Diana Cooper’s November 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Life on sabbatical in the South of France is glorious.  It is still hot and sunny almost every day and we are in a place of breath-taking beauty.  We sit in the garden overlooking the mountains and relax and often at night we are outside looking at the stars or the moon, which is wonderful.  Everything here is very simple and easy.  We visit charming little villages perched on hilltops and enjoy the view over a leisurely drink or wander round markets or take Venus for long walks in the mountains.  It’s almost true that I haven’t had a thought in days and I’m going to choose to take time out more often.

In the meantime the frequency of the world is rising inexorably.  If we look with 3D eyes we see only conflict and trouble (which at that level it is).  However we can choose to see that individuals and countries are looking at their own aggression or fears and starting to make new understandings and take new choices or going through difficult initiations to a higher level of spirituality.  Earth is on course to be fully 5D by 2032.

Love and blessings

Diana x

Sabbatical in France

I can’t tell you how beautiful this time of relaxation and peace has been.  The weather has been warm and sunny every day except one.  Our gite is very near to the Abbey de St Michel de Cruxa which has been holding the light for this area for centuries.  There is an umbrella of peace over it and we love to sit there.  Rosemary is not very keen on mountain walking, so I often take Venus and the brown Labrador that belongs to the house called Indy, up into the mountains.  It is heavenly.  Sometimes I have a picnic salad overlooking the mountains and valleys, with butterflies and grasshoppers fluttering and jumping around me.  Pure water from the mountains is channelled through canals everywhere, just as it was in the golden era of Atlantis and I add a blessing, even though it is hardly necessary.  The presence of angels can be felt in these mountains.  From time to time I meet some interesting hikers or a local and we communicate though my French is embarrassingly bad.

Rosemary, Venus and I often wander into the local village for a drink and sit under the shady plane trees in the market square.  We chat to locals and watch the world go by.

We also drive to the many local villages which tumble down the mountains and enjoy the ambience and local life.  Many of them are totally charming and delightful and we feel the people know us already.

We gather kindling for the fire and sweet chestnuts, which we roast for dinner.  Everything seems very simple and delightful and restful.

Of course Venus insists that I write a little each day in her diary about her sabbatical in France.  That is a joy in itself and she is becoming a changed dog. (in some ways!)

writing up Venus



So much has happened since I last wrote for Mum’s newsletter that I am just picking out a few bits.  One of my favourite days was when we took a picnic to the big lake, after which we headed off into the hills.  After an hour of blissful wandering where I explored to my heart’s content, Mum and Rosemary saw some big paw tracks in the soft ground.  A great discussion ensued.  Is it a very big dog, or a wild cat… ooh could it be a panther?  And then, what about a bear?  Suddenly they decided they’d rambled far enough.  After photographing the paw prints we walked back and sat safely in the café on the edge of the lake.

Mum asked the two men serving in the café if there are big cats in the hills and showed them the photo of the paw marks.  She expected them to laugh and say it was just a dog but they responded simultaneously that it is a sanglier, a wild boar.  They mimed tusks with their hands.  Oh!  Do wild boars eat dogs?  No, Mum says they’re vegetarian though they grub for insects.  That’s alright then.  We can walk there again.

We had the most magnificent full moon in October.  Each evening while it waxed and then waned Mum, Rosemary and I lay out on chaise longues to watch it.  Well most nights I lay on top of Mum.  Once Mum and I saw a flash of the ineffable face of Archangel Christiel who carries the Christ light and is connected to the Moon.  We both gasped as we glimpsed his incredibly beautiful face smile at us from the sky!  Wow and wow again.

I love sabbaticals.  I snuffle and chase lizards in the garden.  And I’m becoming a cool French canine, trotting happily round the market, which is fun because everyone takes their dogs and we sniff each other.

Mum takes me and Indy, the big brown Labrador of the house to walk in the mountains where there are butterflies of every colour, flying grasshoppers with bright coloured wings, scented pine trees and rushing streams everywhere.  I love exploring with Indy but there is a downside.  Being a Lab she has to jump into every puddle, pool and stream.  When she emerges she shakes, usually all over me.  I am getting adept at running away when she lumbers out of water.

I am not allowed to bark at guests but I love to warn everyone of strangers arriving.  Mum is now punishing me so I’m thinking of stopping.  But the good news is that I’m teaching Indy, the Labrador, who never used to bark, to bark at people.  The other day she barked loudly at the daughter of the house when she came in from school.  Oh she was in trouble!  I had a good laugh!

Rosemary and Venusphoto (79)photo 2 (12)photo 1 (14)

Inspirational Story

Every month I share an inspirational story but this month I have not been in communication with anyone!  So I thought I would tell you of my experience driving through Spain and France.  I don’t like driving at the best of times and haven’t driven on the continent for many years, so I decided to book the journey and not think about it beforehand.  Naturally I asked the angels, unicorns and fire dragons to be with me.  As I drove off the ferry I had a great feeling of calm and the wonderful knowing that Archangel Michael was holding the car in his blue protection, that the unicorns were guiding us from above and that Douglas, my fire dragon was leading a platoon of fire dragons in front of the car.  We had a wonderful journey and, after one night on the road, arrived safe and relaxed.


Source Energy Healing by Jillian Stott

As we integrate the energy from 2012 and work towards the fabulous energy of 2032 we are being given help and inspiration. During the Summer this year I was teaching abroad with my good friend, Elizabeth Ann Morris, who is the Principal of the Diana Cooper Foundation.  She did a reading for me, part of which told me that I had information stored in France and it was time to retrieve it.  My intuition was that I needed to go in August so that I could start using it, whatever it was, in September.

My husband, Peter, dowsed for where in France we needed to go, and in August we headed for the Rhone Valley.  We bought a local map and dowsed for the exact locations and visited three ancient sites where this wonderful new form of healing, Source Energy Healing, was revealed to me. It is completely different from any other form of healing that I, or any of my clients, have ever experienced.  It works on the cells of the body, bringing cellular regeneration and enhancing the DNA within the cells and bringing healing on every level.

It is excellent for clearing and healing the past, releasing the blocks so that we can follow our true paths.  It brings light and healing to all aspects of the mind, body, spirit and emotions, as well as working on the chakras, meridians, all body structures and the aura.

Back in the UK I have used it extensively throughout September and October with amazing results. Each treatment is unique to the person, gently healing, inspiring and filling them with Divine light and enabling them to ‘stand in their own power’ with strength, compassion, wisdom, vision and integrity so that they can move forward on their Soul Path.  They have been enthralled by both the strength and, at the same time, the gentleness of the healing.  Many people have described it as a ‘Ready Brek’ inner glow filling them with wonderful positive energy.

A client who had a treatment early in September described it as enabling her to take charge of her life, stand up for herself and be very positive and happy.  She also said that she felt 20 years younger.

It works as hands-on and hands-off healing, and I have also used it with sound, sacred geometry and symbols as well as transferring the healing with intention and using it via Skype.

I feel very honoured that I have had Source Energy Healing returned to me to help people on their Soul Journey at this important time.  I plan to also start teaching it from February 2015, so that it can be used by as many as possible, to help people prepare for 2032.

Jillian is the Deputy Principal of the Diana Cooper Foundation and Principal Teacher UK with the Foundation. She can be contacted by email at jillianstott@btopenworld.com or visit SourceEnergyHealingUK.com or PJEnergySolutions.com


Angel Awareness Day 2014


Sunday 30th November 11am – 5pm

Diana will explain what is happening energetically on Earth right now and how the angels can help you with your own individual changes and challenges.  You will connect with Archangel Gabriel for clarity about your life and he will place into your chakras your fifth dimensional blueprint containing all the light codes you need to fulfil your true destiny.  Within each will be anchored his diamond of wisdom.

You will connect to lady Gaia to receive the original invitation for this lifetime to help you feel safe and belonging on Earth.

Rosemary will bring you into harmony by playing the notes you need in your aura.  She will then connect you to your individual planet with her magical crystal harp to help you move forward in life and beyond your challenges.

Bringing in these higher energies will enable you to help the animal kingdom.  They are on their own soul mission and many are highly evolved.  It is time to open our hearts so that we can acknowledge and understand them.  Diana will share a spiritual perspective on the animal kingdom and take you on a wonderful meditation to connect with the Angel of Animals to help all creatures on the planet.  With exercises and visualizations the angels will strengthen your ability to communicate with the animals. Rosemary will raise the frequency with her magical crystal bowls and will encourage everyone to sing gloriously to heal animals, humans and the entire world.  The angels will join in.

Contact Rosemary Stephenson


email Caroline for further detail or to book tickets: caroline.capjon@gmail.com

Venue: Crewe Hall, Crewe, Cheshire.   

Ticket price £55 per person


Working as an Orb Reader by Janet Lawson

Welcome! I am Janet Lawson, teacher of Angels, Ascension & Lemurian Planetary Healing with the Diana Cooper School (Foundation). I am also a member of the Diana Cooper Orb Team.

I first became aware of the existence of Orbs during my teacher training with the Diana Cooper School and I found the subject to be so fascinating, that I wished I had the ability to read Orbs. That opportunity appeared to me sooner than expected, when I read an email sent by Diana to all the members of the Diana Cooper School, saying that there was a vacancy within her Orb team. I remember reading the email and thinking “Oh, I wish I could read Orbs.” Suddenly, I had a strong feeling to apply for the voluntary job and also a feeling that I did have this ability. This feeling was like a strong force inside me, pushing me to apply for the job and this feeling was combined with a non-verbal message that I could do it.

I sent an email to the Orb Team Leader, a lady from South Africa called Carol De Vasconcelos and I told Carol about the strong feelings and the message I had just experienced. Carol very kindly said she would send me some images for me to look at, and this was to see if I did have the ability to tune into the energy of the Orbs. Thankfully Carol was pleased at what I’d managed to do and I was accepted as a member of Diana’s Orb Team.

The next stage was for me to interpret lots of Orb images. However, each image I interpreted had to be sent back to Carol and this was to allow her to check my interpretations, before they were forwarded to the owners of the Orb images. This stage only lasted a little while before Carol told me I was able to interpret Orbs on my own.

Recently I had a WOW moment through interpreting an Orb image, but unfortunately I don’t have this image to show you. Although I picked up a few energies from within this particular Orb, the energy that puzzled me was from a Light being called Fekorm, who Diana describes as being a Master of Music in her book Enlightenment through Orbs.  According to Diana, Master Fekorm is from another Universe and brings with him extraordinary knowledge of the power of sound. He is used to working with much higher frequencies than we are used to on Earth and he is here to help us move to new levels of frequency.  Anyway, I kept getting a message in my mind that I should mention Master Fekorm in my reply to the lady who had sent me the Orb image. What puzzled me was I had only seen one previous Orb image of Master Fekorm’s energy and that was in Diana’s book that I’ve just mentioned. However, the Orb I was looking at was nothing like the shape or colour of the Orb in Diana’s book!

I decided that the sensible thing for me to do was to step back from the image for a little while and to see if I felt any different when I went back to it, but of course when I re-looked at the Orb I still had the same strong feeling that I should mention Master Fekorm. So, I decided that this was what I should do and to trust the feelings that were coming to me.

A short time later I received a lovely reply from this lady, telling me that she was intrigued to read about Master Fekorm. It transpired that her husband composes beautiful music that he calls Music of the Spheres and that their home is always filled with beautiful music!

Being a member of Diana’s Orb team has helped me develop my own spiritual abilities and to have faith in what I hear and feel.


Janet Lawson


Orb of the Month



Sent in from Lili

This is a very special orb.  It is Archangel Sandalphon himself, the angel who is responsible for activating the Earth Star Chakra for humanity.  The orb is fully operational, beaming its energies into you.  Archangel Sandalphon is helping you to ground yourself and to anchor your energies firmly into Mother Earth. Looking at this picture helps you to activate your Earth Star Chakra and to fully step into your potential.


Fabulous Organic – from “No hospital visits” to “Blessed with Angel Energy”

Long before we started selling body lotions, I was making natural, organic products for my family and friends. I recently came across the labels we made for a friend who was having a hard time. She’d had to go to hospital a number of times and had more appointments scheduled. Her relationship with her partner was falling apart and she was having a tough time with her kids. On top of that she was having such bad hormonal problems, she felt she couldn’t cope.
So I made her a few products to pamper herself. All the labels had the same wording:
no nasties
Not only did it lift our friend’s spirits, but she claimed it helped with the ‘nasties’ in her life! However, we now only use positive wording on our labels. We’ve also updated our labels so they stand out more against the blue bottles.
But just as with the product for our friend, we put energy into our body lotions. Thank you to everyone who’s emailed us their story of how they help you connect to the angels. We love hearing from you!
Later this month our new 100% organic Sweet Orange and Cocoa Butter lip balm will be available. If you’d like to be the first to know when new products are available or for discounts and special offers, please sign up via our website.
Later this month, it will be a year since we started Fabulous Organic. A huge thank you to all our customers. We’ve really appreciated your support over this year.
Have a wonderful November
with love and light
Dawn and Barry

Nurturing our new Paradigm By Tim Whild

We are so close now. Tangibly close.
The energetic reality that has held our third dimensional reality together for the last 20,000 years is being swept away by the winds of vast Cosmic change.
In every single one of our personal spheres of reality, more continues to surface, clearing the emotional and mental patterning that offers fear as a response to the challenges and initiations that we choose to go through.

As beings living in the fourth dimension, we will be becoming increasingly aware of how fast our thought processes reflect back at us, and how our responsibility for our new paradigm grows daily.

Where focus goes, energy flows….
One thing I have noticed,is the dramatic increase in the efforts made by those wishing to hold this planet in a state of illusion.
How do we, as awakened beings deal with this?
Do we follow calls to arms to fight challenges to Love/unity however large or small?

I believe not, but I do consider that a balance must be struck. Awareness is key.

Be aware of what is going on around us, but continue to hold the crystal clear vision of the perfect outcome that is waiting just around the corner.

In doing so, we are taking daily responsible steps to ensuring the smooth and beautiful transition from one state of BEing to another.

I am speaking from personal experience here too…
Having written on this subject so many times, I see daily how easy it is to get hooked into the field of drama that is being played out in the media circus.

No matter what happens, how things may appear on a surface level, our transition is a done deal.
Nothing can stop this process occurring. The Earth, and all of us choosing to step into a fifth dimensional state of reality, will continue to do so with as much speed and grace as we allow.

Our new paradigm needs to be nurtured.
The Upper Realms are providing the help, Light and resources to instigate the movement, and we are increasing the flow by anchoring the energies with our new and expanded four body systems.

Did you know that your energy fields now extend around you for a 20 mile radius?
Every single thought, word and deed has a resonant effect. This immediately alters the construction of the matrix around others in our proximity.
Say for example, you leave your house feeling bright, lit up and fifth dimensional.
All others entering your space, even for short periods of time, will adopt this higher frequency.
This is how energy moves and forms/re-forms, by adopting its highest state of expression.
It is so very easy to change the world around you, all it takes is the decision to do so…

One of our greatest tools for this process is the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame.
Upon application, it dissolves density and replaces it with a higher expression.
See something that you don’t like? Violet Flame it.
Understand that every single action of this nature creates new light and opportunities for expansion…

Along with tools like this, and the many others available to us, we are more than equipped to bring in the new changes.
Ascension is just a thought away.

Lots of love to each and every one of you.

Tim Whild



Your Drawings Interpreted

In this latest feature to my Newsletter we have Master Teachers from the Diana Cooper Foundation interpreting your drawings and helping you understand a little further what your doodles and drawings actually represent. As in all intuitive readings what we see is an interpretation, so we all interpret differently, spontaneous drawings give an insight into what we may be thinking, feeling or believe at a particular moment in time and can often unearth hidden meanings and feelings that are not necessarily visible to the untrained eye. This can change as our perceptions change. So what you draw today may not be exactly the same as what you draw next week.

We therefore invite you to send in your drawings for translation. You can email them to diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com. Unfortunately we cannot translate all drawings, only a handful will be selected and these will be featured in the newsletter and my website. We truly hope you enjoy and learn from this brilliant new feature. Click HERE to view interpretations.

Phoebe's Tree
Phoebe’s Tree


Secret Alchemy – Lady Nada Spray!
Let Go – Let Love


Are things, people or situations in your life shifting right now or some other things feel stuck and not moving? Feeling confused or don’t knowing what to do?…

Working with the Ascended Master Lady Nada can be a revealing and deeply empowering experience. Her essence lies in Sacred Silence and she brings the pink flame of Divine Love. Lady Nada can help us find inner and outer peace, becoming coherent with true living love and finding solutions in every situation. Let go of all thoughts and worries, release the need for control and let love show the way. Let it be revealed inside you. Let love show the way. You will know that you found the answer, it should set you free!

You may find the following questions very helpful at any time or situation. Call the Ascended Master Lady Nada to help you as you meditate on the following questions:

What would love do/say/think in this situation?
What would I do if I loved my self enough?
What am I afraid of?

Surround yourself with the powerful energies of the Secret Alchemy Spray Lady Nada, activated with the highest energies to bring alignment, light codes you need and other benefits. Read more about the characteristics below and order your spray through www.angelshouse.eu

With love, Frixos Christodoulou & Paschalis Kazakopoulos

General Effect: Activates the inflow of higher spiritual love. Dissolves negative energy and thus offers protection. It helps us listen carefully and compassionately. Stimulates the ability to accept and feel loved, nurture and warmth for ourself and others. Reduces fear and anguish. Helps in situations of grief and generally in every transition. Healing and listening to the female. An exceptional balm for the emotional center.

Correspondence: Solar Plexus

Qualities: Unconditional Love, Fearlessness, Transitions, Acceptance.

Spring Rose

Affirmation: I release the past and move on in my life!


Finn’s Space Adventures

I am so delighted that my children’s book Finn’s Space Adventures has now been published.

Ten year old Finn is visited during the night by Captain Ambrose of the Space Fleet.  He is invited on an urgent space mission and told he has been given a special gift – he can create things from thin air, but he must practise his skills.  There are a few errors as he does so!  Waiting in the space ship are two children about his age, who have also been given gifts.  Agapay can communicate with any creature, while Vaz can make himself and things around him invisible.  They are told they must work together and support each other in order to succeed in their missions.  And they must never harm anything.  They become firm friends but learn what happens when they don’t co-operate.

They have to find great courage and creativity to overcome the challenges presented to them out in space.  They also visit Sirius to experience the technology of the future.  Here they fly on disks and with fly packs, experience the virtual reality way kids will learn in the future and bring healing technology back to Earth to save Finn’s brother.

They also face the mighty fire dragon to retrieve the Golden Trumpet to herald the new age and are gifted their own fire dragons as a reward.

This book is fast paced, unusual and exciting as it opens doors to the universe and to the golden future.

Originally the hero was given a different name but my guide Kumeka said that he must be called Finn, after my grandson Finn, because he and the name have the right vibration to open up those who read the book to the wisdom of the universe.

Available to order HERE

Finn book

Know your Angels – Children’s Workshop By Manjula K Singh
As guided by God and Angels, “Know your Angels”, class was confirmed on 19 October 2014 for a
group of 8 – 15 yrs old children. It started by children arriving one by one slowly at the venue. My
thought was…that we can handle adults better than children during workshop. It was my first
Angel class for Children and I had no idea about the attendees because they were totally a new
group to me. My Angels kept me under control with cool smile and breathe.
When the class started I was taken with the flow by my Angels….AMAZING… the children were
in their small meditation, receiving messages for their partners, recognizing colours and the
structure of Angels. Though it was a surprise to me, it was really not because Children are already
open to sense and see Angles around. Children do not worry about being judged for what they say
or do, and this makes them so natural and loving. Children come from a place of integrity and they
speak honest truths. Now I tell everyone that children do keep quite calm and enjoy Angel classes
equally the way adults do.
It was another blessed day for me to enjoy Angel’s presence with those children. I thank all those
Children who attended and made me an Instrument. Thanks to my Teacher Shalini Kalra Jacob
who always encourage and guide us and Diana Cooper Foundation for guiding us to connect to
Divine Power and to be an instrument for Divine Service also for encouraging us to write for Diana’s Newsletter
Manjula K Singh – Qualified Angel Teacher, Diana Orb Team



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