Diana Cooper’s November 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I always find November a strange month, partly because both of my dogs are terrified of fireworks which seem to go off for weeks and because it always seems like an in between time, in between autumn and winter, not quite Christmas.  This year much is being revealed.  I guess lots of ponds have been stirred and secrets are continuing to emerge from the mud.  This is all part of the purification of the planet.  Before too long the mud will settle again and when it does so, it will not be hiding the ugliness of the third dimension.

So I thought I’d run through the time frame of what is happening as we emerge from chaos into wonder.

Time frame

2012 End of 260,000-year cosmic era that is known as the outbreath of God

2012 – 2023 Eleven-year inbreath. The world is preparing to move so everything has to be sorted out.  We clear out the cupboards as well as the attic and cellar and decide what to keep and what to throw away.  We stir the ponds with a stick and truly see what has been going on.

2017 – 2022 Main cleansing of the planet. This is the period we are going through now and we have seen the elements – fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, purifying all areas where lower energies still lurk.

2023 – 2032 Nine-year pause to prepare for 2032.  The cleansing slows down and things become easier.

2032 – Anew fifth-dimensional blueprint is put into place for our planet and ourentire universe. Everything — trees, flowers, animals, fish, humans — willspeed up in frequency.

The heart centre of Earth will connect with the heart centres of all the planets, sending a wave of love and higher communication round the universe. 

This will considerably affect us on Earth.  The higher frequency will open an incredibly high frequency portal in China that will radiate out pure white love.  This too will touch and affect everyone on Earth.  It will lead to world peace and international co-operation.

This will attract great bounty from the universe.

The new Golden Cities will start to be built.

2032 -2040 During this period, those souls who cannot maintain at least a fourth dimensional energy, with their heart open and some spiritual understanding, will choose to leave. If they originate in this universe, they will return to the inner planes for further education. If they come from another universe, they will return to their home planet there.

In addition, many fourth- and fifth-dimensional souls will decide to ‘go home’, if they can be of more assistance from there. There will be a considerable exodus as souls have learnt all they need to from Earth.  Earth will have a sustainable population once more.

2050 Fifth dimensional consciousness, perfect health, self-responsibility, oneness and advanced spiritual technology will mean that our world will be a happy beautiful place where everyone experiences soul satisfaction and fulfilment.

Let’s focus on the incredible time that awaits us.

With love and beautiful blessings

The Merkabah – Your light body

I really loved preparing and presenting the Zoom about the Earth Star chakra last month.  While I was preparing it and focussed on working with it, I felt my ascension path suddenly accelerating.  It was very interesting and exciting.  I realised how connected your Merkabah or light body is with the Earth Star chakra. 

I wrote in last month’s newsletter how the Kundalini of the planet was taken by the Mayan elders to Guatemala in 2008 and became a feminine vital force.  This profoundly affects us and helps to balance our masculine/feminine energy.  The masculine Merkabah is an upward pointing pyramid interlinking with a downward pyramid.  This is the light body that carries you on your travels as you sleep. 

As your energy becomes more feminine, your light body becomes spherical, like the lightbody of an angel!  An Orb carries more high frequency light because there are no corners to slow down the flow of energy.

If you feel that your energy is predominately feminine or very balanced, visualise your light body as circular.  If you feel you are not ready, then visualise yourself in the two pyramids surrounded by a circle.

Symbols for the 12 chakras

These are the symbols that activate and balance the chakras.  Visualise these as you make the affirmations to bring them fully into the fifth dimension.

Earth Star – black and white yin yang.   Affirmation: I light up my divine potential.

Base – platinum square. Affirmation: I trust I am safe and supported.

Sacral – pink horizontal oval. Affirmation: I live in unconditional love.

Navel – orange upright oval. Affirmation: I am one with everyone.

Solar plexus – golden six-pointed star. Affirmation: I use my power with wisdom.

Heart – white circle. Affirmation: I am pure love.

Throat – royal blue upward triangle: Affirmation:  I speak my truth with integrity.

Third eye – crystal clear infinity: I see the highest perspective.

Crown – crystal upward cone with a spiral rising out of it: I open to universal knowledge.

Causal – white five pointed star: I am open to the angelic realms.

Soul star – magenta open double pyramid: I attune to my soul.

Stellar gateway – golden orange Metatron cube. I AM THAT I AM.

3 PART UNICORN COURSE organised for Diana Cooper by MIND BODY SPIRIT

Part 1. Wednesday 3rd November 7-8pm UK time

Part 2. Wednesday 10th November 7-8pm UK time

Part 3. Wednesday 17th November 7-8pm UK time

Based on Diana Cooper’s book The Magic of Unicorns, this life changing three-part course will enable you to attune closely with the unicorns, so that you can connect with them at all times and receive their high frequency light and blessings. 

When you incarnate, the 7 Veils of Illusion that prevent you from remembering and connecting with your true divine essence, are placed over your third eye.  For the first time since the fall of Atlantis, these can be released in your lifetime and the unicorns will remove as much as your soul will allow.  This brings you clarity and happiness as you open to higher enlightenment.

Unicorns are pure high frequency healers.  They can tune into your soul and heal your entire soul journey.   Your personal unicorn will take you on a soul healing quest to dissolve personal and ancestral karma. This can set you free from burdens you were not even aware of.  You will also attune to the collective unicorn energy to send healing to the world.

When you are liberated at a soul level, the unicorns can help you to find your soul purpose and move graciously towards your true destiny. 

You incarnated on a particular life path, that vibrates on a specific number.  The unicorns will energise your number so that your life flows and becomes more meaningful. 

To receive a blessing from Source is an awesome experience.  Your unicorn will take you on a beautiful journey through the dimensions into the highest angelic realms so that you can tune into the Infinite and accept a divine blessing.

This is a powerful course.  Prepare to enjoy life at a much higher frequency.

In this 3-part course you will
Part 1.
  Wednesday 3rd November 7-8pm UK time

      Learn about unicorns

      Receive a unicorn attunement

      Remove the Veils of Illusion

Part 2. Wednesday 10th November 7-8pm UK time

      Learn how unicorns heal

      Experience a Soul healing journey with the unicorns

      Send world healing with unicorns

Part 3. Wednesday 17th November 7-8pm UK time

      Discover your soul purpose

      Unicorns energise your life number

      Unicorns take your soul vision to Source for a blessing

This exciting course is organised by Mind Body Spirit so please address any queries to josh@mindbodyspirit.co.uk 


Tuesday 23rd November 6-8pm UK time 7-9pm German time

During this seminar you will connect to the magnificent Archangels who can totally transform your life.  As the frequency of the planet is rising rapidly more and more 7th to 9th dimensional Archangels are arriving to help and heal us.  They not only accelerate your ascension but enable you to enjoy your journey and find soul satisfaction and happiness.  They help you attune to your fifth dimensional health blueprint.

During this on-line seminar you will

  •  Make a powerful Archangel healing cocoon.
  • Purify your energy in Archangel Gabriel’s cosmic diamond.
  • Raise the frequency of each chakra with the Archangels.
  • Run Archangel Metatron’s higher healing light through you to connect to your perfect health blueprint.
  • Heal the world and yourself with the peace Archangels.
  • Experience a fabulous Archangel healing journey.

This seminar will be delivered in English and translated simultaneously into German.

All queries to greta.lipp@wrage.de


As we approach the new Golden Age we are being offered the most amazing opportunity for spiritual growth.  The angelic realms are responding to the rise in frequency on the planet and are arriving to help us all.  They asked me to write the Archangel Oracle cards to offer information and readings from 44 Archangels.  Then they asked me to help people attune to the Archangels.  

It is easy to connect with angels but attuning to them is much deeper.  When you attune to one you merge until you vibrate together.  So when I prepared the Archangel Attunement course I meditated with each one of the 44 until I could feel their energy coming through me before I recorded each attunement. Here is some of the lovely feedback.

I love my cards and I have been doing the attunement course, which has really helped me to connect more with each Archangel. Thank you. Becky

I am so enjoying doing my daily attunement to each archangel and can now communicate with them. Mary

I can now discern which Archangel is talking to me. Bren

However, lots of people want to attune to one particular Archangel or just a few of them so I have decided to offer each attunement individually.  So if you wish to attune to Archangel Michael or Archangel Butyalil for example, you can buy those attunements only.

There is also a SPECIAL OFFER.  You can choose five attunements and pay for only four. You receive one free. 


Everything in the world is accelerating.  It is time for an ascension boost now.  So Tim Whild and I have recorded ten free short ascension meditations from our book, The Archangel Guide to Ascension. We hope you will take part to receive a burst of light each day and to help the planet rise in frequency.

These will be sent out three times a week and will also be on our You Tube channels, Facebook and Instagram, Websites and via email

After the ten meditations we are offering a FREE Q & A SESSION on my YouTube Channel so do sign up via the email.

We do hope you will join us.  The ascension visualisations are as follows :

Monday November 8th – Vis 1.  Pre life decisions

Wednesday November 10 – Vis 2.  Meeting Lady Gaia

Friday November 12 – Vis 3.  Metatron Boost

Monday November 15 – Vis 4.  Metatron light and bath

Wednesday November 17 – Vis 5. Petition the Intergalactic Council

Friday November 19 – Vis 6. Building your Crystalline Light Body

Monday November 22 – Vis 7.  The Great Central Sun

Wednesday November 24 – Vis 8.  The ascension path of love and kindness

Friday November 26 – Vis 9. The Path of Acceptance, Forgiveness and Harmlessness

Monday November 29 – Vis 10. The Lunar Influence 

Wednesday December 1 – FREE ZOOM Q & A on ASCENSION – On my YouTube Channel only – Do ensure you sign up to this via the email.

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