Diana Cooper’s March 2022 Newsletter

DEAR Friends,

Spring is arriving with an uplifting and colourful show of crocuses, snowdrops, daffodils, pansies and many other blooms carpeting the gardens and verges.  The Spring equinox is on 21st March, the date on which day and night are equal lengths.  In many parts of the world on a physical level the increased light affects our brain and people generally feel more alive and happier.  On a spiritual level it heralds rebirth and renewal.  This year it feels it really is time to breathe in the perfume of Spring and move with renewed hope into the future.

My focus this month is on the Sacral chakra.  In many ways it is the chakra of birth for it holds the reproductive organs and at its most beautiful, it is pale luminous pink.  The final lessons of the the sacral are about transcendent sexuality, love and birth.  As the frequency rises everywhere we are seeing the lower behaviours of the sacral being revealed all over the world right now.  These are a reflection of stuckness in the lower chambers of this centre.  It is time for this to cease.  Almost everyone has some sexual or relationship cords or a frightened hurt inner child in their sacral from this or other lives.  When enough people heal these and bring in higher love there will be a wave of relief and light throughout the planet.  When this chakra is fifth dimensional family relationships transform, you attract your true soul family and can experience true love.  When enough people bring this chakra into the fifth dimension humanity as a whole can start to experience true love again for the first time since the golden era of Atlantis.  The Angel Mary, Mother Mary, Isis, Archangel Gabriel and the Christ light are working with us to bring this about.  I feel this is so important that I have a Zoom on Monday 14th March to heal and raise the frequency of this chakra.

Finally, this is a month of change and all institutions including the Monarchy will experience change and moving forward.  Let’s all enjoy the freedom and expansion of Springtime.

With love and beautiful blessings

Let’s create Peace in Ukraine and the World

Consciousness is catching.  At the height of the glorious golden era of Atlantis when everyone maintained peace by acting for the highest good of all, one Mage decided to use his power for himself.  The whole of Atlantis quickly declined.

The same is true in reverse. 

One person stands in peace and harmlessness in front of an angry crowd and the calm spreads like oil on troubled waters.  Every time you take a decision to speak and act from a calm, loving and centred space, your words and deeds have a ripple effect.  Together we can make a difference to the world.

Your body is a physical entity created by your thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, emotions and soul choices.  For if you have boils, you can treat the physical but they will return unless you change other aspects of your life.  You look at the whole self in order to heal.

It is the same with the world.  It is one entity.  We are all one. For many years, humanity has been bombarded with chemicals, confusing information and fear, so it is not surprising that boils in the form of war are still bursting out where the entity is vulnerable.  Just as a boil tells you that there is something wrong with the whole, the current conflict tells us the same about the world.

When we all make choices together for the highest good of all, naturally there is peace and abundance everywhere. 

Every single individual who dissolves their own underlying anger, makes a difference to the whole world. 

So what can you do?

1.Give no energy to conflict.  Rather talk about the vision of peace.

2.Pray for peace for all those who take ego decisions to control others.

3.Ask Angels of Peace to touch your heart and the hearts of all involved.

4.Ask the dragons to clear lower energies round you and to enter Russia and Ukraine en masse to clear lower energies.

5.Ask the Unicorns to pour light you and over Ukraine.

Remember that by 2032 we are to be a fifth dimensional planet.  The frequency of Earth is inexorably rising.  Soon after that date there will be world peace.  Help to co-create this by living in a fifth dimensional way.

I am recording ten days of World Peace Meditations.  When we do these visualisations together it has a massive impact on situations, more than we can have any concept of.  Let’s make a difference together.

Q & A

Thank you for all the questions you ask.  There is quite a stream of them and I try to answer as many as possible.  However it is very time consuming so I have decided that, rather than replying to them individually, I will answer a selection in my newsletter and hope that you will all find them interesting.

Question: Atlantis, animals and white lions

Many years ago I remember reading something about experiments being done on animals and people in Atlantis and that they created beings who were a mix of animal and human and that this was where mermaids came from. But apparently they also worked on other mixes.

Do you know If this is true? In all the books I have of yours, when you talk about animals in Atlantis it is very positive but I wonder, if there were animal experiments, maybe they were happening with animals just before the fall of Atlantis.

The reason I ask is, twice now I have ‘seen’ a white lion who stands on his back feet like a man. He has paws like a lion but his front paws (hands) are huge. Probably 2 to 3 times the size of a lion’s paws. The first time was when I was receiving a healing. The 2nd time was when I was giving a healing. He feels very real and with the information that there were possibly experiments on animals in Atlantis, I wonder whether he is from Atlantis. 


Thank you for this.  There are three questions here!

The civilization of Atlantis lasted for 260,000 years.  During this period the islands of Atlantis rose and subsequently were submerged five times.  During the fifth and last experiment, for fifteen hundred years, the legendary Golden Era occurred and at this time the frequency was the highest it has ever been on Earth. People had awesome gifts and talents and everyone lived in happiness and harmony.  Then the energy fell again and a very dark period dominated on Earth.  This is when control, animal and human experiments, cloning and horrible things happened until the fifth period of Atlantis was terminated.

If you want to know more about the extraordinary story of Atlantis, mostly focussed on the Golden Era, do read my book Discover Atlantis that I wrote with Shaaron Hutton.

Mermaids are water elementals who look after the sea plants.

White lions are rare fifth dimensional creatures who carry Christ light, pure Source love and healing.  When you see one in dreams or vision it represents Christ light.  The fact that its paws appeared huge suggests you can bring this healing energy through your hands.

There is information about the sacred white lions in the last part of my trilogy, The Web of Light.

Question. Please can you let me have information about the Inter Galactic Council?

Answer: The Intergalactic is a body of twelve Illumined Masters who take decisions for this Universe.

They decide on and oversee great experiments, like that of Atlantis which was set up to see if humans could maintain a physical body, experience emotions and keep a connection with Source. 

These Masters are currently serving on the Council

Marko, who was the representative of the highest galactic confederation  and a Great One in Atlantis. 

Commander Ashtar, Commander of the Intergalactic Fleet.


Merlin, who was an aspect of St. Germain, has taken over from St. Germain

Jesus, the Bringer of Cosmic Love

Quan Yin

Lord Kuthumi

El Morya

Serapis Bey

Paul the Venetian

Mary Magdelene has recently taken the place of Lady Nada

Lord Maitreya

Humans can petition the Intergalactic Council for help for the planet or for humanity as a whole. Now, because the frequency has risen so much in recent years we can petition for help for your personal life as long as it is for the highest good.  You can also offer your services to help the world or the universe

If you decide to visit the Council, you can ask the mighty Universal Angel  Butyalil to take you there.

There is much more about the Intergalactic Council in The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery, I wrote with Tim Whild.

Question.  I’d love to know if my Guardian Angel is looking over me right now to give me hope with the struggle I am going through right now?

Answer.  I can absolutely assure you that your Guardian Angel is with you and is helping you as much as your soul will allow.

Remember to ask for specific help, not in a desperate way from your inner child, but in an adult way as a Master. 

You may like to try this. 

1.Sit quietly where you can be undisturbed for a while.

2.Put your feet on the ground and sit straight.

3.Take a couple of deep calming breaths.

4.Then breathe in love, and imagine your breath is gold as you breathe out golden light.

5.Continue to do this until you sense that you are cocooned in gold.  Gold is the colour of the angelic ray and helps them connect with you more easily.

6.Ask your Angel to enfold you in its wings.  You may sense this happening.

7.Now mentally tell your Angel your problem. Be calm and clear.  This is for your clarification as your Angel knows already.

8.Ask your Angel for help.

9.You may receive a message from your Angel.

10.Whether you do or not, thank your Angel and open your eyes.

11.Look for signs from your Angel.

Balance your body for Ascension

Healing from the Pleiades

I received these fabulous photographs from Lynette Hill after my Zoom on Healing from the Pleiades.  Lynette is in Australia and watched it on replay this morning. She wrote, ‘I am attaching some photos for you of my labyrinth here. I received a message last year on Australia Day 26 January 2021 that the Rainbow Serpent wanted to come into the labyrinth. I painted lots of rocks and have the serpent now, it’s about 9 metres long. I had to put blue stones throughout the labyrinth for Pleiadean energy to be enhanced. Notice the beautiful blue flowers, the bees love these, I planted these in memory of my son William who passed when he was 3 years old 32 years ago. 

In 2012 I placed a blue stone within a star on 21 May aligning with Pleiades on a new moon eclipse when sun moon earth and Pleiades lined up for the first time in 26,000 years.

I believe there is a portal with the labyrinth connecting to Pleiades.

Over the years we have many Orbs so I am sending photos of one near Mother Mary on the solstice last year. MM has a blue rose in front of her too. Very aligned with blue roses, Pleiades, numerology and divine feminine energy, and Uluṟu.


 Illuminate your SACRAL CHAKRA to heal your relationships, attract your soul family and true love.   And accelerate a shift to higher sexuality in the world collective consciousness.

The Sacral Chakra contains the lessons of sexuality and also of relationships, especially those with your family.  It is time now for all the cords into your Sacral caused by lower thoughts and connections to be cleared and finally transmuted.

When you express pure love your sacral chakra glows with glorious fifth dimensional delicate golden pink light, so that you attract empowering, loving, respectful relationships.  You also draw your true soul family to you.

The cosmic sacral is Sirius and its ascended aspect, Lakumay.  Here the Golden Globe containing 9th dimensional Christ light is held.  We will access this to heal every chamber of this centre. 

As we approach the New Golden Age it is really important that a great clearance of this chakra takes place for humanity.  When enough people raise the frequency of the sacral to the fifth dimension, it will spread to everyone and transform the world.  This Zoom will enable you to bring your sexual and relationship centre to a higher frequency and influence the planet.  Together we are accelerating a shift in the world collective consciousness.

During this Zoom you will

            *Learn about the sacral chakra

            *Clear all residual cords into your sacral chakra from this and every other lifetime.

            *Forgive yourself and others to transmute individual and collective sexual guilt.

            *Journey through the chambers of your sacral chakra to cleanse, purify and illuminate them.

* Receive from Angel Mary, Mother Mary and Isis the luminous Aquamarine Ray of love and healing directly into every chamber of your sacral chakra. 

*Accept 9th dimensional Christ light and Archangel Gabriel’s diamond white ray to ignite your relationships with codes of pure transcendent love.

*Ask the Intergalactic Council to remove under grace as much as possible of the great cloud of lower sexual energy to allow humanity to experience true love again.

7-8pm £11.

Sorry this event is now fully booked but you can pre-purchase the recording and it will be sent to you as soon as it is available, this will be within 24 hours of the event. I have specifically created this zoom to be accessed unlimited times and the recording holds the same benefits.


Like many other Facebook, Instagram etc sites mine is constantly being scammed and there are currently many fake accounts circulating, they look identical to mine but please don’t be taken in.  I don’t do readings and I don’t send friend requests.


Archangel Gabriel is in charge of the season of Spring, so his pure white energy is coming in strongly now.  His angel retreat is above Mount Shasta, California and he is the angel of purity and clarity.

He helps you develop your base and sacral chakras, so he enables you to improve your relationships, take wise and joyous decisions and to feel safe.

5 ways of connecting with Archangel Gabriel.

1.Affirm:  Archangel Gabriel brings me joy.

2.Prayer: Beloved Archangel Gabriel please heal all my relationships.

3.Rhyming chant:

Gabriel keep me joyous and bright

Please ignite my inner light.


Light a candle and dedicate it to Archangel Gabriel connecting with you.

Close your eyes and centre yourself.

Imagine you are in Archangel Gabriel’s shimmering white temple.

The radiant pure white Archangel is sitting on his diamond throne.

He smiles lovingly and welcomes you.

Mentally tell him what help you would like.

He places an enormous etheric diamond over your entire body.

The facets of the diamond are breaking up beliefs that no longer serve you.

You find yourself standing in pure white light.

Know that an shift has occurred within you.


I love Archangel Gabriel and his presence is everywhere.  When I was in hospital a few years ago I had a very personal experience with him.  The nurse brought me a blood transfusion at midnight.  I thought, ‘Help! Now I have to sit up half the night and bless this blood and send thanks to the donors.  I’ll be exhausted in the morning.’

Suddenly Archangel Gabriel arrived in a flash of brilliant white, with his wings outstretched.  He sat on the chair by my bed and said, ‘Surrender.  I will bless your blood.’  And I just let go.  When I woke in the morning he was still sitting by me, waiting to bless the next transfusion. 

When you surrender to Archangel Gabriel he can help you in a million ways.  He protects you, heals you, lights you up, opens new doors.  Just remember to ask.


Archangel Gabriel is pure white, so choose a clear quartz.  Hold it in your hand and blow on it to clear any old energy or programming.  Tell it you only want it to hold fifth dimensional light.  Then hold it to your third eye and tell it what you want it to do, e.g. to keep your energy pure at work or help you to make friends with someone or give you clarity about a situation. 


Find a white cloth if possible.

Make a circle of quartz crystals or white pebbles on it.

Put your intention or wish in your crystal and place it in the centre of the circle.

If there is room light a candle and place it in the circle too.

Ask Archangel Gabriel to activate your intention.

Remember to add, ‘only if this is for my highest good.’

Know that if something is not for your highest good it is not for anyone else’s either!

Thank him and start to look for any indications that things are changing.


Do you want to be attuned to the Archangels?  Do you want to read oracle cards for yourself and others?

Then look at my incredible Archangel Oracle Attunement Course.

To enable people to really work with the deck I wanted to create a course that did more than help you to get to know the Archangels and read the cards.  First I prepared information and exercises for each card……but it did not feel enough….I knew there must be more. And then Archangel Metatron told me that the course must include an attunement to each of the 44 Archangels in the deck.  This seemed formidable but everything is possible with the Archangels.  So I prepared a different attunement for each of the Archangels…. Then before I recorded them I tuned into that angel until I could feel their frequency come through me into the download.  This took many days but that vibration will enable course participants to attune properly to each of the Archangels.

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