Diana Cooper’s May 2024 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

The eclipse season is past. And May offers a month of opportunity, hope and good fortune. It is a great time to manifest your dreams, a wonderful chance to expand and activate something you have longed for.  It would be opportune to create a vision board to help you focus on what you do want.  See below for more information.

I am literally buzzing with excitement about my new spiritual project!!!!!  I hope you can participate.  In my garden I am creating portals to various planets to bring through high frequency energies into people and Earth.  We are dedicating and activating them on Sunday 5th May (5/5, which is Metatron’s number vibration).  That was literally the only date I had available  – and naturally those who are meant to participate in the ceremony found that what they were doing on that date was unexpectedly cancelled.  Archangel Metatron is in charge!

You can participate either by adding your energy to our ceremony.  You could light a candle and picture the portal or portals – or watch the 15 minute approx. activation on youtube  – or by creating your own portal.  Full information is on my website- LINK BELOW:

The portals we are creating connect to different planets.  We have made round stepping stones and in each is embedded the sacred geometric symbol of that planet.  The symbols are created in pebbles that I have collected and painted in the perfect colour vibration of the planet.  The angles in the sacred geometry are as accurate as we could make them and the number of pebbles in each symbol resonate with the number vibration of the planet.  It has been a time-consuming labour of love!  If you can’t build a permanent one, you could join us by drawing one or more of the symbol or laying them out in stones or printing out the photos of the symbols!  Simple, easy and effective.  Whatever you do, intention is the most important factor – more important than getting every angle right!

With love Diana

Above are some fantastic examples that have been sent in to me. I have loved seeing everyone joining in and getting involved. Do send me your versions, I would love to see them! If you want to find out more and learn how you can create your own CLICK HERE.

These are the portals

Archangel Metatron is in overall charge so we have created a portal to access his energy directly.

Portal to Archangel Metatron – the key to access the mighty Universal Angel Metatron who is in overall charge of this universe is the Metatron Cube. 

Portal to Pluto – since January we have been able to access and activate 11th dimensional silver platinum light codes from Pluto that take us into much higher frequencies. 

Portal to Earth and its ascended aspect Pilchay – we can access and activate the golden wisdom of Earth.

Portal to Andromeda -the violet pink higher heart of the universe to access and activate 11D love, peace and wisdom and the Codes of Rejuvenation.

Portal to Helios – the golden orange Sun beyond the Sun, the Great Central Sun, to access and activate at an 11D frequency your highest potential and the Codes of Regeneration. 

Portal to Lyra – The pure white 11D unicorn energy to bathe you in light codes of peace and oneness – and hold your frequency high.  

Portal to The Pleiades – Since January we have been able to access and activate Source healing at an 11th dimensional frequency.

I share in my newsletter Information about each portal, how to build them, the musical note each resonates with and an activation for each one. 

PLEASE  light a candle and dedicate it to the activation of the portals to raise the frequency of Earth and humanity.


I will be holding a portal activation ceremony on 5th May at 12:30 and it’ll be live streamed. Please set your reminders and click on the link below to join us.


We have now received permission to petition the intergalactic council for Grace to transmute ancestral and genetic karma for everyone.  When enough people make this petition, it will lift a huge burden from humanity. So many of us are having to undertake, and resolve challenging issues for our ancestors. While this is a soul agreement, it would nevertheless lighten the path for millions of people.  I know many of you beautiful lightworkers are making petitions to the Intergalactic Council each day during the Monadic Merge meditation and this one to transmute ancestral and genetic karma for everyone can be added.  I also include in my newsletter a meditation to petition the Intergalactic Council for this and Jesus, who is on the Council, has agreed to accept the petition.

The pure white Flame of Atlantis has now been established and activated in and round the planet.  We no longer need to petition for this.  THANKYOU BEAUTIFUL SOULS WHO HAVE ENABLED THIS TO HAPPEN.  Together we are making a difference.

We still need to petition for

clean air, earth and water; also for billions of elementals who can consume pollution to come to Earth for this purpose. El Morya is taking this petition.

For millions of angels to help stuck souls to pass over so that the astral realms can be cleared.  Commander Ashtar is taking this petition.

For a dispensation to transmute all ancestral, family and genetic karma. Jesus is taking this petition.

For more Source love to come to Earth through Venus at different frequencies so that everyone can be touched by Source love.  Quan Yin is taking this petition. For the masculine and feminine on Earth to come into balance so that male and female love, trust and respect each other.  Mary Magdelene is taking this petition.

In 2023, for the first time, humanity was allowed to access and activate Codes of Rejuvenation from Andromeda under the supervision of Archangel Chamuel as well as Codes of Regeneration from Helios under the direction of Archangel Metatron.

While each of us is responsible for our own mental, emotional and physical bodies, when we access these spiritual light codes and activate them at a cellular level they can profoundly affect us.

In order to bring through these extraordinary light codes, we will first bathe in the pure white Christ light to cleanse, purify and raise our frequency.

Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love, will assist us to connect with Andromeda to access and activate the 11D Codes of Rejuvenation. It is time to change our programming to joyful, youthful and life affirming!

Archangel Metatron, the mighty being in charge of our ascension and that of the universe, will help us connect with Helios to access and activate the 11D light codes of regeneration. For the first time the collective consciousness of Earth will allow us to bring these through at a cellular level.

You will start to build your Crystalline Light Body, activate your 12 strands of DNA and prepare to become the superhuman of the Golden Future.

During this workshop you will:

*Access and activate Codes of Rejuvenation from Andromeda.

*Access and activate Codes of Regeneration from Helios.

*Bathe in Pure White Christ light to raise your frequency.

*Start to build your Crystalline Light Body.

*Activate your 12 strands of DNA.



Clearing evil intent

When one person has dark intent, it adversely affects many.  Many but not all such people are being influenced by energies off planet.  It is time to put a stop to this.  In addition, our aim is to help everyone see the light and ascend.  I discussed this with Kumeka and he told me that when you place a deep blue pyramid over an evil person it enables them to see Source truth. The pyramid also contains and holds the person’s energies for a moment.  So having been touched by Source truth, they pause to consider their words and actions.  This is overseen by Archangel Michael.

We have been asked to go to the Council of Earth (I do this during the Monadic Merge meditation when I leave the Intergalactic Council).

We petition them to ask Archangel Michael to place a deep blue pyramid over every single person of evil intent.  I asked if it was ok to use that word and was told it was in this case important to do so.  I asked why we have to ask the Council for Light for Earth to undertake this rather than doing it ourselves and was told it will change the destiny (they will no longer have free will to perpetrate those acts) and time line of Earth.


Council of Light for Earth. 

You may like to know who is on the Council of Light for Earth. 

Council of Light for Earth/Pilchay

12 Wise Ones represent both Earth and Pilchay (the part of Earth that has ascended)

Since 2012, 7 Masters represent Pilchay and 5 Earth… Before that 3 held the vibration of Pilchay while 9 represented Earth.

Representing Earth. These Masters are guiding those who are yet to waken.

1.Paul the Venetian

2. Enoch – Ascended Master who keeps the akashic records of the Jewish race.


4.Peter the Great


Pilchay – the part of Earth that has already ascended. These Masters are actively working for the ascension of Earth.


7.Babaji (and yes he is still helping us even though he has recently attained the 12th dimension)

8. Lady Portia, Goddess of Liberty

9. Lord Hilarion, who comes from Saturn

10. Gautama, Lord Buddha

11. Serapis Bey who comes from Venus

12.Lord Voosloo, from another Universe, has come in to help Earth in its jump shift in consciousness.

144 Representatives support these Masters

Many ambassadors work with them, most currently in a human body.

Making a vision board (goal setting)

Step 1. Decide what your goal or vision is!  If you want to create more love, success, abundance or some other quality in your life, decide what colour it feels. 

Step 2. Sit quietly for a moment, focussing on the vision and feeling the feeling of it.

Step 3. Invoke the Archangel of the vision.  Here are some examples.

Success = Archangel Metatron or Michael

Abundance = Archangel Raphael

Love = Archangel Chamuel

Peace & harmony = Archangel Christiel

Nature = Archangel Purlimiek

Animals = Archangel Fhelyai

Transition to higher spiritual energies = Archangel Azriel

Health = Archangel Mary

Step 4. Ask the Archangel to be with you and help you activate your vision.

Step 5. Find a board, glue and old magazines or a piece of paper and some coloured pens, or paints.

Step 6. Look for pictures or colours that feel aligned to your vision and with intention and joy, paste them to the board – or draw or paint the energy of your vision.  And add photographs if it feels right.

Step 7.  Place the picture where you can see it and energise it often. 

Energising your vision

Every time you see the vision board or think about your vision

a.smile and say, ‘So be it.’

b.silently or aloud chant ‘ohm’.

c.say a rhyming mantra like,

‘I activate my vision with love

And grace and joy from Heaven above.’

If it is for the highest good, it will happen.

Venus, my wonderful dog

My beautiful and faithful Papillon Jack Russell was 13 on 22nd April. She adores puppies and turns into one herself whenever we meet one.  She loves to explore and chase squirrels and rabbits.  We recently stayed in a huge house with extensive grounds on a family holiday. On the first night she asked to go out at 2am.  I took her out on a long lead and she managed to slip the collar!  Away she raced into the night, barking with delight, while I shivered in my dressing gown, and settled in for a long wait!  the magical bonus was a brilliant star filled sky.   But Venus has certainly taught me patience! 

When she was quite young I realised she had been a temple dog in a past life.  About 30 of us were sitting in a large healing circle.  In the centre were two large crystals.  The intention was that those who wanted to receive healing would lie with their head touching one crystal and their feet the other.  A child stepped forward and of course was much too small to touch both crystals.  Quick as a flash Venus ran into the room and stretched herself out, her paws on the boy’s head and her nose touching the other crystal.  Everyone gasped.  And she has always been extraordinary.  She has made me laugh every day since I had her.

Happy birthday Venus.

Picturing Peace Project

Jane Delaford who is a very talented artist (who also worked with me to illustrate my Archangel Oracle Cards) has recently started a new project called ‘Picturing Peace’… an initiative to help raise money to fund the evacuation permits of a family of 25 Palestinians trapped in Rafah in Gaza.

Jane has donated a large body of original work and paused working on any further creative projects to focus on this. Other Hay House oracle artists including Jennifer Hawkyard, Roberta Orpwood and Marjolein Kruijt have also donated original pieces to the project and are keen to see it grow. All profits from the sale of the artwork donated are going directly to funding the evacuation of this family and their children. The project has already raised over £4000 which will fund one child’s evacuation permit, and this is with no publicity at all outside of the artists sharing within their networks.
The family Picturing Peace was started for are close friends of ours, and have done much work in their community to help support young people with education and employment. They have now lost everything, including many close family members, their homes and their business. Their fundraiser is very close to having raised enough for the family to evacuate to safety thanks to the generosity of friends and strangers, and while Picturing Peace started with this one family in mind, once their fundraiser goal is achieved we hope to continue donating to fundraisers of families in similar situations, and in particular vulnerable families with young children, pregnant women and those with disabilities. This project aims to bring art, spirituality and community together to create some real meaningful change for people suffering.

If you’d like to find out more about Picturing Peace and see some of the incredible work they have created, the website is picturingpeace.co.uk – there is additional information about the fundraiser and family on the website too. 

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