Diana Cooper’s October 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

What an exciting month this has been for the world and for me personally.   I must thank so many of you for the blessings and healing you have sent me.  I have received thousands of loving messages and very many suggestions and stories that have come with love, from diet, essences, music, meditations, sprays to herbs, visualisations and much more.  Once again thank you.  I am feeling wonderful, buoyed by all your generous thoughts and healing.  I am accepting everything that is unconditionally directed to me!

As always there is a gift embedded in this health challenge.  I have concentrated on my spiritual practice and notice a massive difference in my frequency and how I feel.  My guide Kumeka and the angels have been helping me every day and the tumour is shrinking, while I have even been running with my dogs!  I have received such a wonderful deluge of healing that it could have been overwhelming.  Magenta Pixie, who channels The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, sent a message to say that she had seen a little white dog acting as a transformer for all the healing energy, bringing it to a level I could cope with!  So as ever, Venus, who is a dog master has played her part.

And another amazing and exciting thing has been happening.  As I receive the healing energy each day and feel Archangel Raphael anchoring the fifth dimensional health blueprint into my body and energy fields, I become aware of the healing light moving round the planet to form a web containing the 5D health blueprint for the new age.  Of course, many other people are also forming these anchor points, so that every bit of healing energy is being used where it is most needed.  And then the web of the 5D health blueprint for Earth is radiating out beyond us to other planets, particularly Arcturus, Sirius, the Pleiades, Andromeda and Venus but the network is rapidly expanding.  And those stellar and planetary centres are helping us and are also building a universal network.  So now is the time and everyone who is sending healing light and love is helping to bring in the new health paradigm for our planet. 

And of course, the death and funeral of Queen Elizabeth has created a planetary shift for she was a rock and there will be an upheaval as an avalanche of change is released.  More about her and her life mission in my newsletter.

This is such an important time to claim your power by envisioning the life you wish to create and living it.  It must happen.  When enough of us focus on the glorious golden future of community, equality, perfect health, rejuvenation and soul satisfaction, we will bring it forward.

In my newsletter I share the daily practice I have adopted guided by Kumeka. No doubt it will change and develop.  I’ll be sharing this in three parts on my You-tube channel so do join me (links will be emailed out once they are available).  It will add to the 5D health blueprint of everyone and will create a quantum shift for humanity. 

With love

My Daily activity

I have been walking on the beach or woods in rain or sun humming or chanting –

Every day is a joy and delight

As I bathe in pure angel light.

Ascended Masters thank you too

For the love and wisdom you send through.

It adds to the feel good factor and brings angels and Ascended Masters to you.

Amazing story from the other side by katie murphy

My dear Irish friend Tara passed away just before my birthday.  She had a very aggressive disease and as a young mother of 2 children she went very fast.  I was guided to visit her very quickly.  We had hoped she would have at least 4 years, but suddenly the time frame changed to days and then it was hours.

She sent for me and I reached the hospital as fast as I could. When I entered her room, there was a horrible energy and it really threw me. I was devastated to see her in so much discomfort and fear.

My ultra violet unicorns came in and surrounded her and instantly I felt a shift in the heavy, almost treacle energy her body was held in. She asked me if she was dying, and said that she was very scared.  I knew then it was my job to hold her hand and let her know there was nothing to fear. She kept telling me that the light came but disappeared over and over again. However, the light created in that moment allowed her to shift through the heavy almost matrix like energy.

Eventually I placed a crystal Angel in her hand and told her I loved her and I would communicate with her as soon as she was ready. She passed a few hours later. 

Today she came through and was so excited to tell me all about the incredible cosmic energy, the expansive magic and kept telling me “it’s even better than we talked about Katie”.

Tara was an incredible light worker but after children her marriage broke down and she decided to leave her spiritual work and focus on being a mum. I always knew when she passed that her work would be even more incredible.

She told me today was to be the day she entered her emerald green chamber surrounded by her light team, council of light and many angels. She needed to receive healing for many lifetimes and when she was ready she will come back to help with the mother Gaia 

She has been given an incredible opportunity to stay and learn and download so much in becoming a master of light or be reincarnated. She would wait until after the chamber to decide.

What made me so happy was the incredible joy she had.  She absolutely loved all your work Diana and she said this helped her connect to the angelic realm so much more easily.

Until today I had a huge issue with her passing, I was almost traumatised by her suffering but I am so happy to hear she is back home.


Who was the Queen?

The Queen was an extraordinary focussed and disciplined woman who dedicated her life to her work.  Her seventy years of devoted service is even more amazing when you consider that this was her first incarnation on Earth.  In order to undertake such a mission, her spirit trained extensively in all of the ascension planets, Sirius, Neptune, Orion, the Pleaides, before she incarnated.  She also went for lessons in Saturn, the plane of discipline.  Even so, her accomplishment was breath-taking.  She certainly had a destiny.

She stood as an example, a rock.

No wonder there were rainbows over Buckingham Palace, Windsor and Balmoral at her passing.  The angels certainly sent signs.

I received a deluge of e mails from people who honoured her.  Also a few from some who did not.  To them I would say, throw away your dark glasses and look for the divine in all souls.


I want to emphasise that this is what I have done since I had the cancer diagnosis.  It is personal to me of course and what I feel is right for me.  However, I wanted to share it in case any or all of it resonates with you.  If it does use whatever you wish to or change it to suit your own circumstances.  I know that doing this has massively shifted my energy and light levels.  And I have loved doing it!!!!

Declaration to walk your highest path

In the name of God and all that is light, under Grace, I command that all lesser pathways be closed and I be guided to my highest pathway only.  I now call forth my responsibilities and blessings as a co-creator in the divine plan for the new Golden Age.

So be it.  It is done.


I now make my Forgiveness Declaration.  I pause after each declaration and sense the energy of what is happening.  This massively cleared my energy fields and it is complete but I still continue to do it!!

Forgiveness declaration

I forgive everyone who has ever hurt or harmed me, consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other. 

I offer them grace.

I ask forgiveness for everything I have ever done to hurt or harm another, consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other.

I ask for grace.

I forgive myself for everything I have ever done to hurt or harm another,

consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other.

I accept grace.

I am free and joyful.  All chains and restrictions fall from me.  I stand in my full power as a master.

So be it.  It is done.


Invocations literally mean calling in a higher being to help you.  The first one is an invocation to the masters asking them to fill you with special energy.  I pause after each one to really feel the energy and receive impressions.  It takes time and dedication to do it meaningfully but it is definitely life changing.

Invoking the Masters

I invoke

El Morya to strengthen my higher will and give me leadership with integrity.

Lanto to enable me to feel the wisdom radiating from my heart centre.

Paul the Venetian to strengthen my heartfelt creativity.

Quan Yin to hold me in unconditional love.

Mary Magdelene to help me accept everyone with love and compassion.

Meitreya to enable me to be the Christ light and radiate it.

Melchizedek to help me live in peace and togetherness.

Kumeka to light my way.

Voosloo to keep my life in balance.

Gautama to show me my pathway.

Serapis Bey to strengthen my understanding of sacred symbols.

Hilarion to help me understand spiritual technology and apply it in a 5D way.

Lady Nada to open me to higher spiritual understandings and the wisdom of the universe.

Rakoczy to adapt my human body to cope with the new energies.

Jesus to help me tread my true path with courage.

St Germain to show me the potential of the new Age.

Commander Ashtar to help me access the wisdom of the stars.     

A massive ascension acceleration

1.      I now call forth from the heart of God

  • A pillar of golden light to surround me. This can surround you or fill your room or the house.
  • A cosmic flame to light each chakra.  
  • See your Earth Star chakra as a huge silver ball.

Archangel Sandalphon lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates your divine potential and gifts.

Facing upward the 33 silver petals open wide with the flame in the centre.

  • See your Base chakra as a huge platinum ball.

Archangel Gabriel lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates your levels of trust, safety and self discipline.

Facing upward the 2 platinum petals open wide with the flame in the centre.

  • See your sacral chakra as a huge pink ball.

Archangel Gabriel lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates transcendent love.

Facing upward the 16 pink petals open wide with a flame in the centre.

  • See your navel chakra as a huge orange ball.

Archangel Gabriel lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates oneness and community love.

Facing upward the 16 orange petals open wide with a flame in the centre.

  • See your solar plexus chakra as a huge golden ball.

Archangel Uriel lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates power with wisdom and your divine magnificence.

Facing upward the 33 golden petals open wide with a flame in the centre.

  • See your heart chakra as a huge white ball.

Archangel Chamuel lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates pure unconditional love.

Facing upward the 33 white petals open wide with a flame in the centre.

  1. See your throat chakra as a huge royal blue ball.

Archangel Michael lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates honesty, truth and higher communication.

Facing upward the 33 petals open wide with a flame in the centre.

These include the 11 petals of the Alta Major.

  1. See your third eye chakra as a huge transparent- green ball.

Archangel Raphael lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates enlightenment, abundance and expansion.

Facing upward the 96 transparent-green petals open wide with a flame in the centre.

  1. See your crown chakra as a huge transparent-yellow ball.

Archangel Jophiel lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates universal connection and wisdom.

Facing upward the 1000 transparent yellow petals open wide with a flame in the centre.

  1. See your causal chakra as a huge white ball.

Archangel Christiel lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates peace and angelic connection.

Facing upward the single chamber opens up with a flame in the centre.

  1. See your Soul Star chakra as a huge magenta ball.

Archangel Mariel lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates your soul and draws in your soul wisdom.

Facing upward the 33 magenta petals open wide with a flame in the centre.

  1. See your Stellar Gateway chakra as a huge golden orange chalice.

Archangel Metatron lights a cosmic flame within it.

The flame illuminates ascension to your I AM Presence.

Facing upward the flame reaches into the universe.

  1. And now see the flames unite as you become a column of light.
  2. Bring down the Violet Flame into each chakra for deep transmutation of any residue.
  3. Bring down the Gold Ray of Christ.
  4. Bring down the Mahatma energy and let it illuminate each chakra and each gland.

An invocation to the Archangels

I now invoke.

  1. Archangel Michael to stand at my right hand side to protect me and place your deep blue cloak around me.  And fill me with courage and positivity.
  2. Archangel Uriel in golden light to stand at my left hand side to fill me with peace, confidence and wisdom.
  3. Archangel Gabriel in pure white light to stand in front of me to purify me and give me clarity. 
  4. Archangel Raphael in emerald light to stand behind me, enfold me in your wings and place my fifth dimensional health blueprint into my body and fields, bring me inner vision, and abundance.
  5. Archangel Chamuel in pure pink light expand the flame of love in my heart.
  6. Archangel Sandalphon stand below me in your silver light.  Ground me into Lady Gaia and expand my potential.
  7. Archangel Metatron above me in your golden orange light pour the light of God into me and increase my light levels.
  8.  May the angels of light, the mighty Archangels, the Principalities, the Powers, even the Cherubim and Seraphim sing over the world today.  Let love and light and peace touch all on earth.  Aum   Aum   Aum

When this is complete I do a personal visualisation, then meditation. 

In the evening I chant, tone, pray and meditate.

I will be covering this in more detail on my youtube channel, links will be sent out in due course, please join me to rejuvenate, raise the vibration and spread the light.

the alta major and the higher throat chakra

The Journey to Truth

I have received so much feedback from this workshop.  It seems to have triggered many energetic shifts.  Not surprising as it jump shifted the throat chakra into a new level.  Franziska Siragusa’s experience was very interesting.  She is the amazing Principal of the Diana Cooper School of White Light.

This is what she e mailed me, ‘I wanted to share with you an experience I had connected with your latest YouTube Event. On the day you were doing the Zoom at 7 pm I felt very unwell for about an hour, and I forgot about the Zoom. When I felt better, I got up, and I remembered and went on the computer, and you were doing the last 20 minutes and I was too tired to listen to the whole that evening. 

But that night, you came into my dream. You looked young and wore a bright red dress, and we had cake (two types: Christmas cake and cake made by my mother). Then you said something about Forgiveness, and you told me, “Turn the Flame of Freedom into a Flame of Joy”. 

The next day I listened to your video, and when we got to Chamber 25 you talked about ‘deeper Forgiveness’, and I became very alert. I knew this was important for me and connected to the dream, and then you said the forgiveness prayer, which ended with ‘I am free and joyful, …. I was so amazed because it was like the message in my dream. I realise there are so many layers to Forgiveness, and we just have to keep going.

The other chamber I felt very strongly was Chamber 30, the download of higher ascension codes. Just writing about it now, I can feel the buzzing in my Alta Major.’

Franziska’s observations about forgiveness are very true.  When I say the Forgiveness Declaration, I pause after each section and ask Archangel Lavender (twin flame of Archangel Mariel of the Soul Star Chakra) to go to anyone who is having difficulty in opening their heart to forgive or receive forgiveness.  With her gentle love she is excellent at persuading people to see from a higher perspective.  Each time I make the Forgiveness Declaration I feel my energy field clearing as cords that have bound me to people or situations for years or lifetimes, dissolve.

Now is the first time since the fall of Atlantis that we have been able to bring back and integrate the 11 chambers of the Alta Major into the Throat chakra, so that it returns to its original 33 chambers and can light up magnificently.

I wanted to mention that the recording for the You Tube The Alta Major and the Higher Throat Chakra – The Journey to Truth is available now with unlimited access, so you can benefit from these energies whenever you need them.

Maintaining your home as a portal of light

When your home is a light portal there is a dome of light all over your space. Within this you are protected.  Only higher beings can enter, for you have created a gateway for them.  Your portal can be seen by the angelic realms, the galactic beings and all other forces in the universe.  And within it you can develop yourself as a spiritual beacon.

Obviously you build your portal by developing your personal frequency, such as:

Practising kindness, love, generosity, courage and other positive qualities (forgive yourself for being human!).

Lots of laughter, positivity and happiness.

Spiritual practices, chanting, prayer, meditation, yoga etc.

Building an altar or a crystal grid as a focal point.

Calling in higher energies to flow through the space.

Lower energies can only enter your personal space if you invite them in.

Before you read this please call in the Gold Ray of Christ and let it surround and protect you.

I am embarrassed to share this story but it was a salutary and horrific lesson for me and has taught me to be very careful.  One evening I was watching TV and a programme came on about Jeffery Epstein.  I know! I know!  I only knew a little bit about him and I was curious.  Silly me!  I watched the programme in some horror and then went to bed.  Next morning I went into the sitting room and stepped back in shock for dark clouds of evil were pouring through the TV into the room.  I knew immediately what was happening so I called in the Violet Flame to transmute it.  Nothing happened.  The dark continued to pour in.  I called in all the light energies I could think of but they could not stop it.  Finally I invoked the White Flame of Atlantis and the dark cloud stopped dead and at last the hole was plugged.   Then I had to cleanse the house.

But it was a salutary lesson.  I HAD INVITED IN THE DARKNESS BY WATCHING THAT PROGRAMME.   We can spend hours making ourselves or our home pure and light … and then undo all the goodness in a few minutes by focussing on something negative. 

After reading the above please  pull a burst of Gold and Silver Violet Flame through you to wash away anything you may have attracted and hopefully learn by my stupid mistake. 

Interestingly as I started to write about that experience Venus, who is very psychic, jumped up in agitation and started to scrabble at my laptop.  She has now returned to her sofa to relax.

Manifesting a Vision

We live in such turbulent times.  I guess it gives us an opportunity to practice staying steady and holding the light for the highest good!

Rosemary Stephenson and I once went on a small retreat with a group in France.  Two of the participants had really challenging problems to which there seemed to be no resolution.  For three days on the seminar we focussed on higher spiritual matters.  When we returned home after the seminar we received e mails from both of them to say the impossible had happened.  Both situations had unexpectedly resolved.

When you let go and raise your frequency above that of the problem, magic takes place.  The universe swings into place behind your vision and energises it.

Here are some steps.

1.Write down your vision or think clearly about it.

2.State it will only come about for the highest good of everyone concerned.

3.Only tell people who will positively hold your vision.

4. Let it go. Don’t think about it.

5.Do high frequency things that take your full concentration.

6.This gives the universe space to bring your vision into manifestation.

If it does not happen it is not for the highest good so you would not want it anyway!

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