Diana Cooper’s February 2022 Newsletter

DEAR Friends,

If you are reading this newsletter you have incarnated in order to help the planet move into the new Golden Age. This is a responsibility!  But it is also a blessing for it offers an opportunity massively to accelerate your Ascension process.

This month offers a particularly important chance to assist the progress of the planet. 22 is a master number. It is the vibration of the master builder. This month on the 22nd of February 2022 we have 22 02 2022 so take away the zeros and there is 22 22 22, in other words triple 22.  This is extraordinary, powerful and auspicious. Tim Whild and I have been discussing the importance of this and have decided to offer a master builder zoom together on that date, Tuesday 22.02.2022, to enable humanity to build a pathway through the current chaos to enable us to negotiate easily and smoothly the journey to 2032, when the new Golden Age commences.  We will also use this Zoom to enable you to master build your own dreams and visions for the transition years. 

Last month I offered a Zoom on taking Mastery by raising the frequency of the base chakra so that you feel safe, secure, protected and absolutely looked after by the spiritual realms.  I was astonished and delighted at the deluge of lovely e mails I received afterwards.  My aim and intention was to dissolve the wave of anxiety flowing round the planet by lifting the base chakras of as many people as possible into the fifth dimension. When enough people do this, we reach a tipping point and everyone’s base chakra becomes a high frequency platinum, conferring peace, trust, balance and hope into the population.  Together we have made a big contribution to this.  The base chakra is known as the Seat of the Soul and merging the Soul into the base is the journey to enlightenment, Mastery and ultimately ascension. 

You may have noticed a lightening in the energy.  People are breathing again!  There is hope.  And under Jupiter’s expansive energy populations are starting to question those in power.  And more and more of the old 3D paradigm manipulation is being revealed….

With love and beautiful blessings

22.02.2022.  Be a Master Builder

22.02.2022 = 3x 22.  22 is the vibration of the powerful master builder.   Triple 22 is an extremely powerful date for manifesting your dreams. 

Ask the unicorns to add their light and they will assist you to bring your visions to reality and will enhance those that will help humanity.

What is your personal dream or vision?  What is your vision for the world?  If we can make this a collective vision on this date it is turbo-powered to fruition. 

In the Golden Era of Atlantis visions were created in the Navel chakra, raised energetically to the third eye chakra for enhancement, then placed in the Soul Star.  Propelled by your Soul energy, with backing from Archangel Mariel and then boosted by Archangel Metatron’s extraordinary high frequency light, your vision shoots into the Universe.  With dragon protection and unicorn blessings, your dream can magnetise all the support it needs to draw it into physical manifestation.


I often get asked where I source my crystals from so now I am absolutely delighted to announce my new collaboration with Katie-Jane Wright from &CRYSTALS. Katie, like me is a firm believer of ethically sourcing crystals and treating them with the respect they deserve.

Katie-Jane and I created this beautiful box with the loving intention of supporting you in connecting with the angels in a more conscious way.

Theme’s of ‘Relationship’s’, ‘Balance’ and ‘Inner peace’ came through when selecting the stone’s included in this box. There was a wish to open heart’s and mind’s so you can find your peace with the uplifting song’s of the Angel’s. This crystal set, including a guided meditation and attunement from me that will bring you closer to the Archangel’s so you are able to soar high in the highest heaves with them to receive all of the love and healing they offer.

The box contain’s 7 crystal’s that have been hand selected by Katie-Jane and me and are attuned to the highest Angelic frequency.

The Apricot Agate and Fluorite bring an opening and activation to the heart and mind. They wish to support and strengthen the relationship’s to your Guardian Angel and your relationship with yourself, helping you feel safe , secure and at home in your body. There are 4 Apricot Agate tumbles to use in an angelic crystal grid. Rose Quartz comes to open and activate the heart to love, to be in the heart is necessary when connecting with any celestial being.
Clear Quartz is your enhancer stone, opening and expanding your crown and higher chakra’s to create a bridge of pure brilliant light to Angelic plane’s.
Angelite, the stone that assists a strong connection with your angels, increases telepathy, strengthens feelings of inner peace and envcourages you to walk your truth.

Box Includes:

-Diana Coopers new Archangels Oracle deck, that was released in November, which is RRP 18.99. (option to purchase box without the cards if you already have a set).

-An Archangel Chamuel attunement Audio file by Diana Cooper which is downloadable. *** PLEASE NOTE – Audio files will be sent on dispatch date via email.

-Crystal information cards

-Crystal layout with guided written meditation

-Postcard of Archangel Chamuel wth guided meditation from Diana on the back

-Hand carved Rainbow Fluorite Angel approx-5cm x 3cm (colours will vary)

-A.grade clear Quartz tumble stone , from Brazil, approx-2cm x 1cm.

-Rose quartz tumble from Brazil approx-2cm x 2cm

-Angelite tumble stone, from India Approx 2cm x 2cm

-4x small Apricot Agate stones for gridding from Madagascar Approx 1.3cm x 1cm

Balance your body for Ascension

The way you nurture your physical body is extremely important for the development of your base chakra and therefore your level of Mastery, enlightenment and ascension. The food you eat is vital to keep your body in balance. My daughter Dawn Cuckow has just written an amazing book called The Body Effect. 

She is a nutritional therapist, who has worked with clients for many years. Having overcome her own challenges, she has devoted her life to helping people find and redress the individual causes for their own imbalances, that create belly fat, lack of energy, hormonal problems and other things. Reading the book felt like following a detective novel. I was gripped as I read the personal stories, did the quizzes and made new choices. I put a few of the choices into place and within days I had so much more energy.

This is really a health book but it is significant for you if you are serious about balancing your body for ​your ascension journey. I really recommend it, not because Dawn is my daughter (and very special) but because it is excellent!

The way you nurture your physical body is extremely important for the development of your base chakra and therefore your level of Mastery, enlightenment and ascension. The food you eat is vital to keep your body in balance. My daughter Dawn Cuckow has just written an amazing book called The Body Effect. 

Standing up for your Beliefs

I am so impressed with Novak Djokovic, a star at the height of his career, who stood by his principles.  It takes a man of courage and integrity to do such a thing. 

Currently many lightworkers are having to take very difficult decisions, especially when told they will lose their jobs if they do not toe Government lines.  I have met many who have decided to stand in honour and integrity or have listened to their intuition and followed it no matter what.  Some have gone through initiations and spiritually they will emerge at a higher frequency.  Others have changed paths more easily.  As I write this I see new golden gates opening and golden paths appearing for all of them.  Courage, honour, integrity, truth are ascension qualities that are always rewarded.


Like many other Facebook, Instagram etc sites mine is constantly being scammed and there are currently many fake accounts circulating, they look identical to mine but please don’t be taken in.  I don’t do readings and I don’t send friend requests.

The Golden Future

Everything is going to plan.  By 2032 the world will be a very different place beyond our wildest imaginings.  The light is inexorably rising

The tide is turning as people worldwide are starting to stand in their power and are questioning government information and dictates.  New forms of vibrational healing are already being used.  Communities are being formed.

Most important the consciousness of humanity is changing and is sweeping away the old third dimensional paradigm. 

When your chakras are fifth dimensional your life will change as follows.

Earth Star 5D You will be on your ascension path and bring forward your higher potential.

Base 5D You will feel safe, secure, trust the universe to look after you and attract good to you.

Sacral 5D. You will enjoy good relationships and attract your soul family to you.

Navel 5D. You will build community and be a powerful manifester.

Solar Plexus. You will recognise your self-worth, be confident, be wise and powerful.

Heart Chakra.  You will feel loved and radiate love.

Throat Chakra.  You will speak truthfully and act with honour and integrity.

Third Eye. You will be enlightened, and clairvoyant.

Crown. You will download the wisdom of the universe.

Causal. You will connect fully to the angelic kingdom.

Soul Star. You will heal your soul journey and be one with your Higher Self.

Stellar Gateway. You will act on your Monadic wisdom.

The instant enough people’s chakras become fifth dimensional the world will transform in the same way.  Then we will vote in people with integrity, honour and good leadership qualities.  We will look after the planet and honour everyone.


22.2.2022 The day of the master builder

2022 is the precise mid-point in the shift from 2012 to 2032, which is the start of the new Golden Age.  This year is due to be an incredible year. As well as the inevitable moons, astrological alignments, Equinox’s, and Solstice dates we have a day during February that aligns with the Master Number 22.

22 is the cosmic frequency of the Master Builder.  This vibration enables you to manifest your dreams, especially those that will benefit humanity, particularly when the unicorns add their light to them.

This date is the 22nd February 2022.  22.02.2022 is a triple 22, so the Master energy is incredibly magnified by 3.  It is a high frequency portal of higher potential that Lightworkers from around the world are asked to utilise to manifest their visions for their own ascension and that of the planet into our golden future.

As we moved through the final Solstice gateway of 2021, every soul on the ascension pathway was required to clear as much as possible to step onto a higher pathway. The Seraphim have named this pathway ‘The High Road’ and within the construction of this energy lies a blueprint or ‘goldprint’ for the foundations of the new Golden Era.

Diana Cooper and Tim Whild invite you to join them for this powerful workshop as we work with the Higher Realms to manifest your dreams and establish a firm and stable foundation for the shift into the fifth dimension. 

During this workshop you will –

  • Learn about the Master Number 22 and why it is so important.

  • Cleanse, clear and align your bodies and fields with the vibration of the goldprint of Humanity.

  • Work with the Seraphim, Unicorns, Ascended Masters and the Intergalactic Council to create a clear picture of what YOU wish to see in your life and the world around you.

  • Light up Mother Earth with the incredible vibrations that are available to us on the night. This will be powerful service work!

As with all Zoom workshops this event will be LIVE, and the recording sent out to all participants the following day. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event so don’t worry if you miss it.


February 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate love.  There are many stories about how Valentine’s Day began.  The most popular one begins in the year 268.  The Emperor Claudius 11 needed a strong team of men to fight in his armies.  His theory was that when young men are in love, it affects their fighting capabilities.  So he banned marriage for the young men of his armies.

But his soldiers still fell in love and wanted to get married.  A priest called Valentine thought the decree was unjust and bravely he broke the law by marrying couples in secret.  Inevitably news of this reached Emperor Claudius who had Valentine put to death.  It is said this happened on February 14th.

So Valentine caused a special date to be created in the name of love.  There are many spiritual beings of love who are working to bring true love to humanity.  Here are some of those who can touch your heart with love, joy and romance.

Invoke all these Beings of Love and ask them to ignite true love within you.

It is especially powerful and effective if you do this on Valentine’s Day.

Filling your Heart with Love

Sit quietly and relax.

Breathe into your heart centre until it feels warm and soft.

Call Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Love into your heart chakra and ask him to fill it with pure rose pink love.

Ask Mother Mary who is bringing caring and compassion into the hearts of humanity to enfold you in her soft blue cloak of love.

Ask Quan Yin to pour pink and white love into your heart.

Call the mighty pink dragons from Andromeda who carry the frequency of transcendent love and ask them to touch all your chakras with the various qualities of love.

Open up to soul healing from Archangel Mariel who is in charge of your soul star chakra.

Sit quietly for as long as you can and let the magic flow in your heart.

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