Diana Cooper’s June 2014 Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

KS winner logo(1)Yet another exciting newsletter.  For me the big news this month has been the pre-release of Venus, A Diary of a Puppy andher Angel.  The book looks fabulous and I have a few copies to take to talks before publication date on 7th July.  I was delighted to give two copies to friends who laughed out loud as they read it.  Indeed it is light and fully and yet it is full of deep information about animals and their true soul mission and also guidance from the angels. You can pre-order it HERE to order your copy.

And I was so thrilled and honoured to win the Kindred Spirit Spiritual Writer of the Year Award.  Wow! I want to thank everyone who voted for me.

Lots of Angel love

Diana x

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Paivi and Venus(1)When Mum came back from South Africa she said that the first question everyone asked her was, ‘How’s Venus.’  That’s me!  I’m a very popular dog.  Lots of people had seen the photo of me sitting by Mum’s suitcase looking dejected that she was going away again.  What they didn’t know was what happened next.

Mum stroked me and said, ‘Venus I have to go away but I’ll be back soon.’ Then she added the words I had been waiting to hear, ‘Paivi is looking after you while I’m gone.’  Well I’m not stupid.  I perked up my ears and ran out of the room to where Paivi was sitting outside on a bench in the sun.  I leapt up beside her and cuddled up.Mum laughed as she wheeled her cases past me to the car.  ‘You traitor, Venus,’ she called.  I stiffened.  Then she added, ‘You understand absolutely everything I say, don’t you?’

‘Oh yes,’ I agreed.  ‘And Paivi’s my new best friend.’ And I deliberately licked Paivi’s hand…. But I called after Mum, ‘Love you lots Mum!”  and she said, ‘Love you too Venus.’  Then she was gone.

An interesting thing happened on Mum’s first night in Johannesburg.  When she arrived she received some very sad news and as she was falling asleep she murmured, ‘Venus I wish you were here.’  Instantly my spirit responded.  I left my body and went to her.  She felt me jump onto the bed and scrabble to get under the duvet with her.  In her half sleep dimension she could physically feel me and we had a cuddle.  It was lovely.  What an amazing world we live in.

It was so lovely to see Mum when she got home.  I jumped all over her but that Ash-ting ignored her completely.

You won’t believe what happened today.  Mum is supposed to communicate telepathically with me and Ash-ting but she doesn’t always listen.   When we went out for our morning walk Ash-ting followed us almost all the way to the woods and he hasn’t done that since he was a kitten.  Mum tried to shoo him home but he wasn’t having any of it and just ran away.  Mum reckoned he knows his way home by now so she promptly forgot about him.  We had a lovely walk and then she got down to work. By the evening there was no sign of Ash-ting.  I couldn’t settle.  I whined and pawed Mum.  She thought I wanted to play and we had a game.  It was very nice but why wasn’t she listening?  Every time I tried to get her attention she gave me food or threw my toy but she missed the point completely.  At last I sat down and stared intently at her, shouting, ‘Go and find Ash-ting.’  She stopped working and looked at me.  Then she said, ‘You’re right Venus.  Ash-ting hasn’t come home.’  She jumped up and grabbed my lead and we hurriedly retraced our footsteps of this morning calling, ‘Ash-ting!’ all the way.  At last he limped out of a hedge and for once went straight to Mum, who picked him up and carried him.  Once home she examined him carefully but couldn’t find why he was limping so she gave him his dinner and settled him down for a rest.  But that cat only wanted to lie on top of me.  ‘Leave me alone you pest,’ I yelled.

moon(2)When I took Mum for a walk last night (yes we have stopped pretending that she takes me out) there was a breathtaking Metatron moon.  It was a beautiful orange colour.  When we got home I sat in the garden staring at it.  Wow.  My angel whispered that keys and codes of the divine feminine were pouring into me.  Wow again.

When Ash-ting and I get together we are great hunters.  He sees something move and he’s across the garden in a flash.  I run behind him to get some of the action.  Well he found something long and shiny in tall grass.  We sniffed cautiously and he put a paw out to tap it, but it didn’t run away.  We were perplexed but intrigued but that spoil sport Mum saw us and came running over.  ‘What have you found you two?’ she called.  Then she exclaimed, ‘Oh it’s a beautiful slow worm.’  And she picked it up so that we couldn’t get it.  We watched intently to see where she put it and she placed it in the middle of the hazel cluster in the lawn.  ‘That’s that,’ I sighed but I’d bargained without Ash-ting.  As soon as Mum had vanished he jumped into the very middle of the cluster and emerged triumphantly bearing that slow worm.  Of course, I am a dog so I had to get it off him!  It was a bit weird.  I held it by the tail and it squirmed and wriggled – most unnerving.  It was quite a relief when Mum came racing back and I dropped it hurriedly.  This time she carefully placed it in a compost heap where Ash-ting couldn’t get it and covered it up.  Mice and rabbits are much more fun to chase.

Stop Press.  My very own book is out!  Mum showed it to me and I think I look great on the cover, don’t you?

Venus_ small

Venus – A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel is  available to pre-order HERE

Here’s a little taster of what the book has to offer, with pictures drawn by me

July 5th
I’m having my first injection today.  I’m not allowed to go out of the garden until I’ve had my second one.

I like the vet.  She is a very nice lady who lets me have a sniff round her room which is full of intriguing smells!  Even more interesting, she has two lights with her.  One is yellow and blue and it stands back watching.  That’s her Guardian Angel.  The other is her healing guide who helps her with the animals and he is blue green.

I am observing this when Mum picks me up and puts me on the table.  The lady that I thought of as the nice vet, puts a needle in the back of my neck.  Ouch! I howl and squeal very loudly.  It is extremely painful and I want to make sure they know this.  Then Mum cuddles me and both she and the vet give me treats, so I will agree to come here again if I have to.

But I narrow my eyes at the angels and guides.  ‘Why did you let them hurt me?’ I demand.

‘You chose life, Venus, and we can’t take all your experiences away.  It’s how you react that enables you to evolve,’ the vet’s yellow and blue Guardian Angel responds with such loving kindness that all the hurt vanishes.”

Birds are not on Earth to learn.  They are just here to teach us.  When several large wood pigeons waddled about on the lawn, swaying like badly loaded boats, the angels told Venus she should not snigger at them or chase them for doves, pigeons and also ducks are very special.  They work closely with the Angels of Love and Peace, spreading messages of comfort and hope from them.  This is why they often try to flutter up to people.

In her usual cryptic way Venus responds, “Okay, I get it!  Taking kids to feed the ducks or pigeons enables the Angels of Love and Peace to influence them.  Cool planning by the Universe

Forthcoming Events and Workshops
Communicate with Angels and Animals: Baden Powell House in South Kensington, London
8th June  10-30 – 4.30 (or 5.00)

At last I shall have the joy and delight of talking about Venus and Animals and Angels.  All my favourite things when Venus – A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel is launched.  Please come.  I’d love to see you.

Today I will take you to meet the Angels and Archangels to experience their glorious peace, enlightenment and healing.

The Angels will help to set you free from your problems and challenges that only occur at lower frequencies by taking you into higher dimensions where the old dissolves and you can attract the new.

Meet and communicate with the Angel of your house so that your home becomes more peaceful and joyful.

Many of you will have pets in your home and based on my new book VENUS – The Diary of a Puppy and her Angel, I will help you understand and communicate with them, as well as all animals.   We will learn about the spiritual aspects of animals, trees, insects and birds and connect with the Angels in charge of them.

To book, please Contact Richard Dunkerley 020 7287 6711  http://www.alternatives.org.uk

Positive Living Glastonbury
Wednesday 11th June 7.30 – 9.30
Tor Leisure Centre, Street Road, BA6 EF

Angels and Animals
Diana will share a spiritual perspective on the animal kingdom and take you on a wonderful meditation to connect with the Angel of Animals to help all creatures on the planet. The angels will strengthen your ability to communicate with the animals.

Diana will also share the fun, laughter and joy she has with her dog, based on her new book, Venus-  A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel.

For further information or to book please contact : Colleen Tucker colleen@glastonburyplg.org.uk

Venus will also be there to meet and greet!!

Auras – Our Light Body By Jacqueline Piper
People are becoming more aware of our energy body or Aura as it is called especially since the advent of the Auric Camera and the new apps available to download. I think it is important that we realise our Aura Camera/Apps can capture some of our Auric field at any one time but not the whole of our amazing auric field in one photo.  This is why the colours in the Aura photos vary so often.Your Aura is a very complex and beautiful web of interwoven electromagnetic energy fields all merging and flowing together in one field.

A small part of this can be captured in a photo depending on the frequency of the camera. The bigger picture of our Auric field is that it expands way beyond anything anyone has yet managed to capture in a photo. I have seen the Auric field over 25 years in my work as a medium and healer. I’ve always noticed there is an Auric field surrounding all people, pets, animals, plants, trees and insects.

Everything that is alive has a spirit and an energy field. When I see clairvoyantly I am seeing the Aura or energy body of the spirit and not the physical body.

We are our energy. We are the different colour emanations which are the aura. The energy is us.  We have all come from other places in the Universe to experience life here today on Earth and our energy field is our combination of different energies we have brought here with us. Looking into an Aura you can sense and know the different colours and meanings as well as see them.

Everyone can sense what an energy feels like.  Relax your mind and allow impressions to come to you.

With practise it becomes easy and you learn how your senses work in the best way for you. The different colours are the different wavebands of energy.  Each type of energy vibrates differently and has it’s own colour and shades.  We have different experiences depending on which energies we are vibrating with.

No two Auras are the same. We each have a uniquely patterned aura. This is made up of the sum total of our past life experiences as well as the lessons we have come here to learn and the gifts or skills we have incarnated with.

We each have our own pathway and we can explore this consciously by focusing on the colours in our Aura. When colours are bright and flowing clearly and freely there is a beautiful harmony and lightness and everything is flowing as it should be with Divine alignment. Where there is a murkiness in the colours of the Aura or a stagnation in the flow of energies we could say this is a ‘blockage’.  We can use our ability as healers to heal ourselves.  Our guides, the many Angels and the Ascended beings including the Unicorns are here to help us with our healing and the Earth’s shift.  As we raise our frequency we can connect more closely with them and their amazing beautiful and wonderful shining Auric fields too.

Beings who are not incarnated have an Aura and they are pure energy. The energies in our life can be noticed by the colours in our Aura and by the energies flowing from and around us.  Orbs in our Aura can be the light bodies of the beautiful and awesome beings of light guiding us and helping us and nature spirits or deceased loved ones and pets.

Our chakras are the energy vortexes which enable us how to draw in the light and energy from the world around us. Our spirit holds energies and anchors them inside our own special Aura. Some of the energies we have are already anchored in us when we are born.  Other energies are sometimes attuned to us and anchored into our chakras as we grow and develop on our personal spiritual path and meditate. Over-lighting Auric colours are seen in an Aura as well and these energies are coming into the Aura from higher beings who are sending us healing energy and light. These colours are especially bright and beautiful, inspiring, clear and powerful colours.  I have seen gold and silver radiances around the Aura of people particularly when the person has been calling on an Ascended Master.

The Unicorns send fantastic waves of high frequency light full of masses of tiny brilliantly sparkling stars into your Aura which flow from the Unicorn’s horn into your Aura and spin around as they are absorbed. We can lighten our spectrum of colour where we have chosen to learn and heal. We can ask spirit for healing and the perfect energies and colours are always sent to us. Each soul has several reasons for incarnating and these can be read clearly in the Aura. Your Aura can tell you everything you need to know about yourself for your own growth and offer valuable insights. There are so many layers in the Aura that it is true to say that each level gives a deeper and more expanded awareness.

As we unfold each new area a more enlightened self awareness comes into play. Our Aura expands as we grow and lift ourselves into the light .  This ever more powerful, more uplifting, healing, loving and nurturing light contains all energies all colours and is the light we come from which we are part of and which we always stay connected to throughout our lives , whether we realise it or not.

Love, light & Unicorn Sparkles


A Story of Ascension
Last August my friend Suzan sat in my garden and told me that the cancer in her face had returned and she had only a few months to live.  Suzan was a very spiritual and beautiful soul and a White Eagle healer.  White Eagle is part of the White Brotherhood and their healing is a very high, pure frequency.

The following morning I was walking in the forest thinking about my friend and asking the universe, why her?  Why would her soul choose such a horrible way to die?  Suddenly White Eagle appeared in front of me and said, ‘This will enable her to ascend gloriously.’ Wow!  How wonderful! I understood.  Her attitude to the pain and disfigurement, her fortitude and grace would take her through an initiation which would enable her to ascend.

When the time came, the evening before her birthday, she passed suddenly.  Her sister, Trudy, sprayed her with Archangel Michael spray as soon as she had passed.  Most people who die after a grave illness, go into hospital in the spirit world for recuperation, but not if you ascend.  In Suzan’s case the Archangels collected her and healed her as she returned home.

Unexpectedly, two days after she passed, I caught a glimpse of her in my hotel room.  Then a day later, after my first workshop in Johannesburg, two clairvoyants told me that they had seen my friend who had just passed, standing by me on the platform helping me!!! Sorely missed on Earth she has already started her new mission, helping as many people as possible to ascend.

A Miracle Story
At a workshop in South Africa the troublesome problem of what to give to beggars came up for discussion. One lady shared her story.  She always gave to one particular beggar so that even her children would say, ‘There’s your man, Mum.’  Then one day when he approached, she decided to say, ‘I have nothing for you today but I am asking the angels to send you abundance.’   She did not see him for some time.  When she did see him a few weeks later he told her with pride, ‘Your angels worked.  I’ve got a job.’

Lost Keys
Di had lost the keys to her hire car.  We were on a tight schedule to catch a plane and she had searched everywhere.  At last she thought she must have dropped them!  They could be anywhere!

As Di went off to search for them I closed my eyes in that car park and asked the Angels of Love to find the keys and bring them right here if they had been dropped.  Then Sandi and I started to take everything out of the rucksack Di had packed with her stuff that morning.  As we pulled out all her old clothes, right in the middle we found the car keys!!  It was quite amazing.  We just caught the plane as, thanks to the angels, the incoming one was late.

The Ubuntu Wellness Centre, Capetown
One of the highlights of Capetown was our visit to the Ubuntu Wellness Centre.  Ubuntu means humanity in harmony.  Ian and Dawn, who own it, had the vision of a centre for years and searched everywhere for a suitable place.  Then one day his mother phoned to say she had found somewhere.  The downstairs was under water and smelt!  However in the garden grew a 400 year old sacred wild fig tree.  Immediately they knew they had been called here.

The building is now dry and beautiful. As a great admirer of Emoto Masaru’s work on the crystals formed by thoughts, captured within frozen water, I immediately recognised the huge pictures of crystals hanging in the main teaching room.  I was awed to see the crystal formed when people thought about Ubuntu.  Ian described it as the spirit of peace and love within humanity.

Ubuta Crystal(1)Equally fascinating but more disturbing is the crystal formed by thoughts of apartheid.  The beautiful symbol is literally torn in two, the visual representation of a broken society.

We were honoured to touch the huge and ancient wild fig tree which radiated peace and harmony.  It stands on a sacred line through which a channel of water flows down from Table Mountain to the sea.

Hanging from the tree was a row of Tibetan peace flags given to the centre by a group of Llamas and also pictures of the White Lions who carry the Christ consciousness.  We lit a special torch, also presented to them by the Llamas of Tibet and created a small fire ceremony for peace.  Wow!  Such a special energy.

Tree(1)Dawn and Ian most generously offered us a deeply relaxing massage, reiki and a session in their state of the art flotation tank.  Oh that was amazing!!

Ian shared with us that he had once lived in a flotation centre in London for three months where he slept in the purifying waters in a tank with the lid down so that all senses were cut off.  During this process his third eye opened and many gifts were restored to him.

Dawn also shared her beautiful love story with us.

At the end of 2003 she had just left a difficult relationship.  Her daughter came running into her room calling, ‘Mummy, Mummy, I’ve just had a wish dream.  I must tell you now.’ This was what she told Dawn.  ‘You were walking down a street holding hands with a tall man with blue green eyes.  He was an angel that God sent for you and a healer.  He was holding hands with a little boy that is going to be like my brother.’ Two weeks later a friend phoned from Jerusalem, ‘Dawn I’m phoning to say that there is a big opening coming your way.  Be open.’ The following morning another friend phoned to say, ‘Dawn I’m phoning to say that there is a big opening coming your way. Be open.’   Exactly the same words! Soon after the phone rang yet again and a friend from Capetown said, ‘Dawn, a healer is coming to South Africa and we need someone to administrate his events in Johannesburg.’ Dawn responded that she did not do that sort of thing.  Then she remembered the message to be open and agreed to help.

While she was doing the bookings in Johannesburg Ian came in with a Japanese scientist.  A friend introduced them.  The friend said, ‘Dawn belongs to Ian!’ The following day a tall thin man with a beard arrived for a meditation.  He was a complete stranger but he said he had come to help them.  He said to Dawn, ‘Do you see that man,’ pointing to Ian.  ‘I have never seen an aura like that.’  Then he paused and looked at her and added, ‘Oh my goodness you’ve got the same colours.’ During the meditation Ian sat next to her and he felt his hand on hers.  That was the beginning of their relationship.  And the little boy in her daughter’s dream was Ian’s nephew, who did indeed become like a brother to her.

Secret Alchemy spiritual Sprays
My friend Rosemary Stephenson gave me a bottle of the most wonderful Archangel Metatron spray and a roll on of Mother Mary.  She had also brought Archangels Sandalphon and Gabriel.  Oh they really did help us to stay connected.  At the time we were staying in Malta for our retreat and the head waiter kept saying how beautiful we smelt!!!  They are more like an angelic perfume than fleeting sprays. I was so impressed that I asked Rosemary who made them.  She told me that Paschalis and Frixos were friends of hers and came from Greece.

I contacted them and they told me that their venture was born in this incredible time of accelerated growth to bring more awareness, healing and support and to remind us our inner wisdom, reawaken the beauty and joy of life and connect us deeply with the love and presence of heaven on earth.  They told me that all Secret Alchemy are activated with the energies of the corresponding Archangels and Ascended Masters to nurture, activate, heal and uplift.

They are rich in pure organic essential oils of high concentration which is why the fragrance lasts for so long.  They also combine the essences with crystal energies level to enhance the energetic benefits and when you use them they create a synthesis bridge through all kingdoms to balance and transform the body, aura and consciousness – a secret alchemy!

So they can be used daily (I love to spray and roll them on every morning to energise my day) and, of course, they are wonderful for meditation, spiritual classes, healing sessions, aura clearing and to connect with specific Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Paschalis and Frixos have thought of everything.   The good quality deep violet bottles protect the contents and energies and all bottle parts are recyclable. They tell me that all Secret Alchemy products are made with love and gratitude.  They call their business Angels House!  www.angelshouse.eu 

I asked them to let me know a bit more about each essence to share with you.  Here it is.  I also ordered a complete set of the Archangel essences!!

Archangel Metatron
General Effect: Can help us feel and empower the support towards the benefit of everyone, awakening the talents, virtues and power inside us. Deep cleanser, harmonizes on all levels. Sharpens the mind, brings new vision, intuition and sense. Brings light in every situation. To see more clearly without judgement, to be able to see and be with others.

Qualities: Spiritual growth, Light body activation, Divine union, Ascension.

Correspondences: 7th and all chakras.

Intentions & Affirmations: I Am Pure Consciousness! The Whole and I are one! The Light penetrates and fills me!

Archangel Sandalphon
General Effect: Connects us with Earth and fellow people. For grounding, centeredness, energy and awareness. Empowers and strengthens the auric field. Helps us stay in our own energy, instead being concerned extremely for others showing great empathy. Protects our emotions from unwanted astral obstacles and not to absorb fears, negative emotions and “things” from others.

Qualities: Balance, Discernment, Grounding, Protection.

Correspondences: 1st Chakra.

Intentions & Affirmations: I stand firmly on earth! I embrace life! Life supports my dreams and my being here and now!

Archangel Raphael
General Effect: Conscious reconnection with the higher source, communication with angels, greater understanding and harmony with the divine will. Healing work in combination with music and crystals is enhanced drastically; and an expanded understanding is facilitated through these ways. Restores balance of the heart. We find true balance in the heart, orientation and the ability to make clear decisions.

Qualities: Healing, Peace, Clarity, Knowledge, Truth, Heart.

Correspondences: 4th Chakra.

Intentions & Affirmations: Every thought returns to unity! I breathe the essence of my heart!

Archangel Gabriel
General Effect: It helps us develop the ability of being truthful to ourselves. Encourages and energizes new growth in order to remember the sweetness of life when we tend to forget it. Improves the energy flow in the meridians. Balances the female qualities and the opening of the kundalini energy. Telepathy, intuition and clarity of the vision. Empowers and clears the thoughts and emotions. Helps in connecting with the Universal Mind.

Qualities: Independence, Revelations, Intuition, Emotional Release.

Correspondences: 2nd Chakra.

Intentions & Affirmations: I release all discomfort! I Am free! I trust my intuition! I am guided every moment!

Archangel Jophiel
General Effect: Opens the way in order to conceive the broader truth, harmony and hope. Offers deep inner insight and stimulates the higher mind. Balances all the chakras, because with less fear the energy flows smoothly. Awakens all the qualities we haven’t realized till now. Revitalization and renewal so to preserve in a dynamic way the sense of orientation and joy. Reduces sadness by restoring joy, direction in life and motivation.

Qualities: Enlightenment, Beauty, Inspiration, Harmony.

Correspondences: 1st –  8th Chakra.

Intentions & Affirmations: I Am open to new ideas! Every moment, minute by minute, I am aware of the beauty around me!

Archangel Michael
General Effect: Supports us in releasing intense fears and worries. Helps release negative thought patterns. Cleans, centers, calms. Increases perception and communication. Enhances creativity, inspired thoughts, honesty, faith and peace of mind. Helps to recognize our guidance and our personal path. Brings a feeling of protection. When we feel devastated, it helps us re-enter the flow of life.

Qualities: Protection, Courage, Justice, Faith, Trust.

Correspondences: 3rd & 5th Chakra.

Intentions & Affirmations: I claim my power! I trust the flow!

Archangel Chamuel
General Effect: It purifies bringing higher spiritual love. Develops the right use of power, when to move forward and when to relax. Setting boundaries when there is exploitation and encroachment. Boosts our energy and takes us out of laziness. Cultivates confidence of self, respect and self-discipline. Bringing warmth dissolves tension and resentment. To overcome obstacles. Helps in all relationships and in life changing situations.

Qualities: Self discipline, Self confidence, Self-respect, Energy, Vitality.

Correspondences: 5th Chakra.

Intentions & Affirmations: With courage I release the old! With self respect I move forward and find balance!

Mother Mary
General Effect: Love manifests with tangible actions. Helps come in balance and harmony, connecting us with feelings of love. Brings clarity in the senses, connecting the heart and mind with our inner light. To be able to see more clearly the many aspects of a situation. With patience we learn the value of being. It’s not what we do but the way we do it. This makes the difference! Our motive can help us live every moment with compassion.

Qualities: Sensitivity, Loving Kindness, Snugness, Divine Love, Prophetic Dreams.

Correspondences: 4th & 6th Chakra.

Intentions & Affirmations: I Am safe and protected! Love takes care for me now!

Kwan Yin
General Effect: Opens the heart and attracts love towards our side, teaching us trust. Stabilizes our mood, encourages healing and trust in the natural order of life. Understanding, female leadership, compassion and solidarity are increased. Helps find balance and peace. Supports the delicate and sensitive aspects with Divine Mother Love. Raises care and compassion, renewal, relaxation and self acceptance.

Qualities: Compassion, Charity, Mercy, Peace, Relief, Tenderness.

Correspondences: 4th & 6th Chakra.

Intentions & Affirmations: With compassion I transform harshness! I embrace my being in compassion and I find inner peace!

Lord Melchizedek
General Effect: Harmony, balance, clarity and enrichment which connects with “abundance” in all things. To find the hero in our self. Helps in embodying and accessing wisdom. Consistency, how to be part of a greater whole. Search and discovery of wholeness, thus realization of the inner personal value. Problems are dissolved while we see our self through the eyes of eternity. Attunes us to Divine Love with higher direct inspiration and guidance.

Qualities: Alchemy, Manifestation, Freedom, Abundance, Royal Consciousness.

Correspondences: 1st – 8th Chakra.

Intentions & Affirmations: I Am a being of infinite wisdom, abundance and power! Limitless abundance manifests in my life!

For more information, please visit their website:www.angelshouse.eu

Tim(10)An awesome meditation from Tim Whild bringing in a very high frequency

Our ascension process is fully underway now, our four energy bodies merging seamlessly with our fifth dimensional merkabah and our glorious Higher Selves.

The new chakra column descends from above, under our souls direction, and once it is in place and anchored, the energetic process is nearly complete.

The chakras that were in place since the fall of Atlantis, are pushed in a downward motion until they reside in a column below our feet. A glowing testament to the lessons that we have overcome in the process of remembering who we really are. The teams that are tirelessly helping Earth and its inhabitants, still have a massive task on their hands. Archangel Metatron is in charge of the ascension process, and would like to present a gift to assist with the anchoring of the fifth dimensional chakras. Ascension can only take place when all of the previous lessons and karma have been fully dealt with and released. In many circumstances, Grace is now being offered to many souls who are ready to make the jump to living in Unity Consciousness.

The Archangel Chakra Jewels are a divine gift to assist with the anchoring of each new chakra.

Beautiful, precious stones and crystals form on our planet containing a specific energy and consciousness, and we have worked and revered them since time began.

The Archangel Chakra Jewels
Stellar Gateway Golden Beryl
Soul Star Ruby
Causal Moonstone
Crown liquid gold
Third Eye Emerald
Throat Sapphire
Heart Pink Star Diamond
Solar Plexus Yellow Sapphire
Causal Fire Opal
Sacral Rose Quartz
Base Hermiker Diamond
Earth Star Heamatite

Each of our new chakras is governed by an archangel in charge of its development. These archangels all have chosen a gem or crystal that represent their energy at a fifth dimensional level, and are offering to place this etheric gift in each chakra. This will have a profound effect in retaining this energy permanently, and speeding up our personal ascension process. Once in place, the chakra will glow with stunning ascension energy.

1.Prepare for meditation.

Sit quietly, in your favourite spot, and call forth to the mighty Fire Dragons.

Ask them to clear your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of all frequencies that you wish to be rid of.

Be specific, they are very thorough.

2. Call to the Legions of Anubis to hold your space and fields in the highest integrity. You will be surrounded by loving protection while you meditate.

The Legions of Anubis have been serving and protecting humanity for millenia, and work closely with Archangel Michael and his angels. Anubis appeared in Ancient Egypt in a physical body, and is the guardian of the secrets of Atlantis.

3. Call to Archangel Metatron and ask him to activate your fifth dimensional chakra jewells.

You may sense him now, above you, activating your Stellar Gateway.

4. Archangel Metatron touches, and lights up your stellar gateway. Within it, he places a beautiful, multi-faceted Golden Beryl, a stunning, rare gem.

Your chakra lights up bright gold, connecting you to the universe.

5. Next, Archangel Mariel moves close to you. She touches, lights up and activates your Soul Star.

Within it, she places a beautiful blue-hearted Ruby.

This gem glows bright maroon, but changes to an electric blue when moved in the light. It represents the energy of your Soul Star. Feel this chakra glowing with these colours and activating your spiritual gifts and talents.

6. Archangel Christiel is now with you.

She places a stunning, shimmering Moonstone in your activated Causal chakra.

You are fully connected to the eternal and vast realm of the divine angelics. Feel them flooding around you holding you in the highest love.

7. Upon the top of your head, Archangel Jophiel is touching and opening your Crown chakra.

He is pouring pure, liquid gold into it, opening the 1000 petals as the knowledge of the universe pours into you. The liquid gold forms a crown, your fifth dimensional soverienty.

8. Archangel Raphael is placing his index finger on your third eye, activating this chakra at a high frequency. He places a shimmering emerald inbetween your eyes, fully activating your personal gifts and talents.

9. Archangel Michael now touches, lights up and activates your throat chakra. He places an electric blue sapphire within it. Your power to speak your innate truth and wisdom is aligned with your higher self.

9. Archangel Chamuel touches and opens the 33 petals of your heart. Fully open, he places an astonishing Pink Star Diamond within it. Your heart is the basis of all that you are as a fifth dimensional master. It glows with the pure love of the Cosmic Heart. Feel this extend to all sentient being on Earth, and extending around the universe.

10. Archangel Uriel touches and activates your Solar Plexus.

Within it, he places a glorious yellow sapphire, the rarest of gems. It radiates pure golden light, and connects you to a stream of pure knowledge of one-ness, peace and security. You feel the love in every living thing radiating back to you.

11. Archangel Gabriel is now working on your Naval chakra. Glowing like your own sun, he now places a radient Fire Opal within you, illuminating your power to be at one with others.

12. Next, he is activating and cleansing your Sacral chakra. Within it, he places the lightest and most high frequency Rose Quartz you have ever seen. It is shaped as a multi-faceted heart, and you feel all of your relationships and experiences melt into a perfect blend of higher understanding. You are at one with yourself and others, and ready to experience pure love.

13. Archangel Gabriel is now activating your glowing, platinum base chakra. Within it, he places a pure, clear, Hermiker Diamond. This melts and merges with the bright swirling platinum, infusing it with his energy.

You are grounded, secure, and full of clarity.

14. Archangel Sandalphon is now working on the Earth Star chakra below your feet.

It is a mixture of black and white, but as he activates it, it becomes a swirling mixture of deep, beautiful metallic grey.

He places within it, a shimmering and grounding heamatite. This activates magnetically, bonding you with Mother Gaia. You now feel the magnificent resonance of your entire planet within you.

You are One.

15. When you are ready, thank the Archangels for their gift.

Thank the fire dragons, and Legions of Anubis.

Open your eyes, and feel yourself glow.

Spread your love and light.

Orb of the Month
gson(1)Picture Sent in from Gail and taken of her Grandson (Elijah)

Archangel Jophiel and Archangel Zadkiel are helping Elijah along his spiritual pathway.  Archangel Zadkiel is clearing away any negativity and old patterns while Archangel Jophiel is giving him Angelic wisdom.

If you have any Orb Pictures please email them to orbs@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com – due to the large number of pictures we receive please send only your three best Orb pictures.  A selection will be posted on the site with Diana’s personal insight on them.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Fabulous Organic: Archangel Aura Photos, Moon Mirrors and Kindred Spirit
Hi, another interesting month! We’ve had a lot of feedback from our archangel aura photos, so thanks to everyone for their comments. If you missed them have a look at: http://www.fabulousorganic.co.uk/blog

We’ve made several trips to Glastonbury and our Fabulous Organic body lotions are now on sale at Moon Mirrors. You can’t miss our poster (see pic) in their window. Moon Mirrors is run by the lovely Cara and Clint and they also sell angel cards, books, symbolic jewellery, tarot cards and an amazing range of shoes! You can find them at 8 High Street.

A4 Glastonbury Poster(3)

If you read Kindred Spirit Magazine we should be mentioned in next month’s issue – along with a discount code for their readers.

We talk to our children about angels but recently realised there’s been some crossed wires. Our 2 year old was playing with a couple of plaster of paris fairies her sister had made. “That one’s Guardy and that one’s Angel” she said. It turns out that whenever we’d spoken about her Guardian Angel she assumed it was 2 separate beings – one called Guardy and one called Angel! (Our 4 year old tells us that she has 3 guardian angels who look after her at night and a unicorn who looks after her in the day).

Wishing you a wonderful month.

Dawn and Barry

Children’s Section
This month we have lots of exciting things for you to do and learn:   We have a beautiful video from Isabelle, where she tells a story of the path to heaven and hell. Please click HERE to watch it.

We also have a magical story written by Aunty Ciara  called Merlin’s School of Divine Alchemy with beautiful art work from Dag Nygaard. This is an enchanting story where a young teenager Lisa visits Merlin’s School of Divine Alchemy during dream time to learn about energy or as it is known on earth planet- MAGIC! On her first visit shes has an amazing expericence and learns about the Gold and Silver Violet Flame. This is part 1 of the story, it is to be continued. Please click HERE to go to the full story.

We’d love for you to send us in your true stories. Tell us about your little ones spiritual experiences, seeing fairies or talking with their imaginary friends for example. Your story will be posted in Diana’s children’s corner section. See link below. Word count up to 200 words and attach a photo if possible  Please submit to kids@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com.

Dont forget to follow us on Facebook – www.facebook.com/DianaCooperChildrensCorner.

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