Diana Cooper’s September 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

What a weird and topsy turvy world we are living in right now.  When everything around us is confusion our task is to keep our feet grounded and connected to Earth and our spirits connected to the Heavens.  That way we can stay centred and act as beacons of light for others.  

On the day of the full moon last month, which was a Jupiter moon with no negative aspects radiating happiness, expansion and good fortune, I was expecting a personally happy day.  Instead my son phoned to say that is friend and family were desperately trying to escape from Afghanistan and asking me and others to pray for healing and spiritual intercession. 

Half an hour later I had a call to say that my granddaughter had collapsed and was on her way to hospital in an ambulance.  All her flow tests had been negative and she had no covid symptoms but in the hospital they said she had Covid.  Expansion, happiness, good fortune?  I wondered what was going on.

Then my friend, Tim Whild phoned.  He had just had a nasty bout of classic Covid.  His experience caused him to tune into and talk to the Covid virus entity.  He was expecting a nasty dark being to emerge.  Instead a beautiful pink, white and yellow angel appeared.  It told him that viruses come into you to clear out lower vibrations and anything you need to release from your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies.  As a result you emerge from a viral attack at a much higher frequency.    Tim saw that it was transmitted from energy field to energy field and your soul undertakes the experience of the virus. It is an upgrade programme.  This is part of the plan to raise the frequency on Earth. 

As for the almost unbelievable horror of Afghanistan the whole world is called on to help at a humanitarian level.  But most of my newsletter this month is focussed on what Afghanistan represents in the world and what we can do to help at a spiritual level.  The outcome for Afghanistan, though not until after 2032, will be an amazing fifth dimensional place where one of the golden cities of the New Age will emerge.

The more healing, love and light we send to Covid and to Afghanistan the more quickly the new will emerge.

With love and angel blessings,

Why afghanistan and why now? 

The world has been focussed on what is happening in Afghanistan again and my heart goes out to everyone involved.  It is unimaginably awful. 

Spiritual information about Afghanistan

The Himalayas are the purest, highest frequency place on the planet.  As with all great light, moths gather round it. 

The whole country of Afghanistan is the third eye chakra of the planet.  It is the most complex chakra, having 96 chambers within it, and also one of the most sensitive.  Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, abundance and far seeing, is in charge of this chakra.  When it opens it connects to the cosmic third eye chakra and this is Jupiter (ascended aspect Jumbay).  So when Afghanistan is at peace and fifth dimensional so that it connects with Jumbay, humanity will receive great gifts of abundance and downloads that will massively expand our consciousness.

Afghanistan is also cosmically connected to the Andromeda galaxy of higher love and Orion the planet of wisdom….and as the country rises is frequency, enlightenment will spread across the planet.

Every sentient being on this planet sends out a sound vibration.  Mountains hum.  The mountains in Afghanistan are particularly rich in precious gems – emeralds, rubies and sapphires…and semi precious crystals – lapis lazuli, topaz, aquamarine, garnet, tourmaline, fluorite, kunzite and quartz.  These currently hold the frequency of the mountains high and when fully activated will emit very high frequency notes.  This will impact on the whole world.  When Afghanistan stands in its full power and glory a golden city of the New Golden Age will arise here.

If you have any of these stones you can bless them and ask them to connect with the gems in the mountains of Afghanistan to raise the frequency there.  Here is a little information about these crystals and gems.


1.If you have one of these crystals or gems, touch it.  If not look at a picture of it or write the name of the crystal or simply think about it. 

2.Bless it.

3.Think about the spiritual qualities of the stones. (listed below)

4.Ask it to connect to the same type of crystal or gem within the mountains of Afghanistan and wake it up to radiate.

5.Visualise or imagine those crystals or gems in Afghanistan radiating their qualities to the Afghans and the Taliban.

6.Mentally say, ‘Let there be peace and freedom in Afghanistan.’

7.Know that you are making beneficial energetic, spiritual links to raise the frequency of Afghanistan and its people.

Sapphire – deep blue. This is the materialized energy of Archangel Michael and offers protection, strength and courage.  It connects people to Archangel Michael and helps them to speak with honesty and truth.

Emerald – bright green.  This is the materialized energy of Archangel Raphael and touches people with healing, abundance and expanded consciousness.

Ruby – red with gold.  This is the materialized energy of Archangel Uriel and brings vitality, peace, confidence and wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli – deep blue.  Lapispromotes protection, peace, harmony, healing, truth and honest communication.

Topaz – mid blue.  Topaz helps people attune to their Higher Self and promotes honesty and openness. It offers purification and brings joy, abundance and good health.

Aquamarine – light sea green.fosters tolerance, calm, relaxation and cleansing.  It helps you trust and let go.

Garnet – usually dark red.  Garnet re-energises and strengths, brings safety and abundance. It supports higher thinking and self-empowerment.

Tourmaline – usually black.   This is a grounding stone that helps you connect to the Earth for stability.  It promotes reconciliation and tolerance.  It also encourages healing and good relationships

Fluorite – multi coloured.  Fluorite aids spiritual connections, positivity and intuition.  It encourages self-confidence and balance, absorbing and dissolving lower energies and stress.

Kunzite– pink to violet.  This beautiful crystal brings love, joy and self worth.   

Quartz – white.  Spiritual growth, spirituality, inspiration, concentration, harmony.  

Afghanistan …Why now?

Just as one child reflects the collective underlying distress in a family, one country can demonstrate the distress of the world.  It is hardly a surprise that the Taliban have taken over control and subjugation again right now, just as the world is reeling under the control and lockdown imposed by governments everywhere. During this time the divine feminine wisdom and intuition of individuals has been suppressed. 

In order to heal the world and Afghanistan in particular, it is really important that every individual takes self-responsibility.  Listen to your intuition, listen to your body wisdom and decide what is right for you.  In a world full of misinformation from so many sources, the one pure thing we are called to rely on is our own intuition, our gut feeling.  Right now we have a great opportunity to do so.

Personal stories about Afghanistan

You never go anywhere by chance.  Your guides and angels are whispering to you to travel to a place in your own country or another and you suddenly decide to visit someone there or that you would like to holiday there.  Somehow they draw there.  Sometimes you are going to that location to put energy in.  Unbeknown to you, you may carry the coding that unlocks energies within the land there.  At other times the energy in that place is unlocking a memory or gift within you or it is connecting you to a particular Master or Angel. 

My parents were living in Pakistan when my mother was expecting me.  When she was six months pregnant they decided on a day trip over the Khyber Pass into the beautiful mountains of Afghanistan.  They were warned to be home well before dusk as they would undoubtedly be killed by the savage tribes there if they were still there at night fall.  This was over 80 years ago!

They set off happily with a picnic in their small ancient jalopy and were concerned that they were rather later than they intended for the return journey.  Dusk was gathering.  And the car broke down.  The pump was jammed.  Luckily in those far off days, cars had bonnets that opened and folded back, for my pregnant mother had to lie on the bonnet and hand operate the pump as night fell and they juddered back to safety in Pakistan.

So I wonder why I had an outing to Afghanistan in my spirit body before birth?  Have you considered the spiritual reason why you have visited particular locations? 

Mother Mary and Afghanistan

A story about Mother Mary and the importance of intercession.

Request for intercession for refugees from Afghanistan

My son used to work in humanitarian aid.  In that capacity he worked in some of the most dangerous places all over the world and was called out at a moment’s notice to disasters or war zones.  He was in Afghanistan three times.  I used to ask the angels to protect him and I never worried about his safety. 

Then one day he phoned to say he had been asked to go back into Afghanistan, leaving in two days.  This would be the fourth time and I had an overwhelming feeling of doom anddisasterthat would not go away.  I called him back to ask if he could withdraw.  He exclaimed, ‘Mum, you’ve never asked anything like that before.  I’ll see what I can do!’  Later he contacted me to say it was too late as the contract had been signed.  He asked me what I had picked up psychically and said that he would be particularly careful – but I was not happy.  That afternoon I felt impelled to drive to a local hill.  I stood on the grass and said aloud, ‘Mary, as a mother, I ask you to get my son out of this contract.’ I looked for any sign that my message had been received.  Nothing!  But when I got home the phone rang and Justin said that the contract had been unexpectedly cancelled.  What a relief!  I absolutely knew that the beloved Mary had responded to my intercession.  Later I found that I had stood on the exact crossing point of the Mary Michael line when I spoke my prayer.

I talked to my son this morning and he told me that a man who had worked for him in Afghanistan and become a friend, Atiq, was one of the refugees trying to escape with his wife and five children.  The Taliban was examining phones for anything in English and was not letting them or anyone else reach the airport.  This is why flights were leaving empty.

So please intercede by asking Mary to help Atiq and all the other refugee families, not just to escape but to find welcome, safety and peace until they can return home.

About Mother Mary and the Universal Angel Mary

Mother Mary was a great Master and Being of Love in a human body.  She was overlit by the wondrous Universal Angel Mary during her life as Jesus’ mother. She was also Isis.

Call on either or both of them for love, compassion, peace and healing.   They connect you to the Cosmic Heart.

Mother Mary travels with a unicorn and will particularly help mothers and children.

The Universal angel Mary spreads love through water.  Mare is latin for ocean.

Their retreat is at Lourdes, France.

If you call on Mary, either Mother Mary or the Angel Mary will respond, whichever is right for you at that moment. 

Prayer: Beloved Mary.  Please bless me, my family and loved ones with happiness and keep us safe.  And please bless the people of Afghanistan and keep them happy and safe…and touch the hearts of the Taliban with love.

Visualisation to connect with Angel Mary:

1.Close your eyes and centre yourself.

2.Sense Angel Mary’s sparkling aquamarine light approaching.

3.Feel her wings softly enfolding you.

4.She whispers in your ear, ‘I love you.’

5.Float in an ocean of love and peace.

6.Feel all your cares are dissolving.

7.Know that something new and better awaits you.

8.Thank Angel Mary and know she is always there for you. 

9.Open your eyes and trust all is well.

A crystal for the month

Aquamarine is Angel Mary’s crystal.  She works on many colour rays but aquamarine is her highest frequency light.  Hold it and you will be able to connect to her energy more easily.

Ask Mary for a Wish

Do this by the sea, a river, pool or bowl of water.

Ask Mary to bless the water and fill it with love.

Pick a blue flower or a simple daisy.

Hold both your hands over the petals and say, ‘Thank you and bless you.’

Think of something you wish for and place your wish into the flower.

Float the flower on the water with your wish on it.

Ask Mary to make your wish come true if it is for the highest good.

Note that this is even more powerful if done at new moon or full moon.

Reveal your Secret Inner Self

I really love taking people on a revealing inner journey.  It is fun and fascinating and can really change something in your life.  I was so delighted to receive this e mail from one of the participants on the Reveal your Secret Self Zoom.  ‘Thank you so much for this zoom. Not only did I feel fantastic after but I also had friends I hadn’t heard from contact me! I think it’s because I changed the house from a small dark, door shut cottage to an open plan, red carpet open door house! I feel like I can change things now using this imagery’.

You can still order the recording of this zoom by clicking the link below… the recording holds the same benefits as the original and you re-watch it at your leisure whenever you need.

*As with all zooms, the recording is saved to your online portal on Diana’s website. Click HERE to access all your recordings


Helping Women in Afghanistan and World Wide

The planet is currently swinging into a masculine feminine balance. 

However females everywhere in the world have been dominated, subjugated and abused by men for hundreds of years.  In all that time they felt they had no option but to silently accept the violence, mental and emotional abuse, abandonment or rejection meted out to them, and make the best of it.  Underneath they were very angry.

There are many parts of the world still where women cannot express themselves or their true soul energy.   

In other parts where a clearance of karma is accelerating many girls are undertaking the anger of their female ancestors, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and even further back down the genetic line.  Because they have never learnt any appropriate way of handling these feelings, a time bomb of frustration is being unleashed. 

At some unconscious level women collectively allowed this mass subjugation to be perpetrated, for no one has jurisdiction over anyone’s soul without permission.  It was part of the third dimensional experiment on this planet after the fall of Atlantis.

There is a peaceful solution. 

When a woman takes full responsibility for herself she takes mastery over her life.  At that point all anger dissolves and she can forgive the past, which has made her the person she is right now.

So when you as an individual take mastery and forgive all those you have allowed to harm you, your act of grace will affect the collective unconscious.  When enough women do this, it will enable females everywhere.

Men too are angry because throughout history women have manipulated their sons to gain power and control.  So men too can help the people of Afghanistan by standing in their true divine masculine power of truth, fairness, gentleness – by expressing Archangel Michael through themselves.

The Gold and Silver Cloak

This is a powerful and beautiful high frequency ascension energy that we can request.  However, only those who have been High Priests or Priestesses in any culture or civilization will receive it automatically.  If you ask for it and your frequency is pure, you will be granted it. 

Any of the mighty Archangels or High Priests or Priestesses can present you with it.  When it is placed in your energy fields it balances you perfectly in many ways.  It balances the

the masculine and feminine High Priest/Priestess energy at a very high frequency. It also brings your wisdom and power as well as your energy of giving and receiving into equilibrium.  It enables you to reach into the seventh dimension of Hollow Earth and up to that dimension in the Seventh Heaven.

It also brings you certain qualities; peace and empowerment, the courage to love, the ability to make decisions based on intuition and fact.  When you wear the Gold and Silver Cloak in your energy fields it makes you magnetic to people, animals and situations, for example you will have the ability to attract the right job or the right partner.

It brings you into a higher frequency in tune and harmony with everything, so that you can disappear.

You can attract angelic sonics, which means that you can purify the energy round you so that magic and miracles can happen.

You can place it round everyone in a group so that they can feel the higher energies.

Receive the Gold and Silver Cloak

1.Take a deep calming breath and prepare yourself to accept the Gold and Silver Cloak from Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon. 

2.Affirm, ‘Beloved Archangels Metatron and Sandaphon, I humbly ask and pray that you confer on me the Gold and Silver Cloak of perfect balance and magnetic attraction.  I affirm that I will use its power for the highest good of all.’  

3.See, sense or imagine the glorious golden orange light Archangel Metatron standing at your right hand side, while the silver light of Archangel Sandalphon is on your left.  

4.They are holding above you a sheet of gold and silver light that looks like shimmering silk. 

5.They gently drape this Gold and Silver Cloak over you and carefully stroke it into your aura.  Take your time to feel or sense this happening.

6.As it integrates into your energy fields your heart opens emitting a soft pink glow.  Breathe into your heart centre and feel it expand.

7.At this moment your energy is in total balance.  Sense your light reaching right up to the seventh heaven and down into Hollow Earth.  

8.You are magnetic to good things and people.  See or sense yourself attracting all that which is for your highest good.   Take a little while to enjoy this.

9.Thank Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon for conferring the Gold and Silver Cloak on you.

10. Sense yourself walking in your Gold and Silver Cloak through the seventh dimension. Then step your energy down until you find yourself in the place where you started.

11.When you open your eyes know that you are carrying in your energy fields the beautiful  energies of the Gold and Silver Cloak and that you are a blessed emissary for the light.


What is going to happen in the world? Changes are taking place and the new Golden Age awaits but how are we are to reach it and what it will it be like?  What will towns and cities look like – those already in place and those yet to be constructed?  What about houses?  What clothes will we wear?  How will we travel?  What will ‘government’, economics and shopping be like?  How will children be educated?  Will family life be different?  What spiritual and psychic gifts will we have?  What will the new spiritual technology offer?   Will animals be affected? After the tipping point the new fifth dimensional blueprint for Earth will be activated… And we will be allowed to bring forward technology that is currently beyond our comprehension.  In this 3 part Zoom I will share the steps not just to 2032 but also to 2050 when every single thing will be on a much higher frequency beyond imagination and the world will have dramatically changed.

During these Zooms you will learn about the golden future and the steps to reach it:


  • Spiritual and psychic gifts
  • Relationships, families
  • What will the new children be like?
  • Education and schools


  • Houses, leisure, creativity
  • Animals, Food and Farming
  • Community Live
  • Leadership


  • Travel
  • The future of money
  • World economics
  • The new incredible technology

Each part can be booked individually using the links above for £11 each, or you can book for the whole series using the form below for the special price of £25.


As we approach the new Golden Age we are being offered the most amazing opportunity for spiritual growth.  The angelic realms are responding to the rise in frequency on the planet and are arriving to help us all.  They asked me to write the Archangel Oracle cards to offer information and readings from 44 Archangels.  Then they asked me to help people attune to the Archangels.  

It is easy to connect with angels but attuning to them is much deeper.  When you attune to one you merge until you vibrate together.  So when I prepared the Archangel Attunement course I meditated with each one of the 44 until I could feel their energy coming through me before I recorded each attunement. Here is some of the lovely feedback.

I love my cards and I have been doing the attunement course, which has really helped me to connect more with each Archangel. Thank you. Becky

I am so enjoying doing my daily attunement to each archangel and can now communicate with them. Mary

I can now discern which Archangel is talking to me. Bren

However, lots of people want to attune to one particular Archangel or just a few of them so I have decided to offer each attunement individually.  So if you wish to attune to Archangel Michael or Archangel Butyalil for example, you can buy those attunements only.

There is also a SPECIAL OFFER.  You can choose five attunements and pay for only four. You receive one free. 

With love, joy and angelic Blessings,


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