Diana Cooper’s January 2024 Newsletter

2024 brings endless possibilities so be clear about your vision, trust it, focus on it and only think and speak in positive terms about it.  Give no attention to the fear-based predictions that are being spread about for we certainly have the power to create them if we believe in them.  WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE, YOU CREATE.

Some things are certain.  2024 will be a time of change and awakening.  More and more people are opening their hearts, looking for meaning, taking personal responsibility for their lives and seeking spiritual answers. 

Because both individuals and the planet are upgrading fast, I am including in my January newsletter an updated version of the Monadic Merge Meditation and the reasons for the changes.  There are seven significant changes already.  Every single day when I do the meditation it feels that something amazing is unfolding.  I literally am not the same person as I was last Easter when I was given this meditation and asked to do it daily without fail.  I am more spiritually connected, more confident, more relaxed, infinitely more abundant and my inner sun shines more brightly.

The most exciting news is that the glorious Golden Future cards will be published in March They are incredible, full of hope, inspiration and guidance for your golden future and the illustrations are unbelievably amazing.  More about them in my January newsletter.

There will be much upheaval and changes in leadership this year.  Collectively we can ask for leaders with integrity and high intention to win the elections that will take place round the world.  Every prayer or intention makes a difference.

There is much talk of meeting extra-terrestrial life in 2024!  Many of us have been connecting with beings from other planets for a long time and now we have an opportunity to spread thoughts of peace and good intention.  This year is a time for lightworkers to shine.

The frequency on our planet is rising so quickly that you can ride the flow up to your highest vision.  Trust the universe to take you there.  All things are possible this year.  And we create our own reality no matter what is happening in the world.  Higher energies dissolve lower ones.

Wishing you a happy, abundant, successful, soul satisfying New Year!  Create yourself a joyful reality.


Golden Future Cards

I am so excited about the Golden Future Oracle Cards. When I was writing the Golden Future book I was electrified by the vision of what lies ahead for us.  As you focus on the vision it raises your frequency and that of people around you and the planet.  The feeling of joy, hope and inspiration made me want to share the energy as cards. 

I wrote the cards as a spiritual journey that you can undertake step by step or you can simply draw whatever the universe suggests you explore at that time.  There is information on each card with guidance about your life and what you need to concentrate on for your happiness and growth, always with that wonderful feeling of encouragement and anticipation.

This meant finding someone with the same vision to illustrate them.  For the first time ever I rejected illustrators, whose pictures did not convey the feelings I had. Then Hay House showed me Daniel’s illustrations and I was bowled over.  I was so thrilled!   So Daniel of Space.before.thought and I started a journey together of discussion and exploration.  Again and again I was captivated by the magic of his illustrations.  They are all colourful, quirky and full of interest and aliveness.  I do hope you love these cards as much as I do, and that they help you create your own golden future.

About the Golden Future Oracle Cards

We are living at the most important time of change in the entire history of the planet.  The frequency is rising.  The old paradigm is collapsing and we have the incredible and indeed awesome opportunity to build a future of our choosing.  Some of it is set in stone but much of it is still our choice.  We create our own reality.  Whatever we think about, talk about, imagine or visualise, we manifest.

Right now we have an extraordinary chance to build a truly golden future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren and our planet.  I focussed on this as I wrote The Golden Future book.  The cards complement the book, not just by putting pictures to a concept and bringing it to life but by expanding on the information and meditations in the book.  Each card gives information, inspiration and a vision to focus on.  As you do so you draw that energy into your life.  Each card also offers guidance to propel you on your spiritual journey into the golden future. 

Working with these cards is not just for personal growth.  It is service work for humanity and the planet.  The focus they proffer is helping to manifest the highest possible future we can create for everyone.

I love the cards and the vibrant and colourful energies of the pictures.  The images created by Daniel of Thought.before.words are truly enchanting. 

I will be announcing special offers and more details on how you can pre-order your cards later this month, so do keep an eye out for my emails!

Reasons for Monadic Merge Meditation Upgrade January 2024

Here are seven significant updates and the reason for them.

1.The silver Earth Star chakra can now become as big as Earth itself.  When you visualise this, it grounds you deeply and also automatically expands your potential.  By grounding in this way you serve Lady Gaia as you channel more cosmic energies into her.  You can’t go higher than you can dig deep and this enables you to move higher.

2.Lord Voosloo has fulfilled his task.  He is replaced by Commander Ashtar who places his silver ball with the Codes of Cosmic Expansion over you.

3.El Morya, the Manu, now activates the 12 strands of DNA when you are ready.  They have already been connected and we are ready to bring forward our gifts and powers now.

4.Archangel Uriel stands at your left-hand side in glorious, gold and ruby light.  It is time for action, so you are invoking the red aspect of Archangel Uriel.

5.Tim Whild, Adrian Lee and Mia Kafkios anchored the energy of Helios, Andromeda and Lyra into the Great Pyramid of Hollow Earth on 22nd October, 2023.  Now you can bring it right down through you into Hollow Earth and visualise these three wondrous 11D energies spreading through the leylines.

6.We no longer need to ask for wise spiritual leaders to step forward.  That is in hand.  The most important thing now is to petition for assistance in bringing masculine and feminine energies into balance.  Mary Magdelene has stepped forward to take this petition.

7.The new children who have been incarnating are being affected by the lower frequencies and by some of the very dark energy still on the planet.  We are petitioning that Serapis Bey places the pure White Flame of Atlantis over Earth and in addition that the White Flame is placed over every child in need to protect and illuminate them.

2024 Monadic Merge Meditation New Year update

Take a deep breath…..centre yourself…relax…….now see your ES chakra like a silver ball under your feet.  Expand it until it is as big as our planet itself and you are one with Earth.

Invoke Earth, air, fire and water dragons to clear the energy all round you for 1 mile.

St Germain places his pillar of gold and violet light over you bringing  you into harmony and clarity now.

Merlin blazes his electric blue fire through you to touch you with the power of magic with the wisdom to use it for the highest good only.

Paul the Venetian places his pure white Flame of Freedom over you, setting you free to live as a Master.

Commander Ashtar places his silver ball with the Codes of Cosmic Expansion over you.

El Morya, the Manu, steps right into you, and transfers the codes to connect your 12 strands of DNA and activate them when you are ready.

Ask these masters to remain with you day and night on your spiritual journey . 

12 Archangels are waiting to awaken special qualities at an upper 5D frequency within you and form an Archangel ball around you.

Archangel Michael stands at your right-hand side in deep blue. He awakens in you qualities of truth, integrity, courage and strength.

Archangel Uriel stands at your left-hand side in glorious, gold and ruby light.  He awakens in you gratitude, power with wisdom and selflessness.

Archangel Gabriel stands in front of you in pure dazzling white.  He radiates purity into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and awakens qualities of balance, Joy and oneness.

Archangel Raphael in glorious emerald green light stands behind you. He touches the back of your third eye, and activates your fifth dimensional health blueprint.  He awakens abundance consciousness, enlightenment and vision.

Archangel Sandalphon in shimmering silver light below you connects you deep into Earth and awakens your highest potential for this life.

Archangel Chamuel enters your heart centre in beautiful pink light and awakens love, compassion, kindness and caring.

Archangel Jophiel in pale yellow gold at your crown awakens cosmic connections, cosmic understandings and cosmic wisdom. 

Archangel Christiel above in shimmering white awakens peace, serenity and harmlessness and opens the gates to the angelic kingdom.

Archangel Mariel in magnificent magenta pink brings all aspects of your soul together and integrates them. He awakens your soul gifts, talents, learnings and wisdom for use in this lifetime.

Archangel Metatron in his blazing golden orange light, illuminates these higher qualities.

These archangels now surround you in a ball of their energy.

The wondrous Angel Mary places her blue light all round your Archangel ball, so that you only attract love and good into your life.

Archangel Butyalil who is in charge of the flow of the universe and works with the Intergalactic Council puts his dazzling white light all around your archangel ball so that your life flows …..and he now watches over you.

You are now sitting in your Archangel Ball within the energy of 12 Archangels, ….…so that they are becoming a permanent part of your aura..

For a moment sit with your 5 Masters, St Germain, Merlin, Paul the Venetian, Commander Ashtar and El Morya, in your Archangel Ball and relax.

Send a pathway of pure love out to the Earth Star chakra of the universe, Neptune and its ascended part Toutillay.

Unlock with love the light codes of the wisdom of golden Atlantis and Lemuria held in golden light.  Release them to flow into every single cell of your body.

Now send love from your heart into the cosmic base chakra, Saturn and Quichy – and here in glorious gold and platinum are held the codes of Divine order and balance, the foundation for magic and true mastery.  Unlock them with love and release the light codes into you at a cellular level.

Send love to the cosmic sacral chakra, Sirius and Lakumay.   Unlock with love the pale silver pink Christ light and the codes of sacred geometry for the golden future.  Release them now to fill you at a deep cellular level. 

Radiate love to the Sun, the cosmic naval chakra and unlock and release the bright orange codes of the divine masculine and the codes of happiness so they flow through you at a deep cellular level.

Expand your heart and send love right out past the Sun to the Sun Beyond the Sun, the Great Central Sun, 11D Helios.  Unlock with love the golden orange light codes for this universe. Release the codes of All You Can Be, to flow into every cell of your body, awakening your highest possibilities.

Now see and sense the golden orange light from Helios pouring down through you into the Great Pyramid at the centre of Hollow Earth and then flowing into the leylines of the planet. 


Send love directly into the cosmic heart Venus – unlock and release the pink white light of cosmic love so that it bathes every cell of your body in pink white cosmic love. 

Now send pure love to Andromeda, the higher heart of the universe.  Unlock the 11D violet pink light, and release a perfect balance of love, peace and wisdom into every cell of your body.

Visualise the violet pink light from Andromeda flowing through you deep into the Great Pyramid at the centre of Hollow Earth, then flowing into the leylines of the planet.  

Now send love to the cosmic throat chakra, Mercury and Telephony and unlock with love the codes of higher communication, held in all shades of light blue merged with gold, silver and violet.  Release light codes of telepathic communication with all sentient beings, trees and plants, animals and birds, humans from all nations and star beings and the waters, into every cell of your body.

Send love right out to Jupiter and Jumbay, the cosmic third eye chakra.  Here, in a merge of all the greens with gold and silver are the keys and codes of personal and planetary expansion and abundance consciousness. Unlock them so that the light codes pour right into you, deep into every cell of your body. 

Now, creating a pathway of love right out to the cosmic crown chakra, Uranus and Curonay. And here in lime green and silver are held the keys and codes of transcendent transformation, to prepare you for your monadic merge.  Unlock them and release transcendent transformation into every cell of your body.  …. opening you up to limitless possibilities.

It is time now to reach out to the transcendent cosmic chakras. Create that pathway of love to the causal chakra, the Moon.  Here in white silver light, the codes of the divine feminine are held.  unlock this energy with pure love and release a beam of white silver moonlight containing the pure divine feminine to flow right down over and through you, deep into every cell.

Now you are sending a pathway of love right out to 11D Lyra and unlocking the great Stargate of Lyra.  Move through it into the pure white of the unicorn kingdom and release all the high frequency qualities you need for your monadic merge.  Sense the light cascade down over and through you, awakening you at a deep cellular level. 

Droplets are leaping out the ocean of unicorn energy and taking the form of unicorns.

And millions of unicorns are pouring into the planet to help humanity.

And your personal unicorn is close to you holding your frequency high…… 

Visualise the pure white 11D unicorn light from Lyra flowing through you into the Great Pyramid at the centre of Hollow Earth and then radiating out through the leylines of the planet.

Reach with love to the cosmic Soul Star, Orion.  Here in white light are held the Codes of Cosmic Wisdom. Unlock and release them, and absorb them at a cellular level – awakening you to higher wisdom.

And it is time to access the 12th Chakra, Mars and Nigellay, the Stellar Gateway chakra of the universe.  Unlock with love all the light codes you need for your monadic merge held in golden orange light.  Release them to stream into every cell of your body and immerse yourself in the golden orange universal energies to prepare for your monadic merge.

You are sitting surrounded by your five Illumined masters, St Germain, Merlin, Paul the Venetian, Commander Ashtar and El Morya  in your Archangel ball.

Streams of light codes from the universe are pouring into you.

… they are flowing down through your Earth Star chakra, down into our planet Earth and its ascended aspect Pilchay – the Solar Plexus of the universe.

The light is unlocking with love the wisdom codes held in golden light in Earth/Pilchay.  As the 11D cosmic light merges with the gold of Earth, it becomes golden white – a perfect balance of power with wisdom, raising the frequency of the planet. 

This golden white light is spreading through the rivers and oceans, through the tree root network and through the leylines. ……..

See Earth glowing golden white.  As it radiates golden white light into the universe it moves fully into the fifth dimension and slotting into its rightful place in the universe.  See it pulsing golden white power with wisdom into the universe. 

Now the golden white love, information, knowledge and wisdom held in Earth is streaming up into and round you-with a burst of kundalini.  As it rises up into your physical body and aura, it is lighting up all the cosmic keys and codes you have integrated.  Your aura becomes golden white.

It is time to draw in your cosmic aura.

And you are sitting with your 5 masters……. in the middle of your Archangel Ball….. in your golden white light body..  which at this frequency becomes an Orb.  Your light body is a bright, radiant, high frequency golden white Orb.

Above you, you are aware of your magnificent gMonad.   You rise up up in your light body through the dimensions and……. MERGE WITH YOUR MONAD.  

Say aloud if you wish to….I AM THAT I AM.   I AM THAT I AM.   I AM THAT I AM.

You are home. You are blessed.  You belong.

sit quietly and breathe comfortably

And suddenly in a flash of indescribable light all Monads are merging as one… the light is illuminating the entire universe and in that instant you can reach a 12th dimensional frequency.

it is time to leave your Monad and continue your journey with your Masters ….surrounded by your Archangel Ball ….in your golden white light body. 

Archangel Butyalil, who is within your Archangel Ball now leads you through the universe to the great temple where the intergalactic Council meets.  See the etheric shimmering white quartz temple ahead.

The 12 members of the Intergalactic Council are sitting on a platform.  They are Master Marko, Commander Ashtar, Jesus, El Morya, Lord Hilarion, Lord Kuthumi, Mary Magdelene, Lord Maitreya, Merlin, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey and Quan Yin.

thank the members of the Intergalactic Council now for hearing petitions for help for Earth and humanity.

first.  We ask for pure water, pure air and pure soil to be returned to Earth in the best possible way.

they all nod.  Then El Morya rises to accept the petition.

Second.  We now petition for a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy on Earth. So male and female complement each other, men and women trust, respect & love each other and the world is in harmony.

They all nod.  Then Mary Magdelene rises to accept the petition.

take a moment to make your own individual petition if you wish to do so now.

And finally we petition that Serapis Bey be allowed to place the pure white Flame of Atlantis over the entire planet to illuminate humanity and the world.  We ask that he place the white Flame of Atlantis over every single child who is affected by lower energies to protect and illuminate them.

we thank the billions of souls around the universe who are supporting this petition.

All the members of the Intergalactic Council nod, agreeing as one, and Serapis Bey thanks us for the trust we place in him.

This petition is accepted by Master Marko, representing the highest galactic confederation in the solar system. 

Thank the Intergalactic Council.  Receive their blessings and return to Earth to support Serapis Bey with this mighty task for the purification of Earth and humanity.

So bring yourself back to where you started.

You are sitting with your 5 masters in your Archangel Ball.

And now ask Serapis Bey to place the vast pure white Flame of Atlantis, over the entire planet. 

As he brings the great White Flame down, envision it… the Flame of Atlantis is intensely white and totally pure….…see millions of stuck souls moving into the light……. see deep dense energy within Earth dissolving and becoming light…….. see clouds of darkness evaporating and becoming clouds of joy and love…..see the white flame protecting people everywhere, so that they are free to illuminate and awaken.   See children in need receiving their own individual White Flame of transmutation and protection.  See the entire planet light up.  it is done

Thank the Masters and angels and Monads. Receive their blessing for participating in raising the frequency of the world.  Open your arms to receive.

And when you are ready, in your own time, come back to the room and open your eyes.


It is some years since I have offered a workshop about our Guardian Angels and yet it is so important and so many of you have asked for one.  Our Guardian Angels do so very much for us without us even being aware of it and it is wonderful to be able to have a two-way communication with them.  We can now connect with our own angels at a higher frequency than ever before.  And so I am really delighted to announce my new workshop.

2024 How to truly connect with your Guardian Angel – Thursday 11 January

Your Guardian Angel is always near you. It loves you unconditionally and watches over you.  It holds the divine blueprint for your life, and tries to draw your attention to your potential and offers higher guidance, if you listen.  It arranges for you to meet the right people or find yourself in significant situations, opens doors for you, protects you, heals you and so much more. We often do not realise just how much our Guardian Angels can do for us and our loved ones when we truly connect with them.   

During this seminar you will:

            * Truly connect to your Guardian Angel.

            * Receive help and guidance.

            * Learn how to communicate with your angel.

            * Problem solve with your angel.

            * Receive healing from your angel.

            * Ask your angel to talk to someone else’s.

If you have never met your Guardian Angel, this workshop will transform your life.  If you already connect with it, you can bond at a much higher frequency than you could even two years ago and it can help you so much more.  Understanding the best way to communicate and work with it really can transform and enhance your life.

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