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Dear Friends,

My Venus book, ‘Venus, A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel’ is to be published on the 8th July.  I feel it is the most important book I have written as the way we understand animals is vital for our ascension and the ascension of the planet.  The angels also bring so many messages through Venus.  It is the book of my heart and I hope you love it.  You can order it HERE and if you do love it please would you add your comments to Amazon?  It’s a perfect book to read on holiday and if you have children you can all read it together.

I did the illustrations by tracing photographs.  It is easy and fun to do.  My grandchildren produced some lovely animal pictures when we did it together.  So why not do some illustrations as a family.  We’d love to see them at diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com

I have also just completed a live online event, for more details, click here: Connect with Angels to Help Animals with Diana Cooper.

Lots of Angel love

Diana x

I love the month of June because of all the animals hiding in the undergrowth that I try to sniff out.  Like this morning I was on the path when I smelt something in the bracken.  I was there in a flash, sniffing at this brown thing.  I didn’t quite know what to do with it because it wasn’t furry like a rabbit.  I just stood there rather bewildered when suddenly it flapped its wings and flew out of the undergrowth.  A partridge.  I was quite startled.  Mum said I was very gracious, allowing it to fly away without touching it.  The truth is it was bigger than I am and I thought it was going to peck me.

The other night Mum and I were cuddling in bed when she asked me about my Egyptian eye marking.  How strange that she never asked me before.  She assumed I had this marking to show that I had something to work through from a lifetime in Egypt.  She couldn’t be more wrong!  I was a queen dog with many gifts.  I insisted before I incarnated that I have this mark so that everyone would know that I am a queen dog!  Huh.  It’s no wonder I expect chicken!

Markings are very important.  All pure white animals are carrying Christ consciousness and there are many of these special creatures being born now.  A friend of Mum’s had a brown dog who has now died but when he comes to her in his spirit body he is pure white for he has ascended.

The other day I went with Mum to Glastonbury to give a talk.  I behaved perfectly.  I didn’t bark once.  I walked along the rows and licked people’s feet to bless them and I wagged my tail!  Then I lay still and silent on the stage until she had finished.  She was very pleased with me and I was delighted with myself.  Before we went home I ran all round the field outside with my tail high.   She always greets me in the morning with, ‘How’s the best dog in the world today?’ and I thump my tail and roll over.  Next morning I was still so ecstatic, I waved my tail wildly and squirmed with pure joy, so that she rubbed my tummy for ages.  Oh it is lovely to do well!

Ash-ting is the greediest little cat in the world – and he is so scrawny.  Once Mum fed him four pouches one after the other and he gobbled them all up.  At least he had the grace not to meow for a fifth and no he doesn’t have worms.  Recently this has changed.  He has been meowing for food and then not eating it all.  Mum thinks it is attention substitute and he has become more affectionate towards her.  Of course he still loves me more!!!!  He’s a bit too demanding sometimes and Mum says I’m a bully but really I’m just playing. See the video Venus the Bully on Facebook: DianaCooper –  Angels & Ascension 

The other day we reached the end of a lovely long walk when I sniffed a rabbit.  That was too much temptation.  I darted away from the lead she was about to put on and torpedoed into the undergrowth.  Mum’s calls were ineffectual as I had my rabbit hunting cloths over my ears.  She decided to go into the glade and sit on a bench to do her e-mails while she waited.  When I came back to her she was gone.  She wasn’t in the glade or on the path or in the wood or on the pavement!  I raced all over the place and was beginning to panic when I saw her car driving towards the forest! I ran along the pavement to her and she jumped out and opened the door.  

She was so pleased and relieved to see me that I decided to go on the offensive.  ‘Where were you Mum?’ I demanded.  ‘How could you abandon me?’  She confessed that she had finished her e mails, then called and called me.  In the end she decided I must have run home!  What?  I’ve never done that… well once or twice I’ve set out but she’s always found me before I’ve gone far.  

This time she walked fast all the way home, hoping I’d be there.  She only stopped to tell people I was lost.  Then she got out the car and drove back to where she’d left me and I’d seen the car coming down the road.  Apparently people were out looking for me for ages.  One lady is a singer and sang my name all round the forest.  Oh what it is to be loved.

At the official launch of the book, I gave away several copies of the new book, I am delighted that it has been accepted and enjoyed by so many likeminded people who realise the importance of our role alongside the animals towards  ascension of the planet.

One person commented: ‘I almost finished Venus´diary and I am thrilled! I love it and enjoy every page of it like a rich Swiss chocolate. Would be a shame to gobble it down like Venus does her chicken….Went for a walk through the wood right now and met a woman with a Bernhardiner dog (Switzerland). Around the next bend I saw a grey cat, who came towards me cheerfully and played with me. Then the dog-owner called her, can you guess what is the cat´s name???? VENUS. Ahhhhhh I am even more thrilled. What is on your mind becomes reality!!!!! WOW. I will start manifesting conciously NOW’

Click here for the exclusive first look at Venus

Venus – A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel is  available to pre-order HERE.

Inspirational story
I walked with a lady in the forest who told me that the previous Saturday her cat had left a scrawny featherless baby blackbird on her doormat.  She presumed it was dead and thought she would deal with it later as a film she wanted to watch was just starting.  Two hours later she went into the kitchen and discovered to her surprise that the fledgling was still alive but very cold.  She filled a flowerpot with toilet paper and nestled the bird into it, then placed it into the airing cupboard.  On the following morning to her even greater surprise, when she opened the airing cupboard door, she was greeted by a hopeful wide open beak.  She dropped some cat food into it and continued to feed it every twenty minutes during the day.  That evening it was still alive so she put it back in the airing cupboard.  On Monday she took it to work where it sat on her desk, while she continued the relentless feeding schedule.  By Tuesday evening it was starting to grow downy feathers!  She took it to a bird rescue place where it still has a voracious appetite and is doing well.

Christ Consciousness Terraforming by Tim Whild
Tim(10)The higher, crystalline, Christ-Consciousness grid around,and within, our planet is anchored and activated.

We, as beings, are responding to this rise in frequency by merging with our Higher Selves, ascension is taking place.There are many phases that have to be gone through as an individual to achieve this, and souls all over our planet are either well on their way, or in the early stages of the waking up process.

No-one, regardless of their state of awareness, is unaffected by this. The ascension process is a very personal experience and no two merges will be the same, every one will be unique.

The beings in etheric, not so behind the scenes any more, are working to a schedule. The planetary grid structuring is not holding back, and therefore the rise in frequency within some people is becoming forced. The awakening, and luminous population of Earth look very different etherically now.

Since the fall of Atlantis, and the extensive experiment to explore the third dimension began, dedicated masters have incarnated on Earth to keep an equilibrium in frequencies. On the surface, things may have appeared to have swung pretty low in our annals of history, but they could have been considerably lower without higher intervention. One such soul, made famous by the recording of his story, is Yeshua(Jesus).

Yeshua incarnated here to establish a portal of Christ Consciousness at a point when the energy was devolving to an unacceptable level. He succeeded, but none of the organisers of his mission forsaw the way that the bible would be altered and his teachings later falsified.

Moving out of this stream of reality now, 2000 years later, the groundwork he established is now achieving the required result. All over our ascending planet, the Christ Consciousness is activating the opening hearts of those who have chosen to move forward. The sacred portals of our planet are counted at 33, the number resonant with the Christ Consciousness. Alongside the Heart chakra of our planet they are coming online, spreading high frequency light along the Ley systems of Earth. All is going to plan, just as it should be.

Each soul reading this has a vital part to play in this. We are all Walking Masters of Earth, even if some of us are yet to realise this.

Within every single person is power beyond the comprehension of the third dimensional mind. We are only limited by conditioning.

Assisting the process of aligning to the Christ Consciousness, and accelerating the Earth process can be done by us as well as the etheric realms. Portals of Christ Consciousness can be opened anywhere, even in ones own home.

This kind of work is simple, safe, effective and always overseen by those assisting from the Higher Realms. State your intention to align an area of your choice with the Christ Consciousness.

  • Say ” 13 20 33 Christ Consciosness Merkabah activate “
  • Feel yourself merge with the higher flow of Light.
  • Call to Archangels Metatron and Christiel to assist you and hold your chosen area in the highest integrity.
  • Say ” 13 22 33, Unified Christ Consciousness Portal activate “

The area or space you have chosen will be flooded with golden high frequency light.
This will then be aligned to the higher grids, and spread throughout the planetary Ley systems.
Masters such as Thoth, Serapis Bay and Anubis have been maintaining this method in etheric for millenia.
Now we are in a position to use it too.

Call upon the Legions of Anubis and the Fire Dragons to keep the frequency of your chosen place high and clear at all times.

Love and blessings to you all.

Tim www.sunofatlantis.com 

Orb of the Month, Sent in by Kathleen

This is an amazing powerful orb containing many Archangel energies. It is clearing the area and passing on its blessings to nature, elementals, people who pass here and people looking at the photo. It is hexagonal and fully operation, actively beaming out its qualities. The blue is Archangel Michael for protection and courage, the green is Archangel Raphael for healing, the red/orange Archangel Metatron for wisdom and ascension energies, the violet is Archangel Zadkiel who helps to release blocks and brings changes into your life.  The white light within the Orb is Archangel Christiel who here is radiating the love of the higher heart.

If you have any Orb Pictures please email them to orbs@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com – due to the large number of pictures we receive please send only your three best Orb pictures.  A selection will be posted on the site with Diana’s personal insight on them.

We look forward to hearing from you

My Journey of Transformation – By Sue Stone
From £10 left to becoming a Secret Millionaire on TV 

In 1999 my life hit rock bottom both emotionally and financially.

I was desperately unhappy, full of fear and on the verge of losing everything.  Following my marriage breakdown I was left with enormous debt, the bank about to repossess my home, no income and 3 young children to bring up alone.

The turning point came when I had just £10 left in my purse and no idea where the next penny was coming from.  I was so unhappy and  couldn’t believe my life had come to this!  I knew, however, I had to do something and started reading self-help and spiritual books, searching for a deeper understanding and ways to improve my life. One of the first books I read was ‘A Little Light on Spiritual Laws‘  by Diana Cooper, having no idea at the time that in years to come she would become a lovely friend!

It was only then that I began to understand about the bigger picture, how powerful our thoughts and feelings are and that we create our reality.  I joke that I have ‘done everything badly very well!’ but seriously I spent most of my time visualising and thinking about what I DIDN’T want to happen, picturing myself and my 3 young children homeless and living in a vibration of fear and lack.

I had to create a shift in my consciousness fast!  I deliberately chose to think positive thoughts and to focus on all the things in my life I had to be grateful for and the people I love. To live in a vibration of love and gratitude is the highest vibration to be in and that is truly when what many would perceive to be ‘seemingly impossible’ miracles occur in our lives.  We are ALL the source of unlimited potential and infinite possibilities and everyday I thank the Angels for their wonderful love, guidance and protection.

The left brain side of me also looked into Quantum Physics, the study of the building blocks of the universe….science finally catching up with spirituality and explaining it!   Quantum Physics also shows us how we are all connected, how we are all One Being that perpetuates an illusion of separate individual beings and how ‘even before you ask, it has been given unto you’.

Consciousness can be a big factor in creating change on our planet.  Sending thoughts of love, healing intent, prayer, good intention and more can have a powerful influence on what you are directing those feelings towards.  When our consciousness starts to merge into one as a collective and we all start to see through the same eyes, we will begin to transform the world around us. I believe we are currently in this process.

I’m very excited to have launched my Keys to Your Higher Power series of short videos.  I’ve created this course to make it accessible to as many people as possible across the world, because, I’m sure you will agree with me, the global changes that are so desperately needed HAVE to begin within each one of us.

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing what has enabled my life transformation.

With love and gratitude,

Facebook: LifeCoachSueStone 
Twitter @PositiveSue

The Keys to Your Higher Power
• Create the life you love…. emotionally,  spiritually and materially
• Practical tools for raising your consciousness and vibration immediately
• Enhance your intuition and wisdom
• Clear blocks at an energetic level
• Discover why you are not getting the breakthroughs you deserve and what to do about it.
• Create seemingly impossible miracles
• Gain and deepen your inner peace
• Live your best life NOW! CLICK HERE for more details

Fabulous Organic: The hidden message of water
Do words affect water? Can you change the quality of your water by blessing it or taping positive messages to it? The work of Japanese Scientist Masaru Emoto provides some amazing insights. Emoto took water from various sources, froze then photographed it. Contaminated water was irregular and distorted and tap water didn’t form proper crystals. When Emoto said blessings over the tap water before freezing it, the water turned into beautiful crystals.

Emoto also taped words to water containers. Water exposed to negative words froze in irregular, unattractive forms. Water which had words such as “Love and gratitude “, “Harmony” or “Angel” taped to it formed gorgeous crystals. (You can see photos on: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html )

Emoto believed that water catches the vibration of words and reflects them back as crystals. Our Fabul
ous Organic body lotions contain water. Not only do we bless them, but they all have the words “angel blessings” on the label. We don’t say “No parabens, No phthalates and No SLS” on our labels, even though this is true. Instead we say “Only fabulous stuff in our products!”

With love and light

Dawn and Barry

Book of the MonthThe Power of Inner Peace

I was talking to Donna Maxine who is an excellent tarot reader and very much in demand.  She told me that when she was channelling information for her clients she was constantly being told by her guides to recommend The Power of Inner Peace.  She could not believe how often it was coming up in her readings.  I was so delighted.  It is one of my older books but the title says it all.

I had not looked at it for some time but decided to open it at random and see what the message was to share in this newsletter.  It opened at a chapter entitled ‘From Denial to Honesty,’ and this is the story I read.

Susanna was married to Denis.  She described him as a nice but boring guy.  He was gently ineffectual and could not meet her needs.  However he was consistently safe and solid.  The bubbly Susannah often felt trapped and irritated.  To admit to these feelings would mean she would have to examine the basis of their marriage.  So she denied the feelings and created diversions instead.  There is nothing like a little chaos for getting the adrenaline going.  Her diversions gave her a sense of excitement and aliveness.  From time to time she would fall in love.  Her unconscious made sure she chose someone safely married or rejecting of women so that it never developed into a dangerous affair, but the excitement of being in love was a tonic.  Even the misery when it fizzled out was better than boredom.

Sometimes she overspent which worried Denis, so the agony of doing the accounts and feeling bad kept her mind off the underlying emptiness.  Mostly it was enough to throw herself into organising a dinner party or a bridge evening.

One time after she had fallen particularly inappropriately into infatuation, she talked it over with me.  She began to see her pattern of creating excitement to deny the emptiness within her marriage.  ‘The bottom line is I’ve either got to change my attitude to my husband or leave my marriage, isn’t it?’ she said thoughtfully.  She was silent for a while.  ‘Then I suppose you’ll say the emptiness within my marriage reflects the emptiness within me?’ she went on.  ‘Well I do feel empty.  Kind of disconnected a lot of the time, especially the last few years.

The awareness she came to that afternoon shook her.  She realized that she looked for safety and stability outside herself, from Denis.  When she felt insecure she leant on him.  When she felt stable, the emptiness set in and she tried to fill it with external excitement.  So she saw that she swung between feeling insecure or feeling empty, with stable periods in the middle.

Susannah decided to shelve any decisions on her marriage for several months.  She knew that if she did not heal herself she would only attract in another dependency relationship.  She worked on her inner child and talked on a more consistent basis with her inner wise parents.  The most important thing that she did was to go back to daily meditation.  Like most of us she found it hard to still her mind but Susannah had a streak of determination and whether she had a good meditation or not, she sat for twenty minutes each morning in the same place in the house and focused as well as she could on calm quiet breathing.

We all have a calm, quiet pool in our centre, where we can connect with all the help we need.  When we still the outer chatter of our minds sufficiently, we can connect with this place.  Here we can find all the answers, all the strength, all the confidence we need.

While Susannah was rushing round denying her emptiness, the space could never be filled.  Now that she had acknowledged it and decided to meditate, she found a new connection with her Higher Energies.  Through meditation she started to raise her consciousness and to connect with gifts and potential that had until that moment lain latent and untapped.  She started to find a core of contentment inside herself.  She discovered that she was very intuitive.  She joined a healing circle and started to write a book she had always wanted to write.  Within a few months, because she was no longer yo-yoing round her husband, he began to blossom.  She realised she had been taking all his psychic energy with the pulling and pushing she had been doing.

As long as our problems are denied we cannot do anything about them.  When we bring them to conscious awareness we can start a process of change.

The Power of Inner Peace
Available to purchase HERE

For those of you who have children, you may want to have a look at my website that I have created especially for them.
https://dianacooperstg.wpenginepowered.com/kids/This month’s special activity is making your own Fairy Book By Lisa Dickinson.

  • Print off and colour in this foldable story.
  • Cut it out and fold to make a book.
  • You can also make your own story.

We’d love for you to send us in your true stories. Tell us about your little ones spiritual experiences, seeing fairies or talking with their imaginary friends for example. Your story will be posted in Diana’s children’s corner section. See link below. Word count up to 200 words and attach a photo if possible  Please submit to kids@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com Dont forget to follow us on Facebook- www.facebook.com/DianaCooperChildrensCorner

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