Diana Cooper’s January 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year or should I say Courageous, Amazing or Exciting New Year.  It depends on you and the influence we all have on the collective consciousness.  We have passed the half way mark between 2012 and 2032 and big revolts against the current systems will start this year.  In some parts of the world they have already commenced as brave souls are starting to protest.  This will gain momentum throughout the year. 

There was a huge rise in frequency at the Solstice as so many people passed higher initiations.  At the same time Archangels, Illumined Ones and Higher Star Beings radiated energy to Earth that everyone received a boost.  So can we change society without protest, simply by focussing wholeheartedly on our vision of good education, food and water, health care and housing for all?  I asked Kumeka this and he told me that it is indeed possible.  However, there is such a strong belief held in the collective consciousness that old regimes can only be overthrown by violence that forceful protest is currently the way forward for those who hold that belief.  He showed me the spiritual mountain with the masculine energy of force and the feminine way of vision weaving their way together to the summit of oneness, abundance and harmony.  Both are equally powerful.  So the more lightworkers who focus on the glorious new Golden Age, the more painlessly we will bring it about.  When many of us focus together on a high frequency vision, miracles happen.

Some time ago I wanted to present a workshop about the third eye chakra as it is one of the most powerful of the centres.  However, I was told that first I must wait for the New Year for  by January my frequency would be higher.  Not only would I be ready to present this attunement of the third eye and the participants would all be at the correct higher frequency to receive it.  I have never had such a message before and it seemed so important!  I can really feel the shift. For the past few weeks Archangel Raphael who is in charge of the third eye has worked with me to prepare myself for the event.  So exciting.  Do join me if you can on Monday 16th January to clear and open up the seven levels of the third eye. In my newsletter I share some of the experiences I have had while exploring and opening up my third eye chakra in the last few weeks.

What exciting times we live in!

Love and blessings

Choosing your Family

Have you ever wondered why you chose your parents or your siblings?  There are, of course, many reasons, karmic and otherwise.  Two of my friend’s children are totally different from each other.  One is sturdy and worldly, the other ethereal and emotional. I often wondered why they chose to be brother and sister.  And then one day recently I had a vision.  I watched and heard a clear cosmic scenario take place, rather like watching a film on television.  This is what I experienced.

I saw a tall, slim, beautiful and elegant young lady talking to a sturdy, handsome young man.  They were in deep conversation as they stood in a queue waiting to go into a conference.  It transpired to be an intergalactic conference for souls who wanted to incarnate on Earth.

I recognised the young woman as my friend’s daughter, while the young man was her brother. 

The young man was drawn to the girl not just for her beauty but also her vulnerability and sensitivity.  She was telling him that she wanted to incarnate on Earth because the experience would expand her soul.  However, she was terrified as she came from a dimension where her soul fed on beauty and creativity.  The vibrations of beauty were literally like food to her.  Also she had never experienced emotions and did not think she could handle them as she had never been to Earth before. 

She felt very safe with the young man, drawn to his light and integrity, also to his solid aura of confidence.  He was attending the conference as an ambassador for Arcturus.

He replied that he had been to Earth many times and understood how it operated.  He wanted to incarnate again to help bring in the new Golden Age, which was a unique opportunity for spiritual growth.  And he offered to incarnate with her, as her brother, to look after her and protect her.  ‘I will be your protector,’ he said.

She asked what the exchange would be, for he must also gain from the agreement.  He replied that he had never before incarnated with someone who needed beauty and the energies aligned to it such as harmony, creativity and peace, in order to survive and flourish.  It would be a new experience for him to try to hold her emotions no matter how out of control they were. 

He said that wherever they were in the world, if she thought of him, she could tune into his stable protective energy and it would help her.  He also said that when he was an adult whenever he needed to be reminded of beauty and sensitivity he would think of her and it would raise his frequency and develop his compassion.

And so they agreed to incarnate as sister and brother.  She would be older.

Unfortunately, the relationship between their parents broke down and the harmonious high frequency space they expected was no longer available. During childhood she had to face her worst fears and her emotions ran wild.  Her brother did a valiant job of trying to support her energetically but this proved impossible while he was still a child.  Now they are growing up and I was told that I was shown this to remind the two souls to support each other.

I was to remind the young lady that there is much support available and to hold her vision of beauty and creativity for she brings something special to the world.

And to remind the young man that, coming from a plane allied to Arcturus, an advanced planet of healing and spiritual technology, he brings much wisdom and integrity to this incarnation, and to always remember how important he is.

I am hoping that, by including this vision in my newsletter, it might encourage you to meditate about your family links and where you all come from.

Incredibly one day later Lord Arcturus himself sat in my bedroom and talked to me and that is another story.

Where do the members of your family come from?

The vision I share above triggered me to seek the soul origins of members of my family and friends in order to understand them better and family dynamics.  There are training schools in four places, Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion and Neptune where souls are prepared for life on Earth and their soul missions here.  Until 2012 if you come from a different part of this or any other universe you had to step your frequency down through one of those training establishments.  Since 2012 souls have been able to come in directly from their plane of origin but most still choose to pause for a refresher before they enter Earth.

Some people choose a different training establishment for each lifetime.  Others come through the same one each time.

So there are two influences on you as you incarnate, your place of origin and the training. Establishment you attend.  The vast majority of souls currently in incarnation are from Sirius and most of them have also been prepared on Sirius for this lifetime. 


Sirians are intuitive and creative.  If you stepped down through Sirius or trained in the Schools of learning there you have teacher energy or wish to bring forward spiritual technology for the new golden age.  You tend to be interested in the deeper questions of life.  The vast majority of people currently on Earth trained in Sirius as this is the energy needed to shift us into the Golden Age.

The Pleiades

You are a natural healer for you bring healing through in your energy fields.


You seek to gain a higher perspective on life and situations and to act with wisdom.


Neptune is a plane of higher spirituality.  From here you can draw the wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis.  You are on a quest for ascension.

5D Community

The most exciting and promising factor about the Golden Future is the thought of living in golden communities where everyone acts for the highest good and supports each other, where everyone shares and cares for each other. 

To me it is really important to bring this forward so wrote down seven words that encapsulated 5D community for me.  These were friends, belonging, gratitude, celebration, service, trust, fun.   And then I made up the following verse, including those words.  To me it is a jingle that flows and I chant it every day, knowing that it is energising the vision. 

My life is in balance and harmony

For I live in 5D community.

It fulfils my deep soul longing

To feel loved and belonging.

I wake in bliss each morning

With thanks for the new day dawning,

For life is a celebration

Full of fun, friends and inspiration,

Of joyful service and caring

Of total trust and sharing.

If you have a vision for yourself or the world why not write down 7 words that describe it, then make up a rhyme that includes those words?  Then share it with us to diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com.  I will choose some to include in my next newsletter to inspire us all in this wonderful new year.

Entering The Third Eye

There are 96 chambers or lessons to learn as the third eye develops and these are arranged on 7 levels.  If you work consistently with Archangel Raphael on your third eye chakra, you will inevitably see your life and the world differently and bring forward your psychic gifts. 

The first level is about removing illusion and seeing the truth.  Many people understand intellectually that all that we see as pain or hurt is Illusion but taking the step of truly seeing the truth is more challenging.  So it is time to step up and consciously seek the truth.  For most people this is one of the most difficult steps and once we open the doors at this level, we can start activating the third eye quite quickly.

The next most difficult step for most people is level 4, draw back the Veils and unlock the doors to clairvoyance.  I have been meditating on the journey through the third eye for some time.  The first twice I entered level 4 I experienced nothing and was disappointed.  Since then I have had many fascinating experiences.  I met my mother and she explained things I was not aware of.  Another time I met my baby who miscarried 55 years ago.  He is called Russell and he showed me how he would have looked if he had incarnated.  He also explained how he is supporting me and his siblings from spirit, and how by touching my body for those few weeks, he set me on a path that much later woke me up spiritually.  He also told me that he had raised my frequency to prepare me to bring my 3 children into incarnation. 

I entered a dark door where I was at a loved one’s funeral and recognised that I was being shown this to prepare me.  A golden door took me into a beautiful future.  Yet another took me into several deaths by burning.  In all of these I ascended for I had no fear as I knew I would leave my body and my angels would collect me.  

I have chosen a few experiences to share and for me Step 4 has been the most fascinating of the steps – though Step 7, the last one, is always awesome. 

Below are details for my first workshop of the year about the Third Eye.

2023 on line workshop   Monday 16th January, 2023

Activate your 5D Third Eye

for Enlightenment, Abundance, Vibrant Health and Psychic Awakening

Are you ready to activate the extraordinary power held in your third eye chakra?  The time is now!  There are seven levels to this centre and when the lessons are mastered your wondrous gifts, talents and powers become available to you, as well as health, happiness, abundance and the ability to see the world from a much higher perspective.  

Working with Archangel Raphael we will illuminate and activate the seven levels of the third eye to jump shift you into this new way of being.  You can become a beacon of light and have a massive influence on the ascension of Earth.

During this workshop you will

  • Level 1. Remove Illusion and enter the blazing heart of God to see Truth.
  • Level 2. Practice mental healing and thought transference.
  • Level 3. Apply the three factors necessary for manifestation and creation.

*    Level 4.  Safely draw back the Veils and unlock the doors to clairvoyance.

*    Level 5. Tune into cosmic abundance.

*    Level 6. Observe your life from an enlightened perspective.

*    Level 7. Prepare to receive divine downloads.

When enough people raise the frequency of their third eye chakras, happiness, abundance, vibrant health and enlightenment will spread to others. 

Today is about personal expansion as well as service work for planet and Universe.

7-8pm UK time.   £11.

Watch live and get unlimited access to the recording


Animals feel a shift in energy.  They too are being offered a leap forward in their ascension process.  For thousands of years they have been subjected to the ‘control’ of humans.  This year we will notice some species claiming their power again.  It was wonderful during lockdown to see some of them going back to their original land, oblivious to the fact that houses and flats now stand there.  Possibly it wasn’t so much fun for someone finding a puma family in the vestibule of their apartment block!

Animals will continue to fascinate and enchant us as we get to know them and understand them better.  They have so much to teach us too.  

I love the way they are attuned to the angelic realms and respond to people.  I was flicking through

When I came upon this story in True Angel Stories, 777 Messages of Hope and Inspiration, which is full of angelic stories contributed by the teachers of the Diana Cooper School.  Gillian Webster shared.   ‘I had booked a boat trip to see the dolphins on a weekend away with the Diana Cooper School, and was delighted that it would happen on my birthday. I thought to myself what a great birthday treat! As we set off the sky was overcast, the sea was choppy, and I feared that we wouldn’t see any dolphins. So I asked my angels to send dolphins to me. Suddenly the whole group started to sing loudly to the seas.  It was beautiful and the sailors were laughing and saying that had never happened before on any of their trips. But it worked! The wind calmed, blue sky started to peak through the clouds, and with a shout someone pointed out a dolphin with its baby swimming in the distance. It was a wonderful moment and I truly connected with the dolphins and thanked my Angels for their help.

My dog Sugar is a real healer dog.  When my daughter’s little black cat Beauty was quite unwell recently she wouldn’t come near anyone but was found snuggled up with Sugar.    She instantly senses if someone, especially children, is scared of dogs, and sits quietly beside them until they feel safe enough to stroke them.  She is even teaching Venus to do this by example. 

Venus and Sugar both send you love for the year ahead!


Notes from birthing a new Civilization

1.Bring your own life into peace and harmony.  Your energy will then automatically lift the vibrations of everyone with whom you come into contact.

2.Recognize that everyone is equal and treat them as such.

3.Honour all life forms on the planet, from rocks, insects and plants to animals and humans.

4.Give no energy to fear, darkness or mass hysteria.  Instead focus on the good, the wise and great, so that it expands.

5.Visualize everyone throughout the world living in peace and love.

6.Walk with your feet on the earth and your head in the heavens.

If enough individuals do these things, the consciousness of all must inevitably rise. Your task is to hold your light steady and act as a beacon, for you may find you are able to influence thousands of souls and even lead them into ascension.

Get comfortable, relax, and take several deep breaths whilst focusing on what you want to achieve this year. Close your eyes, take a screenshot when the time feels right. This is your guidance. Do comment below to let me know if this resonates with you. Please share your answer, let’s spread joy and positivity this year. You can also save this picture to your screensaver to remind you and keep you focused.

Inspirational Story- Focus on your vision

A friend of mine’s daughter, Lisa, was separating from her partner. She held a vision very positively of buying a three bed house for herself and the children and a separate house for her partner. She constantly lit candles to this vision. The only problem was they didn’t have enough money.

She did their house up and sold it at the top of the market even though they both had to move into rental property. Even with her share of the house as a deposit she could not get a mortgage, nor could her partner. She continued to hold the vision for both of them, knowing that the universe would make it happen if it was for the highest good.

Unexpectedly a relation lent her the mortgage money and she bought a comfortable, safe house for herself and the children where they all felt at home.

There still seemed no way for her partner to get out of a rented apartment but they held the vision of him in his own house. All of a sudden he managed to get a mortgage but it would not only buy him a two bedroomed apartment, not so good for their children. They held the vision. A few weeks later a three bedroomed property appeared on the internet at a low price because the bedrooms and bathroom were so small. His friends told him not to bother going to see it. However, something prompted him to look and he felt it was big enough. He made an offer which was accepted because no one was interested in seeing the house. On his second visit he took a tape and measured the bedrooms and bathroom. The estate agent had measured them wrongly. The upstairs rooms were 13” (33cms) bigger in both directions than advertised. He felt the angels had ensured he received a house big enough for himself and the children.

So hold your vision.

We have refreshed our magical Archangel Collaboration box for this Christmas with Katie-Jane Wright of &Crystals, the crystal expert and crystal whisperer from Spirit and Destiny magazine, with hand signed archangel cards by Diana, one will be selected for you, with its own personal meaning for your heart to explore.

It also has all new choices of hand carved angels; Peach moonstone, Rose Quartz and Rainbow Fluorite, 3 very different energies of change.

We have introduced beautiful, gentle and wise Peach moonstone angels, which align with the energies of purity, compassion and higher heart healing.

Close your eyes and center yourself with a few deep breaths and read the messages of these stones to feel which resonates most for you. Each has a message of love.

Peach moonstone says this-

In your safe space with me, release all your burdens, your worries and fears and sink into my arms, deeper into my wings.  I understand the road has been hard, and you have been tested, there is nothing that can not be fixed with light, I create a safe space to come home back to your heart, back to solace, peace and compassion.  May the angels of Mercy hold you close,  you are pure of heart, pure of being and your essence radiates love that I ‘see’ , that I witness and am here to amplify through your body, your waters and bone so that you gain the gentle confidence, the strength to move forwards.  Allow me to be the humble Shepard, guiding you back to your hearts light.

Rose Quartz- the heart healer has this to say-

I sing to your heart as a mother would her child, for you are the divine child, the divine mother and heart of all, radiate the love you hold in full knowing that you are here to create change, we do not have to move mountains, just helping one person with an act of unconditional kindness makes a difference.  You make a difference. I come to you at this hour to show you your kind heart, to show you your radiance, your rose heart.  You are love, and I love you. May the energies of Rose quartz wrap you up in the pink ray of devoted love.  Know your worth, feel your big heart. My gifts are many, of opening and unbinding the heart so more light can enter, I am here to remind you of your divine origins and connect you the universal heart templates of this planet.

Rainbow Fluorite has this to say-

Focus and clarity are key at this time for you to move through this change, allow me to assist you in clearing the mind to bring a greater and bigger awareness of all that goes on around you.  I will help you pick up on things you may have missed, or discern between projections of others and through that may not be yours. Feel my light like green and purple waters washing through your body, your crown, third eye and heart.  I bring the ability to let go and flow like the water through change but an equal balance of grounded sensibility so that you do not become carried away in your choices.  Lean on me at this time if this resonates may the energies of rainbow fluorite wrap you up and hold you close you are loved.

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