Diana Cooper’s December 2021 Newsletter

Hallo Friends,

I have just spent a wonderful few days in Glastonbury with my dogs. My room overlooked the tour. It felt amazing to be within the energy of the portal that connects directly to the cosmic heart. On our first day there Venus, Sugar and I climbed to the top of the Tor and here is a photo of them to prove it! 

We even walked past Gog and Magog, the only remaining 1000 year old Avalon Oaks and visited the dragon, while looking at crystals.  It was so wonderfully refreshing to see DOGS WELCOME on shop and café doors and everywhere we went we felt welcome.  We enjoyed the best ever food at the dog friendly Queen of Cups.  In fact it was so good that I took my family there for lunch the following day.

I soon realised it was not by chance that I was in Glastonbury, the heart chakra of Earth.  
Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge are all extraordinary portals within one Great Portal.  I passed Stonehenge on my way and then talked to someone who was raving about Avebury. Glastonbury is an amazing and powerful portal through which cosmic love energy enters earth. Avebury is also a special intergalactic portal and is starting to return to its original role as the welcome portal for this universe for beings from the stars.  Stonehenge is an awesome two-way inter-dimensional portal and much more.  At the winter solstice it is in direct alignment with the Sun and the Great Central Sun, that are beaming through energies for soul freedom.  This is incredibly important now as right after the solstice, on Christmas Eve, the forces of control and freedom clash in a major way.

So for the winter solstice when spirit asked me to do a Zoom I knew it had to be through Stonehenge to access the energies of soul freedom.  To my surprise Paul the Venetian kept coming to me.  He carries the Flame of Freedom for humanity. 

I realised that I had been brought to Glastonbury specifically to prepare for the awesome energies the Illumined Ones want to bring through for the Zoom. Six Great Masters are sending out a clarion call to join them at the Winter Solstice.  They wish to place the Flame of Freedom in the energy fields of lightworkers – to prepare everyone for the golden future ahead and also to give us keys to help to build the great 7D cosmic web round the universe. This is being prepared and built right now and will be fully activated for the new golden age. 

Here are the six Masters who are waiting to illuminate us.

Lord Voosloo was the greatest, highest frequency High Priest ever to incarnate in Golden Atlantis.  At that time he brought with him the keys and codes to jump shift Atlantis into the legendary era we remember, when people created extraordinary crystal technology and activated incredible psychic abilities. He has returned now as Master of the 8th ray to help us to jump shift into the new Golden Age at an even higher frequency than we had in Golden Atlantis.  He wishes to download for us the latest keys and codes for our spiritual advancement.

Paul the Venetian carries the Flame of Freedom, a magnificent bright yellow, pink and orange flame that sets people’s souls free.  Throughout his incarnations he has been concerned with liberty and freedom.  I do not work with him very often so I was surprised when he entered my inner world and was very persistent.  I suppose I should not have been surprised for right now, humanity has collectively signed up for the great challenge of Control v Freedom.  You may well find your personal life is tested in this way as a reflection of the big test for the world.  He was very insistent that he wanted to place the Flame of Freedom over those who are ready to rise above the control energies on Earth at this time.  The winter solstice is a particularly auspicious time to do this as Glastonbury is directly aligned with the Sun on this day.  The Sun carries codes of soul freedom.

Lord Kumeka was instrumental in setting up the last experiment of Atlantis that culminated in the Golden Era.  He is a 10th dimensional Master, working on the topaz blue ray of enlightenment, purification and freedom.  He has all the knowledge and experience that we need right now and is helping to create the blueprint for the New Age, so that it can be activated.  Amongst other things he is ready to download parts of the blueprint to those individuals who are ready to receive it.  With this they can do their part in helping the planet prepare for the golden future.  

El Morya is the Manu, the perfected 5D human, with 12 strands of DNA and 12 chakras fully operational.   When you stand in his energy fields with pure intent, he will light you up with these codes and higher possibilities.

Jesus is now the Bringer of Cosmic Love, who carries the highest vibration of Christ light.  When you meet him in the etheric above Glastonbury Tor where the Ray of Love from the Cosmic Heart pours into this planet, miracles of love can happen.  It enables you to spread higher love. 

Commander Ashtar is the commander of the Intergalactic Fleet of Spacecraft that protect Earth and patrol the universe.  He will travel with you into the cosmos to build and strengthen the universal web of light.  You can add pure love and human wisdom to the web that connects the stars.  This will anchor it more strongly into Earth at Stonehenge and enable us to take our place in the universe.

With love and beautiful blessings

This solstice vibrates with 11, the number of mastery and desire to help the world.  Six Illumined Masters have sent out a clarion call to help the FREEDOM OF HUMANITY.  Also to build the 7D web of love and light round the universe.  This anchors into Earth through Stonehenge, the mighty two-way interdimensional portal. It is also the retreat of Lord Voosloo who is helping our planet to jump shift into the new Golden Age.  It is specifically aligned with the setting Sun at the winter solstice.

Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury are all vast portals in their own right, together forming a Great Portal.  During a powerful visualisation we will enter the Great Portal through Stonehenge. Here you will meet

  • Lord Voosloo to receive the latest keys and codes for humanity.
  • Paul the Venetian to bathe in the FLAME OF FREEDOM, so that you can carry it for the world.
  • Lord Kumeka who is helping to create the blueprint for the New Age and will prepare you to receive it.
  • El Morya, who will light you up with the codes of the perfected 5D human with 12 strands of DNA and 12 chakras fully operational.
  • Jesus, Bringer of Cosmic Love, who carries the vibration of Christ light and will touch you with it.
  • Commander Ashtar, who will help you take the special frequencies you have received into the 7D universal web of light, to strengthen it and add human wisdom to it.

You will also

  • connect with pure love and humility to the planets and stars from which you will receive impulses of stellar knowledge and wisdom.
  • plug into the Sun and Helios for freedom of the soul to open you to higher ascension.

This Zoom offers new esoteric information.  It will touch you with incredible energies to prepare you for the golden future ahead and will also enable you to help yourself, humanity and Earth ascend.

What is going on right now on Earth? 

 1. Here is an analogy for what is happening right now.  We are currently living in a really old dilapidated bungalow. It is so old and malfunctioning that it is being knocked down. What a mess! How difficult it is to live in it while it is being demolished to make way for a much bigger brand-new house to be built in its place. The plans have been drawn up. Planning permission has been obtained. We are getting quotes from builders.  But we are still living in the old place and the best way we can cope with the demolition all round us is to focus on the beautiful brand-new home we will have when it’s all done. 
On a more manageable scale, have you ever had a new kitchen built? If so you may remember the feeling of all the cupboards being knocked out and absolute chaos. You may even have wondered why you are going through all this. But you think about the new kitchen you have ordered and this gives you the energy and impetus to go on. And in a few days or maybe a couple of weeks you have a beautiful brand-new kitchen. It is so much better than the old one. You may even consider how you could have lived with the old kitchen for so long.

And while a new kitchen takes only weeks to plan and install, it takes months to knock down an old bungalow and build a new house in its place.  It takes decades for Earth to move from a third to a fifth dimensional paradigm. We are in the demolition stage until 2023.

2.If you have ever had any building work done you will know that there are always hitches.  The demolition and building of a new world presents challenges.  Currently the forces of fear and control are trying to tighten their grip and this is causing disruption.   They sense the inexorable rise in frequency on the planet for the light is getting brighter all the time.   As soon as the frequency of humanity is higher than that of the current situation, the virus, chaos and control surrounding it must dissolve.  So lightworkers are asked to keep their lights blazing no matter what and then things should start to ease by the Spring.   

3.There is a vast difference between the old world and the new one we are creating. It is not just this planet.  Every star and planet in this universe is going through an extraordinary upgrade to a higher dimension.  Lightworkers have incarnated to assist this process of transformation for the entire universe.  This is why it is so important to do our part to help build a high frequency communication network between Earth and all the stars, planets and galaxies in this universe. This cannot be done without the assistance of humans. It is a major piece of cosmic service work. 

Our old house is being demolished. We are ready to start building a new house but we have to build an infrastructure before we can begin. 

What is the New 5D blueprint for Earth?

In 2032 a new fifth dimensional blueprint will be put into place for this planet and this universe.

Up to now we have been collectively living in a small scruffy third dimensional house. However, at this moment the house is being demolished around our ears so that the new and gracious fifth dimensional mansion can start to be built in 2032. The demolition will continue until 2023. Then we have nine years to get the site ready for the new building to commence. 
During that period we have an opportunity to study the architect’s plans and prepare appropriately.  And the best way to clear the site and order the building materials (prepare for the new blueprint) is to live in a fifth dimensional way.  Every fifth dimensional thought, word or action you have is creating a building brick for the future.  Then as soon as the planetary energy is right the new can easily come into manifestation.

Remember that planning permission has already been granted by the Intergalactic Council for this next stage of Earth’s development.

Your personal foundation for your fifth dimensional self is your Earth Star chakra. The deep and solid foundations for the new gracious and spacious mansion are being built by activating our collective Earth Star chakras. When enough people have anchored and opened their Earth Stars, at that instant the foundation is ready for the 5D golden future.

The 5D blueprint

1.Earth is to be a place of peace, harmony, creativity and soul satisfaction.

2.High frequency souls without karma will incarnate.

3.As the new golden ages progresses souls will not go through the Veils of Amnesia, so they will remember their divine essence and connection.

4.Everything will be local, locally grown food, small local communities.

5.No need for money or ownership. Instead there will be sharing, caring and community mindedness.

6. Children will be born with their 12 strands of DNA connected and active.

7. People will have their 12 chakras in place and activated. 

This means:

Earth star chakra – Everyone is connected to nature and Lady Gaia, so all feel belonging.  All fulfil their potential.

Base chakra – Everyone feels totally safe and trusts they will be looked after.  People act with common sense and self responsibility. The higher spiritual laws of love, grace and oneness operate. 

Sacral chakra – Family and personal relationships as well as sexuality are based on transcendent love and trust.  All babies are wanted and welcomed.

Navel chakra – People live in community and oneness.  All are equal.  Higher manifestation techniques are practiced for the good of all.

Solar plexus chakra – People have self-worth, confidence, power and wisdom.

Heart chakra – People live in love, kindness, seeing the divine in themselves and each other.

Throat chakra – Everyone is open, honest and acts with integrity.  All speak their truth.  People are telepathic.

Third eye chakra -People are enlightened and see things from a higher perspective.  Everyone feels abundant and automatically attracts their needs.  All are clairvoyant and activate self-healing.

Crown chakra – People act with wisdom and start to download universal wisdom.

Causal chakra – Everyone is at peace and in contact with the angelic realms.

Soul star chakra – People are in touch with their souls or higher selves.

Stellar Gateway chakra – People connect with their Monad and are building their antakarana bridge to Source.


Christmas celebrations were cancelled last year in many parts of the Earth.  Nevertheless, the Christ light poured in on Christmas Eve as it does every year.  This year it is more needed than ever to dissolve the fear vibration that has been spread.  This will be a challenging Christmas on many levels.  Stay centred and calm.  Breathe in the golden white Christ light that enfolds you between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

You can call in the Christ light at any time.  However, it is more potent than ever during the Christmas period.  Here are some ways you can use it.  All you have to do is ask or picture it.

1.     Call it in to form a golden white dome of protection over you, your loved ones and your home.

2.     Ask it to pour its healing light through you or others.  It touches people at a cellular level and always works with grace for the highest good of all.

3.     Christ light carries codes of higher love, so visualise it reconciling families, situations or countries. 

4.     Love can make magic happen so picture the golden white Christ light pouring into any person or place in the world, alchemising fear into love, lack into abundance and happiness.

5.     Picture showers of Christ light falling like golden rain everywhere on trees, animals and humans alike.

6.     Water carries the Christ light, so see rivers and oceans lighting up with love energy.

Your visions at Christmas are very powerful for it is a time of magic and wonder.  I wish you a happy, healthy, free, abundant and love filled Christmas.

New Year 2022

The battle between control and freedom will continue for a while but should ease by the Spring.  This will be influenced by the energy of number 6 as 2022 vibrates with that number. 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6.

6 is the number of community and caring.  It influences people to be loving, compassionate and understanding, so it helps to bring everyone together.  It also brings forward artistic and creative energies.  The world is one vast community and inevitably the caring qualities of 6 will raise the frequency of the planet more quickly.

This applies to individuals and families too.

During this year people world-wide will start to find it is unacceptable to have extremes of rich and poor, haves and have nots.  We will be touched by more understanding and compassion. 

When your unicorn adds light to number six you become the heart centre of your family or community and find soul satisfaction in creative expression.  At the same time you maintain a good sense of self-worth.

So together we can help the world by asking the unicorns to pour their pure high frequency light onto all of us to accelerate love, self worth, community, oneness and freedom.

Visualisation for Oneness

1.Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

2.Close your eyes and ground yourself by seeing your Earth Star chakra as a vast silver magnetic ball beneath your feet, holding you steady

3.You find yourself sitting at the summit of a snow covered, peaceful mountain, with an azure blue sky above.

4.You feel warm and comfortable as you breathe easily and relax. 

5.The blanket of snow is twinkling and sparkling in the glorious sunlight.

6.Become aware of a shimmering white light in the distance, and you realise your unicorn is approaching.

7.And all at once your beautiful unicorn stands in front of you and touches your third eye with its horn of light.  You may feel this.

8.Reach out to connect with it and thank it for coming to you.

9.Tell it that you wish to help yourself and the planet move towards equality, peace, community and oneness in 2022.

10.Your unicorn nods and suddenly a huge pure white number 6 is pulsing and vibrating in front of you. 

10.While it continues to pulse its qualities of light into you, your unicorn pours pure white light over you until you are in a cocoon of unicorn light. 

11.The qualities of number 6 are being lit up within you….codes of love, togetherness, oneness, peace, caring, kindness and equality are igniting in your consciousness and your aura.

12.Still inside your cocoon of unicorn light, you find yourself sitting on its back and moving directly and purposefully into the universe.

13.Ahead you see the vast, magnificent, diamond Stargate of Lyra.  The gate is open and Archangel Christiel, who is in charge of the unicorn kingdom, awaits you.

14.Archangel Christiel, shimmering pure white, greets you with love.

15.He asks what you want…..and you tell him telepathically that you wish to help the planet move towards equality, peace, community and oneness in 2022. You ask the unicorns to help.

16.Immediately unicorns stream through the Stargate….You can see Earth below you.   You watch as the unicorns spread out round Earth.

17.Archangel Christiel asks you to hold your vision for love, peace and oneness……

18. Then he raises his hand in a sign to begin ….you see bright light pouring from the horns of all the unicorns and beaming qualities of love, peace and oneness into the land and into the minds and hearts of people everywhere.

19.You watch in wonder and awe as the great cosmic pool, containing the vibrational frequency of number six expands and sends fingers of light to Earth, until you can see the benign influence spreading throughout the world……

20.At last Archangel Christiel raises his hand to signal your request has been fulfilled.

21.The cosmic pool of number 6 returns to its normal size.

22.The unicorns stream back through the Stargate of Lyra….as they do so many of them shower you with sprinkles of blessings…until the last one has returned to Lyra.

23.Archangel Christiel touches your crown in a blessing and gratitude.  You may feel it.

24.Then full of gratitude, knowing you have started your year with wonderful cosmic service, you return to where you began your journey.

25.You step from your unicorn and wave as it disappears into the ethers.

26.Take a moment to think about love, peace, community, equality and oneness in your life and in the world.

27.Then open your eyes.

NEW:  Angelic Attunement crystal set

I often get asked where I source my crystals from so now I am absolutely delighted to announce my new collaboration with Katie-Jane Wright from &CRYSTALS. Katie, like me is a firm believer of ethically sourcing crystals and treating them with the respect they deserve.

Katie-Jane and I created this beautiful box with the loving intention of supporting you in connecting with the angels in a more conscious way.

Theme’s of ‘Relationship’s’, ‘Balance’ and ‘Inner peace’ came through when selecting the stone’s included in this box. There was a wish to open heart’s and mind’s so you can find your peace with the uplifting song’s of the Angel’s. This crystal set, including a guided meditation and attunement from me that will bring you closer to the Archangel’s so you are able to soar high in the highest heaves with them to receive all of the love and healing they offer.

The box contain’s 7 crystal’s that have been hand selected by Katie-Jane and me and are attuned to the highest Angelic frequency.

The Apricot Agate and Fluorite bring an opening and activation to the heart and mind. They wish to support and strengthen the relationship’s to your Guardian Angel and your relationship with yourself, helping you feel safe , secure and at home in your body. There are 4 Apricot Agate tumbles to use in an angelic crystal grid. Rose Quartz comes to open and activate the heart to love, to be in the heart is necessary when connecting with any celestial being.
Clear Quartz is your enhancer stone, opening and expanding your crown and higher chakra’s to create a bridge of pure brilliant light to Angelic plane’s.
Angelite, the stone that assists a strong connection with your angels, increases telepathy, strengthens feelings of inner peace and envcourages you to walk your truth.

Box Includes:

-Diana Coopers new Archangels Oracle deck, that was released in November, which is RRP 18.99. (option to purchase box without the cards if you already have a set).

-An Archangel Chamuel attunement Audio file by Diana Cooper which is downloadable. *** PLEASE NOTE – Audio files will be sent on dispatch date via email.

-Crystal information cards

-Crystal layout with guided written meditation

-Postcard of Archangel Chamuel wth guided meditation from Diana on the back

-Hand carved Rainbow Fluorite Angel approx-5cm x 3cm (colours will vary)

-A.grade clear Quartz tumble stone , from Brazil, approx-2cm x 1cm.

-Rose quartz tumble from Brazil approx-2cm x 2cm

-Angelite tumble stone, from India Approx 2cm x 2cm

  • 4x small Apricot Agate stones for gridding from Madagascar Approx 1.3cm x 1cm

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