Diana Cooper’s March 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Marvellous March is with us.  As usual my heart lifts to see banks of pure white snowdrops, yellow and purple crocuses, swathes of golden daffodils and great clumps of violets. 

On Monday 20 March we have the Spring Equinox, when the Sun and Moon, the divine masculine and feminine, are in perfect balance.  If you are ready for the Equinox powerboost the energy is like jumping out of bed in the morning and flinging back the curtains to find the sun shining and a special day ahead. 

Six months ago I shared the amazing experience that I had in a quantum pod when El Morya appeared.  He is the Manu (the Illumined One who is carrying the codes for the next evolutionary spurt of 5D humanity with 12 strands of DNA fully active and activated)

He gave me the highest blueprint for this life, which I later learnt is the one with the codes he carries. The blueprint is like the architect’s drawing for all we can be.  The even better news is that once El Morya has placed the outline for your expanded life into you he will continue to work with you to build the possibilities into your life.   This feels so exciting and important and because so many are ready for this, I am facilitating an on-line workshop at the Equinox called Accept your Highest Blueprint for this Life during the Equinox Power Boost

You will also receive triple Ascension Flames, including El Morya’s Flame for the Perfected Human of the future.  It feels as if we are all ready for a leap forward. 

About 25 years ago my guide Kumeka, who is Master of the 8th Ray of Transmutation and Enlightenment, told me that his secondary etheric retreat was at Knowlton Church, Dorset.  I had never heard of it but in the miraculous and amazing way that our guides work, some years later I found myself living nearby.  He told us to go there to film the Orb of Seraphina, the mighty Seraphim and that she would come through there for us to do so. That Orb picture is on the back cover of Enlightenment Through Orbs.  25 years ago Knowlton Church was a portal to Neptune.  Now, the entire sacred site has woken up and become much more powerful.  It has become a triple portal and connects to the following planets.  First to the part of Neptune that has already ascended, Toutillay, and here you can access codes of higher spirituality as well as downloads of information and wisdom from Atlantis and from Lemuria. It is now also a portal to Sirius and from here you can access the ninth dimensional frequency of Christ light.  The third portal opens directly to Jupiter to access codes to open the third eye and to the ascended aspect of Jupiter called Jumbay to expand your entire consciousness.  I will join others at Knowlton Church on the day before the Equinox, Sunday 19th March.  Three of us will offer short meditations.  Info from www.adrianleeenergy.com or info@adrianleeenergy.com

I asked if this blueprint from El Morya, the Manu contained Archangel Raphael’s 5D health blueprint but was told no.  If you imagine the Highest Blueprint for this life is the design outline for a great cathedral, Archangel Raphael’s 5D health blueprint is the design for the beautiful windows within it.  With usual synchronicity I have just received an amazing Orb of Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Sirius carrying the codes to activate the 5D health blueprint.  It is in this newsletter for March. Do look at it for as you do so, it prepares your chakras so that Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Sirius can place the codes of your 5D health blueprint into you.

Lots of love and angel blessings to you


We are seeing more and more unusual shaped Orbs as beings of light from other stellar and planetary systems arrive to help us.  Here is one sent to me by Chrystal Black.

It is the energy of Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Sirius carrying the codes to activate the 5D health blueprint.  So do take a little time to look at it and breathe in the energy.  Use it as a trigger and mentally ask that Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Sirius place the codes that activate your 5D health blueprint into your chakra column.

Healing through the vibration of your name

 ‘In the beginning was the word’ is often quoted, though I understand the original actually translates as ‘In the beginning was sound.’  Om is the sound of creation and is the vibration sung by the Seraphim who surround Source. When you are focussing on what you wish to manifest it helps to hum or chant om.

The vibration of your name contains your lessons and the essence of your destiny, so whenever your name is sounded it draws your soul lessons to you.

 The meaning of your names

Your soul chose your name before you were born and telepathically imparted it to your parents, especially your mother.

If you could only cope with part of your lessons you may have used a nickname or an abbreviated name, especially in childhood.  You will decide to use your full name when you are ready to call in your full soul mission.

Your surname also attracts lessons.  Each time you change your name your life changes. In the past many women went through dramatic changes in lifestyle when they married and took on their husband’s name.  Now many women elect to retain their own name,

In order to understand what lessons your name is bringing to you, sound your name phonetically.  Vowels and consonants which are not spoken aloud also call in the lessons but to a lesser extent.

How your name is sounded

If your name is said crossly, especially when you are a child, you may absorb the message that your destiny is going to be difficult.  It is a most healing and freeing exercise to ask friends or family to sing your name lovingly to you.

The colours of your name

When your name is sounded the colours of your name spin towards you. 

The Sounds and Colours of the Letters of your Name

Soul quality expressing                      soul lessons                                   Colours

a          purity                                      to remain pure                                                      Pearlescent White                       

aye      purity of spirit                         to transmute all lower thoughts and           Pearlescent White with

                                                            feelings                                                      soft Violet

ah        openheartedness                   to open your heart to others feelings.         Pearlescent White with pale


Aw       openhearted joy                     to open your heart with joy                      Pearlescent white with orange

b          practicality                              to be solid and grounded                          Earthy Brown

c          vitality                                     to look after your health.                            Soft Red

d          generosity                               to be giving.                                               Magenta

e          honesty in relationships         to learn through relationships                              Green/Blue

ee        love in relationships               to allow relationships to flower                Soft Pink

f           power with wisdom                to use power correctly                                          Deep Gold with Hematite Grey

g          support                                   to support self and others, physically,       Moss Green

mentally, emotionally and spiritually     

h          nurturing                                to shelter and nurture self and others        Chestnut Brown

i           self-awareness                                   to understand yourself                                         Blue

iye       spirituality                              to explore the world beyond the physical  Lilac into Violet

j           rulership                                 to express your majesty                            Purple

k          wise teaching                          to teach knowledge with wisdom              Golden Yellow

l           strength of mind                     to be strong minded                                  Burgundy

m         wisdom                                   to see situations from a higher                  Misty Blue


n          centredness                            to flow with life and stay balanced            Blue/Green  

o          integrity                                  to act with integrity                                    Silver Grey

oh        truth                                       to be true to self, in your essence              Gemini Blue

oo        divine connectedness            to stay connected to the divine                  Violet

p          solidity, capability                  to be capable                                              Dark Green

q          openness                                to be open and honest                                Silver/Pink

r           honest communication          to communicate your truth                         Deep Blue with Silver

s          trustworthiness                      to be trustworthy                                        Blue/Grey

t           contentment                          to be contented                                           Soft Blue

ewe     personal integrity                   to keep your integrity while protecting      Deep Turquoise

                                                            your heart

uh        vulnerability                           to look after your fragile heart                  Soft Pale Green

v          true power                              to use your strength with care                              Hematite Grey

w         compassionopenheartedness          to allow your open heart to shine            Deep Pink

x          wise teacher                           to teach sacred knowledge                       Grey/Blue

y          lightnesspurity                      to express angelic qualities                       Gold and Pearlescent White

z          wisdom                                   to maintain your inner knowing               Pale Green with Purple

ch        protection                              to protect and honour yourself and others Charcoal Grey

sh        inner beauty                           to express your inner beauty                    Orange/Pink

th        tenacity of purpose                to hold onto what is important                   Dark Green

Here are some examples of the soul lessons being brought in by people with the following names.


j – to express your majesty – lights up purple

aye – to transmute all lower thoughts and feelings – lights up pearlescent white

n – to flow with life and stay balanced –  lights up blue green 

(silent e attracts to a small extent) – to learn through relationships – green blue


k – to teach knowledge with wisdom

ee – to allow relationships to flower

th – to hold onto what is important

(silent i attracts to a small extent) – to understand yourself

Golden yellow, soft pink, dark green (blue)


z – to maintain your inner knowing          

oh – to be true to self, in your essence             

ee – to allow relationships to flower

Pale green with purple, gemini blue, dark green.


p – to be capable     

a – to remain pure                                                     

d (doubled) – to be giving.                                         

ee – to allow relationships to flower        

Dark green, pearlescent white, magenta, soft pink


h – to shelter and nurture self and others       

ewe – to keep your integrity while protecting your heart

g – to support self and others, physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually    

oh – to be true to self, in your essence             

Chestnut brown, deep turquoise, moss green, gemini blue

Colour and The Future                                  

1.Red   You will lead a new project forward which should go smoothly if your intention is clear.

2.Burgundy Your generous spirit is rewarded by abundance flowing into your life. A contented period lies ahead.

3.Soft red.  A time of repose, renewing your energy for the next project. Spend time with friends who are attracted by your warm and caring nature.                   

4.Orange.  Warmth and happiness lie ahead. Expect a celebration.

 5.Light orange.  By using your wisdom as well as your instinct, a new and balanced relationship meeting your needs will enrich your life.      

6.Yellow  A time of joy and inspiration lies ahead.   

7. Gold  Your calmness and deep wisdom will be of great value as you help others on their spiritual journeys. The Angels are with you.

8. Gentle yellow. Use this time to plan your next steps rationally and remember to have fun.

9. Emerald      Archangel Raphael has blessed your next step, so you are moving into a time of service through healing.        

10. Pale green You will care for and support people and be valued for doing this.

11.Pale lime green. You will need to take a break after a period of constant juggling of heart and head. Remember to be kind to yourself.

12. Sage green            Use this time for thought and to nurture yourself before you move forward.

13. Sea green  You are moving into a time of spiritual growth and enlightenment when other people will depend on you.

14. Soft green Take time out to re-connect with nature and gain new energy. You are going to need it!       

15. Dusty pink This is a time to consolidate friendships.     

16. Delicate pink Take every opportunity available to have fun and enjoy yourself in the coming weeks.           

17. Rich royal blue. You will be using your voice or powers of communication to light the way for and/or heal others.

18. Sky blue  A time for meeting and communicating with people in a light-hearted way. Maybe a party or two!

19. Pale turquoise. Your services will be in demand. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the problems of others. Put your needs first.

20. Indigo After a period of introspection, your wisdom may be expressed through

writing or the media in order to help people see a different perspective.  

21. Misty blue You will take a journey alone to unlock the secrets of your destiny.

22. Light violet You will be initiated into new spiritual awareness which will transform your perception of life and your role in it.

23. Lilac Enhanced self-worth will carry you into a new phase of life. Love may


24. Purple Your strength and leadership skills are being called upon. Take time for your own spiritual needs.

25. Light purple. A time of contemplation and meditation – look inside and know yourself before moving forward.        

26. White A new page of your life has been turned. This is an opportunity to move forward.

27. Black You are stepping into the unknown. Trust your innate wisdom to carry you through safely.

28. Warm red brown. A time to put your house in order in preparation for a move – either physically or metaphorically.                                    

29. Deep brown.  Everything that you have planned is coming to fruition now and things are moving forward.

30. Soft brown As you stay closely attuned to nature all that you need will be provided.

31. Silver grey .This is a time to be quiet and still and allow spirit to illuminate your mind about your next step.

32. Soft grey    Your efforts in the background will begin to show positive results. Give yourself a pat on the back.       

33. Silver. Change can take place for you very quickly. 

Accept your Highest Blueprint for this Life during the Equinox Power Boost



Tim Whild and I realised that our very important workshops on March 20th  are at the same time, so we are adjusting the timing so you can attend both if you wish to!  

I will present Accept your Highest Blueprint for this Life during the Equinox Power Boostfrom 6.30 – 7.30 .

Tim Whild and Lovisa Alvtorn are presenting EXPLORING THE MAGIC OF THE WORLD TREE. In this three part course Tim and Lovisa will take you on a powerful journey of exploration where you will deepen your connection with the World Tree and its many sacred teachings. 7.30-9.00.

Find out more information here: timwhild.com

Last year I had an amazing experience in a quantum pod.  When I sat in it I asked

that the highest frequency blueprint for my future be placed over me.  To my incredible astonishment El Morya stood in front of me.  He is the great Manu, the Illumined Master who is carrying the blueprint for the next evolutionary stage of humanity, the next root race for 5D human with 12 strands of DNA fully active and activated.  He held up a pure white symbol, which looked rather like a Metatron Cube but with much smaller circles and more of them, radiating from a central point. He told me that now I had received this I could pass it to others. 

I was taken into a much higher dimension and from here I looked down on Earth and saw just how many people were so near to having their higher frequency blueprint placed into their energy fields.  Now the angels have asked me help others to receive their own higher frequency blueprints. 

A few weeks before this experience I had received various Ascension Flames.   When you bathe in them individually you receive their concentrated light and keys and codes of their qualities.  Their power is multiplied when you invoke three together. Triple Ascension Flames ignite your latent potential and propel you up the ascension ladder.  I believe these prepared me to receive the blueprint from El Morya for the highest blueprint for my future. They massively raise your frequency and open you to accept new divine possibilities.

The Equinox is the day when the Sun and Moon, the divine masculine and feminine, are in balance.  It is time to harvest your spiritual rewards and become all you can be.

During this workshop you will

  • Receive a power ascension boost from Triple Ascension Flames.  These are

*    Serapis Bey’s Pure White Flame of Atlantis, with the keys and codes of Atlantis and great protective power.

*    Archangel Metatron’s Golden Orange Ascension Flame.

*    El Morya’s Ascension Flame for the Perfected Human of the Golden Future

  • Receive from El Morya the highest blueprint for your future.
  • Work with the balancing power of the equinox to integrate these higher energies and possibilities.

Do join me on Monday 20th March at 6:30 – 7:30 UK time.  £11


Like many other Facebook, Instagram sites mine is constantly being cloned and scamming followers, offering readings for a fee. There are currently many fake accounts circulating, they look identical to mine but please don’t be taken in.  I don’t do readings and I don’t send friend requests. I only have one Facebook and one Instagram account.


Last year when Russia invaded Ukraine I wrote this, and today it resonates just as powerfully as it did then, if not more! Consciousness is catching.  At the height of the glorious golden era of Atlantis when everyone maintained peace by acting for the highest good of all, one Mage decided to use his power for himself.  The whole of Atlantis quickly declined.

The same is true in reverse. 

One person stands in peace and harmlessness in front of an angry crowd and the calm spreads like oil on troubled waters.  Every time you take a decision to speak and act from a calm, loving and centred space, your words and deeds have a ripple effect.  Together we can make a difference to the world.

Your body is a physical entity created by your thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, emotions and soul choices.  For if you have boils, you can treat the physical but they will return unless you change other aspects of your life.  You look at the whole self in order to heal.

It is the same with the world.  It is one entity.  We are all one. For many years, humanity has been bombarded with chemicals, confusing information and fear, so it is not surprising that boils in the form of war are still bursting out where the entity is vulnerable.  Just as a boil tells you that there is something wrong with the whole, the current conflict tells us the same about the world.

When we all make choices together for the highest good of all, naturally there is peace and abundance everywhere. 

Every single individual who dissolves their own underlying anger, makes a difference to the whole world. 

So what can you do?

1.Give no energy to conflict.  Rather talk about the vision of peace.

2.Pray for peace for all those who take ego decisions to control others.

3.Ask Angels of Peace to touch your heart and the hearts of all involved.

4.Ask the dragons to clear lower energies round you and to enter Russia and Ukraine en masse to clear lower energies.

5.Ask the Unicorns to pour light you and over Ukraine.

Remember that by 2032 we are to be a fifth dimensional planet.  The frequency of Earth is inexorably rising.  Soon after that date there will be world peace.  Help to co-create this by living in a fifth dimensional way.

Shout out for MArch

Sue Stone’s new book A Wonderful World for All is just out.  it is a small book full of reminders and it packs punch.  Sue explains many spiritual subjects very simply for example, the dimensions, the ascension process, the new Golden Age and offers an inspiring spiritual boost.  you can find it on Amazon.   well worth a read.   

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