Diana Cooper’s October 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I seem to write every month that it will be a time of strife, unrest and confusion in the world and October is no different.  Brave people will continue to battle for justice.  And change will continue to accelerate.  The tower card in the tarot represents the current period.  Everything is collapsing, so be careful not to be hit by a brick and focus on the new that will take the place of the old.  And this will continue until April or May next year, when things will start to calm down. 

In the meantime, everyone is being asked to centre themselves, tune in to their own intuition, decide what feels right for them and focus their energy on the positive things that are happening. 

On my birthday on 7th September I started to send out the first of 30 days of short World Healing

Meditations.  Thank you all who have participated and will continue to do some of the healings, for it is making a difference to the planet.  There are different types of healing each day from bringing through higher ascension flames, to working with the tree network, dragons, unicorns and angels to creating portals of love.  I hope some of these will resonate with you and you will continue to spread those each day.

The most commonly asked question I receive, whether on social media or Zooms or e mails is, have I been ‘protected’ against the current world challenge.  Now this is an intensely personal soul decision and everyone really does have to tune in to their higher selves to discover what is right for them.  As long as you listen to your gut whatever conclusion you take will be right for your individual soul journey.  And it is a profoundly important spiritual decision.  Listening to and having the courage to follow your intuition is the road to Mastery and ascension. 

I am writing in my newsletter about the Earth Star Chakra.  I have always known it was vital for ascension but this month its importance has really come forward, so I am totally excited to be doing a Zoom about it.  It is only when enough people anchor it that we will have world peace.

With love and angel blessings,

the earth star chakra

Many years ago when my fifth dimensional chakras started to come in and I first became aware of the Earth Star chakra, I used to sense it as black and white below my feet.  Months later my impression was that it was dark grey and then gradually when I tuned in it seemed to be lighter and lighter until it became silver and then brighter and bigger.  It was only when I was seeing it as a large shining liquid silver ball below me that Kumeka told me that black and white, though dark grey, light grey to silver is indeed the progression of the Earth Star chakra as it awakens. 

During this long process I could feel Archangel Sandalphon, who is in charge of the development of this chakra, coming closer to me and I felt him with me more often.

About ten years or so ago I went on holiday to Guatemala, during which time we visited Lake Atatlan, the most breathtakingly glorious blue lake, with an energy I can feel to this day.  Floating across it in a boat was one of ‘those’ life experiences.  It was only when I returned home that I learnt that the Magical Crystal Cave in Lake Atatlan is the etheric retreat of Archangel Sandalphon and links directly into Hollow Earth, the seventh dimensional chakra or paradise in the centre of the planet.  I suppose if I had known this before I visited the place I would have been so focussed on it that I would not have relaxed and enjoyed the experience.  But I am totally certain that this visit helped to ground my Earth Star Chakra.

Silver carries psychic and spiritual awareness and vibrates with the ultimate divine feminine.  So the Earth Star chakra in the charge of Archangel Sandalphon carries pure divine feminine energy while the Stellar Gateway in the charge of Archangel Metatron carries the divine masculine.  For 10,000 years there has been masculine domination on Earth, and during this period the kundalini or life force energy of the planet was held in the Gobi desert by Sanat Kumara as a masculine energy.  It is time for balance.  In 2008 (in preparation for 2012) the Mayan elders moved the Kundalini to Archangel Sandalphon’s retreat in Guatemala, South America.  Here they transformed it by divine alchemy into a feminine energy.   South America is directly connected to Venus, which is divine feminine in essence, so the kundalini is now imbued with love energy of the cosmic heart.  And the kundalini of Earth is part of the divine feminine blueprint held in our Earth Star chakras.  The opening of the Earth Star chakras of humanity is not just important for the ascension of the planet but is the route to peace on Earth.

Recently it was impressed on me that I must work with the 33 chambers of the Earth Star chakra again.  They are all connected with nature or the cosmos in some way.  As I went through the chambers I felt an immediate change in my Earth Star and in my life.  I find it very exciting as it is so simple, yet the benefits for life and ascension are amazing.

Anchoring and opening your Earth Star chakra stimulates your ascension journey in so many ways.   Here are some of the benefits of expanding this centre.

1.It grounds you fully into Gaia, so that you receive her love and protection.

2. It holds your invitation from Lady Gaia to be on Earth and when you consciously receive this you feel loved and belonging.  It may also trigger memories of the decisions your soul took for this lifetime.

3.When you are born your life mission is held in your fifth dimensional blueprint which is programmed into your Earth Star chakra.  This means that when your Earth Star is awake and open you are absolutely clear about your life purpose.

4.It is your doorway to Hollow Earth, which is a seventh dimensional paradise, where the wisdom of Earth is held.  It is also a linking point to the cosmos.

5.Your Earth Star chakra guides your soul to where you are supposed to be.  You may feel restless if you are not in the right place.

6.Your Earth Star helps your frequency to rise as the frequency of Earth rises and it is accelerating particularly quickly at the moment.  This is carefully monitored by Archangel Sandalphon.

7. It is the link between your spiritual self and your earthly self. It is only when this chakra is totally awake that the Stellar Gateway can fully accept the light of Source.  It passes it down through your chakras into every cell of your body and into Lady Gaia herself. Then you can fully heal yourself and do your part to renew our planet.

8.The Earth Star is connected to Neptune where the information, knowledge and wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria are stored.

9.The light of the Stellar Gateway, Soul Star and Causal chakras stimulate the Earth Star chakra to open, so they all open simultaneously. This means you must activate your Earth Star at same time as the three upper chakras.

10. Preparing your Earth Star is vital for ascension.  It is as important as building a solid foundation for a skyscraper, so that it can be safe.

11.It is only when your Earth Star chakra is fully operational that you can build your antakarana bridge all the way to Source.    

You expand your Earth Star chakra by attuning to the mighty Archangel Sandalphon, the angel of music who works with the harmonics of creation.  Everything works together for it is these harmonics that help to fully activate this chakra.

You may be interested in my Zoom on 18th October at 7pm UK time.  £11.

dragon story

I love this story that was sent to me by Katie Murphy and it may resonate with many who have sensitive children.

‘My sister came over to stay here in Ireland a few weeks ago. Because my spare rooms are now my treatment rooms I closed and enjoyed her and her children being with me. 

Her son Louis was born 11 years ago, I was her birthing partner. It became obvious around 3 years old Louis was different from many others, I have always absolutely adored his energy, but knew this was his first incarnation on earth. In Western terms he is dyspraxic etc. 

We have great chats and he also loves crystals, he sees the geometric shapes as my son does when they hold them. 

He walked up to me holding your Dragons book and said “Aunty Katie this is a fascinating book, please can I borrow it?” I said, ‘Yes,’ and was thrilled he was reading it. 

A few days later he started telling me about Lemuria. He didn’t stop! So I’ve bought it for him for his birthday this month. He needs to keep going back to it like I do. 

What I found fascinating was he was remembering where he was from with clarity and vision, and remembering what dragons really were, not like the fairy tales he had been told. 

So thank you because this is going to make a huge difference in his life.’ 


the diana cooper school unicorn day on saturday 23rd october – 11am-2:45 UK Time – £11.00

Six of the amazing experienced teachers from the Diana Cooper School are contributing to a UNICORN DAY – Access Higher Consciousness and Soul Wisdom from the Angelic Realms.  I know it will be absolutely fabulous and am so sorry I can’t participate as I have a long-standing engagement.  I shall most certainly be watching the recording.  Here is a list of the fascinating talks and speakers, all of whom are bringing their own unique specialities and flavours to their presentations.  More information and booking bit.ly/UnicornDay21

1.Connect with the special Soul Mission Activator Unicorns – Franziska Siragusa

2.Oneness through an Open Heart – Surabhi Kalsi

3.Journey to Lakumay to Place Your Soul Desires in the Great Golden Book – Carol de Vasconcelos

4.Create a Unicorn Crystal Elixir – Poonam Makkar

5.Receive initiations and light codes from Sirius and the Pleiades – Meghaa Gupta

6.Manifest with the Unicorns Using Angel EFT – Susan Browne


As we approach the new Golden Age we are being offered the most amazing opportunity for spiritual growth.  The angelic realms are responding to the rise in frequency on the planet and are arriving to help us all.  They asked me to write the Archangel Oracle cards to offer information and readings from 44 Archangels.  Then they asked me to help people attune to the Archangels.  

It is easy to connect with angels but attuning to them is much deeper.  When you attune to one you merge until you vibrate together.  So when I prepared the Archangel Attunement course I meditated with each one of the 44 until I could feel their energy coming through me before I recorded each attunement. Here is some of the lovely feedback.

I love my cards and I have been doing the attunement course, which has really helped me to connect more with each Archangel. Thank you. Becky

I am so enjoying doing my daily attunement to each archangel and can now communicate with them. Mary

I can now discern which Archangel is talking to me. Bren

However, lots of people want to attune to one particular Archangel or just a few of them so I have decided to offer each attunement individually.  So if you wish to attune to Archangel Michael or Archangel Butyalil for example, you can buy those attunements only.

There is also a SPECIAL OFFER.  You can choose five attunements and pay for only four. You receive one free. 

With love, joy and angelic Blessings,


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