Katie’s Story by Aunty Ciara

Katie’s Story by Aunty Ciara, illustrated by Melanie Mclntyre.

For twelve nights in a row Katie has had the exact same dream, each night she wakes up feeling confused, as if her dream was more than just a dream. After the twelfth night Katie wondered whom she could talk to about this dream. She would ask her parents but they have never considered dreams important at all, she would guess their reply to be “spend your time thinking about more important subjects Katie”.  She would speak to her school friends but Katie thinks they might not believe her or even take her seriously. So Katie decides to write a letter to the Diana Cooper Schools Children’s Corner, she had come across this site on the Internet through a series of coincidences.

This is Katie’s Story…

Katies-story-1Dear Children’s Corner,

I am writing to get some guidance about my dreams. I have read one of your activities about the importance of keeping a dream journal – I think it was called ‘Dolphin Dream Diary’ or something like that… Well I have been keeping a diary and for the past twelve nights in a row I have been having the exact same dream!!!?

Katies-story-2-1My dream begins with Willie the wise Dolphin and myself meeting in a beautiful location under the sea. Willie is the wisest Dolphin in the ocean, he is super loving and kind! Willie then brings me on a wonderful adventure in the depths of the sea.  During this adventure we are greeted by schools of silver and violet fish of all types, glamorous mermaids with long red curly hair, graceful sparkling Dolphins and white humpback whales as well as all types of other friendly sea creatures.

Katies-story-3I am taken right down to the bottom of the deep blue ocean, I can’t even begin to describe how peaceful and beautiful it is down there. The sea creatures have their own underwater cities and suburban areas, these cities are truly awesome and filled with crystalline blue, fresh water. When I am down at the bottom of the sea, swimming with my mermaid and sea creature friends I feel the happiest I have ever felt in my entire life. At this point in my dream Willie comes and takes me further along the adventure, he takes me out of the cities and suburban areas to an enchanting secluded part of the ocean. We travel for hours, it seems, and then we come upon this giant golden temple.

Katies-story-4We are met at the temple doors by two temple guardians, they say they are members of the brotherhood of the ocean. They greet Willie and I with great respect and honor. As they open the large majestic golden doors, golden white light comes shining out, lighting up the water like an underwater rainbow and bringing with it a deep feeling of peace and love. We enter the temple and ahead of us is one enormous ancient room with a golden chest in the centre. We swim slowly over and Willie asks me to wait. He opens the golden chest and very gently takes out the most beautiful sparkling golden chain, hanging form the chain is a breathtaking blue diamond pendant in the shape of a heart. Willie carefully places this chain around my neck. As he does I am overcome by emotion and tears fall from my eyes.

Katies-story-5Willie then speaks in a loving but serious tone:

“Katie I am presenting you with the heart of the ocean. You are on a very special mission in this lifetime and through these dreams you have accepted this very important mission. You have agreed to guide the human race in healing the ocean. As you know pollution has wrecked havoc on our seas and this problem is becoming more serious by the day. The pollution caused through unnecessary and irresponsible decisions by the human management team is sinking further and further into our beautiful ocean, soon this pollution will reach our majestic golden underwater cities and the results will be catastrophic for all sea creatures and the human race alike. This can and must be stopped Katie and the waters must be healed. Embrace your mission and lead the wise youth of your race to make empowered and enlightened decisions. You have the answers Katie.”

At this point Willie vanishes and I wake up suddenly with a smell of sea salt in my hair!  I write down the dream every time and every time it’s the exact same, word for word.

What does Willie mean ‘I need to embrace my mission?’ and can you please advise how I would do this?

Thank you for your help,


Katie, 12, Yorkshire x

Dear Katie,

Thank you for such a beautiful letter. Your dreams are very informative and your ability to recall them is superb. You have a true gift. Your adventure with Willie sounds fantastic and wow, what an amazing and important mission you have. I think what Willie means by “you need to embrace your mission” is that you need to accept it and act on it. Take it as being ‘real’ and not just imaginary because you were told it in a dream. Some of the most significant guidance comes to people through dreams.

I would suggest that you make a list of questions for Willie before going to sleep and set the intention that he answers these questions during your dreams. You could ask, ‘What is the next step for me to achieve my mission?’

I hope this helps Katie, please keep us updated here at the children’s corner, we are all very intrigued by your mission!

And Katie you would not have been given this mission unless you were capable of it. 😉 Great work!

May the forces of light be with you!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Ciara & The Children’s Corner Team

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This is an imaginary story based on realistic events

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