note my oldest granddaughter Isabel will be 21 on 3rd December.  I can hardly believe it!  That gorgeous toddler graduates this year.  What a wonderful gift and blessing she has been in my life.

RECEIVE THE CODES OF HELIOS on 12.12 for it is a powerful day. This universe works on the frequency of 12 and 12 is Archangel Metatron’s number.   I will be facilitating a workshop with Tim Whild to receive the Codes of Helios on this auspicious day.   

It will be an incredible Power boost. 

Archangel Metatron is in charge of the ascension of this planet and the universe. He creates all the 11D light codes for this universe in Helios, the Great Central Sun. They hold the sacred keys to your personal highest potential, the highest vision for Earth and this universe, plus what Tim describes as the Gold Standard for the divine masculine energy.  As they are downloaded into each of your chakras the codes activate the power of that centre, for example they boost the higher powers of your third eye.

When I was bringing the energy through for the meditation, I bathed each chakra in Metatron’s golden orange light and placed the symbol for Helios in them before I brought down the Codes of Helios. The energy was amongst the most powerful I have ever received in this lifetime.  We all need this power boost to help us through the massive changes due in 2024!!

Remember that the energy of Helios enables you to step forward with true masculine power and if enough of us carry that force, it will help everyone on the planet.  We will all move graciously into the Golden Future.

Archangel Metatron reminded me that when Tim and I work together we have a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy and this enables people to accept and integrate the light and energy of the workshop more easily. 

21.12 marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day, and it is always a significant time of endings and rebirth.  Archangel Sandalphon oversees the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere of Earth.  (On the same day in the southern hemisphere Archangel Metatron oversees the solstice). This year the Winter Solstice is bringing in a boost of energy to remind us to end everything cleanly so that we are ready for the might and potency of 2024!  Make sure all is forgiven, including yourself.  Take care to release yourself from people and situations so that you are free to plunge into the new currents.  Currently our planet is 19% ahead of the forecast for our progress towards the new Golden Age.  At the Solstice, if we all do our part, we can increase this to 29% or even higher.  This time last year the figures were 15% ahead and we could increase that to 23%.  We really are waking up and lighting up quickly.

To help with this I am including with my newsletter a free Winter solstice meditation to ask for help, then to forgive and release everyone and everything….to be ready for 2024. While this meditation is more potent at the solstice, you can do it at any time and Archangel Sandalphon will help to set you free.

As usual on 24th, 25th and 26th December the most important and significant portal of the year opens.  The Christ portal is open from Christmas Eve, through Christmas Day into Boxing Day morning.  At this time a huge influx of 11D Christ light, glorious unconditional love flows into this universe from Source itself.  Archangel Christiel, the Angel of Peace, oversees it as it spreads round the universe.  When it comes into Earth through the Christ Portal, in the Middle East, it is overseen by Archangels Christiel and his divine counterpart, Mallory, Angel of Wisdom.  Archangel Christiel steps into Earth through his retreat above Jerusalem. Archangel Mallory steps her energy down through the Pleiades and enters Earth through Bethlehem.  This is why Jesus was born and brought up in the Middle East for his mission to anchor and establish the Christ light on Earth.

The Christ energy is available at an 11D frequency but, when it reaches people, the frequency is reduced to the highest vibration that they can receive.   Another reason to keep your light strong this Christmas is that you will be touched by Archangels Christiel and Mariel, enfolding you in Christ light of love and peace.

As a Christmas gift I am making a 30 minute version of the Monad merge meditation for everyone.  It is an opportunity for everyone to experience it as it is one of the most important meditations ever to raise your frequency and fast track your spiritual growth. You can view it below by clicking on the link.

In my newsletter I share some glorious Orb photos and the message or energy you receive when you look at them.

There are many ways to prepare for 2024, including asking the angels to help you.  In my newsletter I share the story of how I received an enormous, life changing clearance and release during a dream after receiving the Codes of Lyra.

I hope you have a wonderful 12.12 and Winter Solstice and Christmas and are ready for the energy of 2024.

With much love


the codes of lyra

In November I facilitated a masterclass to Enter the Stargate of Lyra and Receive Unicorn Light Codes.  The evening before the workshop I did the meditation and it felt extremely powerful, especially when Archangel Christiel entered my body.  I woke early in the morning with a dream that I was in a small, dark prison.  I knew this was connected with old stuff to do with my divorce.  A voice said that I didn’t need to be there any longer.  It was not my fault anyway.  Time to let it go.  At that a powerful cascade of pure white light fell over me.  It was so strong that I tumbled over and over as it swept me along until suddenly everything became still and I found myself in the Pool of Lyra.  Here I floated.  I can honestly say I have never experienced such a sensation of peace and bliss…and I woke with it.  I knew that I received an enormous, life changing clearance and release during that dream.

I have had amazing feedback from that seminar and I know that many of those who participated in the meditation have had wonderful clearances. This recording is now on special offer for the month of December, reduced from £11 to £5.

An orb boost

Orbs are the 6th dimensional light bodies of angelic beings and when you look at them, they can connect you to angels, give you huge light or act as portals to other dimensions.

Archangels Mariel and Lavender Orb

Archangel Mariel, who vibrates with magenta pink, is in charge of the Soul Star Chakra.

Archangel Lavender, his twin flame, is a gentle soul healer.  In this picture they are both actively radiating out light to clear and raise the frequency of the tree and all of nature.  In the very centre an angel of love and Mother Mary is holding the energy with love and compassion.

As you look at the Orb, Archangel Mariel’s angel is bringing forward your soul qualities so that you can access and use them in this lifetime.  At the same time Archangel Lavender is healing your soul time lines. 

Photo by Chris Rominger

2024 The year of more cosmic awareness – a Starship

In this magnificent Orb you can see a starship from a 9th dimensional universe arriving to observe us and note how we are progressing!  It is surrounded by angel Orbs – angels from its universe, accompanying it with love.   Below is a huge Angel of Love.  Although starships are travelling to Earth all the time, we are told that more will be observed in 2024.  We received this photo to remind us of the vastness of this universe and the universes beyond, but mainly to remind us that we are being looked after and overseen by mighty forces of light.

Photo by Jan Rekoutis

An Orb to touch with compassion and bring about action. 

We are all One, all equal and all part of the same ineffable Source.  Yet we have created a world of haves and have nots.  Yes, we create our own individual realities with our beliefs!   As we accept those less fortunate with a loving energy it can transform their self-belief into one of deservingness.  When we all offer love, acceptance and assistance everyone can create a better reality and the frequency everywhere will rise.  Ascension is for all.

In this Orb Archangel Gabriel, with angels of Michael, Zadkiel, Raphael, Chamuel and Metatron, has collected a group of refugees, who all drowned when their boat sank.  With courage and in desperation, they left a terrible life, hoping for a better one.  They were a group soul and at a soul level they chose to pass together.  However, at a human level they were half starved and very frightened.  This is why they appear dark at the top of the Orb.  The angels are taking them for healing on the other side.  At the same time Archangel Gabriel picked up several other souls who are at the bottom left, who passed over naturally and are being kept separate from the boat people.

When you look at this Orb it reminds you of oneness and invites you to help the disadvantaged in your thoughts and prayers.

Orb photo by Jan Rekoutis

Prayer for oneness

Beloved Source,

In my heart and soul I know that we are all one.  I know that if anyone in the world is hurting then a part of me is hurting. 

I pray that Mother Mary blesses my heart and the hearts of everyone with compassion, that Archangel Michael strengthens me and everyone in the world with courage and Archangel Uriel enfolds me and everyone in golden self-worth.  May we all feel One with acceptance and joy.

So be it.  It is done.

Winter solstice meditation to prepare for 2024.

Take a moment to relax and let go of the outside world.

In order to be ready for the year ahead it is time to prepare yourself.

Ask Archangel Sandalphon, the angel who looks after the winter, to work with you.

Pause for a moment as he connects with you in his shimmering silver light.

Tell him that you NOW wish to set yourself free from people, situations and all limiting beliefs.

Archangel Sandalphon draws a silver figure of eight on the ground in front of you.

You step into one of the circles.

Into the other circle place any situations or blocks you wish to release.

Archangel Sandalphon instantly dematerializes them in a burst of silver light.

Now invite those you wish to uncord from into the other circle. 

Archangel Sandalphon reminds you that only lower emotions form cords.  Love does not do so.

You may wish to concentrate on one individual or invite in several or ask that every single person you are corded to, stand in the other circle.

Tell them with love that you wish to release any psychic attachments.

Take a deep breath and relax.

Archangel Sandalphon raises his hands and beams silver light onto the people.

It dissolves all the cords. 

Watch the people all floating away in their circle.

You are psychically free.

And finally take a moment to

Think of any limiting beliefs that you wish to release…..take your time.

Archangel Sandalphon goes to the source of the belief, in this life or any other, and pulls it out by its roots.  He transmutes it

Then he sends a pillar of bright sparkling silver light up from Hollow Earth.

It fills the circle round you and rises up above your head.

In it your stuck beliefs dissolve totally.

You affirm firmly and clearly your new positive and empowering beliefs.

Archangel Sandalphon takes you by the hand and leads you up beautiful steps to the top of the mountain of 2023.

You look out at the river of 2024, ready to navigate it with love, joy and success.

2024 Will it be an easier year?

There will be accelerated change and opportunity for transformation during April.

This depends. 

If you are clinging to the old ways, it will be very challenging as the collapse of the old paradigm accelerates and the changes speed up.

However, if you are focused on the Golden Future and are rejoicing in the collapse of the old and setting up of the new, it will be a time of exhilaration and positivity.  It is a time to remember that regardless of what is happening in the world you create your own reality.  You can make it a glorious one in 2024.

Q & A

Q.A teacher said that at the fall of Atlantis some went to Ireland. A friend of mine who was steeped in esoteric material and who died in December 2012, told me that Co Armagh was the real Avalon and people had that wrong. I was wondering if you could confirm that this was true. Armagh city in Co Armagh is the spiritual centre of Ireland.


A. Thank you for your question Mary,  After the fall of Atlantis, Ireland was still connected to the continent, so when Poseidon took his tribe to Greece, at that time this was also Ireland. I hope that makes sense.  Co. Armagh is the spiritual centre of Ireland.  The real Avalon is Glastonbury.

Q. Mary’s 9 year old daughter’s questions:

1. Is Atlantis coming back when Golden Age starts? 

Atlantis was a cosmic era that lasted for 260,000 years.  It ended in 2012.  During that period the fifth dimensional Golden Age of Atlantis lasted for 1500 years.  In the new Golden Age of Aquarius that starts in 2032 we will rise to a much higher frequency than they did in Atlantis because Atlantis was a 5D experiment on a 3D planet.  We are now creating a 5D experiment on a 5D planet.  I hope this helps and there is much more information in my book Discover Atlantis.

2. Was there no veil in Atlantis, like most of us have on Earth at the moment? 

The Atlanteans went through the Veil of Illusion just as we do now.  When you reach the upper levels of the fifth dimension these 7 Veils can be lifted from the third eye.

Helios is the 11th dimensional Great Central Sun, where Archangel Metatron creates the light codes for this entire universe.  These are the codes of your highest potential and happiness.  When you attune to Helios at a 7D frequency the energy ignites your expanded self.  Prepare for an in depth download of the gold keys of all you can be in this lifetime.

Tim Whild carries the 11D codes of Helios and, by soul agreement, is now anchoring them into our planet for humanity. 

Diana Cooper is an Intergalactic Master who brings through the 11D Universal Feminine from the great Angel Mary. 

Because Helios is a masculine energy, when Diana and Tim work together, the Codes are released in a balanced way, so that you can absorb and integrate them more easily.

Today you will establish the Codes of Helios in each of your chakras.  This will:

*Unlock gifts and talents that may have been dormant for lifetimes.

*Empower you to fulfil your life mission.

*Enable you to become one with your monad.

*Allow you to merge with the awesome Archangel Metatron.

*Automatically raise your frequency.

*Energise new and higher possibilities within each chakra.

We have been asked to facilitate this incredibly powerful, life changing workshop on 12.12 which is a power day.  As the golden orange light from Helios awakens higher energies in each of your chakras it gives new impetus to your dreams.

This workshop is recorded and will automatically be available to you.  You do not receive a link for the workshop but you access it from link.Do join us on

* Tuesday 12th December for this On-line workshop 7-8 UK time.  £11 for Live viewing and unlimited access to the recording

The Christ light at christmas

You can call in the Christ light at any time.  However, it is more potent than ever during the Christmas period.  Here are some ways you can use it.  All you have to do is ask or picture it.

1.     Call it in to form a golden white dome of protection over you, your loved ones and your home.

2.     Ask it to pour its healing light through you or others.  It touches people at a cellular level and always works with grace for the highest good of all.

3.     Christ light carries codes of higher love, so visualise it reconciling families, situations or countries. 

4.     Love can make magic happen so picture the golden white Christ light pouring into any person or place in the world, alchemising fear into love, lack into abundance and happiness.

5.     Picture showers of Christ light falling like golden rain everywhere on trees, animals and humans alike.

6.     Water carries the Christ light, so see rivers and oceans lighting up with love energy.

Your visions at Christmas are very powerful for it is a time of magic and wonder.  I wish you a happy, healthy, free, abundant and love filled Christmas.


As a special Christmas Gift for the month of December I am delighted to offer you all my recordings for the reduced price of £5 (usually £11). You will get unlimited access to the recordings to re-watch as and whenever you need to access the energies. A great gift for yourself or a loved one.

a favour to ask

Beautiful friends I have a favour to ask you. Please would you put up a favourable review on Amazon for my book The Golden Future. You do not have to put to buy the book from capital Amazon in order to add a review. I would be really grateful.

Thank you.  PS.  It is also a really inspiring book, full of information and hope!!!

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