Diana Cooper’s September 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
September is always an interesting time for me as it is my birthday month. I am aware that the angels sing my name over me on my birthday to reinforce my soul mission and to prepare me for the year ahead.  I also feel the cool nip of the air as autumn sets in and see the trees shutting down their energies for the winter and this is a signal for us to start new projects and make plans for the winter months.

I want to share a very powerful experience that I had recently, that reminded me how quickly we are all moving forward.  A friend offered to drive me to a mutual friend’s house to experience a new quantum pod that raises the frequency and opens up higher possibilities. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity. My friend went first.  He sat in it, while I sat on the sofa with my dogs. As I waited I meditated and asked that my 5D health blueprint be activated, then quietly focused on bringing in my fifth dimensional chakras, starting with the Earth Star. When my Stellar Gateway was established I asked to move higher. Archangel Metatron came in and told me that I could not do this as I had a limited myself by asking for the fifth dimensional health blueprint. If I wanted to go higher I must ask for higher!   This made me realise that I must not limit myself when I sat in the quantum pod but I had no expectation of what would happen! 
As soon as I had closed my eyes and relaxed in the pod, I asked that the highest frequency blueprint for my future be placed over me.  To my incredible astonishment El Morya stood in front of me.  He is the great Manu, the Illumined Master who is carrying the blueprint for the next evolutionary stage of humanity, the next root race for 5D human with 12 strands of DNA fully active and activated.  He held a pure white symbol, which looked rather like a Metatron Cube but with much smaller circles and more of them, radiating from a central point. Every part of the symbol was interconnected.  The energy of it reminded me of my beautiful apophyllite crystal.

He placed this carefully over me and kept coming back to check it was centred and aligned.  Archangels Metatron and Gabriel were with me throughout this.  He told me that now I had received this blueprint I could pass it to others.  He also said that whenever I attained the same frequency as I had in the quantum chair, he would place the symbol over me again to reinforce it but I had to change my lifestyle, relax and eat lighter food.  Right at the end they all took me right up into a much higher dimension and I could look down on Earth and see just how many people were so nearly ready to have their higher frequency blueprint placed into their energy fields.  The blueprint was just waiting for an opportunity to slip into them. 
It has taken me a little time to integrate this experience! 

I was just preparing to do a workshop to pass on the amazing blueprint when I was hit by a curveball from the universe!!!  Receiving the higher frequency blueprint means that the old has to be fully released.  In order that as many people as possible receive it Archangel Metatron says that my soul undertook to do a collective clearance to ensure it could come in to more people and they would not have to do such a clearance for themselves!!

So quite suddenly I had twitchy legs and a sharp pain, well agonizing really and weird heart beat.  After three weeks I made a doctor’s appointment and he basically made me feel I had wasted his time and it was a pulled muscle but ordered a blood test just in case.  That night I was in hospital for an emergency blood transfusion.   So this was déjà vu!  An exact repeat of the lead up to colon cancer six years ago.  I knew that last time I agreed to pass a huge chunk of the darkness of Atlantis through me.  At that time twice I was told by the medics that I couldn’t survive and each time an angel gave me a life review and asked if I wanted to stay or go.  Each time I replied that I didn’t mind – whatever was for the highest good.  And here I am. 

During the eight days I spent in hospital undergoing tests I learnt just how broken the National Health Service is, how incredible and wonderful the nurses are and how important it is to look after body and mind.  I was the oldest in the ward each time and the only one who was not on medication, could walk and was cheerful, the only one who wasn’t screaming in the night!!  Was that my lesson?  Surely not!
When I had a colonoscopy I could clearly see the tumour and it looked big.  I immediately started a visualization to shrink it, a well as a new regime of affirmations, mantras, toning, meditation etc.
On Thursday 8th there was a meeting of doctors to tell me the results of the biopsy and discuss treatment.  That was the day after my birthday! Such fascinating timing for the period before your birthday is clear out time in preparation for the new year ahead.)

Also right now everything is coming up to be cleared and many lightworkers are taking on ‘stuff’ from the collective and clearing ancestral, country and world karma.
It fairly soon became clear that the colon cancer is another opportunity for service.  I was beginning to regret my constant prayer of, ‘Show me how I can help to bring forward the new Golden Age!!!!’  But seriously, I know this is a huge spiritual opportunity and wake up call.  It is a spiritual upgrade.  It is WIN WIN.  If I step into a higher frequency I either pass into the light at a higher level or I continue this incarnation at a higher level. 

Now I am awaiting an operation scheduled for October 19th to have the tumour cut out of my colon, that I understand is a lump of collective negativity that my soul has agreed to clear.  (definitely not agreed by my personality self). 

I was made aware that I have to clear outdated personal beliefs.  Also beliefs have to be cleared from the collective before the new blueprint for humanity can come in, and my soul has volunteered for this. 
The cancer is a test/initiation for me but it is also a collective effort.  Archangel Metatron said that I had agreed to take this on partly to demonstrate the power of collective healing.  When enough people tune in to heal this, whether I have surgery or not, and I recover, it will show how powerful we are, for we are one.  Then the new blueprint can be brought through for more people. 

So please send healing and let’s clear as much of the stuck heavy stuff as possible for humanity.  Whether it is brought through by me or someone else you can happily open up to your higher blueprint knowing this has been transmuted.  Let’s use this together as an amazing opportunity to shift the planet forward and bring in the new.

With love from

Rest in peace Queen elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth was a solid and enduring presence for seven decades.  During all that time she patiently and graciously served on our behalf often smoothing the way behind the scenes, often unacknowledged. 

No wonder many Archangels met her and carried her into the light.  She was welcomed home by choirs of angels singing and the cosmic trumpets heralded her return.  And a rain of blessings fell onto the world.  May she be blessed.

Accept your highest blueprint for this life webinar – 22nd September

Due to my recent diagnosis I have decided to cancel this workshop as the content no longer resonated. I am very sorry and all booking will be refunded in due course.

Birthday Gift from Archangel Metatron

Thank you for all your birthday wishes.  I really felt the love and had so much energy on the day.  I also received a present from Archangel Metatron.  I shared it with the teachers of the Diana Cooper School immediately but now Archangel Metatron wants me to share it with you all.
I was walking in the woods on my birthday morning chanting one of my favourite mantras.
Suddenly Archangel Metatron placed this Orb with his Metatron Cube over my energy fields.  I stood still to absorb it and he started to rotate it clockwise.
It felt like a light raising gift. Please ask him to place it into you if you feel it is right for you.

I received so many flowers, cards and messages.  Thank you all.  And Tim Whild gave me a beautiful aventurine ankh and a lovely crystal dolphin.  The ankh literally made my heart leap when I saw it.  When I put it on my ‘challenging area’, everything started to gurgle and become really painful, so I knew something was shifting.  I phoned Tim and he said to keep it on me at all times as he had programmed it with powerful healing energy.  Oh wow could I feel it!  I feel so blessed.

And then two days later to my horror the ankh literally jumped out of my bra and smashed on the floor!  Oh dear.  I phoned Tim up and told him and to my relief he laughed and said, ‘It’s done its work then!’  He told me to bury the bits in the garden and he would programme another one for me with a gentler healing energy!


When your throat chakra is fifth dimensional it is a royal blue and you are naturally truthful, honourable, courageous and strong. When you live in truth and honour everyone trusts you and you feel safe.

I first heard of the alta major chakra forty years ago but it has only recently come strongly into my awareness.  As I meditated on it I learnt that it is the extension of the throat chakra, which has 22 chambers or lessons.  The 11 chambers of the alta major then expand it to 33 chambers, connecting and communicating with angelic and cosmic energies.  The qualities of the higher throat and alta major are important for mastery and ascension.

The Alta Major is a junction point, energetically linked to the higher heart.  It also connects the crown, third eye and base by activating the kundalini to flow more freely.

During this workshop you will

  • Connect with Archangel Michael before you enter and illuminate the chambers of the throat/alta major chakra.
  • Learn the lessons of each chamber of your throat/alta major.
  • Activate the energy flow between your higher heart, third eye, crown and base.
  • Experience your personal journey to truth.
  • Receive higher Codes of Ascension.
  • Access higher cosmic communication.

Your throat chakra will radiate shimmering translucent teal, deep blue with a hint of green as it holds a much higher frequency.

Which Archangel to call on?

I am often asked which Archangel to call on for different challenges or questions.  If you ask for help your Guardian Angel or an Archangel will always answer in some way.  They may drop the answer into your mind, or give you a strong impression or understanding, or ensure you read an article that answers your question or make sure you meet someone who will give you the answer.  So ask your question and then be vigilant for the response.

Who do I call on to help me make the right decision?

Archangel Gabriel is the pure white angel of clarity. He understands the totality of your circumstances and will always help you to make the decision that is for your highest good. If a decision is for your highest good it is automatically for the highest good of all concerned. The universe will rearrange itself to ensure this.

How can I best help the animals?

Archangel Felyai, the bright sunshine-yellow angel of animals, listens to all your prayers for animals. He has recently arrived from another universe to this one since we have raised our frequency sufficiently to be ready to receive his assistance.  No prayer is ever wasted.He will always send one of his yellow angels to help an animal if you ask. He will also send one of his angels to whisper to a human who is mistreating any creature.

Here is a story from The Archangel Guide to the Animal World

A friend of mine was very concerned about a dog who was owned by one of her neighbours and who was clearly unhappy. The poor creature was being left alone for long periods of time, which is agony for a sociable animal. The neighbour was impervious to her hints, so she decided to talk to Archangel Fhelyai. She lit a candle and told him the problem, then asked him to find a solution. She did this for the highest good of this dog every day for a week. At the end of that time the owner was suddenly made redundant. She was at home with her dog and able to be with him and take him for walks. It was not quite the outcome my friend expected but we have to let go and let the angels do what is for everyone’s highest good!

If enough people ask Archangel Fhelyai to help the animal kingdom or light a candle and dedicate it to the welfare of animals, the situation on Earth will transform in a flash.            My child is sick.  Which Archangel should I call on?

The great Archangel of Healing is Raphael, who is emerald green.  Call on him to help your child and he will always help to the extent that your child’s soul will allow.  His twin flame is the Angel Mary, who is full of compassion and love and she will enfold your child in comfort and peace as she brings healing.

I need help with an interview?  Who should I call on?

This question comes in many forms.  If you need courage for a driving test, to take part in a physical challenge, face the dentist or to say what you really feel with honesty and integrity, ask Archangel Michael.  He will place you in his deep blue energy to give you whatever strength you need to do what you need to do.

I want to progress on my spiritual path.  Who can help me?

Archangel Metatron is in overall charge of the ascension of individuals and the planet.  Spend a little time each day tuning into his golden orange light and he will guide you on your path.

Are you or your family going through an initiation?  What are those challenges really about?

with extracts from Birthing a New Civilization

An initiation is a right of passage to a much higher level of evolution. There are seven stages and each soul, with the help of the archangels, chooses the test it most needs. The tests may be so severe that they involve the life or health of the individual. This means that the person gives something important in order to receive higher gifts of spirit.

The suffering involved acts as a cleanser and purifier at a soul level. Usually the person undertakes something for the collective and so helps many people.

Some people take several initiations in one lifetime. Others spread their journey over many lives. And a soul may choose to retake initiations even though they have done them before in previous incarnations. Remember it is the soul who chooses, not the personality incarnated on Earth.

Right now, as we approach the new golden age, there are extraordinary opportunities available for spiritual growth, so many souls are undertaking these initiations.   This is one reason why so many people seem to be having such a difficult time. Whole families often agree to go through initiations together. For example, one member of the family having a serious operation, an accident, a sick child, a redundancy or some other problem, may offer everyone in that group the conditions for their different initiations.

The first initiation tests the physical body and results in spiritual awakening. The person who has undertaken it is now a spiritual disciple whether he realizes it or not. For some people the actual initiation may be birth itself.

The second initiation involves taking charge of the emotions and is one of the most difficult ones to achieve. Sometimes it takes many lifetimes to master the emotional body and be ready for this challenge. People often think that the tests involved are karmic repayments when the person is really going through a spiritual initiation.

A lady I know whom I will call Annabel fell in love for the first time in her thirties. The man messed her about unmercifully and she had a one-night stand with his friend. She got pregnant and after much agonizing had an abortion. The trauma she went through was her second initiation and all the men involved played their part well in presenting her with the conditions.

Following the physical and emotional challenges comes the third one, the mental initiation. After that the disciple takes mastery of his thoughts and uses them constructively. A friend of mine, Truda, a bubbly, bouncy, cheerful blonde, is passionate about angels. She is a Reiki Master and helps many people. One day she felt unwell and thought she had flu. A few days later she was getting worse and eventually was rushed to hospital. It transpired that she had a very serious case of blood poisoning and they did not think she could live. At this point she fell asleep and had a classic near-death experience. She found herself going through a dark tunnel into the brightest light, full of angels. Here she was told she had work to do and must go back. She was rushed to a different hospital for a life-saving heart operation. We were told they were going to remove a kidney, which was badly infected. Hundreds of people responded and were praying for her and lighting candles. It transpired she was too ill for the surgeon to operate on the kidney as well as her heart, which was a blessing as she never did need to have it removed. Kumeka told me that she was undertaking her third initiation. Through her physical and mental body she was clearing almost all the ancestral karma of her entire family since time began, which is an almighty undertaking. She was also passing some of the fear from Atlantis through her system.

Truda was desperately ill but she recovered with the help of a new heart valve, a multitude of prayers and massive help from the angels, including Archangel Raphael himself. One day I was sitting quietly by my wood burning stove listening to Gregorian Chants. I lit candles and sat down to focus healing onto her. Suddenly a flash of the brightest and most awesome emerald green passed through me. It was Archangel Raphael taking the opportunity to come through me himself to give her healing. It was awe-inspiring.

I wondered why this was her third initiation, the mental one. Kumeka told me that it had affected her ideas of herself and the world. And indeed her life changed. She became more peaceful and contented and opened up to new spiritual possibilities.

The most devastating initiation is the fourth one, known as the crucifixion. Jesus took his on the cross. It involves the offering of yourself at an emotional level and tests your deepest fears in order to lift some of the fear in the collective consciousness. It often involves rejection and loss on a personal and emotional level. However, on a spiritual level it is the gateway to something higher.

A friend of mine took this initiation by suffering the loss of both her sons and grandchildren, who suddenly moved away to the other side of the world. They had been her whole life. She had to adjust, and became a healer, devoting her life to helping others. A few years later she undertook another initiation through the illness of her sister.

My crucifixion lasted for nearly twenty years. Again it was to do with loss of everything I had known. Now I understand that the emotional trauma was an amazing opportunity for spiritual growth, which was orchestrated by my guides and angels. It presented me with the circumstances for my fourth initiation. At the same time, it presented most of my family with an opportunity to undertake their second or third initiations.

What seemed like many shattered lives was, from a higher perspective, a huge spiritual opportunity. I bless everyone concerned. It also demonstrates graphically to me that no one can ever judge another. I had to let go of everything in order to let the angels into my life.

Some people have a very difficult time taking their fifth initiation, which is the preparation for the ascension path. This is where you have access to your Monad or I AM presence and sign on for cosmic service. This initiation was easy for me, as I had done it so many times in other lives. In response to feeling that this was the right time, I met two friends and we took each other through a meditation into the first stages of ascension. Interestingly one of them achieved it first, and then he helped us through.

The sixth initiation is ascension and for many this is relatively easy after the preparation they have undergone, though the consequences of failure are quite dire. In one case the failed initiate had to start again at the beginning and learn the lessons of life. It was rather like a university graduate having to go back to kindergarten again. I know someone else who failed this initiation and had to reincarnate with great wisdom but no power to express it.

There is a seventh initiation. It is usually taken out of body after death and takes place during discussions about your next step. As the frequency rises more people can be presented with it while in a body.  In order to pass it you must be willing to do that which is for the highest good.  When I had cancer I was presented with two opportunities to pass over.  On each occasion I was taken through a life review, the second one being much deeper.  Then I was asked whether I wanted to leave or stay.  Both times I replied, “I don’t mind.  Whatever is for the highest good.”  As I’m still here I assume it was to stay!  However, as soon as I had recovered I moved to a different location and my life changed totally.

ascension nutrition by Dawn cuckow

I used to suffer from horrendous period pains. I had prescription painkillers, but they barely touched the edge of it. The doctors didn’t know what was causing it and suggested an exploratory operation. I absolutely didn’t want to go down that route but nothing I’d tried worked.

Then I went to see a nutritional therapist. She was the first person who was able to explain to me why I was experiencing so much pain – because my body was creating inflammatory substances. She explained why this was happening and gave me dietary steps to change it. Within 3 months I completed got rid of these awful pains. And never experienced them again! (This totally changed my life and I ended up studying nutritional therapy.)

For me it was period pains; maybe you have other types of pain caused by inflammation in your body.

The video above looks at how omega 6 fats can either cause inflammation in your body or reduce it. And it shows you how to make sure they go down the anti-inflammatory route.

Sometimes, if you have low levels of inflammation, you may not be aware of it. But if it has been going on for some time, it may be triggering weight gain. And it’s not just the omega 6 fats that affect your weight. So I’ve put together a free PDF with 3 simple, actionable tips that will help you lose weight.


In this FREE PDF, you will discover:

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